Balancing | Marble League 2020 Opening Ceremony + E1

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver! 16 teams now arrive at the Andromedome for the Opening Ceremony and Event 1 of the Marble League Championship!
    Marvel as Team Galactic uses their advanced technology to beam up the flame to the ML cauldron! Then, teams face a test of composure and teamwork in the first event, Balancing. Coordination will drive your team all the way down the balance beam, but one error and they'll be sent rolling off the side. Which team will stay cool under pressure and meet "John Rolliver" at the podium ceremony? This one's for all the marbles! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    Events in this video:
    - Opening Ceremony: 0:00
    - Balancing: 2:16
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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      1. Sargon of Cincinnati

        Jelle's Marble Runs This was suggested in my recommendations. Rather humorous... you might consider him as your post event analyst. I can see Thesaurus and Greg having a "Week in review" video breakdown program. Edit : It is always fun to see IRvisionrs colaborate. P.S. You provide amazing content with such a simple format competition. Very elaborate sets. Once again, Greg is a standout for your team. Differentiates you from other similar content. Fantastic that your have sponsorships... well deserved.

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      3. Okabe Rintarou

        Roldo is with the Hornets, 2nd from left in the top row of lower 1/3rd section. Either that or its probably not a hornet, it looks different from others as seen from above - See 3:20.

      4. Breanna Betancourt

        More Minty Maniacs Merchandise!

      5. Andreia Gaita

        Quick feedback: I feel that showing the results at the start of the second replay, like you did in previous balancing events, felt better than showing it during the first replay. It gave the impression that the results were being calculated, where now it feels too fast.

    2. Chrollo Lucilfer

      Since snowball didn’t make it im going to cheer for the thunderbolts

    3. Princess sunshine

      I love this channel so fucking much

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    5. Anthony Jenkins

      team bumblebees for life

    6. Hyein Clifton

      eek!!!! im exited!!! go Midnight Wisps!!!!! lol

    7. Culture Colours

      I think the Raspberry Racers and Green Ducks need to be tested for performance enhancing drugs. I am not sitting idly by and watching them sweep another year of Marble League! #Goooorangers

    8. Elimeno Quite

      Yeah Midnight wisps! Of course there are a few others I love, but this team is my favorite.

    9. RexR28

      Ducks bringing it home this year

    10. Manteiga_voadora18 potato dog ;-;?

      Mds isso é incrivel '^' Obrigada goularte ° ^ °

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    12. Matt Jones

      Why is this genuinely amazing

    13. Jackson Knudtson

      Savage speeder fans where you at

    14. Captain Floof

      This is my first time watching marble racing and even though I'm only 5 minutes in I'm already very invested

    15. abel 369

      Where are the limers

    16. Dumbestgoatonmars !

      I hope the green ducks win

    17. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      When seeing this channel first time in marble rally I chose red number 3 the legends and marblympics and marble league chose savage speeders the other legends

    18. Roo San

      This has got to be one of the silliest things going - Thank you it's fun!!

    19. Valentin roman Veliz

      Gracias crak

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    21. Ludus

      This is so well produced... I don’t even know what to say

    22. Marilyn L

      Why is this so entertaining 🤣🤣🥴

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      Cheering on the Oceanics, all the way. Where my Oceanics fans at?

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      Can the o’rangers get a better hashtag please

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    30. Patrick Benton-Roy

      A special thank you for the time and effort put into this Marble League. You guys both rock and "roll"!

    31. Daniel Quiroz

      Estoy viendo un reportaje de ustedes en DW. Saludos desde Perú.

    32. Coolskeleton95

      Raspberries have a great start on the first event, congrats

    33. Katherine Gavile

      The best opening ceremony yet.

      1. Grace Johnston

        That's because Galactic is the best!

    34. JN Gunner

      Gutted Jungle Jumpers didnt qualify so I’m gonna have too support the other boys in green... Lets go Ducks!

    35. Daniel Burns

      £10 on crazy cats eyes winning the overall leauge

    36. J. Costa

      The best Dragon's money ever spent. Thanks to everyone involved.

    37. David S MYM

      Where is snowball?

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    39. Idiot Tech

      Last year I went for the Raspberry Racers but I’m also enjoying the O’rangers this year!

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      I just love John Oliver ❤💙

    42. Anotherbryan

      This is my first time watching this this series, but I already have a favorite team! I'm going to binge watch this season rooting for the O'rangers!

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      Yellow got peed on. They dont call them yellow for nothing,

    46. HerNameWasFloriel

      Anyone know the reason Minty Maniacs didn't qualify last year? However they spent their time off, it seems to have made a difference. XD

    47. craig c:

      go o’rangers,minty maniacs and hazers

    48. Munchkin

      My husband just caught me watching this again - love the opening ceremony. He just rolls his eyes....can't believe I'm watching marbles.

    49. Freedom Diamond

      This is so incredibly well done!!! You got me cheering for marbles lmao #TidePride !! I've been here a long time, and I really haven't commented enough on the great attention to detail and the amazing way it's presented. Great job! And, hey, we weren't last this time. I'll take it xD better than last.

    50. VFangV

      Go midnight wisps!

    51. Brian Daniels

      Umm... where are the limers!!!

    52. BRADY KIM

      Fans: so how much letdown do you want since your last 2 events? Oceanics: *yes*

      1. Freedom Diamond

        hurts ;-;

    53. Joost

      Mellow Yellow for the win!

    54. victoria caudill


    55. gladitsnotme

      *cries in chocolatiers*

    56. Khalil Luzon

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    57. Controversial Perspective

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      What a massive choke by Mellow Yellow

    60. Master Jesse

      As a mellow yellow fan it doesn’t feel good to be last. #KeepitMellow

    61. Jon Demus

      Can anybody tell me if they have action figures available for the whole team? Midnight Wisps and RasRacers specially?




      what happened to the savage speeders...

    64. Steve Hinkle

      Where's Roldo" is funny, because it sounds like "Where's Waldo".

    65. Steve Hinkle

      Please put the marbles 6 inches apart in the next event to maintain the marble equivalent of social distancing.

    66. Matthew Elliott

      I'm rooting for the O'rangers.

    67. Joshua Snyder

      #GoGalactic #forallthemarbles

    68. Raini McRoss

      king stardust doesn't have a queen? looks like my time has finally come

    69. Brielynn Twitchell

      Please confirm that John Oliver Marble is the one on the left of King Stardust here (right side of the screen) at 2:15

    70. MarqueztheGreat

      The Green Ducks will come back. Ducks fly together!

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      This thing is pure genius.

    77. OuPoot999

      Just noticed this on a re-watch: Why are there Team Primary fans in the stands? Some kind of "Return of Team Momary" thing? EDIT: Chocolatiers too?

    78. OddPoppet Esq.

      COME ON THE BERRIES!!! We can do it again this year 🤞

      1. OddPoppet Esq.

        Yeh!! 2nd in the first event 👌

    79. Nick Dagrosa

      Getting into these games hardcore. Awesome idea. Thank you John Oliver for spreading the love! Raspberry Racers alllllllllll day. Ok Razzy!!!!!!

    80. brettlexine world

      This is jelles marble runs so smooth and looks so modern

    81. brettlexine world

      Go savage speeders and galactic Savage speeders 50 percent im going on or another 50 percent glactic im goin on

    82. Daniel Fisher

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    88. Lionel Lewis

      Does vegas have odds yet?

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    91. prog

      Newcomer here. It's so nice of the Minty Maniacs to donate that money. Especially given their extreme lead on #2. I'll be rooting for them this year.

    92. Zurtron D

      “How about mellow yellow?”... Oh my

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      I'm so glad that this is where that HBO Last Week Tonight Budget is going now that they can't pull any massive bits anymore

    94. The Green Monstah

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