I finally have MY OWN Marble Run Museum!

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    My dream becomes true! I just opened my own museum where visitors can see and play with my marble runs and marble machines. And there are also exhibits including the original Marble League team marbles as well as marble runs from my youth. There's also a part with toys and merchandise items from famous TV series and movies.
    === Location: ===
    It's located in Shopping Center "De Molenpoort" at Nijmegen, the Netherlands (next to "Coop" supermarket and "Pippoos" crafts store). There's also a shop selling marbles, marble runs but also other collectors items from famous movies and TV series.
    Opening Hours:
    - Monday and Tuesday: CLOSED
    - Wednesday: 11:00 to 17:30
    - Thursday: 11:00 to 20:00
    - Friday: 11:00 to 17:30
    - Saturday: 11:00 to 17:30
    - Sunday: 12:00 to 17:30
    - Closed on 25, 26, 31 december and 1 january
    Entrance: Adult 2 Euro, Kid (under 12 years) 1 Euro
    === Credits: ===
    Branding: www.hookstone.be
    Team Logos: timritz.com/
    === Useful Links: ===
    PATREON: www.patreon.com/Jelles
    Join our Subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/JellesMarbleRuns/
    More marble news: www.marble-sports.com/hub
    Discord: discord.gg/marbles
    Facebook: jelleknikkers/
    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
    Wiki: jellesmarbleruns.fandom.com
    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Crystal Grove

      good job guys

    2. Adarsh Hari

      I need to go here right now The chance to see the greatest and best team in the Marble League is a one-time opportunity.

    3. steff pet

      so strange that i struggle to find marbles .

    4. alexleomar moreno

      Wow. That is great. If I get to see the teams, i would be shocked. Also, do you get the teams from that area to the marble league 2020??

    5. Randel Harford

      Amazing. Hoping this is still open next spring!

    6. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Give a shoutout for Jelle & Dion for Making this Museum!

    7. Augusto Uehara

      I'm wondering if this museum is still open and for how long it will be. A return coach and an overnight stay is pretty doable....

    8. Elliott Kong

      so i can go there to see the teams, what happens during the marblelympics

    9. DarthSlidious96

      I hope to come over to visit it 2021or later 🇩🇪 🔜🇳🇱

    10. Robert Greidanus


    11. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Can you plz put a video of this marble machine I remember in your old channel at 1:29?

      1. Jed Albert Barbosa

        We'll I would like to see in Marblopolis the Marbula one track.

      2. Jed Albert Barbosa

        Really? Because I'm waiting! I saw that on your old channel and it was awesome! I would like to see the Cateyes (Again)! I hope it's in the "Coming soon (Under subject to changes)" list. See you in the Marble League ep 2! :D Also show me the Marble runs I didn't see.

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I have plans to renovate this one and then record a new video of it.

    12. T Milo A.

      Yeah, there is a charm and something fascinating about marbles.

    13. AFord 42

      One more reason for me to learn Dutch...I don't think we'll ever be able to afford a trip to Europe!

    14. Kaincee

      If I ever go to the Netherlands to see this, I'm not telling my friends...

    15. Sean Sun


    16. metaljeffenc

      These kids are SO stoked!

    17. Skippo the Hippo

      Now this is the nether update we all have been waiting for

    18. James Bailey

      This is officially on my bucket list. This place feels so relaxing to be. Maybe it's just me, but my favorite places are where I hear that little "click-clack" in the background.

    19. Billie Davis

      This is soooooo cool! I love all the ideas you come up with! It makes the marble runs unique, fun and eye-catching! I never get tired of watching your videos. Looking forward to many more.

    20. Onyx Rose

      Wow. This guy is serious.

    21. Stanley V

      0:30 I love how they are so special that they are behind glass!

    22. SeanPlayz24

      Jelle, how about use Algodoo, a physics game? (I know physics is not your thing, but the Algodoo community has made a lot of great and amazing marble runs. I even made my own marble city!)

    23. Cornelius Wimmer

      Looks like a training station for the upcoming athletes. :-)

    24. Klaas-Jan Gräfe

      Ik kom snel een keer langs zodra het weer kan vanwege corona! Die Jodelbaan aan het begin van het filmpje had ik vroeger ook.

    25. Joe's Gaming Channel

      Pack your bags boys, were going to the Netherlands

    26. navayti

      Oh wow i walk by there almost everyday on my way to the supermarket. I'll be sure to stop by soon!

    27. Ace Marble Racing

      Aww, I want to meet the Speeders in person

      1. StarRocks1000

        So do I. Shame I can't. #SpeedIsKey 😞

    28. WindRiverRider

      Oh, I'm definitely gonna visit that! Not even a two hours drive for a chance of a meet and greet with the Marble League teams! Count me in, I gotta meet Team Momo in person!!! :D

    29. Zephyrturbo Burlington

      That is a nice layouts

    30. Shin Kizawa

      You should have a glass case with all the marblelympic teams

    31. Jeffry Child

      Lol I thought u were American

    32. Adarsh Akella

      Are the marbles trying to welcome the people?

    33. Adarsh Akella

      Try making one in orlando too, much bigger please.

    34. Life Underrated


    35. 허준영

      Indigo stars are 2019 marble olympics. And Hornets, Bumblebees, Turtle Slider are Marble Olympics Showdown teams. And where is the Quicksilver, Team Plasma, Black Jacks, Golden Orbs, Glading glaciers?!

    36. Ruben Buist

      The entre price is a steal for such an amazing museum!

    37. Kiel

      Hey any chance to meet n greet with Red Number 3?

    38. FrooosT

      the marblopolis is so awesome, i wish you would show us for example 10 mins from the look of one marble so that we see how it works

    39. Yugami

      I'm crying I'm so happyyy

    40. Camille Von-hanappe

      That’s fricking awesome

    41. Micheal

      So cool! Congratulations!!

    42. Timothy Torres

      Oh... *Slap* ...my... *Slap* ...god. *Slap* Please tell me I'm dreaming. *Slap*

    43. Annemieke Vogel

      Visited the museum today and had a nice chat with you . I hope you will find a larger space so you can fullfill your dream and create an interactive museum for young and old 👍

    44. Lorenza Guerios

      congratssss i am so happy for you mate

    45. Scotty Mclaren

      This is amazing. I’m coming to the Netherlands now!!!!

    46. ElJorro

      Don’t think this is weird. The Dutch take their collecting very seriously.

    47. Ruth Conway

      We're booking a ferry tonight to visit from the UK in April for our son's 8th birthday present. He is a HUGE fan of your marble runs, it'll be a birthday to remember!

    48. Ameute

      I would totally pay 2 euro to see this.. and 1 euro to bring my marble, who I would make a Team Minty Maniacs shirt to wear for the day.

    49. • Riftis •

      What's the business model in there? Selling marbles and marble track accessories?

    50. sumplais

      When he finishes it, you've got to have Wintergatan come give a performance with the MMX.

    51. Colin David

      IRvision have lost their marbles long ago!!

    52. Trisha Schuman

      0:18 Me (who doesn't speak Dutch): Hell yeah I'll fuckin genuflecten

    53. A Random Person

      I got too see mellow yellow

    54. Sarge_JHHS


    55. King Munro

      Are the Quicksilvers there along with Team Plasma and SMR teams?

    56. CaptRobau

      When I saw this I recognized the environment so knew it was in Nijmegen. Definitely going to visit. Didn't know a YT legend was from around Nijmegen.

    57. Sally May


    58. Brian Chin

      Can I meet Red Number 3 I’m a huge fan

    59. The Dark Lord

      I would travel there just to see Marblopolis

    60. TheWinterOwl

      If Marble League teams are displayed, you definitely should give Momomomo a particularly special spot. People love that marble for everything he's been through.

    61. Cohen Bell

      0:09 Shrek? You okay there buddy?

    62. Eleana P

      I am so happy for you! The museum looks fantastic and hopefully one day, I can see it in person!

    63. Dante Raphael

      On my European bucket list aside from Minatur Wunderland and the JumboStay 747!

    64. M P

      This makes me happy

    65. Moxie

      Man I finally have a chance to meet the Thunderbolts in person lol

    66. Brandon

      No sand?

    67. Jim Kirtland

      When do you break ground on the Hall of Fame? The first inductee has to be Red #3

    68. BWAITigers


    69. Felix Adam

      Adding this to my bucket list!

    70. Greg Wilson

      Wow. That is so cool. Congratulations on the success. Keep it up!

    71. Kim Lindsey

      This is pure FUN!! Congratulation Jelle - I hope you get your larger space soon. I remember seeing some of these runs in older videos; it's nice to see them on display again! I would definitely come and visit if I ever travel to Europe (from the US). If Red Number 3 made an appearance (like, on a column under plexiglass), I would pay $5 USD to get my photo with him (wearing my RN3 t-shirt, of course!) - The Marble, The Myth, The Legend!

    72. Cameron VanNest


    73. Andrew Chapman

      Well that settles it, I've got a holiday to plan.

    74. Sir Smartypants Ruel

      Congratulations!!! That's super awesome for you😎

    75. ꧁༺The Great Assyr༻꧂

      Netherlands are not really far from where I live... Uhm. Will I get an autographed picture from the Thunderbolt team then?? :-D

    76. Kittypowergirl 2k17

      i’m SO PROUD

    77. KoalaStar Studios

      My mom was trying to watch something on ESPN and the marblympics was playing and she said What is this And I said It's the marblympics She turned it off and I got sad...

    78. Electric Koolaid

      This is so amazing!!! Congratulations and well deserved ❤️ can't wait to see you expand to a bigger space!

    79. T.U.G.

      It's a great feeling when you can turn a hobby into a career. Wish you tons of success.

    80. The Ant

      Waar in Nederland is t?

    81. iamchillydogg

      You gotta do live races!

    82. GallifreyanGirl40

      This is amazing! Congrats! If I ever get to the Netherlands I'll be sure to check it out.

    83. wich

      Hah, cool dat je de oude 12V Lego trein rails gebruikt in de Marblopolis

    84. Christopher Blair

      So cool, congratulations on this!

    85. OpaSpielt

      I watch your marble videos always since one year or so, generally just enjoing them without writing a commentary. But an own museum is an occasion to write. I wish you very much success with this unique museum. I hope the visitors will come frequently also in the warmer seasons. Looking at the the map, the location looks to be perfect in the middle of the city. Good luck for you. ;)

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thank you so much!

    86. Mr.Pod

      That's so beautiful. Hopefully I will be able to take my kids to this museum to show off your work here.

    87. Green Meat

      There is one thing missing. The Green Ducks are left without a lake, reeds, waterfalls or sunshine. Please give them a place in your museum #Justice4Ducks

    88. Green Meat

      I could die happily in there

    89. Ross Farqhar

      Congrats Jelle!

    90. Emmanuelle Joana

      I’m so down on traveling half the globe. Can I get the hazers to sign my poster tho?

    91. I. R.

      O. M. G. Looks amazing!

    92. Thunderlime

      Wow congrats!!!!

    93. Nick Clinite

      Wow! Congratulations!!

    94. Jacob McManus

      That's so cool. So glad you are helping the community and making something fun for the kids. Super cool! also, Go O'Rangers!

    95. Nivle's Collection

      Why I'm so happy to see this :')

    96. Nivle's Collection


    97. iluvugoldenblue

      very well done jelle, very proud! congratulations from new zealand! go team galactic, midnight wisps, and ghost plasma!

    98. Sir Foop A.K.A Jorah Joestar

      Wat ben ik blij dat Nijmegen niet zo ver weg van m'n woonplaats is!

    99. Galang Nusantara

      Would like to go thereee!

    100. Gurgle_Nurgle

      You are the only channel where I click the like button on almost every video I watch because I admire your immense dedication to such a niche hobby and it is clear that you put a lot of effort and love into your videos! :)