Marbula One: Midnight Bay GP (S1R8) FINAL - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the 8th and FINAL Marble Race of the Marbula One! (formula 1 for marbles). Please enjoy, leave a LIKE and SHARE this race with our fellow sports fans who sadly have almost nothing to watch at the moment!
    We will upload a M1 highlights and all races video soon, and we will start producing the Marbula E which will replace the cancelled Formula E.
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - Season 2 is expected to start in autumn 2020 (under subject to changes).
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We have improved it for better safety and fairness of the race.
    - CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19): Please check community tab on our channel! Please do NOT post comments according coronavirus. The ML2020 will start in June 2020.
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thank you so much for an amazing Finale with over 23k live viewers, and an absolutely stunning first season of Marbula One! Next up, there is the all races and highlights videos, some exciting smaller marble races and the Marble League / MarbleLympics expected for June 2020. Stay tuned and thanks so much for your support!

      1. Marivelisse Rodríguez


      2. Orel Lusilao Lumba

        I new the Savage Speeders were gonna comeback and take the lead once again!

      3. StrangerThanString

        Thank you for this

      4. A.R.C Gaming


      5. Giokku

        Snowy did good, but I believe if it was Snowflake, the Snowballs would have taken the gold...

    2. Hashi Robb Eligio

      Yellow Marble will win this marble season!

    3. BluDragon3

      Go thunderbolts! I wish Shock ran every race like S1R7

    4. hirwa adolphe

      oceanics are so bad they didn't even make it into the competition

    5. Fer Ferchu

      hazy should demand a drug test for speedy or investigate the race stewards for is all suspicious

    6. Cavina Lamont

      Savage speeders

    7. Theresa Atkinson


    8. RC Miller

      marbles have shoulders? [thinking of the comic strip BC's "clams got legs"]

    9. Code 2


    10. Nicolas Squinozio

      Que genio que sos, y un trabajo que se nota en cada detalle, gracias a Ibai lo pude disfrutar un genio

    11. Misterslidedropper

      Man, after such an impressive climb, snowy really threw it away for 2nd by choosing the pit lane the last turn. I wonder what went through his head.

    12. SuperAshwinder

      why do i feel that top 3 are veteran racers and prim is promissing rookie? damn....theyre good

    13. ShadowTV

      Vamoss savage speeders la puta madreee, tantos años de lucha, vamoss la concha de la lora, para vos snowy que lo miras por tv!!

    14. MICheeHL

      Make the second division

    15. Ranger Jones

      Finally, a sport the BLM idiots haven't got their claws in .....yet. You got a new subscriber!

    16. XDJChristian

      "Tengo el pecho congelado. Si quieres te doy un helado" a ver cuántos entienden la referencia 😂🤣😂🤣 10:13 "Momento bellisimo, momento bellisimo" :')

    17. Zach

      Look up mediocre in the dictionary, this race by Clementin is pictured.

    18. Hablemos De

      Eres un crack, tío

    19. Eloquently Emma

      Yay! Go sportspeople! Do that thing better than the other team. Woo! Actually, I think I’d maybe follow sports if it were more like this. I still don’t have a favourite team though.

    20. Buddhi Wickramasinghe

      I love it how I chose the savage speeders as my team to support cuz they are kinda red in colour (my fav colour/) and they proceed to win the two major events this happy for them

    21. MrSilverFox

      Bruh. I'm actually heated the Speeders won.

    22. Cato Wandera

      Me in the first round: “Well, this is slightly random...” Me now: “You Hornets have really disgraced yourselves. 8 points only? This must be a joke.”

    23. Prapra Monks

      Clementin is just not the best driver for the orangers

    24. HenryManson

      Troubled Season for the Raspberrie Racers, better luck next year, guys! hope they stay away from cheap imported ball polish next year!

    25. Inaxi Patel

      I had a idea, maybe you can make Season 2 Marbula one with 32 teams and will even include Team Plasma, Golden Orbs, Gliding Glaciers, and Black jacks there can be a draw to decide whether they can be in group A or B this, 1st place can get 20 pts 2nd 19 pts and so on

    26. Thor Christensen

      I'm confused, what was up with the fastest lap thing? They gave it to the Snowballs for a 29.20. Did they not count the first lap, where every single racer was faster than that?

      1. Andrew

        First lap doesn’t count because they start above the conveyor belt. As far as I see they start lap times from the bottom finish line so the travel up the conveyor belt is included in the lap time.

    27. Aaron Dorsey

      Great first season for the O'rangers, on the podium. Tough decisions need to be made before next year. I think they need to replace Clementine, to many mistakes.

    28. Christian Leflet

      esas partes de pista se pueden comprar

    29. Pipster

      Hazy comes in for Smoggy in the final race to try to claim the glory and loses the championship for the Hazers.

    30. UnDrewsual

      Speedy did a great job, but Savage Speeders owe Razzy a dinner for helping them win the championship. That entire race, Razzy was constantly blocking and harassing Hazy, keeping him from moving up the field to where he could seal the overall championship.

    31. Judah Sh

      3rd... not bad

    32. Adityan

      The track is not that good Bcos. If one ball overtakes another The ball cannot get its position back

    33. Lhotse44

      Speedy is the most decorated marble in marblesports history. 2 Marble League Championships and a Marbula One title to his name.

    34. 9and7

      I watched this last night for good luck and oh boy did it pay off! LEGENDS pull it off. #SPEEDISKEY CHAMPIONS MARBLELYMPICS 2020!!!!!!!

    35. El Fro

      And now the marble league

    36. James Roberts


    37. NASCAR Junk

      Hearing “aannnd the savage speeeders!!” Every lap...

    38. New Limits GameR

      You cost hazers the win by puting hazy

    39. Bumblebee

      Prim carried Mary so hard this season. Sad to see Yellup's performance lacking in this race! :(

      1. ekrathrawl

        It’s downright sad to watch. Prim is an absolute beast, it would come down to them or Speedy for fastest outright in the whole field. Mary is... Well. Just so very bad.

    40. Max Bell

      Feels like this is asking to be turned into a 10 team format with 2 racers from each team.

    41. Giles S

      At least the thunderbolts made the top ten

    42. Jackattack 209

      I am incredibly disappointed in Hazy here, I believe Foggy needs to be drafted for the Hazers considering this blunder

    43. Megan Field

      This is my favorite track. I love the tunnel, it looks so cool when they show them coming threw. Also the wisps are my favorite team.

    44. dalek1111

      Reports say that the young British limer "Goolime" will be taking Sublime's seat after a sour end at the Midnight Bay Circut. Goolime won the Marbula 2 championship and is hopeful that he can grab a seat at the Limers M1 Team and bring some hope for liners fans across the globe. As for the rest of the team, Limelime will most likely be keeping his seat as he outperformed Sublime at every possible point. The limers seem to be developing well over the off-season and hope that they can roll out a better marble than they did this year. dalek1111, reporter of the Limers M1 Team

    45. infinity mystery

      its one of those experience you've got to witness live amazing race

    46. Arsa Pradipta

      This is just marina bay circuit but MARBLES! Love it

    47. Hutt Productions

      Next season we need red number 3 to compete with a teammate (a black no.8 marble?) .

    48. Khanatos

      Dammit Hazy

    49. PhoebeRaven

      Don't want to be a sore loser, but so sad Hazy couldn't pull this one off. Choked in Qualifying. Silver lining: We beat the O'Rangers, always a good day when you leave orange in the dust. hehe

    50. Danny Pumarica

      Grande crack

    51. Shawn Retta

      Everyone saying that the limers suck with 25 points Does nobody see that the Hornets only got 8 POINTS!?

    52. Matt Hayes

      I wonder who Greg, Dion and Jelle went for filming this?

    53. Joseph Banks

      You have to feel bad for the hazers, deserved to win but sadly they didn’t 😞

      1. Hutt Productions

        They didn't

    54. ChEcKeN

      Kinda late to this, but YESSSSSSS SAVAGE SPEEDERS FTW! I'm a Crazy Cat's Eyes fan all the way, but since they were not here, I went with the Savage Speeders since they also interested me a bunch on ML2020 and I'm so glad they pulled through! I officially have newfound respect for them! #speediskey #eyeontheprize

    55. sonikmuff

      Midnight Bay is one of my FAVORITE tracks. WOW. Love you Midnight Wisps and Balls of Anarchy!

      1. StarRocks1000

        *Balls Of Chaos, not Anarchy.

    56. Bryan Caresosa Garcia


    57. Un man

      I remember when I was was watching with my friend over ft, r1 was the first jmr video I saw, and I became an orangers and we were so close to see them have a massive comeback, but it never happened :(

    58. Juan Mora

      When this is way more exciting than actual formula 1 lol

    59. RiksK15

      Snowy was great definitely MVP. And despite Snowflake being a disappointment Snowballs are a great team to watch unlike the boring Savage Speeders. I'd even rather watch Hazers than how lame Savage Speeders are. Worst team by far, and should be banned for doping those cheats. Savage Speeders also have no passion or personality. All muscle no brain.

      1. Andrew

        @RiksK15 Mad cuz bad

      2. RiksK15

        @StarRocks1000 Makes Snowballs interesting to watch. Also Savage Speeders are a bad inspiration for the kids and up and coming marbles. When they learn that Speeders get good results only through cheating, what kind of message do you think that sends? So I'd rather root for a hardworking team that has an actual passion for the sport.

      3. StarRocks1000

        Meanwhile, the Snowballs are nowhere near as achieving as the Speeders are. 🙄

    60. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before the start of the race.) So far this season there's been little to cheer about for the Hornet's team. Hive's Carrara indiscretion obliterated the teams morale, and Vespa, although a trooper no doubt, just could not pull anything together. I've said it before, it is race day and anything can happen. Good Luck Hornets!

      1. Shane Spencer

        I would like to thank JMR. My highest compliments. This is without a doubt the most creative, and innovative ideas I've seen in months. Granted, it is strangely entertaining, and the production makes it even more so. The logistics, and hours of behind the scenes efforts, attention to detail, building the tracks, setting camera angles, scripting, announcing, all culminate wonderfully! This has been thoroughly, and surprisingly delightful to watch! Thank you for everything you do everyday!

    61. Yash Gupta

      Who is this quacking in the background??

    62. Solid Pope

      Watching this 3 months later and I'm so proud to say I've been supporting Savage speeders from legit the start back in 2017 I think it was one of the best days to see my lil marbles bein it home from being many points behind

      1. Hutt Productions

        Same, the speeders have been my favourite since 2016.

    63. Idiotic Lifter

      Entertainment nobody knew we need

    64. Cosmopyxl

      Fen though I’ve already rewatched the entire M1 season in so emotional that the savage speeders won after a very intense race with the hazers being an amazing competitor without the hazers this wouldn’t of been such an exciting season and I’ve been rooting for the savage speeders ins 2017 and not once have they let me down

    65. Ramón Valle

      me encantan los anuncios

    66. Mila Gilbert

      What a disappointing finish for the Hazers. I support all racers of the team and don't want to throw shade, but one can only imagine how the race would have turned out with Smoggy as a racer...

    67. CuriosityRocks

      Brilliant finale race, well done Savage Speeders 🥳😁

    68. Johnathan Radcliff

      Snowy's performance all season >>>

    69. MC Barber

      Savage Speeders were so good in this championship. Lool at them now in Marblympics struggling to even reach top 10.

      1. Sebastian Saez

        @MC Barber Indeed #speediskey

      2. MC Barber

        Sebastian Saez Another (unexpected) win! #SpeedIsKey

      3. Sebastian Saez

        Lmao and in the end they've won the ML. That's a big yikes bud😅😅😅

    70. Mitu Raj

      orangers - the most overrated team, dunno why they even have a big fan base :X

    71. Pablo Navarro

      This is the greatest sport that had and ever will be created

    72. Bruno Branco Pontarolli

      Speedy won the final race, the individual and team championship. A legend from the start and hope he can keep it up to be a future hof

    73. Windows Mapping

      What are name song before the race and in the end

    74. Adam Coakley

      Was really enjoying this format till the blatant rigging handed the savage speeders the final race. Yeah yeah the second place team just "happened" to launch early and just "happened" to set a pole time while the season leaders just "happened" to qualify second to last. #hazersrobbed

    75. diego valencia

      Speedy, started last in the first race, ended up M1 champion. Nice!!!!!!

    76. DoenerGMBH lul

      Its Lights Out and away we roll (for the last time this season. This Was a really nice season tho)

    77. Sophia Harvey

      The Savage Speeders did us O'rangers dirty in the Qualifiers - that slight fiasco probably put Orangin off, he couldve finished in a much better position :/ We'll get 'em next time tho, congrats to Speedy!

      1. ekrathrawl

        As a Speeders fan I would have preferred seeing that restarted. Hate it when a glitch from the conveyor belt could affect the outcome. Though it could really have ruined Speedy, he wasn’t even expecting to have to start his run yet, it’s honestly impressive he was able to react that quickly. So it wasn’t his fault, but I’ll agree that it might have impacted his run. Then again, being restarted after a quarter of the track would ALSO be an issue, so there’s probably no winning from the JML perspective.

    78. MrWoosje

      silver haze ftw

    79. Orcasgt22

      I'd watch Prim vs SNowy 1v1 racing all day

    80. It's Me

      Isn't this game totally based on luck?

    81. P H

      Very nice season, congrats! But next season can you include crazy cat’s eye in the runs?

    82. dial hyid

      Does anyone know where I can get my own marble racing track like this one?

    83. thomasmenz

      Way to go Speedy and the Savage Speeders 😁

    84. powerfinn11

      As a balls of chaos fan. it wasn't a great season, but on the upside I think clutter is showing a lot of promise, he needs a new teamate anarchy had one good showing.

    85. Jbad11_42

      I love how the comments are free of Oranger's 10 year old fanbase.... thats what I like to see

    86. Jbad11_42

      You don't know how long savage speeders fans have been waiting to take a season dub and SHOVE IT IN THE O'RANGER's FACE. *SUCK IT*

    87. Jbad11_42

      Savage speeders out hea winning The first season! Just like ML16 huh. I hope this doesn't mean O'rangers are gonna win next season tho....

    88. CarlosGLara13

      Sublime is so bad, 7 seconds difference between him and the second to last place! Limelime is carrying the whole team as much as he can.

    89. thirdwheel1985au

      What would it take for a 24 Hours of Le Marbles?

    90. cupcakepower

      Snowflake needs to do some extra training before the next season lol. Snowy is carrying hard

    91. Eduardo Sousa

      Being an O'rangers fans is actually detrimental to my health. These constant ups and downs are infuriating, we definitely need to consider changing things up. Regardless of how good Clementine was in the past, the current performance just isn't cutting it

    92. Juan Hernandez

      Mí madre me dio la vida y la Marbula One las ganas de vivirla. Gracias por el trabajo empleado y gracias a Ibai por hacernos llegar a esto

    93. T. T

      Amazing how it resembles the 2010 F1 season

    94. Devin M. Luna W.

      Clementine is a steady 10 But he needs to pick up his game a bit because Orangin really carrying at this point..

    95. Diego Moraes

      Orange for the win!

    96. bob müller

      Why does it always have to be the savage speeders at the end? I have lost so many bets because of them ...

    97. SkadiLive

      They say stars shine brighter at (mid)night, but not the case for Starry from Team Galactic. With two wins over the season the 5th spot seems disappointing for #TeamGalactic

    98. Ari Lohr

      Starry is an AWFUL racer. Pulsar is way better. the coach made a terrible choice with his selection for the final race, and it shows for team Galactic. this is devastating.

    99. Russell Dominy

      Fantastic job snowy, you just got caught up in the pack a bit too long in the beginning, but you have absolutely earned one of the top spots among the best individual racers. Snowballs really need to consider whether snowflakes past glories is worth it right now, he really needs to get the finger out.

    100. Micah Sanzo

      ATTENTION MARBLE FANS: Jelle has a wiki with all the info and a poll where you can vote for your team and favorite events! GOOOOO'Rangers! Vote for your team tho