Christmarble Tree with Gravitrax!

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    I build a 150 cm tall Christmas Tree Marble Run with Gravitrax!
    Dion's son Levi and doughter Emma helped us in decorating the tree with christmas Baubles and some LED candles.
    Music used:
    "There's Something in the Stocking" (during decorating)
    "Santa's Great Plan" (during speech)
    "Christmas Parade" (during run)
    All music is provided by Epidemic Sound.
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    1. First To Eleven

      Merry Christmas Jelle and Dion!

      1. fritanza dion

        Thank you 😅

    2. Britnie Levi

      Who narrated all the shows? They have accents.

    3. slecth

      Dat is mooi versiert

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    5. FamGraTra

      very cool track Please also take a look at my tracks. I would be happy if you would like them

    6. frisiancoil

      Have a great year 2021 Jelle and Dion

    7. Blub Fish

      Hah mijn naam is ook levi yes

    8. Varits Vq

      Jelle's Marble Runs is definitely a huge highlight in my 2020! Love the channel!

    9. Gabriela opalearecza Jimenez Ruiz

      O yo quiero gravitrax

    10. HardRockMiner

      If you pause this at 2:33 it looks like 1 of those ISIS hostage videos where someone is getting beheaded. Lol!!

    11. Gale Whiteman

      Very cool. Thank you for all the 2020 marble runs. Stay safe.

    12. DrkMynd

      Am I the only one that was waiting for Greg to say something in the background? But seriously, Marble League and Marbula 1 have been bright spots over the past 2 years or so for me since I found this place. When the world basically got shot in the foot...everything was affected, I was able to think "Hey, at least my Speeders will still run this week!!" Yall are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work. Happy New Year...hope this year is better than the last. GO SPEEDERS!!! Edit: Where can I get a Speeders jersey and hat? haha.

    13. Trein Like

      De mooiste Nederlandse kerstboom!!

    14. Trevor Brown

      Merry Christmas, yes 2020 was tough and it was great to watch your videos. thanks for them...cheers, from Australia.

    15. Luiz Nunes

      Nice! This should have an elevator in the middle with some 500 marbles going up and down. That's a Christmas tree!

    16. John L

      A year ago I would never have thought that marbles could bring so much joy to so many.... Thank you guys!

    17. Mark Zola81

      I have raced marbles since I was around 8 years old, I'm now 39 and I'm in the process of designing a wooden marble track for my girls to race marbles on,then I'm planning on making around 20 over the next month and selling them on ebay and amazon, is there any chance in me sending you one to look at?

    18. William Geimeier

      this is great but can you upload the sand marble rally soon pls

    19. Craig Culp

      Thank you for all you do! You definitely helped raise my spirits during a very dark time. Much love. And hope. And peace.

    20. Big D-ina

      Thank you for all of the amazing content, it really has been a ray of light for me during the darkness of this year. Keep it up!

    21. Ted Schindler

      where's my racing 😢😢😢

    22. Gravibahn

      cool i make gravitrax too

    23. cdexstra1

      U should team up with wintergatan! He is a awesome Guy making a marble machine that can play music! He would also race and he is almost done with his machine!

    24. Waddles The Duck

      Hey Jelle's marble runs can you guys make an ocean race it will make my day Marble names:shark :Blue whale :sea horse :clown fish :dolphin :seaweed Type of marble race eliminated one by one Thx if you will make it happen and if not thats totally cool Love your vids.

    25. Blue Goggy

      Jelle and Dion,do you have an email address?

    26. AnJo888

      Your videos inspired me to create Absolutely Good Championship, this year. It's a marbles racing PC game, available at Steam, and it just got a major upgrade: a track creator/editor. Have a great 2021.

    27. pw10a2sal

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe you too. I liked your commentary of the races and your ideas of tracks. Any chance to replicate real F1 race tracks in marble race tracks ?

    28. GraviTrax eMotion

      Congratulations, always very good! Best wishes to you and Happy New Year

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      What is the name brand that is used for the tracks?

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      SUP check the third channel of The Sidemen (SidemenReacts) they want to collab with you. A lot of room for creativity there!

    32. Danish Saleem

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      Who tf watches all these videos?!?

    34. repoman

      i have not watched one of your videos in a while because i kind of lost interest in the racing series and they stopped showing up in my reccomended videos list but they started coming back and it got me wondering what are you going to do for your million subscriber video since you have 1.29 million now.

    35. Brisa Garcia

      When I was around 13 I would collect marbles as hobbie. I am 20 now and I want to get back to that childhood and hobbie I would say. I now realize why I loved collecting marbles at that age. Also I would collect legos and rocks too lmao.

    36. Luthfi Effendi

      Keep going at it man!

    37. Kirby 149

      I enjoy all your pieces from the Gravitrax to Marbula 1 and especially the Olympics My best friends teams are Momo's , Orangers , mine is the Wispy team. Have a wonderful holiday season. Nice to meet your family. Be well and be safe. .

    38. s5 dollars

      Thunder bolts will light up

    39. L. D. Barnes KE8QBI

      Jelle's Marble Run, I don't know if you guys full understand the amount of relief provided by your races, being cooped up at home, without distractions from the constant bombardment from the news covid this and covid that and scenes of despair, then a race, then another race, then more. Thank you and right back at you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    40. Kevin Kalin

      who down voted this?! Anyway, Merry Christmas!

    41. Vince Berat

      Marblemas zou een betere naam zijn. Gewoon een suggestie

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      This is so heartwarming that i forget its cold

    43. Prestin Hurshberry

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      It would be interesting to see more videos with the kids in them. They were adorable!

    45. Leo Wales

      The music brought tears to my eyes.

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    47. Joe The Juggalo

      I personally don't celebrate christmas but this was a awesome video. This year has been a very tough year for us all and your videos has been a big part of the times when I needed an extra push through the hard times. I've been subscribed since very early of your old channel so I wanted to say congratulations on what you accomplished through the years and you're welcome but also thank you for being such a awesome channel with amazing, entertaining, and wholesome content to watch. Can't wait to see what awesome videos you will be making in 2021 and beyond.

    48. Brian Stoll

      Thank you for all the great fun this year! Happy Holidays! Here's to a great 2021!

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    52. Eastwood991

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      For every 60 seconds of watching these videos, 1 minute of my life was fulfilled.

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      Merry Christmas and thank you for aiding in escaping reality, it was badly needed!

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