Marbula One: O'raceway GP (S1R2) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The second marble RACE of the brand new Marbula One! (formula one for marbles) This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of the O'rangers, the O'raceway! AFTER THE PREMIERE this will become just a normal video!
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - About the main cam and video quality, I accidentally set it to 4k 30p instead of HD 60p. I apologize for this incovenience.
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We will improve the entryway and exit of the conveyor belt to prevent more accidents and marbles hanging at the belt entrance.
    === Credits: ===
    Music: Epidemic Sound (intro) and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during track preview, podium and end)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Lam Tran

      Hi to you When you not put on 100 laps in the race

    2. Ankhayra TV

      It's not easy being a Raspberry Racers fan...

    3. Matilda Lovelock

      I want a formal apology for Wospy’s accident ;((( why’d you stiff him like that

    4. Darrel Pinkston

      Absolutely the best marble racing out there thanks Jules

    5. nadeem iqbal

      The job of marbles is only have to run but the creativity of making the into, giving the sounds effects, giving the names to the marbles, making the different track for different races and most important the commentry makes the race to feel that these marbles have the feelings and they want to become first

    6. Sergio Daniel Javier Cruz

      7:34 Roldo

    7. Jace Noble

      Rapidly is my fave

    8. Mike Zittritsch

      Real unfortunate for Wospy there after starting pole. Terrible shame for the Wisps I hope they have a better go in the next one.

    9. Aaron Dorsey

      Disappointing start for my O'Rangers, 10th after 2 events and 14th on your home track. Need to regroup and get rolling.

    10. Shadow gamer 789

      where does this guy get the pieces from pls tell someone i really would like to make something like this thanks

    11. Judah Sh

      My team still getting a metal

    12. City of Gold and Lead

      GO HAZY

    13. MAX Dutcher

      Go orangers

    14. Bumblebee

      I feel so bad for Wospy :(

      1. Earl Bone Does

        I straight up had to leave the room.

    15. Giles S

      As a thunderbolts fan I’m counting this as a win

    16. Levi World

      At 7:33 Look Near Top Right Corner To Find Roldo

    17. brettlexine world

      Savage savage

    18. Nicolas Mobley


    19. Rusndage

      Snowflake do well done

    20. mdapeebles

      Just got into this and am watching every race from last 4 years :) How do they do the splits on these marbles?! I genuinely would love to join these guys!

    21. James 4:8

      Smoggy needs to be more patient, we already know he's faster than Rapidly. He gotta time his attacks better, so many opportunities.

    22. XiZibit42

      j Rogan sent me here.

    23. Maddie Tannie

      Rapidly decides to walk down the catwalk instead of choosing a side. Rapidly is an icon.

    24. Joseph Banks

      As a midnight wasp fan it’s been such a sad video to watch to be honest

    25. Shane Spencer

      (Comment before starting the video) Hive Hornets started 4th in the qualifying round, but start this race in the 7th position. The team is slowly getting it together but we need this race!

    26. broceratops1337

      After finding out about the incorrect camera setting, they could have reshot the race but instead held up the integrity of sport and competition by keeping the footage. Respect+

    27. idonotexist23

      This is the best thing I’ve discovered all year, I picked a top 3 teams last race and there I was shouting at my tv “GO GREEN DUCKS YOU CAN WIN!!” Wherever this guy is I respect his incredible craftsmanship in setting all this up.

    28. Aldo Amaya

      Uno rojo uno rojos vamos a ganar

    29. Navnit Kumar

      Thank you Hannibal Burress and The Joe Rogan Experience for introducing me to my latest obsession. This is fucking amazing!

    30. Juuso Tiirakari

      Go Balls of Chaos!

    31. Ola Bergvall

      Who in the crowd was bleating at 3.25? Who was that?!? :(

    32. Russell Dominy

      Y'know everytime I think snowflake has become an old horse he comes back and really pulls one out of the bag. Great job buddy!

    33. V8

      I haven't found much joy in life the last few months, but this honestly brings a smile to my face. Thank you!

    34. HAPPY HOUR'S

      What's wrong with Snowflakes?!

    35. Teresa T

      Me: Goooo Thunderbolts!! WOOT WOOT! Bolt: falls off the damn conveyor belt in lap 8. Me: dammit Bolt.

    36. Yerghaiz Verot

      Hazers totally would have had that, but Smoggy kept having issues in the sand area. Definitely needs to work on that for future Marbula One GP's

    37. Eken 17

      If anyone is wondering where Roldo is, he's at 7:36.

    38. Ken

      Does the FIA know you're using their "points" system ?

    39. # just do it

      We are savage speeder and this means more

    40. Andy B

      Rojo rollers suck

    41. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Go Green Ducks! Mostly i like Savage Speeders

    42. Outworld Devourer

      When Wospy fell down I almost walked away in disgust...

    43. dumb nerd

      Dude you should add a Big Chungus team . THey would be super competetive (not that fast tho cuz big chungus is so fat LOL)

    44. AdzSONLINE

      Mellow Yellow really need to sort out their racecraft

    45. Shawn Louden


    46. Hari Mehta

      Wow Snowball, from last to 6th

    47. Tarnax The Villain

      Go Limelime! Go!

    48. Victor Murilo Verdan Gusmao Siqueira

      How snowflake how

    49. King Jonghyun

      Starry definitely needs a team change

    50. Sleaper56

      I understand that there was an issue with the camera settings but I think it is funny how sometimes there is like a ghost marble right behind the actual marble

    51. David Parker


    52. Kyle Flounder

      "The framerate of the main cam is 30fps instead of 60fps" That's cool, we just get a better appreciation for the sheer speed of the marbles as they blur across our screen ;)

    53. Mark Burke

      The learning curve, and the other hand

    54. yarou26Thewise _YT

      3:17 best overtake of the season

    55. ImNotThatAmazing

      Me, watching the first qualifier: "this is a delightfully strange series" Me, now: "if my child was a Limer I would simply disown them"

    56. PARIS FF &

      Quem é br da like e comenta

    57. Dennis Dexter

      Snowflake's recovery omg

    58. Mihir Raddi

      Billy was fantastic on the sand, way faster than anyone else

    59. KennyG881

      Good work Rapidly. You bumped my Speeders to 3rd. GO SAVVY!

    60. Josh Melanson

      I was hoping Smoggy would make the fight back to first. Tough battle for the number 2 spot.

    61. Jamjo

      Limers moving up!

    62. 【City Pop Shark】【シティポップシャーク】

      I don't care who wins this tournament, as long as the O'Rangers lose. They're like the Man United of marbles, almost always doing well but just so hateable.

    63. Al Gubbins

      all jokes aside, DO SEASON 2!!!

    64. Al Gubbins

      4:48 how did snowy squeeze by in the split?

    65. Al Gubbins

      3:01 having the hazers choke is what i came for

    66. esotericVideos

      5:20 Rapidly goes down that center line like a BOSS.

    67. MonkeyJedi99

      Dang it Mary! The goal was front, not back.

    68. Corey Sierchio

      Green Ducks *Quack Quack*

    69. Zavier Kaiserian


    70. Kev Harvey

      A little focus on any action happening in the middle or back of the pack from time to time would be nice, otherwise, another great race!

    71. John Giorgetta

      No home game could be worse than the Oceanics in the Marble League :P (I'm very disappointed in my favourite team)

    72. pants poe

      go hazers!

    73. WarHorse

      love this idea don't ever stop. i'm a fan!!!!!

    74. MrLumie

      As a Ducks fan I was a bit worried/disappointed with their performance last race, lots of bad turns, and lost positions, but Billy really took it home this time. Go Green Ducks!

    75. DBSmiley

      Thunderbolts had a great run going up to 4th, but just shot themselves in the foot with a bad mount on the conveyor belt. Just need to stop with the silly mistakes. Proud of the top 5 finish though. #ShakeTheGround


      Wospy fall conveyer belt 3:28

    77. Travis Keena

      I don't know, with all that action in the tunnel I think this track might need a tunnel cam... Ooooooooooooooooooooooo'rangers!

    78. Milko Migneco

      Where I can buy my team shirt and stickers?

    79. Milko Migneco

      What a race Team Snowballs! Snowflake never had a chance starting 13, but what a spirit Snowflake have, he put everything from the back of the line to get 6th! GO SNOWBALLS!

    80. The Moist Green Organic

      #QuackAttack ... you da man Billy!

    81. HeckYeah HD

      Man i love the Green Ducks!

    82. Wesley Busbin

      The safety marble. Lol

    83. Ray Lopez

      Lol there is a safety marble, omg I can't

    84. babaduk

      When I first started watching these races (a while back, like yesterday) I immediately liked the raspberry team due to their enchanting colors, only to watch them finish at 8th-12th place each time, in spite of some promising leads in the beginning of the races. As a Liverpool fan, I am obliged declare the raspberry team as the marble liverpool

    85. zgamer200

      I still think we should have run Snowy back out there, but Snowflake did much better in the actual race than he did in qualifiers, so I guess that's something to be thankful for. Hopefully we can reclaim a pole position in the next race.

    86. tante shely

      Mantap.. sangat menghibur Salam indonesia

    87. Italian edgy boi

      I feel bad for Orangers he was playing at home and his race went so badly =(

    88. Korlix

      Wospy got cheated

    89. Ankit Mishra

      Udhar thoda der ke liye Goti Muh mein tha

    90. bertus198

      geweldig gedaan

    91. K Bock

      Go Ducks!

    92. mema0005

      Come one Savage Speeders!

    93. Lord Faet

      I don't know if I'm a Speeders fan, but after this race I can safely say that Rapidly has won my heart. Had the heart to go out of his way to save Wospy, made one of the smoothest passes I've ever seen, and had the sheer guts to style his way down the middle of the divider. Go Rapidly!

    94. Jan Červenka

      Fire the GM of Ball of Chaos already! This is embarrassing!

    95. Kashmira Akkad

      ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ Snowflake

    96. heavy metal redneck

      John Oliver sent me.......I am hooked already lol this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen 😁😁😁😁

    97. Hillineunundsechzig

      Great recovery from snowflake

    98. Biggus Diggus

      This is why the internet was created. LOVE IT!

    99. Tommy Neff

      You uys are awesome

    100. Cheese4G

      It's a good time to be a Green Ducks fan.