MARBULA ONE TEASER - The Next Generation of Marble Racing!

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    This is a Teaser for Marbula One (M1), the newest marble sports tournament by Jelle’s Marble Runs, and features individual marbles completing in small teams through circuit-based racing! Just like in real life, there will be a team championship and a driver championship, qualifying, lap times, yellow flags, safety marbles and much more.
    The first season will have eight GPs, due to the Marble League being just around the corner. Each GP will be hosted in one of the teams' locations and last for a whole weekend. They consist of open Training Sessions on Fridays, a Qualifying Session on Saturdays and the big Race on Sundays. In the qualifying, one of the teams' racer will attempt to set the best lap time in a single-run time trial. For now, the training sessions will not be recorded but we plan to give you small updates about what's happening on our social media feeds!
    We will share more info about Marbula One in a FAQ post next week, stay tuned!
    Link to the Rollout issue 4:
    Merchandise: NEW POSTERS!
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - And for those who are wondering about the Oceanics and other teams which aren't in the Marbula One: These teams will participate in the proposed Marbula 2.
    === Credits: ===
    Music: Epidemic Sound and Minos Fylaktos & Mellacus (soundtrack during team posters part)
    Team Logos:
    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
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    Terry Hankamer
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    Alex Mathew, Sander De Quin, Daccota Clemenza, Z Kiryu, Eric Schmitz, Matthew Spadaccini, Thomas Menz, Ian Slatas, Uri Zacharov, Adan, Melissa Rieth
    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2020: Please do NOT copy and re-upload this video without my permission!

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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSITIVE FEEDBACK! We are very excited to launch Marbula One next week. You can help us a lot by LIKING and SHARING this to your friends! 🏁🏁🏁

      1. Sean Waddell

        Is there any chance some of us could get signed merch? If Pulsar could sign on my poster that would be awesome!

      2. Prawnik Koprolitiego

        @MrZicssand marble really marbles are to big for Marbula

      3. MrZics

        Have you ever thought about making a team out of the Sand Marble Rally Marbles? Maybe the winner of the Sand Marble Rally gets to represent them in Marbula 1?

      4. Sam Monk

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Thank you so much for giving my underappreciated yellow boys a chance. I can already tell that the Mellow Yellow are hyped and ready to win this!

      5. Prajwal Mapping

        @Prawnik Koprolitiego TQ

    2. HistoryOfYoutube1


    3. ArmayTheWolfCub

      What track do you use

    4. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Awesome Track! You did make it! Can you make more parts? I love your videos

    5. TPRJones

      MOMO! I have no idea why I am so excited that Momo is going to be in this event but I am very excited indeed!

    6. IONATVS

      Always cools seeing the heavy equipment used by the Construction crews for these massive sporting events. I mean, how often do you get to see hundred-marble tall cranes lift massive ramps into place?



    8. imanxc terbaik

      Savage speeder

    9. Ketimporta sapoperro

      Hazers is the best new team, but don't be prepared to this conversation.

    10. Ketimporta sapoperro

      Before see morbula One, i only can say Perfect

    11. Kck v

      donde puedo comprar esta pista de carreras?

    12. d_dave

      Are the tracks 3D printed or is that an off the shelf product? Really wish I could just buy one of these tracks in full (incl. elevator). Maybe you could create a build guide or something.

    13. SameGain 57

      Which marble track did you use to build circuits

    14. Erich Boschmann

      why arnt rojo rollers from mexico

    15. Mike Boehm

      For the next season you should add some jumps or obstacles or other things to make it even better. Or even a split somehow so some marbles go one way and some go another. Keep up the Awesome work!

    16. Donna Boden

      1:28 Is that a little bitty white bird’s egg in VIP box #2??

    17. Jonathan De Gouveia

      You can create the Marbula 2 with the rest of the other teams, and at the end of every season the 5 best of the M2 pass to M1 and worst 5 teams from M1 pass to M2

    18. Permana Yudhistira

      I'm the number one fans of jelle's marble race woohoooo

    19. lilman JR


    20. • 20 years ago

      So no more marbleOlympics?

    21. Mattia Longhin

      Make this become a real sport

    22. Fishboi

      The only sport

    23. Trisha Asuncion

      Love the effort you put into these sporting events xD Keep up the good work 😁😉👏👏

    24. ecksdee

      Where's Minty Mints?

    25. Graham Hudson

      With all the other major sports suspended/canceled, I have to assume that ESPN is going to be knocking on your door in no time.

    26. Snakes 2009

      why can't there be a team called the wasps becuase of the hornets and bumblebees

    27. yeet Palmer

      Where the pinkies

    28. Gregory Foret

      Where do you get those tracks? :)

    29. Azreal Dragon

      wish you could use the Music from UNIRACER a racing game on the SNES

    30. Bruce Rout

      Where's the link to today's race?

      1. Bruce Rout

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Thank you.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It's coming soon. (in 90 minutes after writing this comment)

    31. Vizzini

      Ive always been team green ducks Glad to see em participate

    32. Alican Çelen

      Go hazers!

    33. TheWalrusIsRagu Goo Goo g'marinara

      This is so extra it's beautiful.

    34. I'm Joking

      Do you have a promo code for the merch???

    35. Snowykitty9 GAMING

      Hells yes! This Marbula One idea sounds AMAZING!! My favorite team is the Snowballs! (Can you guess why?)

    36. j mert_58

      I'm team Galaxy.

    37. Josh Mansfield

      Absolutely LOVE how you have evolved a passion for rolling marbles down slopes into an awesome spectacle like this.

    38. m lanyon

      hi, i love it. how can i build my own M1 track? where do i get the materials from?

    39. brandon hall

      Future staple of online content....Marbula 1

    40. RayJ Liang

      No cat eyes

    41. Brandon

      Hey man where can you buy the track pieces ?

    42. Jose Olivera


    43. TheRealUnconnected

      This is literally the best thing ever. Can't wait for race two and so awesome to see my hazers doing well. also props to formula 1 for not being dicks about the name, they can be massive dicks when it comes to trademarks.

    44. elementalsigil

      Oh Jelle, what have you done? The injury rates will quintuple and your participant insurance will skyrocket. Get some crash test marbles to make sure the track is safe.

    45. Andi valky

      I need those posters

    46. Brent Mazur

      This is great! How are the lap times acquired?

    47. TH1RD

      Should do long marble touge with these tracks if that’s even possible

    48. Celestial III SpaceNoob

      Any f1 marble fan wants this like me!

    49. Huseyin Akturk


    50. Carey37

      What’s the track made of

    51. Wintergatan

      Wow next level for real, GO GALACTICS!!!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thank you Martin, your comment made my day! I'm a huge fan of the MMX.

      2. Wintergatan

        so happy they are in

    52. Funniest Pigeon

      Team Primary better win

    53. SadSmileX1

      Yeeesss! This is perfect ahhah! You should some more cameras and different angles like in F1 ot Racing in general

    54. Cebo Khumalo

      crying that the pinkies aren't involved, but you cant hate on the passion you have for marble runs. it made me passionate about it as well

    55. You Mang

      You work hard and that is awesome. It's surprisingly addicting, I wanna see some jumps pretty sure you can pull it off, like a ski jump. Also some tubes would be cool.

    56. Stephen XD

      I hope there is a dlc pack like this for some games

    57. Francesco Cigolari


    58. Lanie Palmes

      I cant wait to watch my crazy cats eye in marblelympics 2020, btw where is crazy cats eye in this tournament >:

    59. theclassicgamer

      Got recommended this in a discord group earlier today, and I have never been more enthralled and entertained by something like this. Absolutely amazing work, and dedication to be able to form narratives out of it, (I went back and watched some slightly older stuff as well). I cannot wait to see the actual race tomorrow, and the rest of this circuit!

    60. Impreza40

      I think the season will be tight between: Lewis Hamiltorb, Charles Lespherc and Marble Stappen, but we cannot understimate 4-time WC Sebastian Beadtel or Ballteri Vottas.

      1. Andrew Wolverton

        Who , who, who, who, and who?

    61. Tim Enchanter

      It's #LimeTime baby wooo!

    62. Dylan Lawson

      I can’t be the only one who likes the Rojo Rollers! #rojonation

    63. zander\pxl `

      Im so hyped for this, go bolts!

    64. TheHANburgler

      Raspberry Racers have been training hard all off-season. They've got the skill and dedication to win it all!

    65. Maximum RPM

      Orangeers for the win

    66. ApolloFX

      Savage Speeders all the way !!! Cant wait

    67. Kevin Sobiski

      Okay, that is pretty awesome!

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      I never thought that I would ever get hyped by a marble racing

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      Still waiting on this race

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      Heck Yes! Little late to seeing this but will be there to watch it go down! Here is hoping #hazeamaze and that the Hazers leave everybody in a daze!

    72. Blaze Glory7

      I’m hyped for this! I assume different tracks for each race?

      1. Larry _ TL

        @Jelle's Marble Runs was this timelapse the building of the Savage Speeders track?

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Yes! Each race will be hosted by a different team with a different and unique track.

    73. Adrian Zarate

      Rip to my Pinkies, but now I get to be an unbiased observer and just be glad to see a race.

    74. Whitaker Johnston

      They Should Have Over 1 Million Subscribers!!!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We hope to get the million subs within 2020.

    75. Michael H

      What is the name of the first race? Is it a country or city or what?

    76. Rebecca Turner

      I’m a Jawbreakers fan and I realized that they are not in Marbula One.

    77. Molly G


    78. specialktheman

      Thanks sharing your creativity with the world - I can’t wait to see the Marbula 1 #RN3

    79. Piggy

      I'm trying to decide between the orangers and the green ducks, which should I choose? Edit: O'rangers it is!

    80. HANGRYish

      I can't wait for this!🙌🏁

    81. The Zilx


    82. James Rowland

      O'rangers out in front where they belong

    83. Golden skeptic

      I really really hope he puts in real formula one race car sounds, it won't be the same otherwise 🏎️🏎️👍👍👍👍

    84. Huda Hoeda

      I think you should add a pitstop so the exhausted marble can switch with the fresh one. It's kinda cool if you can do it. Can't wait for tomorrow race

    85. Cloggedrightlung

      Man, it’s tough being a midnight wisp fan :/

    86. Rpm

      Just look at the Balls Of Chaos poster. Designed respectfully for the best team.

    87. Big Jimbo

      I'm so keen

    88. austin123457

      Team Galactic gonna show all yall how it's done!

    89. Will o' Wisp

      LET'S GOOOO Hope you wisps do well!

      1. JustAtom


    90. TheFerrys33

      Lets go team Galactic!! This is our year, come on Starry and Pulsar

      1. JustAtom

        #ReachForTheStars lets gooo

    91. TheRealTricky

      There are also qualification runs to decide who goes in pole position? And noise of the cars... I mean marbles as they pass by? Marbles losing control getting off track, combusting in fire? Or am I expecting too much? Well in any case I hope to see a good race.... Is Oceanics also in it? Then I hope for their sakes they do better than in the last ML!

    92. Johnyboi244


    93. Sheldon Ramlogan

      Can't wait.

    94. Ynz 92

      Will it be possible to make replicas of real racing tracks for the Marbula 1 championship???

    95. Ynz 92

      Julien Fébreau: Montez le volume, et rendez-vous au premier virage.

    96. Raulitop 128

      I miss oceanics :( #TidePride

    97. Brian Waterman

      Shut up and take my likes!

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