Marbula One Season 2: GP5 Tumult Turnpike RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    Who will get the win today? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
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    1. Grand Pretre Des Alpagas

      2:59 sad orange marble noises

    2. cIassic speeder

      wheres snowy

    3. Jude Amogabe

      Crazy Cats are FAST....I love team Primary but man Prim and Rima arent living up to my expectations

    4. Totalx

      Hazey is an absolute beast! Lets go Hazers! I was watching him at the beginning and im like a top 6 wouldn't be bad but he came in huge! I feel like they dont get the recognition they deserve.

    5. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Good job hazy

    6. Davin Hatsengate

      LIME TIME!!! We made a podium! What a great race, still grinning here

    7. screennameTR

      Hazy comes back to life! Good job bud! #Hazeamaze!

    8. N M

      #hazeamaze, what a race! That’s my boy hazey the coldest to ever do it

    9. Daniel Bryant

      Finally the Thunderbolts did well!!!!

    10. Cheeseflag79


    11. Jacob Duncan

      The yellow with 1 lap to go was BS. Lol.

    12. Max2200


    13. Max2200

      it is tumult turnpike

    14. Johaurrie woolfolk

      Why can’t the orangers win

    15. Vinay Kapadia

      Hazy bringing it in for the #Hazers woohoo! Way to pace yourself then come back strong in the last few laps. That second last lap got us crazy excited, and that last lap was nerve wracking, but he did it! #HazeAmaze

    16. Tristan Andersen

      Me as momo fan: skipped last race

    17. Sachin Brewster


    18. DX Zitiyum

      If your a limers fan,WOW ITS SO HARD,THEY DONT EVEN WIN(im a limers fan too)

    19. Killers Eddie

      Yes Hazers!

    20. Mockingiggs


    21. A Graves

      Though we didn't come away with the win today I couldn't be be more proud of my boy Bolt #ShockTheDoubters

    22. c_albinson games

      Up the thunder bolts! Bolt is undeniably the best racer

    23. Low6 MAZ3

      I cannot believe yellow eye it’s like he doesn’t know what to do on corners

    24. Christopher Wellman

      Am I wrong or did the announcer start off the commentary with a hefty bong hit?

    25. Scrawl

      Bad time to be a wisps fan

    26. Ethan Kelly

      Go on the thunderbolts

    27. JoshGrayHD

      This as interesting as f1 ❌🧢

    28. Dominic Madrelejos

      Lets Go Crazy Cats Eye. Go go Yellowline.

    29. Internet Mouse

      This is what I used to imagine with my marbles whenever I made them race.

    30. W. Eaton

      Yellow Eye couldn’t have been more unlucky!

    31. TheLand

      Was that a marble on the track? 😂

      1. TheLand

        Or fan?

    32. Shane Spencer

      Hey What happened to The Hornets? I know they had a rough last season, but they vowed to make a comeback!

    33. Jean Karlo Arévalo Díaz

      I love Hazy!!!!

    34. grant johnston

      Marble racing....I think I v lost mine cuz I find this very entertaining.Mr Woods sure knows his racing.Well done guys!

    35. Xam Mendoza

      Nice race again Starry.

    36. Pepitka123

      Hazers not always the best but if they win they win in amazing style 🥳

    37. San Fran

      BOLT DOMINATES!! We Thunderbolts fans really needed this. #RollingThunder

    38. CornHub Premium

      Outside of the top 5 is just unacceptable for team primary they need to do better and fast

    39. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷


    40. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷

      Bolto, a,ew,u,o will be happy for Bolt

    41. Wethaman 12

      I was a limers fan until they just never were successful in anything, so I started rooting for mellow yellow after they won Marblympics a few years ago. Maybe I should just not root for anyone then everyone will be happy lmao

    42. Alex Bilar


    43. Enrico Bagnasco

      Orangers for life 🧡

    44. Fergal Marsh

      Bolt out here bottling 1st place two races in a row. Jokes, he's still doing really well!! #rollingthunder

    45. Andrej Borotovsky

      I am a Team Momo fan, to be honnest, i am really dissapointed in the straight line speed contests, but here they are great in turns. GO TEAM MOMO! MO MO MOMOMOMOMOMOOOOOO!!!!

    46. BigMac

      a glimmer of hope for the Hazers! #HazeAmaze

    47. Denzel M

      I love how o'rangers goes from 6 to 15 in a single lap, that's sucks

    48. Largen RBLX

      Pre-grand prix activity(Tumult Turnpike pre-racing show) List of pre-segments(In order they occur) Intro 00:00 Pre-Race Activity strats at 00:39 Where's Roldo Sign Appears 00:43 Jelle Bakker: Greg where are you? 00:46 Greg Woods appears on track 00:56 Mellacus announcing Greg Woods 1:07 Is that a streaker marble? 1:22 Greg Woods talks 1:35

    49. NickNames

      As an O'rangers fan, I'm actually glad we managed a top 10 position

    50. DMT51

      POST RACE INTERVIEW JOHNNY MARBLE: Fantastic win today. Great rolling out there. You must be very happy with that result. HAZEY: WOOOOO! Today was tough and I dont like winning behind a safety marble but I will take the win either way. I feel for Bolt but I rolled hard, took advantage of my speed, and just made my moves stick today. JOHNNY MARBLE: Do you think track evolution played a roll in your win today. HAZEY: Oh definitely. The track was changing a lot and I think I was just able to adapt to it a little better and pulled off that win. JOHNNY MARBLE: Well congrats to Hazey. It was a very entertaining race. Round 6 is going to be a bit cold so we'll see how that effects everyone. For Greg Woods and everyone here in Marbula 1, Im Johnny Marble and we will see you soon for Round 6. So long.

    51. Loopy

      Can we just be proud of the o'rangers for diveboming every corner

    52. Emil Mateo

      Just found out about this from the sidemen and this is truly genius and enjoyable to watch

    53. Weeb Machine

      Drizzy, you're killin' me here, man.

    54. GodsButtMonkey


    55. Zach Willie

      It's sad this is more entertaining than Formula 1.

    56. That1WithA GoodLife

      So anyone wanna tell me who roldo is

    57. Abdul Hafiz

      Finally A win for the Hazers!!!!!

    58. Kaustubh Karanje

      Yellow Eye was too bad in corners :( ..almost stalled twice/thrice throughout the race.. disappointed :(

    59. Nathaniel Robinson

      can you tell toast i am a big fan for me please

    60. Erin P.

      Oceanics probably dougting everything by now hopefully it gets better #tidepride #2020

    61. Odhran Halpin

      new nickname for Bolt fans: Blue Bolters, also nickname for their actual team

    62. Louis Robins

      Wospy really needs to step it up this season

    63. Dolphin Gamer

      2:58 the moment the O's couldn't recover from! We're with you O Rangers!!!,

    64. ZMOC

      I’m so proud of starry, they didn’t start up high and they managed to climb to 5th... mad respect for my team

    65. konstantinos GOUNELAS

      As a limers fan... I never thought i d see the day... We finally got a medal 🥉

    66. Samlie Gaming

      Where do you get the track I really want one

    67. I play U pay

      Cerulean is Kobaltz only hope

    68. diesel patches without a moustache

      I’m just here for the heartbreaks

    69. Salty Tomm

      Starry: *gets from 12th to 5th once again, gets fastest lap* Me: Hey queen! Girl, you’ve done it again. Constantly raising the bar for all of us and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised but I know who you are, I’ve seen it up close and personal. Girl, you make me so proud.

    70. Sarthak Gupta

      we #thunderboult fans finishing always in podium

    71. Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus

      wospy did absolutely abysmally today. #wospyout

    72. Xavboiii

      i am a thunderbolts fan and i saw hazy overtake into the lead under a safety marble i am triggered.

    73. Emir Wat Tabor

      Savage Speeders are really in a slump. Hopefully we can pick up the pace. #SpeedIsKey!

    74. Chris Thorley

      the big question around the pits was 'should there have been a red flag while the damage to the course was fixed?' "I think its crazy, with the accidents we've had this season so far [with Speedy and Yellup] you would have thought the race organizers would be extra careful about the well-being of the marbles. There could have been a very nasty accident" - Yellow Eye (Crazy Cat's Eyes) race winner Hazy (Hazers) thought differently "I think if the curb was obviously on the racing line then of course the race should have been stopped. As it was the safety marble was enough I think" "This is just the kind of chaos that was needed at the Tumult Turnpike! Almost makes up for me not qualifying HAHA!" - Tumult (Balls of Chaos)

    75. Heather Michaelson

      When Minty Dizzle hit the first wall out of the gate and wondered around for a few moments, all of us Mint fans go "Oh, well, there goes that race"

    76. Spunjerr

      Every time I look away for a second the Oceanics fall like 3 places, and I have ADHD

    77. peccantis

      I still can't get over how cute the teeny tiny bottles are.

    78. ArkanSanz

      Am I the only one who's happy about limer's comeback?

    79. astrophysician

      everyone talking about their teams... i’m just happy if the raspberry racers get top ten 😔

    80. Lawrence Chen

      Proud of all the green marbles finally qualifying and their cumulative good performance. Limers, Momo, Green Ducks, and Jungle Jumpers. Keep it up!

    81. Jonah Varkul

      What comeback by the hazers

    82. Zachary Dannatt


    83. AwesomeToes

      Tightest race of the season so far- it was an exciting watch!

    84. Nightwolf5151

      I propose a race review, Hazie passed bolt right when the safety marble came out. And according to F1 rules you can't pass when the safety marble is out

    85. fishcakes

      This is better than the olympics

    86. Canal do RF

      It's a shame not putting Mallard's overtake on the damn last turn in the highlights. #QuackAttack

    87. Andrea Accarigi

      Non si può vincere sempre , un settimo posto che comunque fa classifica! Forza crazy cat's eye!!

    88. Back Corner of Youtube

      Listening to Kenny G while watching this is strangly very calming.

    89. IVÁN Pallardó

      Saca más videos

    90. Khaedi UP

      Where do you find your marble tracks to race them, do you buy them or make them yourself?

      1. Khaedi UP

        @Jelle's Marble Runs thank you, my niece loves watching your videos and I do as well I want to get her a few things so she can do marble tracks at home

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I buy them at many different shops

    91. Sean Shepherd

      Greg? Greg! Where are you? The race is starting. Where is he? You might want to take a look out.... Oh... Attention! Greg Woods, please make your way to the commentary booth, as the race is about to start.

    92. nDrw

      Orangin got scammed in lap 2, #justicefororangers

    93. Entertain Me Lo

      Better than nascar for sure

    94. GALAXY UwU ø å

      Like si viniste por UN POCO DE TODO

    95. Oliver Philipp

      As a Hazers fan...that was extremely thrilling and...amazing!!!!!! Great track great race whatta comeback.

    96. Evan Hancock

      As someone who doesn't care who wins as much as seeing the O'rangers lose...I am happy.

    97. Mark G

      You said it well that this track has a lot of starting and stopping which is too bad because I love to see those speed races the faster the better it's my two cents

    98. Christian Stelius

      Wospy need to realize that this is not the sport for him. His performance in M1 this season is abysmal. Fans of the Midnight Whisps expect more from their marbles!

    99. Derek Polischeck

      What is 24 minutes of Le Marble and when is Marble League 2021 I am happy that Minty Maniacs and Orangers Auto Qualify And I need to see if Hazers qualify

    100. Sean sullivan

      Almost cried. Limers were actually doing good for the whole race LETS GO LIMERS LETS GO ITS LIME TIME LETS GO!