Marbula One: Hivedrive GP (S1R4) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 4th marble RACE of the Marbula One! This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of the Hornets, the Hivedrive! This track has also the Hive, a part made with gravitrax. AFTER THE PREMIERE this will become just a normal video!
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    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - In the Teespring Merch Shop, the Raspberry Racers poster is missing, we will work on it to fix it soon.
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We will improve the entryway and exit of the conveyor belt to prevent more accidents and marbles hanging at the belt entrance. These changes will be done before the next GP.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound (intro) and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during track preview, podium and end)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Make sure to vote for your Marble of the Day!

      1. Assassin Warrior

        I vote for Snowy

      2. Antoni Lapka


      3. James Bash

        #FearTheNight #ReachForTheStars

      4. Charles Grund Jr.



        Let the results and standings hang for just a second or two longer


      As a Team Galactic fan this was a great race and pulsar really made up for his performance in R2

    3. Michael

      hmmm i hava a question... I you made a race with 500 laps, the time between 2 marbles do we talk about minutes? now max different the first and last is about 10 - 20 seconds

    4. Justin G

      Pulsar, my dude! Incredible race. What a warrior!

    5. Florian Müller

      You should say like in Formula 1: ‚It‘s lights out and away we go!‘


      can't believe what a race for snow ball...

    7. Andrew Tormanen

      When did Mary get a lap down?

    8. Mike Zittritsch

      Really awesome to see Wospy get a podium following that previous incident with the conveyor belt. Absolutely phenomenal roll in this one, really excited to see what else the Wisps can do.

    9. Aaron Dorsey

      Orangin just couldn't get it going today, to many inconsistencies. O'Rangers Let it go and get them next race.

    10. Andrés Fernández

      Man, where can we buy those amazing Midnight Wisps marbles? They're so cool.

    11. Abottleofjin_ _

      Damnit orangin

    12. City of Gold and Lead

      Notice how Hazy and Smoggy have been in the top 5 for all the episodes?

    13. Judah Sh

      4th... not bad

    14. Bumblebee

      Yellup was doing so well! I'm so sad they lost steam near the end :( Fifth place is rough after such a strong starting performance.

    15. Mal Settle

      I'm coming to the sport late and catching up but how come no one's mentioned Pulsar's run in the earlier laps of this race? I decided to follow Team Galactic from the R1 qualifier and while this qualifer wasn't the best, Pulsar has done his team proud in this race. He kept good lines the whole way and and got straight through the Hive cleanly on almost every lap, steadily moving up the pack to lead the last 3 laps. Steady rolling and consistency wins races and Pulsar's proved it. #GoGalactic

    16. PhoebeRaven

      Impressed with Smoggy here. A few tough laps, but kept his cool and what a dash to get 4th! #HazeAmaze

    17. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before th start of the race) Ack! Not a good day for the Hornets team qualifier.Hive definitely blown out by some good runs by the other teams. SMH....

      1. Shane Spencer

        Hey there Hive! Way to battle back! I'm surprised we cracked the top 10 in this one! Guess I can start wear my jersey in public now.

    18. Tasha Montgomery

      Need an emerald team from Ireland please!!!!!

    19. deucemndbndr

      Galactic All Day!

    20. Sean Plympton

      O’Ranger for life

    21. Cooper Sullivan

      I need the o rangers to preform better

    22. Punic Wars

      orangers for life!!!!!! we will be back...

    23. Funkopedia

      I'm actually surprised, there were fewer lead changes than the previous races. I thought it was gonna be total chaos in that hive.

    24. Teresa T

      I freakin LOVE the opening music!!

      1. brian nugroho

        well, here is if you want to listen to it

    25. Russell Dominy

      What can I say snowflake? From first to 14th... You've got balls buddy, but you got too damn complacent. Disappointed.

    26. John Dimaté

      Like si vienes por Ibai

    27. Gnarlf

      Poor Wospy. Foiled by the belt again and again. I hope the anounced changes will improve that. Otherwise great and tight race and supreme comentary.

    28. Gatchaman_Bird_Style

      Go Team Galactic!!

    29. WTFaddPRO

      Hazers are fast and can overtake quite well, but they had Problems on the conveyor falling down for all the races.

    30. Shawn Louden

      This Race makes me ashamed to be a Green Ducks Fan. #GoGreenDucks

    31. Emory Daniel

      I question Pulsars straight away top speed, but his technical racing through the turns and hive were almost flawless. Strong performance

    32. zerokmatrix

      Contains Spoilers . . So I might have a marble racing problem....I literally shout out 'Yes!' and did the clenched fist elbow bend when Pulsar shot through the hive and took the lead on lap 9 (I support Team Galactic) and I felt such relief when he got over the line safely in 1st place \o/ Well, at least I'm not betting on the races.... Yet :)

    33. GCN Raven


    34. Rohan Bhalerao

      Replay needed

    35. never mind

      can we get some corner cam? multiple cam to track the top lead can be more intense..

    36. King Jonghyun

      I don't see a lot of Galactic fans in the comments so I'll say it GO TEAM GALACTIC, REACH FOR THE STARS!!

    37. Joe Piazza

      Ducks screwed in 2 races now.

    38. DjSquirrel33

      FIRE LIMELINE! UGGGGGH. Im done. Yall needa get ur team together. Limers, yall need to grab some new recruits.....

    39. The Doctor

      Man, Billy went from winning his previous race to 13th. I hope all the fame didin't get to his head and he will work hard to come back to the top. We (Green Ducks) really need the points for the championship.

    40. Feri K

      tought day to be a snowballs fan :(

    41. striker9909

      It's so hard being a Limers fan

    42. Hugh Coleman

      Could we get individual and constructors championships with each constructor getting 2 marbles

    43. D Dane


    44. Josh Melanson

      Smoggy! what a push at the end!

    45. Ben Hay

      One of the greatest Marble 1 tracks imo

    46. Jamjo

      Limers. Pick it up!

    47. MonkeyJedi99

      Mary is making me feel like an Oceanics fan... Is she driving the Zamboni out there?

    48. d.r memphis-depay

      I fear that Billy has lost his hunger for victory after his last win. Come on Billy, less party more focus #gogreenducks

    49. dragon1736

      Nice 3rd place for my midnight wisps. Good job Wospy!

    50. pazi work

      I'm just scrolling down the comments liking every #HazeAmaze and #HazeCRAZE comment, looking for the Roldo spoiler. Ain't got time to look for the bugger during the race.

    51. WAVE Dance

      Rollo is on the sign in beginning

    52. Setsuna Kujo

      Has nobody noticed that way too many marbles are taking the pit lane this time around?

    53. Jean-Luc

      Pulsar's victory here came as a surprise, he's not been our strongest of competitors. A mighty fine race for Team Galactic

    54. StrangerThanString

      Can please bring back Team Plasma??

    55. Vinay Kapadia

      Go Hazers! Smoggy bouncing between 5th and 6th, then that last lap just pushes at the end to grab 4th. #hazers

    56. Johnny Cajon

      I think it's time we have a talk about Mary.

    57. James Frost

      Dang that was a intresting race. Some of the marbles went a lap down?

    58. Milko Migneco

      no excuses, just a shitty race Snowflake, starting 1st and finishing 14?? really? we need to get back together

    59. James Santiago

      BLY does not have a chance coz placed in the last before the start of the run

    60. Ray Lopez

      Are you kidding me Snowflake? Pole position to 14????

    61. zgamer200

      As a Snowballs fan this one hurt. I was so excited after Snowflake's amazing qualifier since we'd done well in the races, only for Snowflake to completely fall apart when it mattered most. I know we'd had trouble with slow starts in the past, but I'd hoped getting the pole position could help mitigate the damage. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

    62. Sytse Vriend

      i see how this can be addictive XD

    63. 0=Axel=0

      Two Golds for Galactic, yeah, baby!! #ReachfortheStars

    64. MADHAT

      Snow was dissapointing, but damn smoggy what amazing performance

    65. pens odyssey

      I’ll always be a team prim guy.

    66. metaljeffenc


    67. Raymond Whatley

      I never doubted Pulsar for a second. See Pulsar is a very strategic racer, he bides his time and makes solid moves. When the time is right he knows how to use the honeycomb to shoot ahead. #meteormove #thestarsareours #gogalactic

    68. Kings Dominion Network

      Hey! Second is good too! #SpeedIsKey

    69. Lorenzo De Dios

      Watch before reading the comments. 😁😉 . . . 5:05 I was look, "Whoooooah! Yeahboi! Hahaha" 6:05 Then, "Oh Maaaaaan!" #SS Good maneuvering, taking advantage of that speed boost. Gold was on sight, but got out-performed, that's okay. 🙂

    70. Cheese4G

      As a Green Ducks fan, this one hurt.

    71. Mokaba Ralebipi

      Snowball’s lead ended by the 1st second 💔

    72. James Stewart

      After all the almosts from the 2019 marblympics, The Galactics are finally shining.

    73. Spooky Boi Lanny

      Well, at least this means I won't have to worry about my team getting the lead snatched at the last *mo* ment... #MOMOSTRONG

    74. Aarush Awesome

      3:41 - Look at Rapidly

    75. Aarush Awesome

      3:14 - Mimo who started in P16 was in 6th

    76. Zephyrod

      As a fan of team galactic and the midnight wisps, this is a result I like to see

    77. Sabine Wren

      Team Galactic for life!

    78. Moose Epperson

      I have to admit, I came here "ironically", having seen a friends Facebook post talking about it. I was truly WTF about it. Now, I'm 4 races in and as hooked on it as anything! The production quality is phenomenal, the creative work that went into the concept, the team names, the driver's names, all of it...just mesmerizing! I am genuinely excited during the races, and watching for every leader change and nuance. The race call is incredible! And, just for the record, I am not the sports guy starved for live sports and turning to this. Keep up the incredible work! I'll be ordering a T-Shirt on payday!

    79. Erekle Roinishvili

      What does the conveyor belt have against Wospy and the Midnight Wisps? ;) Well done Wospy! Midnight Wisps all the way.

    80. Rika Miller

      Seriously, Rapidly is a beast! One gold medal in the Marble League and now the second silver medal in Marbula One? This one really carries the rest of the Savage Speeders!

    81. maztergamer 101

      team galaxy!!!!!!!

    82. Surly_Duff75

      What a disappointing finish by LimeLime. Just missed the point cut.

    83. Dennis Gutowski

      It may sound goofy to some, but I love these races. :D

    84. Louis Vivian

      Snowflake just had some trouble finding his groove in the hive. Happens to the best of 'em. I hope he's not beating himself up too much.

    85. TheChuckwagonLite

      C'mon orangers

    86. Mack Elias Padilla Cuevas

      Team O'Rangers

    87. smokee1325

      YES GOOD JOB PULSAR! we were consistently good this race, and it really paid off! Staying off the walls as much as possible,and using that speed boost in the hive really helped us a lot. :)

    88. Oisin Rowan

      really ducks, you got to step up your game.

    89. Leon Chinea

      Great comeback Pulsar! Go Team Galactic!

    90. James Bailey

      Brother: "Why are you watching marbles race?" Me: "ESPN has resorted to airing video games of NBA and frankly this is better."

    91. KC OneTwoThree

      I feel like the O'rangers are the villains of the circuit. Midnights Wisps fan for life!

    92. FriedrichHerschel

      Okay, I am hooked. I cheered waaay too much when Pulsar took the lead to be able to deny it.

    93. Anthony Duhart

      0to ppx only plop 54pp4 root 6and per 4p0in and p to 0

    94. Anthony Duhart

      Pp 0is l 4p]

    95. Renske Dunnewold

      After I thought Mary couldn't get any more disappointing than last race. The team needs to drop her, she can't compete on this level.

    96. SceptileBlade 2002

      PULSAR! That was ultimate redemption from race 2. That was an awesome race.

    97. mrrandomness

      Who else here after last week tonight

    98. subbia srinivasan

      yes!!!! pulsarrrr!!!!!

    99. Guillaume Lemaigre

      If you look carrefully on the first straight at 3:15, you can see a Hakkinen move. Brilliant overtake.

    100. Jeremy Smith

      Where's Flavio when we need him!? And who the hell thumbs down these videos?