Big Marble Run with Giant Plinko Board @ Eden Project - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    This marble run was build in June 2016 at the Eden Project in St. Austell (UK) in just 5 days! The track length was over 100 meters (330 feet) and is made from scrap materials. It was the intention to make a lift system, but it doesn't work.
    It also have a very big Plinko Board with over 1000 nails, one of the biggest Plinko Boards ever made.
    NOTE: I know that this marble run isn't looking well finished, but we just had 5 days of building time to complete it. 2 volunteers of the Eden Project has helped me building it.
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    1. dawangai

      It's not the same without the color commentary

    2. Kingman Highborn

      Think I saw O'Rangers out there having fun.

    3. GeneralCane

      Mmm that marble/nail noise is just ear euphoria.

    4. Lazy Lombax

      The sound of marbles hitting nails is so relaxing. Like a light snowfall

    5. wordreet

      Hehe, so much fun! I think I saw the Nutcracker last time I visited, but it was 15 years ago.

    6. Lee Fisher

      5:54 - Is that one of the Crazy Cat's Eyes out of the race?

    7. Chad Redl

      Love all your videos, but these marble machines are my favorites. :)

    8. JonatasAdoM

      2:55 The sound of rain.

    9. tehbrave1

      Any chance of a Marblelympics run on a machine like this? Like, full team, all 5 members running the track, and the most teammates to make to the bottom in the least amount of time wins? I'd actually pay for an event like that

    10. Luke Hewko

      This is the most relaxing video on IRvision.

    11. Brynn Kennedy

      I'm sorry that I quit following you on Twitter, but I just got so tired of all the posts about some race-car driver. I came for the marbles, and because you guys do such fascinating work.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Ok, by Brynn. I think you exaggerate a bit if you say ‘all the posts’, we sometimes post about F1 racing or (sport)competitions in general. We make Marblesports, Marbleraces and The Marble League. We are related to sport and racing, that’s why we post about it. We love it. And if you don’t want opinions, don’t use Twitter! 😃✌️

    12. bin1101

      You should do a collaboration with Wintergatan. I have no idea how that would look like but the two of you are probably the biggest youtube marble channels.

    13. CashCat 4Lyfe

      Is there a place in the USA i can visit that has a marble run set up like this?

    14. CashCat 4Lyfe

      Please make one in the USA or maybe Toronto Canada!! I would plan a vacation around going to see it lol.

    15. Kyle Weis

      Putting a xylophone or glockenspiel somewhere in something like this would be amazing

    16. DargoDog

      The beauty of organized chaos.

    17. See, the thing is

      Nice creative use for all those logs and bamboo..

    18. Craig B

      Those marbles are having so much fun!!

    19. JVHazard

      I didn’t know what was making that drum noise until I saw the marbles hitting the drum, that was a great idea!

    20. BananaWallpaper

      I didn't know the Eden Project had cool stuff like this there. Only time I've been was soon after it opened and I remember there being nothing much but plants there. Is this still there today? Are there other cool thinks like this there? I go to cornwall 2-3 times a year to see relatives and might recommend to us a visit if it's not so boring anymore.

    21. Robert Thomas

      Tim and Tom are the bomb

    22. Likliklik

      Makes me proud to be Cornish 😩

    23. Jonny

      All we need now is for The Eden Project to fly Greg in for live commentary. :D Oh and go O'Rangers!

    24. Adam Iglesias & Natasha Aguilera

      This is what I would call, Marble run in the garden of Eden...

    25. Ratheon Hudson

      Commentor: "Dozens of fans have taken to the field, but security is instructed not to interfere. It's a free for all fans" Also, this is absolutely mesmerising, from the complexity to the sound and how there are no heavy impacts

    26. John Knox

      I love the sound of these going through the plinko board. Lots of hard work, nice job.

    27. CrimFerret

      How long did it take marbles to get through that whole thing on average?

    28. Edster III

      The runs that you make are like works of art for toys. They are amazing. I've been watching your Olympics and other runs and EVERY time you impress me more. Amazing.

    29. cikif

      You guys should collaborate with Wintergatan

    30. B Reilly

      Where's Roldo?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Not in this video.

    31. GA Gamer

      You should try and make an archemedies screw in the next one of these you build!

    32. Rebecca Carmichael

      Y'all ever just wish you were a marble?

      1. donny foster

        Mac Omegaly No need to apologize buddy. I was just joking around.

      2. Mac Omegaly

        @donny foster I apologize for my serious answer. Look, being a marble as presented on this channel with the hopes and dreams of one day parcipating in the Marble League, that would be acceptable. Still I am not keen on living my life anyway then the way I am now. I am happy to be my normal human self.

      3. donny foster

        Mac Omegaly Go away Mac.

      4. Mac Omegaly

        I don't think Marbles, as blasphemous as this might seem, have the ability to think or feel so being a marble is pointless.

      5. donny foster

        Every day.

    33. Daxton Anderson

      I'd love to see you set the world record for the worlds longest marble run. Current record is 2,858.9 m .

      1. Daxton Anderson

        @Jelle's Marble Runs figure out how to do it and how much it would cost, I'd greatly support this if you crowd funded it

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I know this record, but for me it’s impossible to beat it at this moment.

    34. Alex Gonzalez

      Gotta give it up for my OOOOrangers ;) Good to see Momomo back on the run again too. Solid work y'all!

    35. Chris R

      7:55? malfunction? no, marble sabotage.

    36. Mark Helland

      I am way more into these vids than my 5 yr old son

    37. Vardamir03

      watches at double speed, song was even better :)

    38. Th0rg1n

      yeah it's all cool and all but who won :D

    39. Power Up Studios

      What camera do you use for your Marble Runs? (I want to start my own Marble channel)

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I use a Sony FDR AX700 for the studio events and a FDR AX53 for external projects.

    40. David Bloom

      gotta hand it to Jelle, he's incredibly talented with this

    41. Awesam 114

      Haven’t even seen the vid but can say with certainty that it will look great!

    42. Jason yu

      Wondered if we had seen this upload in the deleted channel before. But definitely would want to say about the note, as I really love how raw the marble installation looks, given a relatively short period of time as well as the fact that attention is more on the details of the installation, not really on the appearance. The sounds, they are pure heaven ASMR.

      1. Jason yu

        Jelle's Marble Runs For the sounds, I mean the noise that the marbles would make as they are on the Plinko as well as hitting various obstacles.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        This video was also present on the deleted channel. I just found the raw video files back so i can reuse it. The original video has copyright protected music.

    43. rasper dan

      So who won ? ... just kidding. I hope you had an amazing day :)

    44. Andy Chen

      Where is rally race 3?

      1. Andy Chen


      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It will be uploaded tomorrow.

    45. Daniel Pippenger

      Plinko, Plinko board... I wanna have...a Plinko-o board!

    46. StarRocks1000

      I wish I could go to the Eden Project... 😢

    47. TeamSteve Ward

      That really needed a lift.

    48. theplush toygamer96

      This should be an event for the 2020 Marble League Just smaller.

      1. The Daily Egg

        I made the Egg Olympics, if anyone is interested. No where near Jelle's quality but I tried.

      2. Simon Read

        It could be the equivalent of the marathon.

    49. Frances Atty

      ok i need to go back to the eden project now

    50. rphnick

      It's really great to see the O'Rangers cutting loose and having some fun!!!

    51. Antonius Britannia

      Great video!

    52. Brenzen3

      And Red Number 3 would still find a way to finish first overall, even if he started at the back. #RedNumber3 #GOAT #3ontheball1intheheart

    53. Vexx Gaming

      Tbh this channel deserves more subs. They work so hard to build the tracks. Such a great idea and you guys are awesome :) keep it up. Great work!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks! We just are increasing our upload rate to get more views / subs.

    54. monomakes

      Truly the Marble Master! Great work. Also, #HazeAmaze!

    55. scottgm321

      Makes me wish I could be a marble for the day.

    56. Gopi Issar

      Where are you RedNo3, I can't find you in this hub.😁😁

    57. Jared Gritzmaker

      what is the song?

    58. PlegMan72

      These are great projects Jelle! Please make more of these projects in the future!!

    59. hooderaw

      Love these displays!

    60. Gabriel Fonseca

      Marble ASMR

    61. C R

      This is absolutely mesmerizing

    62. Selador

      Go Crazy Cat's Eye!!!

    63. TFfangeek

      The Midnight Wisps must be training for the next Marblympics/Marble League since I see a few of them on this track.

      1. TFfangeek

        @Rory Cannon I hope they succeed, since it will be great fun having them be the first team to win two Marblymipcs tournaments.

      2. Rory Cannon

        Wisps better train hard, I have been disappointed in them since their 2018 win.

    64. TFfangeek

      5:40 Looks like Momomomo is having fun. Edit: At 7:36 He's waving hello at the left side of closest row to the camera. :)

      1. TomGS

        @57thorns do you know if there is anywhere i can watch them?

      2. TFfangeek

        @57thorns That is a shame.

      3. 57thorns

        Too bad the videos have been removed by some weird little copycat organization.

      4. Lumakid 100

        Before fidget spinner collision

      5. TFfangeek

        @Lumakid 100 Yay, before his accident.

    65. GCAT01 Living

      The sound of the marbles hitting the nails is pure ASMR. I could listen to that for hours.

    66. Marbles for Autism

      Wow that is a beutiful marble run! Is it still running at the Eden Project? I would love to see that.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks! Unfortunately, this project was temporary and it's removed now.

    67. Zedsta R

      See the O'rangers set of the 1st bulk drop go go O'rangers

      1. Zedsta R

        @EverythingIsMacabre RANGERS!!

      2. EverythingIsMacabre

        Zedsta R “OOOOOOOOOOO”

    68. Regenarc Canis

      No more sand marble rally?

      1. Nathan Clouse

        Jelle's Marble Runs cool. I hope Cool Moody does good this time

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Nest Marble Rally: Saturday 12 October at 13:00 (1:00 pm) UTC

      3. Nathan Clouse

        Regenarc Canis There is more, but it was just weather conditions

    69. Jacob Lord

      Cool level 101%

    70. alienbob21

      I want to see the times and which team won...did they even qualify for the next round?

    71. 5MadMovieMakers

      Wow this is huge!

    72. A Grosclaude-Evans

      Wow, I went there in October 2016 and saw it, but at the time, I didn’t know JMR FORESHADOWING

      1. A Grosclaude-Evans

        Lain Kenna yeah!

      2. Lain Kenna

        Were you like "jeez this guys lost his marbles"

    73. Anudeep CVS

      I thought it had something to do with 'The Eden Project'

    74. ARKSIANE

      Really good run!keep up the quality content

    75. gino belv_98

      Jelle i love your videos my brother too and we hope you grow your chanell and keep making videos i'm a fan thank you greg Woods you are the best comentator in the world (honesty) and i like the way you act like the marbles are atheletes

      1. gino belv_98


      2. gino belv_98


    76. SandMasta Bryan


    77. Dazza 2412

      Who wants this as an event in the next marble league?

    78. Lídl Špatná Volba

      3:31 O'rangers started the wave! #OooooooooooRangers

      1. Lídl Špatná Volba

        @Raven_IsNotOk ok then.. if you think

      2. Raven_IsNotOk

        @Lídl Špatná Volba I dont remember but I do remember it wasnt someone that was bright orange

      3. Lídl Špatná Volba

        @Raven_IsNotOk So who did it then?.....

      4. Raven_IsNotOk

        No they didn't

    79. Katie Harrison

      I saw this in person and didn’t realise it was yours! It was so relaxing to watch and listen to

      1. xorsyst1

        @Jelle's Marble Runs I guessed you might have!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It was a very pleasant project, i also love the location. I also visited the House of Marbles on the way.

    80. Артем Плетнев

      Only through such videos one can understand the dedication and hard work people put in their creations.

    81. Thayet Desshâi

      the sounds are so pleasant ♥

    82. Toby Pickering

      I live in Cornwall 😀

      1. hmmm

        kernow bys vyken 👍

    83. Andreas Kerscher

      I bet the Limers could find the slowest way possible through that course in their current state...

      1. Vark Ster

        @Mr.E If you gave up on a team just because they suck, then you were never a fan.

      2. moe

        Rojo rollers will do absoloutly nothing

      3. Victoria Y

        Too soon...

      4. Username

        @Ratheon Hudson Nah mate, Hazers

      5. Ratheon Hudson

        And the Hornets will find the fastest

    84. The Scottish Raccoon

      Love the videos Jelle :) Keep it up. Still rooting for my thunderbolt boys!

    85. Thomas

      5:44 I could listen to marbles hitting nails all day

    86. Fingering Things ✔️

      Keep doing what you do Jelle, you have the best marble videos on IRvision ❤️

    87. Benjamin Koh

      I'm so happy to get the first like for jelles marbles videos for the first time.

    88. Fingering Things ✔️

      Every time Jelle uploads, my day is made 😊

      1. Garrison Brumblay

        Adam Lothian lol yes. Read the username

      2. Addyups 123

        Says with person with an icon with the middle finger

    89. Gabriel Davies

      Are you from Cornwall?!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        No, i’m from the Netherlands, but i got a commission in 2016 to build a marble run there.