Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 12 (FINAL) - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 12th and final marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 20 marbles will compete on a very long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is randomized.
    NOTE: The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
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    1. Dev

      Holy I just started watching this and I decided to start from the inaugural tournament to get the full background. I almost thought ghost plasma would choke in the middle races but glad to see he didn't!

    2. Mir Rocks

      I did not expect super turtle to do that

    3. Puneet Perumal

      i am a fan of ghost plasma and he won

    4. TheMasterVital

      Big ups to Dragon's Egg and especially Ghost Plasma for an amazing series. It was really fun to watch, even after watching this a long time ago, and knowing the results!

    5. Soul Chealla

      Did this guy cut all the trees n strip a hillside bare, just so he could play with his marbles?

    6. Lucas Macedo

      Big Pearl, pollo loco and dragons egg must starts in first positions Congratulations Ghost Plasma

    7. Lukeon Twin

      Wierd to see an smr without my fav, #RedNumber3

    8. Ross Thomas

      i cant believe ive just spent a half hour rooting for a marble.

    9. MrJohnHo

      Very fun. Needs more cameras and dramatic replays.

    10. Jordan Robinson

      Pollo loco got screwed over the whole entire playoffs. One of the best marbles out there for being put in some terrible positions to start the races, ghost plasma what a shame they won with having top row positions for the entire season except for 2 races

    11. Chief4Army117

      WTG Ghost Plasma! Also, Marbly McMarbleface is the best name for a racer I've heard in a long time. I can't help but grin every time I hear his name. X3

    12. Schlachtoros

      That was Ghost Sabotage D:

    13. Marijn v.d.Sterre

      Finally super turtle gets a mention! not really how I wanted it though...

      1. H. Helm

        Whatch that turtle go, bro !

    14. Alfonso

      I'm happy with the season El Capitan had. Two first places and he came strong the last few races to get back to a respectable fifth place. The question is...will he go to another team sponsor for this upcoming season?

    15. omgwtfkthxbai

      Also: #teamplasma ! ^_^

    16. omgwtfkthxbai

      Great job, Marbly McMarbleface! Don't be sad that the Internet chose such a stupid name!

    17. Official Canelo

      Pollo fans watching sad Bart Simpson edits after this 😔

    18. Untro

      No one can say that GP didnt earn it, but i do feel bad about dragon egg and big pearl, they didnt deserve to go out like that. My boy slimer coulda come ahead but im proud of him anyway

    19. ACMommy26

      It took a pandemic to make me realize that this is easily the coolest and most intense sport out there!!

    20. AQL

      Great season, first experience in the marble league championships. Unfortunately, Silver Bolt, my lead runner for this tournament ran himself off the course in the final. Not like it would have mattered, but for the record, Comet, my second runner up, finished last.

      1. Dylan Herrera

        My lead runner was Blue Moon. Never heard of him? That's because he finished near last place every single race. Honestly pathetic. The amount of training he has been through just to be forgotten like the trash he is. At least your marble was in the final race.

    21. MavenCree

      Last Week Tonight sent me. I'm grateful.

      1. Ashton Wingate


      2. diaphanouswaffle

        MavenCree same :)

    22. Jules Soyer

      I cannot believe my marble won !

    23. srinitaaigaura

      Treacherous course this one. Very exciting and unforgiving. Love it.

    24. Falando e Dublando

      (Spoiler) What an amazing recovering in the beggining, McMarbleface! From 4° to 1°!!! I couldn't belive it! It's a shame that he ended in 2°. But it was a great race! Hope it just get better in next season! #GoMcMarbleface #TeamMarblyMcMarbleface

    25. Lauri Koivunen

      This course is absolutely brutal

    26. Mymomhatesthis 123

      6th place for my guys Marbly McMarbleface GG, maybe next year

    27. ZekyBoy YT

      For the first time... I picked a marble who became a champion... Good Job.... 😭😭😭 It actually touched my heart... Cause i keep picking marbles who keep losing.... But for the first time! YES!! Im sooo happy GOOD JOB GHOST PLASMA!!!

    28. ZekyBoy YT

      0:36 I actually celebrated...

    29. Teague Jelinek

      - Dragons Egg landed third overall with only a gold and bronze medal. Now that's determination

    30. Teague Jelinek

      - My entire team (Pollo and Dragons Egg) didn't even finish.... I can't even right now 😭

    31. 9some

      the track made this one

    32. Joseph S

      This was fixed! Dragon Egg was paid to take down Big Pearl and took the first chance he got. He stopped hard from only a little bump and then when best girl Big Pearl came crashing through he still wouldn't budge. A shame that not even marble racing is immune to such unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    33. Cormac O'Sullivan

      4:25 HUGE MOVE by H2Blue.

    34. Ad

      Ghost plasma got it done in the first half of the championships

    35. falcio150

      So sad about the last few races from super turtle. Will continue support, though

    36. endergirl1421_YT

      Ah makes me happy to see ghost plasma win Even if I’m 4 years ahead

    37. Mark B

      Summer Sky! What a great finish to the season, really happy about that! And what an unexpected start to the race, I think nobody saw that coming. Can't believe they still finished though, incredible resilience. A monumental race for the history books of marble competitions!

    38. Gerbil Panda

      Hell yeah summer sky! Been my favorite since I found this goofy ass sport.

    39. vibezone

      As a comet fan, that was hard to watch him get almost last in a lot of the races.

    40. terrordarky

      if you make ghost plasma merch, i'd buy it

    41. JustAWanderer

      My boy Summer Sky with the clutch!

    42. Leigh Coad

      Pollo Loco robbed! Didn't want Ghost Plasma anywhere near top. Rip

    43. Son of Kharn

      Dragon's Egg is a future champion. Just you wait

    44. Ivor Scrotumic

      The amount of work that must go into making these clips....amazing. THIS is what youtube is for...!!!

    45. 3xoticG4m3r

      Damn at first i was for Olympia, who got relegated at first. Then i choose pollo loco and after a few good results his Performance gets weaker and weaker each race... Now even an early dnf... :(

    46. Valentin Münch

      My hero Starman is on the 7th place! ☺😺✨

    47. Colin Byrne

      I’ve been a ghost plasma fan from the start. Glad to see the consistency throughout pay off in the final standings.

    48. edboy484

      Looking back on it, Summer Sky is an incredibly underrated racer. May not have the straight line speed of a Pollo Loco or RN3, but races smart and can really make some moves

      1. Carson Simpson

        Theyre marbles XD

      2. Jean Franco Caringi

        @Teague Jelinek vaaaaamos pollo loco!

      3. Teague Jelinek

        Pollo loco didn't finish two of the final three races... No amount of speed can make up for that. So disappointed 😔

    49. Team McDolphin

      It said the Flash was 6th when he crashed mid race and the 6th place marble was Rastafarian

    50. GroovingPict

      bring back these long and elaborately constructed tracks please! the tracks from the last couple seasons have all been the same three elements repeated over and over it seems... helices, zigzags, and sharp turns

    51. bootsmoothie

      this is the purest thing I've seen for awhile. Faith in humanity restored.

    52. Michel Johnson

      The move by H2blue at 1:15 was exceptional

    53. Ureus 08

      Íbamos tan bien pollo locooo

    54. sumplais

      I stuck with Blue Smoke after he won the qualifier race, but whether starting up front or in the back of the pack, he never seemed to have much luck. At least he didn't get cut in race 6 and in this last race held the lead for a while to come in 4th.

    55. 3 2

      El cap had the most clutch last 3 races. He piped off

    56. Trisha Schuman

      spoiler space Shout out to Big Pearl and Dragon's Egg who both got going again after the stoppage!

    57. Orificeofshadows

      RIP Pollo Loco. Stayed at 3rd-4th until this round. Got so close.

    58. Zamal Hossain

      Ghost Plasma's performance in 2016 Sand Marble Rally: Qualifiers:9th (tied) R1:2nd , R2:2nd R3:4th , R4:1st , R5:15th R6 (Elimination):24th R7:5th , R8:5th R9:2nd , R10:9th , R11:14th R12 (Final):7th Final standings:1st (GOLD)

    59. bodean2000

      Omg i cant believe im actually entertained by this at 51 years old.

    60. Carrie T

      Comment below your favorite marble!

    61. Carrie T

      When your mom asks what your watching: Ummmm racing?

    62. UpMonkeyS

      Dragon stop big pearl FU**

    63. Lewis

      Good to see the lads Ghost Plasma translate what they learned in training into high level competition. Always been my boys.

    64. Sunshine Marmot

      I'm so proud of Summer Sky!! Rallying back after going scoreless for the vast majority of the pre-elimination tournament for a top 10 placing with two golds! What a champ!

    65. kickpushlongboards

      *Filming hint* If a marble goes off, crashes, etc, stop and look at it for a half sec then go back to the lead

      1. Kirsten Rietveld

        All of these videos are re-upload and are at least 3 years old.

    66. bob smith

      End music was epic

    67. Sirppivasara

      Horrible starts for Ghost Plasma these last races but steady takes the cake!

    68. David Štegner


    69. Joseph Erhardt

      Someone over on another sand marble rally video posted these lines: "What sport do you follow?" "It's complicated." Been trying to find that again to add a +1000. :)

      1. H. Helm

        Might have been Marblympics ... I think of it too, whenever I'm pumping the air (#QuackAttack !) and get a question ... Complicated.

    70. John Knox

      Cheering for the return to glory for Ghost Plasma in 2019!

      1. MANGOZZZ

        John Knox pollo loco is better!!

    71. Tristan

      Very tense!

    72. P B

      blue marbles seem to have an advantage

    73. Green Meat

      We got robbed! #Justice4Ducks

    74. Chris Knowles

      disappointed in comets performance this year.

      1. mawande kolele

        Chris Knowles I lost all forms of hope in Comet

    75. The Daily Egg

      I made 2019 Egg Olympics. If anyone is interested...

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        That sounds funny!

      2. Fun Things to Do with a Camera

        Cool. Would watch it.

    76. MinecraftGamer 48597270154831

      El Capitan 2:04-2:14

    77. Ratheon Hudson

      Yeah! Go Ghost Plasma!

    78. asbjørn paulsen

      Loved the course, and a great run by them all. Again best commented chanel on YT, and thanks for the entertainment!

    79. Stroke Gaming


    80. TheWinterOwl

      The racing was great, even though my marble wasn't. But can I point out this whole channel has the best comment section in all of IRvision?

    81. Reynand Adelio

      Comet lovers 🙂🙂

      1. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

        feelsbadman he is fastest in fresh air but in a tightly packed fights he is not the best

    82. cowscrazy

      Please do 12 races and these amazing long courses again. The design is just great.

      1. cowscrazy

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Thats a shame you don't have help. I'd totally volunteer my time if I lived over there.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        The 2019 season will have only 8 races due to backlog caused by dry weather and lack of time and volunteers, i have to do everything alone without aid (in terms of track building and filming).

    83. The Lantern

      Cool course.

    84. Pacplayz

      can you make a furge 8 and a funel in the middle

    85. Joshua H

      *Where's the love for El Capitan?!* he: *- tied for most medals overall (4)* *- tied for most gold medals (2)* *- got 5th place* *- has had quite the incredible season!* El Capitan all the way. Stuck with him from the beginning and he did not disappoint :)

      1. Zeuseus6609

        Agreed, hos comeback in the last few races was phenomenal

    86. John Smit

      Excellent series!

    87. MythsolverMercy

      Big Pearl has always been a bumper. Too bad this bump really hurt her standings (also being out in the back for 3 races in a row, come on randomizes!) Either way, good job on a solid 2nd place! I want to say she had one of the best placing this whole event, going from further back to number 2!

    88. Haley Faragalli

      Congrats Ghost Plasma

    89. Sean Donahue

      I was so hyped for summer sky

    90. Mrchikkin

      Slimer, consistent as always. Solid season

    91. Kevin Remington

      Time to make more videos man! I mean...weekly! Great content! Make sure to have RN3 in each race.

      1. Kevin Remington

        Takes me back to when I was a kid rolling marbles down the dirt driveway.

    92. DZLzz

      my boy comet is cursed i swear

      1. mawande kolele

        DZLzz ever since he came back from injury he's never been the same

    93. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      So this was ghost plasma no matter what

    94. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      Its December!! Where is the 2019

      1. Ben Schneppensiefen

        They finished filming yesterday

    95. Pm Clh


    96. Fuzzy Fishnutz

      Marbly McMarbleface: The greatest name in all of sports.

    97. kidcurry92

      Aw man, I wanted someone to upset Ghost Plasma :(

    98. almightyhydra

      Spoiler What a great run by Summer Sky. You could feel her determination to get a win. Unfortunately her poor performance in the qualifying rounds meant she couldn't finish any higher than 9th overall though.

    99. Nick Wheeler

      There once was a time when Slimer was a top-5 marble. Here's the proof.