Relay Run | Marble League 2020 E12

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 12: Relay Run!
    Expect the unexpected in the Marble League Relay! Teams of four athletes must not only go fast, but make sure each baton pass through the relay blocks gets the next member rolling. The ultimate test of speed and teamwork comes as the top five teams are closer than ever. Could the wrong anchor leg seal some teams' fates in their championship hunt? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    NOTE: This is NOT the final event! There are 4 events to go.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Alina Gareeva

      Oceanics on land: We can do it! We're fast like a cunami! Pride Tide! YEAH BABY! Oceanics on water events: haha! water so funny! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ * splash * * splash *

    2. Nepo Gamer

      Razzy is literally 50% of the team, without him, Raspberries would be doing so poorly. Such a shame his teammates don’t match his energy. Ruzzy is a good 2nd.

    3. greenewt

      Alright, I haven't found Raldo once yet! I am half convinced that he isn't even there!! (I know he is, but dang! I can't find him.)

    4. FuryInferno

      Nerf Orangers

    5. EbonyDarknessDementiaRavenWay


    6. Jared Erickson

      O'rangers still have the worst fans...


      My Fav Marble Ia Goooooooooooo'rangers! I Hope OrangerSS Will Be a King Of Marble Racing 2021!

    8. animale notturno

      Can anyone explain this to me? Isnt It just luck?

    9. Hamish Teasdell

      Red number three, orangers, mercadies benz thats the way to go ladies and gentelman

    10. Misterslidedropper

      Can we appreciate how the competion rose from qualifiers to semi's to WHAT A FINAL!! And as a O' rangerfan i gotto admit i'm starting to feel the heat when it comes to speed. You know who you are Savage!

    11. Eric Manuel Feliz D

      Nike si viste el vídeo de Ibia y viniste a seguir sintiendo la adrenalina

    12. Castanha Cream

      Bruh, being a minty maniac fan has so many ups and downs _-_

    13. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders!!!

    14. John Landon

      I'm wearing my Savage Speeders t-shirt as I watch through these videos again. :)

    15. alison arnold

      Go Ooorangers

    16. Herbiesainty


    17. IMadeYouReadThis :]

      Please listen to this carefully. Be on the look out for spoilers! It will ruin the fun for the most part. And this may not be entertaining if you already know who will win. Try to just look into the video. Creator, please pin this, So people can’t get spoilers.

    18. IMadeYouReadThis :]

      Please listen to this carefully. Be on the look out for spoilers! It will ruin the fun for the most part. And this may not be entertaining if you already know who will win. Try to just look into the video. Creator, please pin this, So people can’t get spoilers.

    19. Aaron Dorsey

      I almost fell out of my chair when the Speeders passed the O'rangers in the finals, but another league record. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    20. Dominic Hudson

      Freaking love the O'rangers

    21. Mighty Murph

      Just missed silver by two thousandths of a second

    22. Tailor Telhais

      Good god, that was exciting.

    23. Gerry Portuguez Jr.

      The O'rangers' run at this event was the smoothest. They might have discovered that in this event, it wasn't speed that primarily decides the result, but the transition between each of their participants' runs.

    24. LordZanik

      Ya gotta feel for the balls of chaos and green ducks as everyone in the heat break the world record but only 2 could advance. Brutal

    25. Doris Iyamu

      Amazing race and great structure

    26. Doris Iyamu


    27. Jakob Schiellerup

      I'm proud #TidePride

    28. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    29. flinttropic

      Savage Speeder and Proud. We ain’t giving up that easy!!!!

    30. Swirl

      Minty Maniacs were doing so well, but they got two very bad placements. Big oof, wonder if they can pull back into first? Still have third despite these last two events.

    31. Johnny Blood

      As a green ducks fan, it has been rough

    32. Brian Bowinski

      It's crazy to me that three of the final four times would have beaten the previous WR if the O'rangers hadn't smashed it so hard.

    33. Aymeric Bailly

      Did I just see Nemo from the sand marble rally among the Orangers' fans ?

    34. Sir heXagenius

      in the heat where the o'rangers broke the oceanics' record, all 4 of the teams broke the record

    35. patedwar

      Still want to know weight stats on these marbles to know if any of these events are fair. #weighthemarbles #marbledoping

    36. KneeCo

      Can we appreciate rapidly's acceleration as the 3rd marble to give us the win

    37. Jorden Farmer

      say what you want about the thunderbolts, at least were consistent with how subpar we perform

    38. Caden Bolt

      Hippity Hoppity your ML record is my property

    39. Persiah 777

      I've always like oceanics as my second team, but team momo is growing on me lol

    40. Persiah 777

      Wisps were blazing until Wispy stumbled on the last leg 😫

    41. Garrett Hawes

      In heat 3 with the O'rangers literally every team beat the previous record just set by the Oceanics

    42. FisheySauce

      It's literally impossible to root for the Ducks when events like this happen, I'm switching to Raspberry Racers, Green Ducks just give a bad luck vibe I can't hang with.

    43. Try_Hard_Gaming


    44. cjrockband

      When everyone in the heat beats the record, but the O'Rangers exist...

    45. Jayarbal

      Orangers 7,918+8,186+8,403=24,507, Oceanics 8,586+8,493+8,405=25,484, Raspberry Racers 8,578+8,545+8,601=25,724 , Speeders only 8,759+8,739+8,372=25,870. They are not fast, they are lucky.

    46. Tristin Scarbrough

      The green ducks broke the record and got 10th

    47. Judeu Duarte

      Was the wind speed within regulations in the Heat 3? I mean it's very suspicious that all 4 teams raced below the previous MR

    48. Jaxel_MS

      Raspberry Racers looking at the podium like "👈🏻Dodged👈🏻"

    49. David Donaghey

      Yaasss O'rangers til I die! grats to the Speeders

    50. ReachSkyla

      The oceanics enjoyed that record for 30 seconds

    51. Jacob De Leon


    52. Craig Timmons

      O'rangers are beastly

    53. BlinkingRapidly

      Why do I hate the O'Rangers so much? Why do I care? Can't I just be happy for all their hard work? As a Cat's Eyes and Wisps fan, this was hard to watch.

    54. jman20991

      YEEEEESSSS!!!! ROLLIVER HAPPENED!!!! Thank you so so SO MUCH!

    55. Hakim Lokman

      Savage speeders shows why they are champion of marbula 1

    56. Jason Nelson

      4:53 "Oof! ... Or should I say, Oooooof!"

    57. Xavi Posadas


    58. Joel Cole


    59. Carlos Arboleda

      Ah, the fifth place. Galactic once more doing just enough NOT to get a medal

    60. Kevin McCabe

      The hand off mechanism in that top lane seems to be consistently sticking at the 3rd and 4th hand offs

    61. yesloow

      Just a question: Why does the Marble League take the top two finishers rather than the fastest heat times as the way to progress to the next round? If they just took the fastest heat times into the semifinals and finals, the Savage Speeders would not have made even the semis. Using the fastest heat times, the semifinals should have been the O'rangers, Hazers, Balls of Chaos, Green Ducks, Raspberry Racers, Oceanics, Hornets, and Midnight Wisps. Balls of Chaos and Green Ducks were in the ML Record breaking heat! They had the 3rd and 4th fastest times in the heats, but didn't move on to the semis...huh? I feel bad for those teams because they crushed it and were not rewarded for that.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        This is because if we use the 8 fastest times of the 16 marbles/teams, we need to record this event in multiple sessions. The video needs to be edited first to get the timings.

    62. My ChildishWays

      Balls of Chaos has 69 points lol

    63. Flaming Pulsar

      A good show from everyone on Team Galactic. No medals this time but 5th place is still pretty good. Enough to bump us up to 7th in the overall standings. We can still win this and break the host curse. Go Galactic!

    64. Marley Griffin

      Jelle can you do a mvm which means best marble of a season

    65. juzao1000


    66. Run Mouth

      i think i found roldo :) im soooo proud:)

    67. Tyler Rubush

      I swear the green ducks always perform well, but the heat they’re in some other marble just goes off

    68. Austin Perkins

      i didn't know i could dislike a marble or marble team so much until o'rangers consistently beat the teams i was pulling for

    69. Austin Perkins

      makes me proud to see oceanics, rasberry racers, and galactic do well

    70. Travis Keena

      Oooooooooooh...well. I'll take silver and a bigger lead overall! Gooooorangers!

    71. Erlend Andenæs

      Marvelous attention to detail: Pause the video at 4:31 for a shot of the stands. The exit signs all have a marble in them and portray a square door. Of course doors won't be rectangular for marbles, they're all round!

    72. Notorious Platy

      cant believe the minties blew that lead... 😢

    73. Daniel Allen

      Savage Speeders with the comeback yesssss!!!

    74. Squidfam

      The oceanic were robbed! ROBBED!

    75. Brett Hone

      Let's Go O'Rangers!

    76. genericTurtle

      3:38 the stand on the left side, furthest from the oceananics, on the side, he is bigger,

    77. McJonell Anthony

      The current qualification is too rigid, only top 2 qualify to next round. I propose to open another lanes for Semifinal and Final phase from 4 lanes to 5 lanes, which increase the spot for Semifinal to 10 instead of only 8, and Final phase from 4 to 5. The top 2 advancing system will still in use (8 marbles qualify from 4 Preliminary heat) which open another 2 spot for Semifinal. To avoid flukes, only the fastest 2 marbles of 3rd finisher in the Preliminary heat will get the remaining spot. And that also means for the Final heat, there will be another spot open for the best 3rd finisher from the Semifinal phase. So instead of 4 finalist, we will get 5 finalist.


      Look at the size of the oranger fan section! We travel well! Oooooooooooooorangers!

    79. Jonatán Furucz

      My 3 favourite teams on pódium!!!

    80. Hansoen

      I pumped my fist so hard in the air when they crossed the line! The comeback is real #SpeedIsKey

    81. Bopyahead Productionz


    82. Swithin Thomas

      Hey Jelle, how do you make sure the inclination of the track stays exactly the same year after year so the records can be compared?

    83. Ivan Henley

      Man, Mellow Yellows just can't catch a break. Those O'Rangers, though... WOW. Right up until that last hand off, they were really juicing the competition. They're an impressive team, to say the least!

    84. Gravity

      Man my maniacs just can’t keep it together. At least we lost to momo which makes it 100% of an easier loss to take

    85. Site B Productions

      YES SAVAGE SPEEDERS 2 events in a row!!!!

    86. The_Matad0r

      We managed to sneak through our first heat, but then came up just short in our second. I don’t care much about wins, but I like to see Team Momo do well. I’d say we did well this time. I just want to see us get first once. That’ll make me happy. #MomoStrong

    87. drdaz99


    88. Rob Jones

      yessss speeders the comeback is on!!

    89. Skydog

      This heat system is awful. In events like this where none of the teams actually interact directly, it should be based purely on fastest times. My boys still got second but it’s ridiculous that Green Ducks and the Chaos bois got screwed that hard despite performing better

    90. Maurice OConnor

      WooHoo Oceanics 🏆

    91. Tracid Traxxed

      When mellow yellow are in first heat and don’t progress... :( To add insult to injury in the same relay where savage speeders go through, FML.

    92. Dave W

      Go Speeders! :D I knew we would perform strong in this one. Top place, here we come!

    93. Sarah Kelly

      I'm new enough to this marvelous sport that I don't have a favorite team yet-- just NOT the o'rangers. Idk, they just seem arrogant. And that chant drives me ballistic.

      1. drdaz99

        It’s obviously biased. Nothing objective about this contest. There’s only one team in it.

    94. Kris Campbell

      That late hit by the Rasberry Racers on the Savage Speeders was very poor sportsmanship. They need to re-evaluate their priorities. The world is watching.

    95. Andres grajales

      Is it me or are the orangers bigger than the oceanics. Look at the photo finish at 5:51. They are at the same position in the back, but not at the front

    96. tokajer38

      I was so glad the Midnight Wisps are in the lead and they lost... :(

    97. Treytonland Playz

      The oceanics might pull off a Orangers 2017

    98. Battlehawk 62

      To me these are the top marble rivalries in order Savage speeders VS. o’ rangers Raspberries racers VS. hazers VS. green ducks Rojo rollers VS. kobalts Momo VS. primary (but not since 2018) Minty Maniacs VS. crazy cats eyes Oceanic’s VS. midnight wisps Comment what you think 🤔

    99. KisnerGamer

      Savage Speeders were not even trying in the first ten events 😏 #Speediskey

    100. The awesome guy

      AND WE ARE IN SECOND! #SpeedIsKey