Marbula One S2: GP9 Palette Park RACE

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    Who will win this marble race on a short, and fast course? The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Jellesmarbleruns
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    1. Stephen Casias

      Racing in it's purest form, remove the human factor & you have perfection.

    2. Martin Cloud

      Smoggy gained Legend Status after overtaking Tumolt in the last turn and the finishing third.

    3. sonnzer whittaker

      I liked but there's 69 dislikes ahahahaha

    4. Nick Wheeler

      Limers: Start P8 Limers Fans: "Well at least we can only lose 8 spots this race" Limers: P16 by lap 7 Limers Fans: "Aight, I'mma head out"

    5. maso2510 maso2510

      By far my favourite track

    6. A. Rodriguez

      Wospy a.k.a Sergio Perez!

    7. Morgan Ritson

      Can we talk about how incredibly fun this track is?

    8. Daniel Chong

      I like this track layout, very Monza-esque, fitting for the highest level of marble racing!

    9. GodsButtMonkey

      PULSAR WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!

    10. Dj Porsche

      Im pretty sure people take this more seriously than f1

      1. Dj Porsche

        i really jumped my seat when smoggy made that overtake on the last corner and the last lap

    11. Даниил Данилюк

      Crazy Cat's Eyes...... I'm disappointed.

    12. ZynnChaos


    13. nDrw

      Orangin needs to go, this atleast the 5th race where he’s had a decent starting position and just thrown it away off the start

    14. Timothy Torres

      My teams stayed in the Top 10 at least.

    15. Timothy Torres

      How did I miss this?

    16. MightyManotaur22

      If the Green Ducks end up finishing off podium I don't know what I'm gonna do. Can't believe Billy missed qualifying for this race. Ugh.

    17. Lincoln Dunn

      I really wish I wasn’t a raspberry racers fan😭

    18. IDavid

      5:18 That was GORGEOUS, Rima!

    19. European Leagues & Teams

      We demand Ibai Llanos as official commentator for the Spanish version

    20. Newby Ton

      2:18 "Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you, at fourth place is Skip from the Jungle Jumpers" Can't believe Greg would do Skip dirty like this

    21. ChickenDude

      I remember this guy when he had like 100 subs

    22. Hypnotix370z

      This mist take a huge amount of dedication and time. The detail is amazing. The stop motion shots. This channel is wild.

    23. Marcus Manley


    24. 想Bright

      I’m new and I love your content❤️🔥

    25. Ren55cracK

      I miss RN3

    26. Vedant M


    27. REALME 2PRO

      I need more of Olympic game again

    28. Ariel Ortiz


    29. Nathan Hayes

      THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT! Great job wisps. Loved Wospy's performance.

    30. SpenceIsAChef

      I’ve always wondered how it would effect things if these races were longer, and the leaders of the field had to more regularly contend with lap traffic. Maybe something to explore in season 3?

    31. Algosonic Racing

      be near inside

    32. yellow tonsil

      LIVE RACES WOULD BE EPIC. Like so jelle sees

    33. eznina aguila

      Im love snowball no se ingles pero amo ese team dioss

    34. Orio

      NICE! ThunderBolts in 2nd!

    35. Melique Henry

      Last Week Tonight brought me


      try again CCE...dont worry im on your back🥰

    37. _ tab4home

      I have a question. Have you got any in addition marble teams? In my home i ve got marble race but i have just a few marbles

    38. Onionmann

      every time i watch these, my wife gets more disappointed in me

    39. Jeff Friedmann

      When are the blackjacks coming back?? Those are my boys!!

    40. Zeeraky Official

      Everyone: Haha, you are last! Midnight Wisps: Ah yes but actually no...

    41. Septagon Channel - BFB and More!

      Hey Jelle, Why you deleted your videos from 2006 - 2017 so sad...

    42. Earthboundmike


    43. Joachim Erdtman

      Great track!

    44. NuggetYoda

      Where is cool mod

    45. Mister cerdooo

      Vamos ducks Green !!!

    46. Rax Savvage

      sat here cheering away.... entirely approves

    47. Kaweru Paul

      I didn't know there would come a time when I would sit and watch some marbles running down a slope under gravity.

    48. Daryl Moore

      Sometimes I wonder Why the flip am I even a fan of the Limers anymore lol they can start off fairly well occasionally but within the next few laps they are dead last, at this point it's getting depressing.

    49. Deandrew Powell

      You planning on going marble Olympics 2021 and doing one for every year

    50. Deandrew Powell

      U should make a tiktok

    51. Deandrew Powell

      Nintendo should make a marble racing game

    52. Hugo Boss MX


    53. Mark Seiler

      You need to get in touch with someone about making this into a playable app...

    54. Nadz'zou 「別Clips」

      #SavageSpeeders #RapidlyisWashed

    55. Alex Smith

      Red Eye! You got overconfident & it came back to bite you! Don't get cocky!

    56. Barrady


    57. Gabrielle Ivie

      Do jumbo marbles one day please a dirt trail race 🔵🔴🟣🟠⚫️🟡⚪️🟢🟤

    58. Joss Waddy

      As an O'ranger fan I was gutted to watch a first lap drop from 5th to 15th but an epic fightback to end 7th (4th at one point). Just goes to show how important a start can be!

    59. Maria Kowal

      WOSPY MY BOIIIIII!!!! You've finally proven why you're on the racing team. Excellent performance.

    60. Algosonic Racing

      i feel like the rojo rollers must comeback for season 3 because the jungle jumpers are horrible.

    61. Pen

      NOOOOOO SPEEDY 2ND. At least you did what you did. Other than RAPIDLY 🙄

    62. Odio

      We don't even need rapidly at this point

    63. Davide

      this qualyfing format and the red eye domination make soo hard to passionate about this season

    64. xstitched

      Aargh! Tumult was so close!!

    65. Adam Thomas

      Being a Galactic fan is non-stop disappointment. How did you go from 3rd to 9th in one lap Pulsar??

    66. James Wang

      I can't believe that Wospy came from last to first! I thought the savage speeders on lap 17 would lose it, but they somehow gained 1.5 seconds of time! Then, on lap 22, Wospy totally took the lead! The whole race was focused on the savage speeders and the midnight wisps. the 0.09 second difference finish almost made me cry because 1. if that was a win for the savage speeders, it would be unbeleivable! 2. I was a huge fan of the savage speeders in both Marbula one season 1 and Marbula one season 2.☹

    67. Danny Marble Racing

      Rapidly is super bad because Mary gave Rapidly an alliance. Mary gave Rapidly and alliance because Speedy and Prim were big fighters.

    68. Nathan Mathew

      I absolutely LOVE the speed and short length of this track! made for quick overtakes and meant that little bumps made a big difference to average lap time! Great work as always guys!

    69. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      When will the marble rally second half start

    70. realitant

      Just in case I'd forgotten why I stopped watching these, I got to see orangin drop 10 spots in the first lap :P

    71. Ladislav


    72. Fathur Rozi

      Nice race bro!

    73. David Kirlew-Morris

      Orangen was up and down the leaderboard so much. As high as 4th at one point! That middle group of the race was really exciting.

    74. 607

      Wait, the additive primary colours are red, green and blue. :P

    75. Cheezy Bakon


    76. Huntshyper21

      I can't wait for this season to end for minty manics and limers terrible seasons . Hope next set of events or season 3 of this. Limers can comback year and start winning finishes well Hopeing no retirement just new changes for teams

    77. Maciej Dyksy

      This track is rapid!!!!!

    78. Sena Yevenyo

      #RapidlyOut He needs to retire. I’m saying this on every Marbula One video into he is retired

    79. Wardell Molina

      Smoggy appreciation post stealing 3rd 7:55

    80. jerram rocks91

      You know what we need? Clips of the radio from the teams during the race. I'd've loved to hear what Speedy's coach would have said when he lost the lead, and when skip skipped all the way back to last! (no offense meant to jungle jumpers fans)

    81. jerram rocks91

      Speedy did what Rapidly never could: keep the skill he had FROM THE FIRST SEASON!

    82. Illeana garcia

      Seeing that 15 overall for Team Primary just hurts.

    83. Hosea Junivan

      Any bookmaker who had market bet for this race?

    84. ryanlifeYT


    85. Daniyar Sadykov

      Red eye: "How has it gone this bad?"

    86. ImDacster


    87. DAZZIBOII_275

      LESSSGO Midnight Wisps Wospy 1st Gold from Last to 1st #MidnightMiracle #Midnightistherighttime

    88. Kapsoules 23

      What a great run from WOSPY. Lets go Midnight Whisps

    89. Remy LeJeune


    90. Christina Otto

      I'm actually depressed about limers

    91. Mathieu Shifera

      An INCREDIBLE job by Speedy, whose back must hurt from carrying the team. Good job to Wospy just hanging in there. We still have a chance. #SpeedIsKey

    92. Zac Davis

      anyone but CCEYS!!!!

    93. Mobile Solutions Canada

      I really wish you would go back to sand races. I haven't seen Marbley McMarbleface in quite some time.

    94. Yash Jahit

      Pulsar (Team galactic) what a disappointment, from top 3 to 12th position, lost a big chance to climb to the top 3 overall. Not having a good season unfortunately

    95. Álvaro dos Santos

      Wospy winning from last shows that not qualifying the last four for the race was a bad idea. Every marble should make it to the race, 20th placed marbles could've had interesting races.

    96. Crazy Khespar

      Pulsar should get checked out of the races and go work in a field where being a square marble is beneficial.

    97. Crazy Khespar

      Lap 9, Pulsar goes from 3rd to 9th. It was too good to be true. Screw team galactic, Im gonna jump ship. They never perform.

    98. Andrea Accarigi

      Prima vera sconfitta dei crazy cat's eye ma che comunque restano ancora i più forti e favoriti! 💪

    99. Marwa K

      noooooo with ruzzy qualifying in 6th i thought we had a chance again..... 😣

    100. The Speakers

      Incredible result for Midnight Wisps! #WillOfTheWisps #SpeedIsKey