Halloween Marble Race 2020 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Happy Halloween! If there's one thing that makes this day special each year, it's Greg's spooky voice along an amazing marble race. Please enjoy the latest iteration of the traditional Halloween Race on Jelle's Marble Runs!
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    1. Cumunist

      I picked ectoplasm and I was immediately wrong

    2. Ian Lundquist

      My pick of marble is always first eliminated!

    3. Marble Run

      Marble run with a spooky twist😮

    4. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷

      3 Eyeballs launched in the last round LOL

    5. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷


    6. Gozokukolat

      I picked ever single looser in every race... Only I picked them to win. >.

    7. Ho Lam YIU

      Frankenstein: come, this is no place to die

    8. will brown

      who is here from sidemen?

    9. Cori Kublank

      I was hoping for a win from Casper but I should've known he wasn't going to make it after being near the end of the finishers in round 1

    10. Maria Jose Gil

      Halloween RACE 8 marbles Blood Moon booberry Frankenstein Casper Will o the wisp Jack o lantern gremlin ectoplasm zomball and Candy corn

      1. Maria Jose Gil

        Halloween RACE 2021

    11. Rax Savvage

      that bell thing just dont do anything

    12. The Union

      I’m wife just asked what I’m watching and I’m not sure what to tell her

    13. Urukosh !

      Kids love this XD

    14. Jonathan Constant

      Me, a MY fan: ok, gotta go with the yellow one. Also me: ok, that didn't work out. that orange one looks fun. Also also me: ok, will o the wisps it is then. Also also also me: I'm so sorry, Frankenstein.

    15. rusty_frame

      just a tip, it's not much fun to have the mazy section where marbles tend to get stuck right at the start because they either do get stuck, and the race is irrelevant, or they slow down so much that they're basically lost, so the race is also irrelevant.

    16. حسام 777

      ت رمان ل

    17. Space Marine

      "spider's delight.... on the graveyard's tonight"

    18. RextheRebel

      The music was so good

    19. David O'Meara

      Did any other 🟠rangers fans cheer for jack o’ lantern? Rip

    20. David O'Meara

      Everybody can pick on Greg for saying “three marbles remain” instead of four, but he is the greatest commentator of all time, and we all make mistakes! #gregwoodsforlive #JMRforlife #orangersforlife

    21. Inaxi Patel

      Wow, that was Blood Moon's second victory

    22. Charley Edwards

      The sand portions/ races have always been ans still are my absolute favourite things to watch. love hearing you "GREG WOODS" love hearing you use your name! i remember back when you didnt im happy you do :)



    24. Rah Collier

      Frankenstein's monster once dove into a river to save a girl from drowning. Helping a stuck racer is absolutely in-character for him.

    25. Adam L

      "Three remain - Frankenstein, Blood Moon, Booberry... and Casper." (Love you Greg)

    26. Bijoy Roychowdhury

      Loved it.

    27. Maximus Yagdulas

      5:11 I'm confused on how Blood Moon won he was back behind and chose the same path as the other 2 marbles

    28. Stufful 77

      Spooky spooky

    29. Nick Carberry

      Just imagine racing for your life and when you lose you get eaten alive in front of others knowing you may be next

    30. M W

      Oooo, I can’t finish...it’s too spooky.

    31. Minecraft Player223

      I’m convinced if you have “Wisp” in your name...you are mediocre at best at racing

    32. Secret Altruism

      Because I'm a fan of stats, there is a 1 in 8 chance that the marble you pick at the start of the video is the winner. 12.5% = (7/8)*(6/7)*(5/6)*(4/5)*(3/4)*(1/3) I was close, I picked Ectoplasm to start with and then Blood Moon.

    33. El Mini Garaje


    34. Julian Whelan

      I predicted it!

    35. Fred Davis

      This setup is awesome, sorry I missed it on Halloween.

    36. Agustin Leiva

      no entendi una verga

    37. Nicholas Fairley

      I still don't know who wins, I haven't been able to finish watching because it's TOO SPOOKY

    38. Simon Derks

      Can't believe I called the winner from the start

    39. Matt Rämen

      All the hard work yall put in is really appreciated. Thank you for being a bright spot in these dark days.

    40. Seth Bettwizilch

      Three remain. _lists 4 marbles_

    41. Jason Glisson

      Where do you get your marbles? My son wants some just like this!

    42. MarloSoBalJr

      The amount of puns in this video is quite spooky

    43. Turtle

      Go Frankenstein! Once again Jelle's Marble Runs did a great job with a exciting race! Love your videos, gave me something to watch during Covid! Keep up the great races!!!

      1. Turtle

        Just finished watching it, good third place Frankenstein. Love the skeleton at the end!

    44. Tournament Series

      0:21-0:26 I thought he was gonna be named as "Greg Skeleton" to fit with the halloween theme!

    45. Craklekid_89

      Hey jelle I was wondering where you got your track pieces and marbles I don't ask this for any commercial use or to steel your fantastic content I just want to have a bit of fun and have something to do in my spare time by I'm asking about your marbula one pieces and 5th marble elavator thanks in advance and I love your content keep on growing :)

    46. sheamus

      I can pick the winner in a one off event, but seems if I root for a marble in any series it's a sign of catastrophy.

    47. Joey Derer

      it looks so cozy

    48. Mooga Mooga

      Even though he didn’t say it THIS Halloween, we know that according to Jelle’s Marble Run lore, Greg Woods has said to the spiders “Eat up, my children.” 😱 IMPLICATIONS!

    49. Carl Larsen

      i picked ectoplasm, then gremlin. then gave it up

    50. Jason Dichter

      So I can predict Blood Moon being victorious in a one-off event, but Team galactic and Marble McMarbleface get the short end of the stick?

    51. Arrash

      Glad I chose blood moon, finally winning for once

    52. Uber Dragon

      I really liked the course thematically including a sand rally section.

    53. Stefan Axelsson

      The cracks between the bricks in the castle. It's horror for my OCD! TRUE HORROR! Also, seeing Jack'o'Lantern get knocked out, also horror... But many thanks for this race. :)

    54. Big-O

      Great job wow! I paused at start and decided on blood moon to win and it did..... Spooky!

    55. Patrina Fraser

      Back in 2016 I use to watch Jelle's Marbles and red number three became my favourite is red number 3 but I am really disappointed that he his not performing I have other favorites like coolymoody and superball there is space for others I guess it is the wet sand conditions caused this tragedy

    56. King Breezy

      the castle is everything !!🤝🤝🤝

    57. nekokna

    58. SadBoys 1996

      my picks in this series and the sand marbe rally have been impeccable. Blood Moon showing up

    59. Venom

      Spoilers: Dang I was really cheering for Jack'O lantern. Then I wanted Casper to win but sadly he gets out right before the podium

    60. Gabe Sanzo

      This was not a joke. These marbles were actually fed to the spiders. This was simply a show of power by the marble government, by putting their criminals into a gladiator-like scenario where the loser faces the ultimate price for their crimes.

      1. Gabe Sanzo

        @Josh Desmond This was a demonstration of power by the marble government. They tried to make it look better to those not under the rule of the marble government. I have friends who are refugees, none of this is “acting”

      2. Josh Desmond

        lol the marbles all just actors, the spider stuff was just hollywood magic they're not actually getting fed you know that right

    61. Derpy Hooves

      See, the Moon is rising She has come to claim the heavens for her ooown And all will know the wonder Of my dark and jeweled sky When all the world is wrapped In an eternal lullaaaaby So say goodnight for this Is final setting of the suuun Tomorrow dawns in darkness; The nighttime has begun!

    62. Positivity

      Eyy Will participated again!!! Edit: R.I.P my brother

    63. mustardsfire22

      The Halloween race is always my favorite because Greg seems like he's always having the best time narrating it.

    64. Saitaina Malfoy

      Bah on Jack getting eliminated, but my other two favs got podym so yay!

    65. vazak11

      The production values this year are off the hook, won't be sleeping easy tonight!

    66. L4FE GAMING


    67. Nancho Party

      Amazing. Each round I pick a marble to root for and that marble goes on to place last and get eaten by a spider. EVERY SINGLE TIME

    68. Edward N. Driskoll

      A1. Too awesome

    69. 7636kei

      Does the lack of attendance have smth to do with social distancing?

    70. olonore

      Would be funny if in the last race none finishes, camera shows empty finish line. What happened to them? What happened?

    71. Adorka28


    72. Camo2102

      Nonbasic lands are mountains.

    73. Rahel Elizabeth

      0:50 I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    74. Panguwino army

      Blood moon and savage speeders my favorite

    75. RiteofWriters

      I LOVE these Halloween races, especially because they use the old Hubelino toys. I’m happy to see them being utilized, and always hope that league will be revived. Thanks for another festive race!

    76. Makeshift Marble Runs

      Greg Woods could make a video of paint drying worth watching!

    77. GirlgeniusNYC

      The perfect mix of scary and cute!!

    78. andagoat

      That right side at the beginning was brutal. What a fun race for Halloween! Great work to all at Jelle's Marble Run!

    79. Drawn

      Disappointing not to use the expression 'Dead last'... The Duplo castle!

    80. Alan Daniel

      with the castle and the colors of the set, this kind of looks like one of the bowser courses in mario kart

    81. H Vlietstra

      Whhoooooooo I pick the winner yay!! Go blood moon

    82. -JuL-

      Oh my... I did it !!! I picked the winner ! Oh the sweet taste of victory ! As a Green Ducks fan, and after ML2020, you can guess how happy I am right now. Thanks for the amazing race and commentary. That dancing skeleton was perfect

    83. Greyson

      Greg Woods' spooky voice is exactly what I needed for Halloween.

    84. Christopher Long

      CONGLTEATIONS blood moon!! that give me chills, I hope eyeballs will read this to you happy belated Halloween from the UK

    85. Alex Tsukito

      It’s a shame that the course didn’t change at all, I expected it to change for the final race

    86. David Brown

      Count Chocula marble when?

    87. Sherwin Santillan

      R.I.P one of the most fastes racers Red number 3 will alwast be rememberd for og fans😥😥😢😢😭😭

    88. Techy Zebra

      casper got screwed

    89. OribesebirO

      Too spooky

    90. Super Star

      Happy halloween everone!!!!

    91. BigMac

      As a Hazers fan, supporting Casper seemed like the right choice for me... as always a lot of hope up until the end, only to get eaten by the last spider :( #HazeNotAmazed today

    92. Roy Dogerty

      #TeamBloodMoon 💪

    93. Yux2314 Olsen

      Jack o lantern: gets eliminated Me: oh okay I'll root for will o the wisp then *okay then*

    94. Liam Nixon

      ¿Why do the newest videos use the Oceanic's Marble League intro?

    95. Stanislav Kuznetsov

      This is so great!

    96. kuba karliński

      ok ektopasm is my fav -8 place so now gremlin -7 place seriously? ok jack i believe in you -6 place ok so maybe whisp? -5 place ...

    97. Zeuseus6609

      A Blood Moon rises. Monsters lurk in these woods.

    98. Stuart Mease

      I have watched this 10 times already

    99. shadowscribe

      After booberry's close call, they made certain to stay low in the first section. So many others fell prey to the same trap.

    100. Abby

      I love the dancing skeleton at the end of the race, where did you get it? :)