Qualifiers | Marble League 2020

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    Welcome to the coveted and highly anticipated fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, formerly known as the MarbleLympics, but before we get there, 20 teams must fight for their lives in the ever challenging Qualifiers!
    Only 12 spots remain for the main tournament, with the only thing keeping our competitors from the chance at glory are four world class events! Teams must keep it together and test their teamwork in Balancing, take their stamina to the limit in Funnel Endurance, power through Block Pushing, and race for the finish line in the 5M Sprint! Who will qualify? Who will fall? Good luck to all our teams! This one's for all the marbles! #marblelympics #marblerace #marbleruns
    Events in this video:
    - Intro: 0:00
    - Balancing: 1:13
    - Funnel Endurance: 9:32
    - Block pushing: 15:27
    - 5M sprint: 18:42
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffel, Jelle Bakker
    Design: www.hookstone.be
    Team Logos: timritz.com/
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    1. bogdan giusca

      The only sport that nobody argues with the referi.

    2. NiGHTS Moore

      Has anyone ever got more than 2 finishers in balancing?

    3. Ade Odit praditya

      Jungle Jumpers, Bumblebee, Team Momo, Team Primary should return to compete once again so that 2 of the teams above qualify to join the 10 teams that have passed, because the 4 teams above have the same score, = 35 points. I do not accept that there is a team that was eliminated because of a 25/21/18/16 point difference even though they both had 35 points.

    4. The Reem

      Unfortunately only 1 one of my favorite teams made it

    5. Elayne K

      It's the replays & mini signs for me !💙💙 Marble runs always entertaining!! Sent here by John Oliver; who never disappoints👍🏾💙

    6. Finn Beyer

      I want thatnamount of marbles too thats so cool

    7. Chrollo Lucilfer

      I hate it when snowballs don’t make it to the marble league and it’s heartbreaking

    8. TC6

      This is better than football.

    9. Stranger Danger

      I've literally never heard of the Rojo Rollers, Hornets or Bumblebees

    10. SR Marble Racing

      I love the Savage Speeders!#SpeedIsKey

    11. bearyqvoId

      As an oceanics fan I still do the orangers chant, oooooooooooooooooooo

    12. Andrew Carson

      #momo strong! Go Mo!

    13. Wiley Coyote

      marble run irvision.info/home/nWS3gGukYpx8j7Q/fy-lm-h-y.html

    14. Pepe El pollo

      Call Ibai to cast this for the spanish public 😅

    15. RGB OK

      Me: gets bored watching human sports Also Me: shouting at the screen for my marble team to do better.

    16. Ancient Carbon Maps

      those chocolate guys sure are fast...

    17. Batula Bare

      My five years old his son watching you guys all his life but now he is asking to buy for him his six boys birthday I don’t know where to get for do you guys have any idea how to make it for ham please

    18. joey taylor

      whats your favriote team mine:thunderbolts

      1. joey taylor

        also plz sub to y channel

    19. Kristin Wallace

      quack attack!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. SweatyPlxyer :D

      Jungle Jumpers were so close we will get them next year

    21. Cho You

      CCE, SS, and MY result was no surprise here lol. Now Oceanics getting #3? 🤔

    22. Cho You

      Chocolatiers for ML2021! We'll get there and win it!

    23. Master Of The Moose

      No! Poor Leap. Good to hear they're okay.

    24. Aaron Street

      This is excellent, just amazing! Very entertaining!👍🏻👍🏻 great commentary

    25. Sharpclaw2020

      Being a jungle jumpers fan 👁💧 👄💧👁

      1. Sharpclaw2020

        Mathew Urias 😔

      2. Mathew Urias

        Omg same 😭 at least we finished in second in the showdown :)))

    26. steve worrell II

      Why do i find my self believing that these marble have personalities?

    27. Royling

      I am glad the Thunderbolts made it. #Teamthunder

    28. adriel gallardo

      Why is the race stop at 14:51 when there was still a marble on the top funnel?

    29. Mateus Cordeiro

      Balls of chaos did a good job in the qualifiers. Unfortunately, they didn't manage to bring out their best during MB2020. I reckon something has to change either in the management of the team, or the mindset of the players. A lot of strong individuals, but they fail to bring it when the team has to work together. #letchaosreign

    30. Twikkzy

      Jesus, what happened at 17:00?

    31. hiflyer000

      Though I'm #TeamGalactic for life I was rooting for the Rojo Rollers to finally breakthrough, but sadly they fell short.

    32. Brad Chervel

      Any update on Leap?

    33. plumafeuille

      I'd like to deposit a complaint. In the multi-fennel qualifier, the momo's are cheating ! There's supposed to be only 10 part-taker in this race, but if you stop the video on the 21.08 second (for the best view), you'll see there are actually 11, and 2 momo's including one that just enter the first funnel ! The Momo who take the start with the other is escaping between the last orange funnel and the first green one. They should be disqualified for the season !

    34. kingDom _

      Nice work Oceanics, let's get some redemption!

    35. Bryce Noggle

      Imagine if these were in the olympics but using giant hamster balls.

    36. steff pet

      as a diehard oceanics fan this was awesome

    37. Hellgrinde

      Boy those marbles in the stands arent social distancing at all

    38. DH Gaming

      Limers not in....damn

    39. JFL Returns

      Noo! Jungle Jumpers Fell Off during the Funnel-filled Event...

    40. code988

      I’m so sad about pinkies

    41. Willum Kett

      Go oceanics

    42. Malik Barker

      List all rivalries here

      1. Malik Barker

        I’ll start. Bumblebees and hornets

    43. BBQ 5

      Joe Rogan brought me here

    44. José Rodrigues

      In the last event primary win the second place! I wanted to see a close shot of the race because I do t believe! It has cost 13 place

    45. Jed Albert Barbosa

      #TidePride #RideTheWave

    46. ja da

      What's more expensive? All the marbles and set pieces or the multiple cameras, audio recording equipment and editing software? ^^!

    47. Jottrn2

      What have I become?

    48. F Figueira

      damn I can't believe they showed leap's fall, that was brutal 😱😱

    49. Curtis Mulry

      Was team Quicksilver retired or something? They don't even have a logo.

    50. Madison Chazo

      Here a bit late but here from John Oliver lol I’m so pumped for my new favorite sport

    51. KuyaArnold

      Hope Leap's okay, that fall looked brutal

    52. Tanner Hunt


    53. Matiam Robbins

      Rip the pinkies :(

    54. Har Jon

      Finally. A sport with no political agenda.

    55. Parker Erich

      Long time fan of the Jawbreakers and Thunderbolts, good luck teams! Spoilers below: . . . . . . . Bad luck JB, maybe next season. Onya TB!

    56. Nick Carberry

      Is this the first video of the 2020 season?

    57. bingobango

      the minties pull through! minties for LIFE

    58. Dantregaming

      Savage speeders fan since day one

    59. I simp for Hinata Shoyo

      Crazy cat eyes!!

    60. Dashawn Duncan

      I’ve just found this and I’m mad at everyone for not telling me this was a thing sooner.

    61. Dan dude

      wait is this a sponsorable event?

    62. Grant Morris

      Jungle jumpers nooooo 😭😭

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      Damn I’m late(and relatively new) buuut uuuhh Go Thunderbolts! Wooooo!

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      3:52 did not age well

    65. Sir Pine of Apple

      Winning M1, the qualifiers, and ML2020... We are on FIRE #SpeedIsKey

    66. Julia Jones

      Why am I watching this? And why do I love it? +_+

    67. Frixxez


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      "mellow Yellow statistically one of the strongest teams" ooooooh boooooooy

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      Sad to see the Jungle Jumpers didn't qualify :(

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      Savage speeders be living up to their name

    72. MeduMikey 4

      Haha, we have olympics boiii

    73. JN Gunner

      Lets go Jungle Jumpers! Edit: Just saw Leap, umm, Leap off the Funnel Endurance.... Edit 2: Damnit... next year is ours

    74. Simone Salcini

      I'm proud to say that I am the savage speeders's fan

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      Ozzyman brought me here a coupla years back.. And when Johnny O became a fan, I knew we're in it together now! #TidePride #Oceanics°10

    76. jason mintz channel

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    77. Splash

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      It looks like the Quicksilvers are retiered

    79. Jacob De Leon

      Savage Speeders keeping up their winning ways even thought it's just the qualifiers #SpeedIsKey

    80. Drita Koruni


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      Thank you John Oliver!!!!!!

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      Minty Maniacs all the way!!!

    84. HG 1318

      What's the difference between the league and Olympics?

      1. zolli21

        The Olympics got mad that they Jelle called it the Marblympics so he had to change the name.

    85. jakobion

      I thought I was losing my mind when you were saying Balls of Chaos in the first funnel heat. I was sure that was primary lol

    86. Belle Delphine

      sad for snowballs, shocking for primary. But GO GO GALACTICS!

    87. some rando

      No matter whether it’s the qualifiers or the main event, we can always count on the Midnight Wisps dominating in block-pushing! Gotta love those black and blue tanks 🌃

    88. Heather Easley

      GOOO BEEEES!! #catchthebuzz

    89. Jacintha V

      New race please 🏁😁

    90. KermitFrogHere •

      Wow the one time oceanics do well is in qualifiers

    91. Munchkin

      Love the line judges in their comfy chairs.

    92. AnJo888

      Hey guys, what about piloting one of those beauties and changing the race outcome? Just check this: store.steampowered.com/app/1383730/Absolutely_Goode_Championship/

    93. Davenator

      0:43 waldo

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      Oceanics staying for the qualifying itself is a win for the fans 😭😭😭

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      Go Oceanics (and minty maniacs)!

    96. Rajiv Hudek

      How am I just finding out about this?! Thank you Joe Rogan and Hannibal Burgess!

    97. Joe Reinert


    98. Shane Spencer

      So fun! I had to go back through the archives and watch some of the historical footage. John Oliver brought me here. This is strangely entertaining, and the productions are pretty well done. Greg Woods has an even keel announcers style, and does a great play by play. @jelle's Marble Runs - I am wondering though, the starting mechanism seems to be bouncing the starting platform. Is there a more gentle release mechanism that could be tried to minimise that effect?

      1. Shane Spencer

        Oh and Geaux Hornets ヽ(´▽`)/

    99. JZ Thompson

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