Newton's Cradle | Marble League 2020 E4

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver! 16 teams compete in the fourth of 16 events, Newton's Cradle!
    In the first Duo event of Marble League history, the athlete pairs compete to roll as far as possible after being launched out of the cradle. The first marble (striker) of the teams accelerates from the starting ramp and sends an impulse into the cradle to launch the second marble (skipper). How much energy will the teams bring with them today - literally? Will a leading team win the gold this event, or will a team in the lower half break through and contend for the championship? This one's for all the marbles! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Doodlestep Sarah

      well team galatic can brag to ociances.theymedealedas host XD

    2. Scott Brown

      I am watching marbles race, and cheering them on....what on earth has the 'rona done to me.... XD BTW - OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    3. David Lipkind


    4. Kyle Wall

      Why am i watching these and starting to support a team... Go Ducks!

    5. pew


    6. Aaron Dorsey

      Great team work from Clementin and Tangerin, another O'rangers win!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

    7. Marilyn L

      Yellow mellow stays letting me down

    8. Sans the Skeleton

      I can finally enjoy a sport, because no one is a complete douche bag.

    9. Parker Erich

      I feel it's time to let go of a Thunderbolts win but still holding it out for the Hazers!

    10. chase bollock

      Boo O’rangers

    11. SLA KE

      I love this is basically just someone filming marbles in their basement yet I’m entirely captivated by it

    12. Royal Studios

      O’rangers for life. Before this was the bandwagon this was my team #O’rangers4Life.

    13. Nicola Phillips

      Being both an O’ranger fan and a savage speeders fan is hard lmaoo

    14. Noah Browning

      People: Whats newtons cradle? Me: A cradle for isaac newton, duh

    15. Lane McCulloch

      That’s Two!! TWO!!! GOOOOOOOO’RANGERS!!

    16. Kevin S

      I always get nervous about this one; even WITH the walls they added to the sides. Truly harrowing.

    17. Nightsgrow

      Why am I so happy when my team does well??? And so sad when they lose the top 3 spot ☹️☹️

    18. Swirl

      Of course the O'Rangers would donate to the place where oranges grow.

    19. Jorden Farmer

      Glad the thunderbolt's phrase is shake the ground cause you know they arnt getting on the podium to shake that

    20. Smartymus Prime

      Any more wisps fans over here ?

    21. Bumblebee

      "Maybe they could have used some mo' on that one" I'M CRYING

    22. Julien Gaudin


    23. Craig Timmons

      Ooooooooooooooooooomg, o'rangers are crushing it. #orangecrush2020

    24. Ty Walker

      Why is this so amazing? Why is the commentary so good?

    25. Aleks Jemec

      I watch these instead of Indian guys building pools

    26. ay99

      Science is no joke in this event!

    27. Rowan Glenn

      As a longtime Team Galactic fan, it’s good to see them making a bit of a comeback. Hopefully this has boosted their confidence! #reachforthestars

    28. Daniel Colburn

      The green ducks need a metal, they are almost too far gone.

    29. GioTek

      You are great. It's a fantastic reproduction of uman games.

    30. Thr3 Aka Godly

      In the future you should make it that the ball push a bar up the ramp to help get exact numbers

    31. okkk

      im beginning to think the orangers are juicing up. they are denser than the other competitors; they can thus project more mass and speed. i demand they be weighed vis a vis all the other teams!!!

    32. Lucas Casey

      Surprised to see Momomo competing in this event after experiencing a concussion in the past. Seems like a high impact event

    33. SergeiLou

      I'm binging this because I can't sleep. I'm ready for the O'Rangers to disappoint me down the line

    34. kablah777

      I can't understand losing as a Speeders fan. Especially to the O'Rangers. :D

    35. armaximogen


    36. Sammywhee Ashton

      just curious does anyone else watch it again in "pause" a lot to find rollo???

    37. Cory S

      OoooOOooOoOOOO Go 'Rangers!

    38. Prince David

      O'Rangers looking good this year

    39. Basic Mate

      Me, an Oceanics fan: Wow over 100, were gonna win! Me after the event: My Disapointment is Immeasurable and my day is ruined

    40. Jon Demus

      Good show for my raspberries! Goes to show even if it’s not a gold performance, strong effort and team work pays off

    41. zander\pxl `

      Not a good day to be a bolts fan, man... i hope they can come back eventually

    42. fabZ

      GO #RR. Raspberry racers still the goats no matter what

    43. Steve Hinkle

      Thanks for the science! But I couldn't find Roldo in any of the episodes because I was too busy enjoying the game.

    44. Christina Rodriguez


    45. Cairo Sousa

      O'Rangers prepared a lot for this ML. Hands down the best team

    46. Jay Rodriguez

      Orangers need to be tested for illegal substances

    47. Jackson Poole

      It's a tough year to be a Mellow Yellow fan... Really hoping we do better than 2018 at least!

    48. Kendall Klumpp

      There’s no way the O’rangers aren’t juicing.

    49. BlueFlag Alpha

      Goooo Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    50. Ridwan Noer

      "Not always what you want for certain events like the funnel endurance. " Bruh, I'm not their fan, but that is some crazy burn you delivered. Well best of luck to them for the upcoming events though, may the better team win.

    51. Mitch TheBeast

      Raspberries what are you doing!? We still have a chance!

    52. Carl Lichy

      as a fan of a team that ran earlier i think the runs kept getting better because the early teams flattened the track

    53. Heather Waddell

      Me: I root for several teams. It's just great to see these athletes doing well. Also me: I hate the Savage Speeders. Hate them. I would sabotage them if I could.

    54. Punto y Coma

      It feels so good to be an O'Rangers fan, specially after the disapointenment it was being an Oceanics fan

    55. GroovingPict

      those god damn O'Rangers...

    56. Marie Prachenská

      Ok, where is Roldo?

    57. GRAVISPORTS Marble Runs

      Wow, one of your best events til now! 👍👍👍

    58. Matthew Keating

      O'rangers are cheating, in convinced

    59. Tarun Pasumarthi

      #GOOOORANGERS Peel the burn.

    60. Netflix Question

      I'm team stardust

    61. Benito Buendias

      O'rangers no 1, uhuuuuuu!!!

    62. prog

      I really didn't expect the O'rangers to dominate like that after E1. Guess that teaches you not to judge a book by its cover. Solid game from the Minty Maniacs anyway. I was reaally looking forward to seeing them get a medal at the last moment...

    63. Jodi McClure


    64. Mel Chan

      YAYYY A GOLD! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO'RANGERS! #OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Minty Maniacs you did great, maybe next time we'll do betterT_T

    65. astrophysician

      4:38 SWAX

    66. lilly merrill

      This is the 2020 summer olympics we never got lol

    67. Gert Oppermann

      From the moment i first saw Team Mellow Yellow's dedication and commitment, I fell in Love... Only to be saddend by the mishaps of the Tournaments :(

    68. Idiotic Lifter


    69. tasmanian Mapper

      Nooooo my boy swax had that silver stolen from him, he got 2nd then got pushed all the way down.

    70. Guus Martens


    71. Cringe Compilation

      Midnight: alright guys, we got a really good second! There doesn’t seem like much that the last 4 can do to take that! The last 4: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    72. Jessica Bailey

      Go Racers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    73. Mjeezy 1334

      Oceanics are losing again

    74. MrJ1GS4W

      Hornets are falling apart :c

    75. Pikmin Box

      This show is amazing

    76. Kyrion Myrthar

      Yes! Go Orange!

    77. Bradley Walker

      The o'rangers are just the best all-around.

    78. G.C. Koehler

      I've been raising the alarm on O'rangers...their on anaballic roids and everyone knows it. Test them!!

    79. Александр Комельков

      Finally the O’Rangers are back 🎉🎊🎉

    80. Abysmal Gaming


    81. Steven Petrillo

      Maybe they could have used some Mo on that one. I hate you.

    82. Farhan Khaliqbaporia

      Mellow Yellow makes 2020 even worse

    83. Lovely Gacha

      Raspberry Races for the win for the win we are the Best Racers You will ever seen Give me an R Give me an A Give me an S Give me and P Give me an B Give me an E Give me an R Give me an R give me Y give me R Give an A give me an C give me an E give me an S R A S P B E R R Y R A C E R S FOR THE WIN WIN WIN!!!, GO RASPBERRIES

    84. ItzBigcat

      All my homies hate the orangers

    85. TheWiiMote

      2 places off. I said that the Oceanics would finish 10th and iI was 2 places off. Before you shoot me Oceanics fans I am also a fan so yeah I already know we're doomed sorry. 🤷‍♂️

    86. Duck’o’LOL

      The oranges have a good chance to get first in the marble league or marblympics. That would be the first time a team has won twice.

    87. Aaron Paulo Bautista

      Mellow Yellow Starts First and Finishes Last...That's so sad...

    88. Aaron Paulo Bautista

      SPOILER: Team Galactic did great! They got denied a gold by the O'rangers though...#ReachForTheStars - I pray that the last event is going to be a sand rally so that Team Galactic can practically guarantee another medal for the team.

    89. Limgel Margen

      Ohhhhhhhh O'rangers!!!

    90. Ro Me

      Go Midnight Wisp!

    91. Boyitsme

      WHERE ARE THE SNOWBALLS !??!?!?!?!

    92. Jayarbal


    93. no3namesalike

      With the way the O'Rangers keep winning, I hope there aren't any allegations of juicing. I'll show myself out.

    94. Kalina Desseaux

      What a COOL Event!! Congrats Galactic!

    95. Llamas


    96. Fátima Herrera

      Why do I hate the o’rangers?

    97. PopShroom 66

      WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MELLOW YELLOW THIS SEASON! They did stop well last year...

    98. Bernard Farquharson

      I need an update on Luisa and René!!

    99. DNA

      My boys at haze team are getting yoinked this championship

    100. PhoebeRaven

      Man, I love hating the O'Rangers.