Insane GRAVITRAX Marble Run with 1000 marbles!

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    This Gravitrax Marble Run contains multiple towers, snakes, tricks and an Avalanche with more than 1000 marbles in all colors of the Rainbow.
    IMPORTANT: (please read this first before posting comments)
    This is NOT a marble race, it’s a “regular” marble run video where my channel was started. My intention is to upload videos like this regurlarly to fill up the gaps between major events and tournaments.
    This video is a screenlink and has 4 different areas:
    Area 1: 3 Funnels (the funnels are coming from a MaBoRun set)
    Area 2: Snake tower with 110-marble-snake
    Area 3: Tricks and Snowflake
    Area 4: Slalom Snake + 1000-marble-avalanche

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    1. Primary Ignition

      Ate special gummie bears, watched and fell very fast asleep after

    2. Link Chree


    3. pinkmonkey328

      This is what I wish I could’ve built with the marble maze kit in kindergarten

    4. ᜉᜅ᜔ᜃ᜔ ᜊᜌᜓᜃᜒᜋᜒᜐ᜔ᜆ᜔

      Ok time to clean up

    5. Drak

      3:43 The "FlipFlop Tower and Super Snowflake" sounds like the set up of a political joke lol

    6. Eric Fermin

      Not sure why his politics are so to the right.

    7. bluepacificsurf

      The colored metallic looking marbles remind me of Christmas ornaments. I could see this video being extra popular during the holiday season.

    8. Ken Carpenter

      I think I now know how a cat feels when chasing a laser pointer.

    9. Hal T

      Poetry in motion.

    10. Brian Does Stuff

      it would have been cool if the end made an image

    11. R t J

      🧐not sure if this is all continuous , there's a few cuts in the footage, must of been when the marble stopped n needed a lil push along ..., Still its cool if you dont have a life or have a GF . 😝.

    12. rezneba101


    13. Benjamin Feldman


    14. Sawbone IOMC

      I obviously don’t have enough time in my day.

    15. MrKajithecat

      IRvision algorithm: So we know you're high as balls right now...

    16. omd the

      I'm 38 and enjoying this way too much

    17. wasitthat

      I thought this was jenna marbles

    18. ihsan alfarisi

      the hex

    19. alissa mower clough

      I hope the snake tower dropoff was seen to in the first aid tent...

    20. meohmichael

      I like how they all made it to the 2nd bowl before it gets crazy at the 3rd

    21. Michael Edlin

      That was one fucking insanely cool video!

    22. Susannah Lance

      Thank You.

    23. Buzz Belittle

      So much plastic 🙄 and for what..

    24. Baron Thundercunt

      I never had this stuff but a close family we were friends with, they had it. I used to love going to their house, they had all this stuff we didn't have, all these toys, it was amazing. My parents always thought I was going to be an architect because I was obsessed with lego, building models, and stuff like this. I especially liked the things that had dynamic motion and moving parts, essentially basic engineering. I always loved the sort of functionality of creating a complete, complex, system. The more difficulty in creating an effect the more desirable. This is literally what I envisioned as a child, but I never even came close to having the means to create it. I probably thought of way crazier stuff in honesty but this is as close as reality gets. This is so satisfying to me even now, love it.

    25. Βουνό Αραλίκη

      We want it in human scale, like a roller coaster.

    26. Lightning Gamer

      Now that’s satisfying. There’s something I absolutely love about these type of machines and how they work and the kinda flow to them all. Love it! :D great job

    27. vibrantPuppeteer

      Just found this channel and knew without a doubt that I found IRvision gold. And this video proves that! Catching up on both seasons of Marbula One!

    28. David Subsonic

      This is what Zuma lvl 999 looks like

    29. Werefox32

      I dont know if im satisfied or completely enraged.. definition of bipolar right there.

    30. Wan Shah


    31. NONO POPO

      I like the part where the marbles went down the track...

    32. Mark Robbins

      Could somebody please render up what it would be like to be the marble, but only if you get rgb on the thing

    33. CptObliviouz

      This is therapy, short and simple. Ty Jelle

    34. yalliver 69

      oh my god I've never wanted to sort marbles into little categories so bad

    35. DarthBil1

      This is an excellent demonstration of the relationship between potential and kinetic energy.

    36. Lady E Me

      That’s so cool😎

    37. Philippe Brondeel

      I'm afraid to ask how expensive this setup was

    38. Brandy webb

      Before and after rejection on the brain. Told her no, then i had to watch her slowly lose all of her marbles. Wait? Those marbles werent hers? You mean the thieving bitch stole those too.😂😅😂😅

    39. Daniel Dorn

      Many people lost their marbles because of the lockdowns And this guy collected them all

    40. Daniel Dorn

      This is what happens in quarantine Are you happy now?

    41. Zenyusei Rokuma

      More like a zuma

    42. Charles Cain

      And I thought Legos were cool.

    43. Nasty Nilson

      I got this in my recommended because of Wintergatan's Marble Machine X. Thanks IRvision!

    44. yalldve yaint

      3:43 boomers when asked to describe millennials' apartments

    45. Tacticool Millenial

      So very satisfying!

    46. magentalady

      681 people don't like physics and gravity.

    47. Ice Gecko

      so about $17,000 worth of gravitrax?

    48. Linfamy

      2:44 red marble couldn't handle the intense training.

      1. magentalady

        It's not a life for every marble. Some just don't have the drive.

    49. David Artreides

      My head hurts from following all those marbles...but I...CAN'T...LOOK...AWAAAAAYY!!!

    50. Martin Nali

      Sooo... where's the mechanism to get the marbles up the track again and in their position? O.O (glup!)

    51. Dingus Dangles


    52. Asterismos

      it also uses spring potential energy though

    53. NB Strings


    54. Nancy Fudgin Regan!

      Woah cool story bro! Now what can you do with all that time and knowledge that actually matters?🤷‍♂️

    55. e gads

      109 marble snake you mean

    56. Darien Nevulti


    57. 28mm RPG

      so, what was the cost in all this GRAVITRAX?

    58. purpl3grape studios

      Now 1000^2 marbles!

    59. Waking up From Matrix

      Don't watch this while you're tripping kids

    60. orlanduce

      I TIP MY HAT OFF TO YOU #wow

    61. Kr3xy


    62. Enderbyte09

      How many parts does this thing have!?

    63. Jonathan Hartfield

      6:03, are you sure it’s you edited the jingle sound of the marble.

    64. 夕立


    65. Marcos122

      Deja de fumar porros loko, se te va la olla con esta vaina

    66. Merendel

      Satisfying video but I dont even want to contemplate how much all that stuff cost or how long the setup was.

    67. Jason Goatcher

      Eye cocaine.

    68. John Bugsy Balberan

      best 8mins of my life

    69. Muhammad Irfan

      Dont know why but the marbles remind me about zuma

    70. Barrabus Shibooboo

      I liked the it when the marbles went down the bit

    71. Jeannet Le cocq d' Armandville

      Hello, where do you get the green bowl’s? Are they from gravitrax? My son’s loves your video’s.

    72. Michael Johnson

      That was very satisfying

    73. Angela Bird

      This is so relaxing to watch xx

    74. giakkone

      You are always two steps ahead!!!!

    75. Let- Finn

      what are the 3 green things at 1:20

    76. Daniel Ding

      "Oops sorry the camera wasn't recording"

    77. lovewithlove1111

      They did sooo much setting up for this omg.

    78. Ji Zhang

      7:05 the moment you have all been waiting for

    79. Osian D

      The amount of potential energy that was released in this video was crazy

    80. Vandalay Industries

      I gotta get a life.

    81. Neil Henderson


    82. Eleanor Smith

      that was sooooooo cool the end part was my fav

    83. breath888

      I need to hear a marble run with nothing but jingle marbles, pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee!

    84. Peter Bános

      This was like an opening ceremony to a Marble Olympics :D

      1. Peter Bános

        @Jelle's Marble Runs My pleasure!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        You bring me to an idea for the ML2021 opening ceremony!


      Physics, Art and Engineering coming together, truly incredible piece.

    86. Concentric Octagons

      I just found this channel and I already hate it; you made something that's better than sex and I think I have an addiction that will result in me losing more time and money than I can ever justify. Subbed.

    87. ToMaTe. -Q-

      Krasse leistung

    88. Sepheranz

      I was just looking for a birthday gift for my son, now I'm trapped here

    89. pe penk


    90. Arbe Bitbit

      The marble avalanche tho

    91. bruchpilot747

      Dominoday sure has changed...

    92. Marble Run

      That’s the most insane marble run I’ve ever seen

    93. Chuck Daily

      I like how the screen is like a hundred balls at once This is so cool it just go what one do I think your looks bigger in the track I think it's a trigger in this track Whoa It's a marble snake

    94. Mr. Teff

      I would like to know where you get the materials to build these things.

    95. Harry Garcia

      Hi there love this video can you tell me where you get the set up from please

    96. Ryan

      This is insane!

    97. Kaze Xo

      I somehow felt uncomfortable seeing a few marbles left on the track

    98. Astrid Maeve

      Watching this at 3:46 in the midnight

    99. Loekie / Alpha

      Where did you get the funnel? (from 0:58)

    100. Aiden Beatty

      7:35 This sounds like a train lol