MARBLE LEAGUE ❄️ Winter Special 2021 (All Events)

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the ALL EVENTS video of the Marble League Winter Special! This is a special tournament, a gift from us to our fans to show our appreciation and give something back for all your support. Thank you for being with us through all these times and always having our backs. Here's to a great 2021, please enjoy! #MarbleLeague #WinterSpecial
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 25 روز


    1. Calia Jackson

      i love your marble races

    2. AT HG

      I have not watched a marble run in so long, I am so happy I found this channel

    3. Loco


    4. John Conlan

      why the orangers always gotta choke smh

    5. MichaelAury

      Seijoh cheer squad voice: OooooOooooOoooOooo'Rangers! (Rangers!)

    6. Claudio Busillo

      For me the Oceanis win count

    7. Steve Munn

      I’m absolutely addicted to this, where can I buy tracks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    8. e is e backwards

      wow, the Oceanics finally didn't do disappointingly bad

    9. Michael Strödick

      I can understand, that every minor injury will lead to a visit of the medical team. Who doesn't want to be treated by those beauties.

    10. Mikeman 88

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORANGERS they put up a good fight, it was a tough battle

    11. AmmaLeslie

      The medical tent!!! I love it!!!

    12. Brett Duboff

      Good showing by the Thunderbolts.

    13. Conner Browning

      I'm new hear anyone want to educate me on the teams? Who should I surport? Who's evil? What is a list of the team names?

    14. Adam Buckler

      Couldn't of asked for a better qualifying!! Yellow Eye takes second position and will be hungry for tomorrow's race after missing pole

    15. No Name

      Oceanic in top!!!!!!!!

    16. Frank

      Congratulations to the Oceanics for an excellent performance and this winter marble league! I am also happy that my team, the o’rangers made silver but everyone performed admirably this year and I extend my appreciation to each team for their dedication to the sports.

    17. Frank

      OK, I am a little confused. My confusion does stem from the fact that it’s been a few months since I watched this channel but; when did the Winter marblympics become the winter marble league? Also why the name change? Was there some sort of international dispute as to the Name of the games? This feels like it has some sort of story to it and I would love to have some explanation. Who instigated the change? Was there backlash from the rest of the international community? What do the teams think about the change? So many questions yet so little information

      1. Frank

        @Hirsch Vagish I know it’s kind of spherist of me but I like these better than the olympics...

      2. Hirsch Vagish

        i think people were confuing it with the actual olyimics

    18. Limixl

      I like the new thumbnail

    19. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

      How come the Minty Maniacs get to light the torch?

    20. Stuart Monks

      Having been disappointed by the Oceanics for almost 5 years, I was almost dreading watching this video, but it turns out that they had their best finish ever! Massive fan of the channel.

    21. Zaperator 44

      #TidePride YESSIR

    22. Theodoros Maheras

      Dang It WE HAD SUCH A GREAT START (Crazy Cat's Eye's Stan)

    23. joon_hatesbacon

      Great comeback from the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’rangers after a rough beginning

    24. Production House 33

      This is the best IRvision channel ever.

    25. Maanhaar Jackal

      THIS IS SOME COOL STUFF! Thank you!

    26. JustinTime Marble Racing

      Nobody is gonna mention that amazing Thumbnail?

    27. Spongyface2000

      Love the new thumbnail!

    28. Raccoon

      bro its unfair when you go against the savage speeders

    29. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      The thumb nail 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    30. Spencer is Wild

      Why am I so invested in how the raspberry racers do ???

    31. Bruno Molinari

      Oceanics have the most well-rounded athletes

    32. Oh no bro


    33. Jeric Corpuz

      I think the Snowballs need to rebuild around Snowy #SnowMuchFun

      1. MarbleTube

        They need to completely restart

    34. Europa

      I miss the Limers :(

    35. Europa

      Go Crazy Cat's Eyes!!

    36. Caribbean Titan slayers WR

      I would have cheered for the orangers if I could.

    37. na9oooooooor

      O’Rangers fans here 🍊🍊🍊

    38. Paul Francis

      The Ice hockey competition had me like OMG 😳 this man is really creative.

    39. FreshPotatoes

      Jelle, I'm kinda big on stats and the names of the marbles. Is it possible to leave them up a little longer when you show them. The cuts are so fast. Thank you for all of this.

      1. FreshPotatoes

        @J BI read the fandom too lol

      2. FreshPotatoes

        @J BI do I just like reading them in the events. It's not that big of a deal. Just a thought. I get into it more is all.

      3. J B

        check out the wikipedia page or there is another site ( fandom maybe) if you really want to spike your excitement level

    40. John alock

      Job interviewer: "So, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?" Me: Oceanic team coach

      1. FreshPotatoes

        @Jeremiah Clemente they did bounce back a little after the coach change though.

      2. Jeremiah Clemente

        @FreshPotatoes Oh yeah. That was so spectacular. It must have also been so embarrassing for Tide to be sacked on the spot right in front of other coaches and their fans (including his young daughter).

      3. FreshPotatoes

        @Jeremiah Clementeyeah when their coach got fired in the ending events part of me did laugh because they're still marbles.

      4. Jeremiah Clemente

        @FreshPotatoes They can have a head coach and an assistant coach for each team. Lagoon may have been the assistant coach for the Oceanics under then head coach Tide until their disaster of a 2019 host season.

      5. FreshPotatoes

        @AmmaLesliehey hey hey now they're enough marble jobs go around. There can more then one coaching staff per team lol.....the're are no rules against it.

    41. hihewwo

      nothing amuses me more than the o'rangers fans chanting is just them screaming 'OOOOOOOOO' whenever they compete. love my team

    42. hihewwo

      i'd honestly watch hours of the ice hockey. i'd love a football (soccer) league using the same concept and rules, that would be so cool.

    43. Lexy Trautz

      It's a shame the Orangers lost to those dirty dopers the Oceanics. As displayed in the final montage, the Oceanics have been taking titles with the assistance of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) soiling the integrity of this beloved past-time. I demand punishment to the Oceanics along with the addition of drug testing throughout the league. Thank you.

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        It’s not really PEDs that’s caused the Oceanics to win the winter league. Frozen water seems to be their forte. Out of all 5 marble leagues they participated in, only the Winter version was their best result as of now, as they ALMOST won the whole tournament (they got bronze). Compare that to other years they got two 10th place finishes (one of which was due to a scoring system that made no damn sense at that time), an 11th place finish, and a disastrous host year where they finished last.

    44. itzLittleL

      The more I read these comments the more crazy I think I am for watching marble lympics. GO OCEANICS!

    45. Darius Arun Kumar

      Go orangers.....

    46. 905Sunny Gaming

      Summary: oceanics and thunderbolts dominating everyone else Who saw that coming?

    47. King Kunta

      This was absolutely amazing 👏 😄

    48. Not_a_planet

      Plz bring back jungle jumpers

    49. zhuokai R


    50. Stamkos jr.

      Where is Mellow Yellow ;(

    51. DaddlDavid

      Another absolutely amazing Winter League!!! Hazers Go! Oceans SLow!

    52. ibrahim katana

      swifty dint move on oh sorry swifty

    53. ibrahim katana

      hazers won

    54. Derek Arredondo

      Doctor: You have one hour to live. Me:

    55. Cimo Cimo

      i randomly visit this, but this is GREAT pays off my internet bills

    56. Rich Baker

      Is this video series in the same canon as the Marble Cinematic Universe?

    57. Vinay Kapadia

      A very well played Winter Marble League by the Oceanics. You deserve this one. Congrats to you and all your fans. #TidePride My Hazers started out strong, but kinda went middle of the road in the last few events. I'm still cheering for you #HazeAmaze

    58. Mark

      #TIDEPRIDE I waited for so long and suffered so much!!!

    59. Bubbles Nation

      Am I the only one who loves team galactic?

    60. Lop Loppem

      never been more happy with someone deciding marbles is the future :o this dude is a hero

    61. Ean Bigelow

      The algorithm bro...

    62. Vikran Caleb Casillas Hernández

      Oceanics si My favorite team!

    63. Vikran Caleb Casillas Hernández

      Yeah they Oceanics wins the winter marblelympic 2021! 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    64. Claude Caixas

      Shake the ground!

    65. JB. Wolberink

      As an chocolatier fan most leagues are disappointing(because the chocolatiers don’t win so much), BUT I KEEP HOPE (comment if you are a chocolatier fan to)

    66. Cedric Anderson

      I’m pretty new to marble racing. I’m having fun watching, and the production value of these videos is really great! I have one problem. I don’t know which team to root for. I’ve been cheering the Crazy Cat’s Eyes but that’s only because I like their logo. How do I pick a team here??? Any help?

      1. FreshPotatoes

        @Jelle's Marble Runsyou are so cool. Helping out the fans to choose their team. Bravo sir!

      2. Cedric Anderson

        @Jelle's Marble Runs will do. Thanks for the reply!

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Hi Cedric, Please check out our social media and fandom page! (see links in video description)

    67. Bawn

      The fans are not social distancing. Also, where are their masks?

    68. John Hamman

      O'Rangers are the Patriots of Marble League. You cannot deny their outstanding talent, but you are also sick of seeing them win when you aren't a fan.

    69. Dapo Oyenuga

      This is garbage and this sucks

    70. Jazz and Minecraft

      Its not often as an Oceaniacs fan im not disappointed, but today, my joy is immeasurable

    71. TomatoBoi


    72. Meiska Vedrine

      I just love the quality of the events, the camera work, and of course the commentary. I love when there are throw backs to previous events. The stories make it so much better. I was edge of my seat for a lot of this. The final few minutes showcasing the Oceanics was just a great addition. Team Galactic is my team no matter what!

    73. Desy Hastarini


    74. ba6sh

      يا اخي أعجبتني جدا وش ذا الحماس اذا تحمست معاهم عادي انا اشجع البرتقالي 😭✌️

    75. Fuzzycuffsqt

      I had to re-watch the final moments of the closing ceremony several times to convince myself that a tower of dominoes had not just crushed a bunch of marbles in the crowd.

    76. stiki yt

      Oceanics went out there and gave it all. LETS GOOO 🔵🔵

    77. Bao Mao

      Now waiting (hoping!) for the “Thrill of Victory...and the Agony of Defeat” promo video (just like CBS Sports in the 70’s) !

    78. Platt Mallar

      Thank you, guys, for another entertaining season!

    79. Adam Peters

      When will Vegas pick this up for sports betting..

    80. Jack Fowler

      Green Ducks get robbed for 59 minutes straight: The Movie.

    81. Peter der dritte

      I can´t find Roldo!

      1. FreshPotatoes

        I gave up lol. I found him once with out spoilers on my own and it was on easy.

    82. Lynchology 101

      So glad to see more events you are so appreciated although life's tough for a Hazers fan.

      1. Krof

        Thought I was the only one 😫

    83. Savage Randy

      I have some serious questions: Are they just random marbles all the same size, just different colors? Are they made by professional marble makers with certain requirements? Serious questions that are not addressed in any videos.

      1. J B

        Earth is not flat

    84. BTS loverforever


    85. BTS loverforever


    86. Pavanjot Bamrah

      Big up team galactic

    87. young nxck

      that was an impressive bobsled by orangers. my fav team frm last year lol

    88. EuroNoobz

      The one and only

    89. Noordzee online Van vliet

      Ongelooflijk mooi ik ben er dol op dank je Jelle voor al dat leuks

    90. CCCanyon

      You should collab with Wintergatan and do a race on the Marble Machine X!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Wintergatan already did a race on his Marble Machine X a while ago, but I'm still hoping to do a collab with him. However, I met him some years ago at the Speelklok museum at Utrecht (when i live in Amersfoort, 18 km away), he was so close that I just travelled by bike to met him.

    91. Skylark Diengdoh

      i hope no one hurt or break a leg👃👃

      1. J B

        A few of the Savage Speeder fans are pretty hurt

    92. Mclaren fan

      Where is the Marbula E Finale?

    93. GamerViking

      i came from the fact fiend video, and I'm hooked

    94. Logan Toubeaux-Handy

      My Oceanics beat the O'rangers. This is good :D

      1. Vikran Caleb Casillas Hernández

        Oceanics is My favorite team! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    95. Ian Lundquist

      There should be an announcer marble with little headphones on.

      1. J B

        What about raising the flags of the podium finishers at the medal cerominies and playing the anthem of the winning team?

      2. Peter Linnell

        Agreed, Greg should have a headset on his marble.

    96. StinkingKevin

      The Oceanics are just better marbles. Is that racist?

    97. Hoeru

      Aqua!!! Love you girl! Your biggest fan right here!!!!!

    98. Erin Pelletier

      Winter marble leagues oceanic glide on frozen ice.

    99. Erin Pelletier

      Why only 5 events long?

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        It’s only a special to keep the marbles in shape in the break for Marbula One and the Marble League.

    100. John Ola

      I so happy the chocolatetiers won and be at the number 1 seed 🤯 we didn’t win anything this whole event