Making of SNOW Marble Rally @ Snowworld Amsterdam (with Stefano Keizers and Rundfunk)

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    The next Marble Rally will be on Snow and Ice! And it's NOT a joke or April's fool! We will upload the snow marble race tomorrow at 16:00GMT. It is the first Snow Marble Rally made in The Netherlands.
    This video was made possible by Snowworld Amsterdam indoor skiing centre which is closed due to Covid19 Pandemic so we had an opportunity to record some snow marble races there. We are still talking with them for a proposed winter Marble League.
    With special thanks to:
    - Stefano Keizers (Dutch Cabaretier)
    - Tom van Kalmthout and Yannick van der Velde (from Rundfunk)
    - Ellis Kat (Dutch artist)
    - And of course Snowworld Amsterdam
    Music: "Get in and go" - Dream Cave, provided by Epidemic Sound (during race)
    And thanks to Minos Fylaktos for the music from intro and podium victory!
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    1. Thaís Munhoz

      So adorable how their faces look excited.

    2. Jacob Okerlund

      Now we just need a Greg Woods commentary on the building of the track.

    3. Paul G

      You have the best friends in the world. I’m jealous 😍

    4. flaetsbnort

      The fact that it's steeper in the beginning made it look like the marbles were speeding too hard in the early race before they realized it was too dangerous and they had to slow down.

    5. Dr Braxton Hix

      More Ellis please. Asking for a friend ;o)

    6. Uqbah Kabir

      Imagine they do a live event one day.

    7. Pablo Rojas Yáñez

      My childhood in 3 minutes. I love how you build the model of real racetrack

    8. Alternative Avenues

      Who spends time disliking these videos??

      1. Piet Bakker

        How can someone dislike this anyway

    9. Maurits Heesbeen

      Holland! Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 ✌🏽 💪🏽. I enjoy your videos. Keeping up with

    10. kylitosan

      How incredible! You really make a lot of people's lives better. Thank you for creating this community and making this tough rally.

    11. Aaryan Basanthpure

      where is Greg????

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        In the US, he lives in Iowa. We live in The Netherlands

    12. Melangell ATC


    13. Mihnea

      Great work

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      Stefano 🤣🤣

    15. Marble Run

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    16. Manuel Di Franco

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    17. Patrick Staal

      Te gek dat de boys van Rundfunk meedoen!

    18. Jeffrey Dodson

      Well, clearly these guys are charismatics. How else could the get the adorable Ellis Kat to spend her leisure time digging trenches in the snow thru which marbles shall race, as we become increasingly more certain that these marbles are very much real, sentient beings, who risk their "lives" engaging in hyper dangerous endeavors for our entertainment. They are IN OUR BRAINS!!!

    19. TJATAW

      Wow! Would love to see these type of behind-the-scenes videos for Marbula One and Marble League as well!

    20. Timothy Rosier

      This gives a good look at how labor intensive the track building process is. Here in the States, we would have been breaking out the machinery.

      1. Piet Bakker


    21. Paul Quijada

      I'd love to see a docuseries narrated by Greg Woods about the ascent of JMR to where it is today!

    22. Sanat Prasad

      Loved it! It was even better than the sand rallies. Hope there are more in the future

    23. emanuele gemelli

      Should try the Uithof in The Hague or Snowword in Zoetermeer

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    28. Stalin Mao

      Dutch is such a beautiful language

    29. tlaren

      To see the behind the scenes work like this was absolutely DELIGHTFUL! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. And moreover, thank you all for all the hard work you put in for such things. It's greatly appreciated!

    30. David 4rancibia

      1:13 It's so easy to forget how tecnicall this races can be It show you how much experience they had and how much they care

    31. David 4rancibia

      Holy marble, sometimes i forget they're Dutch lmao

    32. David 4rancibia

      i love to see everybody working very hard for the things they like, they take this very seriously i love this channel

    33. Ron Ruszczyk

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    36. sorted sortof

      You could make a whole series just showing the prep work needed for each race. Fascinating stuff.

    37. CJ MT2020

      Great post! This has been my favorite channel for the last year and it was really nice to see some of the wonderful people who have helped to bring me and many more a whole lot of joy. Thank you!

    38. Ironwolf Studios

      I kinda wish I had a job like this. I'd love to do this sort of thing all the time.

    39. Son Gohan 飯

      The super high quality of the content of this channel is explained by the great effort every member of the crew puts in this. Wow.

    40. Jimmy Penrose

      Red # 3 will OWN that track; it looks FAST!

    41. Braeburn Hilliard

      Wow, that's really cool! I can hardly wait to see the race!

    42. Steve and Jenny

      It looks too narrow, how are they going to pass?

    43. Mandy B

      That is amazing! I can't wait to see the race! Thank you for showing this, I always thought that the rallies would be a lot of work, but this is above and beyond :-D

    44. Jens Jesfjeld

      This is a fantastic angle with some of the hard work that goes into what you do. Thank you for this behind the scenes view!

    45. elvisg7

      I hope we see RN3 return to his peak form this season. He just hasn’t been the same since his surgery.

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      Man I love how the marbles look in this video. Almost human like. We all know there are no humans in the world, everything is run by marbles! Everyone knows that.

    51. JustPlainDontAsk

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      Stefano & Jelle is the collab everyone has been waiting for without even knowing it.

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        @David 4rancibia an amazing Dutch comedian

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        i'm sorry but whos stefano?

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      what sort of marbles are these creatures, what team are they on?

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      What are these giant creatures with limbs tromping all over the track? They aren't even round... must be some kind of April Fool's joke...

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      This is gorgeous!! I love seeing & hearing the team work together. Thank you all SO much - you make the world a better place! :-)

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      So i know it's april fools but imma be serious for a second. I know it might break the immersion, but i would be SO into watching some sort of behind the scenes on the process of creating a race. How you design the tracks, how you build them, the testing process, the studio set up. I am so incredibly interested to see how you make this all happen!! Idk if anyone else agrees

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