Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 4 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 4th marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 33 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is based on the results of the previous races.
    NOTE: There are some typos on the second page of the race results, I know about this but because of my holiday, i had no possibility to correct it in time.
    The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Epidemic Sound
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    1. Dan Certa

      Ghost plasma this year: wins SMR .ghost plasma the next two years 19th and last

    2. DethstruXioN ™

      Alright, Blue Moon and Reflector getting their first points, finally! Ghost Plasma going strong here

    3. omgwtfkthxbai

      #teamplasma =)

    4. Ryan Le boy

      Pollo loco it’s the best

    5. AvM MusiC


    6. Mark B

      Of course Oddball went out again :D And Summer Sky still no points even after 4 races. But hey, Rastafarian in the top 10 and Ghost Plasma absolutely dominating the rally

    7. tristonanan

      Reflektor had a hard start during the championship, but I am so proud of them for getting in the top 10 this race.

    8. Misael Rodríguez

      Fan of Comet!

    9. Son of Kharn

      Great to see Starman finish top 5. I've been eyeing him since the qualifying race!

      1. Glen

        Yeah, such a key move at 58 seconds into the video. 💪🏻

    10. Gena Pereyra

      Como mierda termine aca

    11. Lucas Catalan

      Go Pollo Loco

    12. Jules Reny

      Top !

    13. Tadhg Devaney


    14. Rhys

      Shouldn’t the marbles that finish get some points

    15. Skeenarv 234r

      😭😭i was for El Capitan but...

    16. Isaac N

      The Herman Tilke reference was awesome

    17. Ratheon Hudson

      I've gotta give credit to Deep Ocean for putting up a fight because starting from the back is a tough spot. Zero points does not mean it was in vain.

    18. Vasco Cansado Carvalho

      2:12 area 51 blurred

    19. Endang Suwartini

      Jianggkrekk nyoting neker ae yo oleh duwet... Jhosshh 👍👍👍

    20. Muuru Kurisuchiaan

      Seeing these old races is nice and all, but can we get back to the 2019 races sometime soon? PLEASE?

    21. N3KLAZ


    22. Jacob Houseman

      Starman overperformed in every single race. He easily went up ten or more places every time, but his abysmal starts meant he never got to shine.

    23. Ahrpigi

      There is SO MUCH WORK that must go into these tracks, every single one is fantastic just to see

    24. Victory 127

      What was the blurred thing

    25. Albert Pringle

      go H2 Blue

    26. Reem

      These races are rigged. If you look at the standings currently, the top 10 marbles all have mostly started at the 1st and 2nd row on the starting line in the last 4 races.

      1. Reem

        Only just realized these are from 2016. What's up with that?

    27. Arq. Alejandro Martelo

      #GoPolloLoco!!!! 🙏👏👏👏

    28. Haley Faragalli

      The music sounds like Wii Sports

    29. Aldo Martínez

      Why does it say 2016? I think you might have made a typo haha

      1. Nathan Clouse

        Aldo Martínez you’re welcome

      2. Aldo Martínez

        @Nathan Clouse oh I didn't know it was a reupload, should have researched better. Thanks for the info!

      3. Nathan Clouse

        Aldo Martínez if it was 2019, then you would’ve see Red Number 3 but Jelle is reuploading Sand Marble Rally from 2016

    30. vlad elita

      Very nice bro,.go ahead i like your videos and hello form Romania i love turtles

    31. Captain Cortez


    32. Ryan Santiago

      It's tough being a Black Knight fan.

    33. StamfordBridge

      Back when the camera refused to stay with the action up front so Greg Woods couldn’t keep up at all with the commentary. Still, it’s always great stuff.

    34. MegaNerdyJock

      What happened to ghost plasma he was so good in 2016 now his spot is now taken by red #3

    35. PointSpecial09

      Pollo Loco in his prime. Good to see the old guy move!

    36. Daniel Cimino

      Silver Bolt finally gets a good finish!

    37. Albus Dumbeldoore

      can yall finish the 2019 rally? :(((

    38. Ludi Wang

      How are the starting locations determined? Because it seems kinda unfair if the previous winners always start in the front.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It was randomized, we have now more fair starting lineups.


      why 2016?

    40. The Night Owl

      Love these videos. I used to do this with marbles all the time. Terrific video 🦉💜

    41. sulfuratus

      Was anyone there in 2016 already and can tell me what it is they blur out at the trackside every race?

      1. Nathan Clouse

        sulfuratus empty soda cans (Coca-Cola)

    42. Ben Feddersen

      Its a tough time to be a summer sky fan

    43. Jimmy Donohoe

      I used to be a summer sky fan, but since I came up with the name ghost plasma back in the Halloween video, I jumped ship and joined the fans of ghost plasma. Boy, am I glad I did😂

    44. Bobby Lockhart

      I want to see the Ghost Plasma post-game interview!

    45. 2Can Is Fly

      Despite this being an old competition and me being a big Ghost Plasma fan, i feel like starting in the 2 back rows automatically eliminates any chances of a podium finish or even a top 10 finish. Ghost Plasma was in the first row in all 4 races of this SMR and for me it kind of shrinks his sucess. Front row start almost guarantees a top 10 finish. So if there is no "fair" system of start placements like any sort of qualifying the whole competition seems a little bit off. (Correct me if there is some sort of qualifying) Nonetheless a good performance by Ghost Plasma.

      1. David Lund

        I agree. The best way to do it would be to start them all in a line in chutes, have them land in an open space and slowly funnel them to the small race course. You could then put leaders in the middle in successive races, but it would still be a fair start.

      2. Aaron Fogg

        I was supporting Summer Sky who seems to always be starting near the back :(

      3. 2Can Is Fly

        @Undrave Yea totally, had that thought aswell.

      4. Undrave

        I think it's part of the reason why the newer seasons have a smaller cast. I seem to recall the starting positions are randomized.

    46. Hooyoo

      It's hard to be an Oddball Fan

    47. Stub Toes

      Goast Plasma is an absolute God. Man, I love those hairpins too

      1. steve leslie

        G.O.A.S.T: Greatest of all Stinkin' Time.

      2. Undrave

        The hairpins always make for great drama because you never know who can make a break for it and take the lead if there's a pileup!

    48. Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager

      Ghost plasma actually wins this time

    49. Batfink

      I miss red no.3 and any of the orangers

      1. Bloxing Noob ZERO

        Death Merchant this is the old series dude.

      2. Death Merchant

        I think the board of commission is racist and does not believe all spheres are created equal and banned No.3 due to that. I just don't understand on this flat plane of nonexitence and in this age that where still dealing with this type of mentality in professional sports. I fear it could taint this season and would not be surprised if the other athletes go on strike later this season for it. Lets hope the board of commissions reconsiders there actions for the sake of all orbs everywhere.

    50. Connor Sternberg

      What is up with summer sky

    51. Learn and Grow - Kids TV

      This was cool! For those of us who haven’t seen the older footage! Thanks for sharing!

    52. jerematic

      1:35 Nice, maybe we should get Jelle to design the new F1 tracks instead, he has an impeccable eye for track design

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We will do a brand new tournamant soon, it’s named “Marbula 1” and will have F1 like tracks.

    53. Matthew Hogan

      When is new content coming?

    54. Dominykas Petkevicius

      typo: results, page 2: check the descri**o**tion (should be a 'p')

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        The JMRC has noticed this typo, but it was too late to correct because of my holiday.

    55. D S

      What happened to 2019 Marble rally??? The videos just stopped coming, and now a 3 year old rally is uploading??? The tournament was not finished.

      1. D S

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Ok, thanks. Keep up the good work :)

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I hope to record new race within one week.

      3. YouAreMyGuidingLight

        Go read the description, it's expected early december

    56. Louis Graham

      Where is the regular camera operator? This must be the intern camera op

      1. NateStorm12

        @Louis Graham Yup. If you didn't know, Jelle actually had accidentally deleted the channel before. He made a new one (this one) and has been reuploading videos from the old channel onto this one, along with making new videos. You're not the only person who didn't realize that this is from 2016.

      2. Louis Graham

        @NateStorm12 ahhh, ok... still appreciate the uploads, they are great. It was just a noticeable difference from the fantastic olympics quality of the recent vids. Thx!

      3. NateStorm12

        This is a reupload of a video from 2016

    57. Shaniac_C [13]

      Love u! Keep doing great. When is m1?

    58. Reinhard Barnard

      Thats fukin steez mate😱😱

    59. steve leslie

      Oh Wisps of Darkness my old friend I've come to race with you again.

    60. Something Funny


    61. Kalebk959

      Well Comet, you blew it

    62. Aman B

      I pick the worst marbles to root for

      1. Fluffy Squirrel

        Cobra has not been doing me well this time

    63. Khell

      I need to find me another favorite, Super turtle in not so super, . . . . . . . . ....only 9th...

      1. Isaac Feiner

        He jumped 23 places in the race

      2. Gom Jabbar

        I'm not having any luck either :( :( :(

    64. Nintendo Guru

      my boy wisp of darkness had such a good start too

    65. James Richmond

      My god it's the shadow of Marblhrama, the God of Marbles, he has come back to watch over the racers. ALL PRAISE MARBLHAMA!

    66. Pranoy Das

      Where is RN3?????????????

      1. p_nilly

        Glad that cheat wasnt in this, he would have trounced everyone with his far superior straightline speed and would have needed to start in the back row every race for any of the other marbles to stand a chance of winning

      2. Something Funny

        Hell Yeah Brother!

      3. Pat Hallahan

        Wasn't around in 2016. But I like the way you think!

    67. Batersky

      Jesus christ there were marbles with no points yet and ghost plasma had 3 podiums and 4th place in 4 races he was an absolute beast

      1. Aman B

        prime Plasma>

    68. brittlebrit187

      Love the old sand marble races before they started letting any spherical entity compete.

      1. Anthony Morris

        The shade on RN3 tho 😑😑😑

      2. NateStorm12

        No, RN3

      3. PelleStrandberg

        thats spherist dude, come on!

      4. cpmenninga

        What, like your head?

    69. Jeremy Christian

      As much as I like that you re-uploaded old race videos that were lost with the old channel, it's already mid November, will we be seeing the continuation of the 2019 marble rally season anytime soon?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I’m just back from holiday and i hope to record new sand races soon.

      2. Nathan Clouse

        thariq bashith early December

      3. Thariq bashith

        exactly my question as well....WHERE IS 2019 SAND RALLY

    70. Alejandro Rodriguez

      Pollo Loco quedó 4to!!! Orgullo latino!!!

    71. Children's Dreams Toys


    72. Pedro Felipe Castaneda

      At every what days of the week you upload a new video?

      1. Pedro Felipe Castaneda

        Good 👍

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Every Thursday and Saturday!

    73. TheRealTricky

      OOOOH! Let's see how things go in one of the few REAL sport events here! ;)

    74. GazaAlley

      Let's gooooooooo!!!!!!