Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 5 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 5th marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 33 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is based on the results of the previous races.
    NOTES: This is NOT the 5th race of the Marble Rally 2019! This is the 5th race of the SMR 2016.
    MR 2019 Race 5 is expected in early december 2019.
    There are some typos on the second page of the race results, I know about this but because of my holiday, i had no possibility to correct it in time.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Epidemic Sound
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    1. Spongyface2000

      Nobody, literally nobody. Am I the only one who realized how blazing fireball started off in 32nd and finished 7th! What a comeback!

    2. Puneet Perumal

      i liked the race

    3. Puneet Perumal

      looked at ghost plasama

    4. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

      it is hard being a comet fan

    5. Jacob Werman


    6. classicrockguy7

      Super Turtle jumped up to fifth and I was cheering...and then he went to fast and went off the course. The worst turnaround

    7. Kevin Lacy

      I actually yelled and fist pumped the air when I saw who won. Yeah, I'd say I'm invested at this point! LOL!

    8. omgwtfkthxbai

      Marbly McMarbleface, great name, great race!

    9. Become a Web Designer and Developer

      really? people subscribe to this channel? amazing

    10. Jimmy Liu

      Why is Gold Plasma on the front row for all 5 races this is just simply not fair

    11. Falando e Dublando

      (Spoiler) YEAH!!! LET'S GO MARBLE MCMARBLEFACE!!! Great race! What a finish!

    12. Emanating Faucet

      Yo, Glassy keeps getting confused for Reflektor. Ha He fought for that Early Lead

    13. AvM MusiC


    14. Mark B

      Finally, some points for Oddball and Summer Sky! But what a disaster for Ghost Plasma, there goes the dominant lead ahead of everyone. Gonna be tough to keep Dragon's Egg behind with the new starting positions and just a 2 point lead

    15. Luke Costelloe

      Marbly McMarble face will always be my favourite

    16. David Lund

      Where's my boy super turtle? 🐢

    17. Ivor Scrotumic

      Ghost Plasma is such a brilliant name for a marble.

    18. JRobbin3


    19. Ivor Scrotumic

      That course was fast & furious. I would love to see Red Number 3 take this on.

    20. Jessica Leyba

      Amazing finish there at the end!

    21. Zamal Hossain

      11 out of 12 marbles were visible getting stuck.Snake's Tub was the one that was not visible.

    22. Jboy 126

      Dragon’s Egg is the Consistent finisher this year

    23. KleanGrape

      Super turtle nooooooooooooooooooooo

    24. Hans Wurst

      1:00 1:30 best overtake 2019 by MMM

    25. Nathan Savannah

      why is this so entertaining

    26. Nody Door

      That was awesome

    27. Tim

      love this

    28. KCBkotastrophie -

      What is going on with black knight? He just hasn’t been the same since his injury and the tragic loss of his young marbles.

    29. Ryan Santiago

      One of the most exciting finishes in the history of marble racing. They'll be talking about this for generations.

    30. Gibbsfan

      Great finish!

    31. Gunky 24


    32. Tgrober and Luffy

      Where do you bumpy you’re marbles I am looking to start my own marble series on IRvision and I can’t find the right marbles it would map e a great help if you could tell me where you buy them ?

    33. nonpatriot

      Is it a worry that the new FTA/COPPA/IRvision rules that are coming soon might affect your channel jelle ?

    34. fat duck 69

      We’re was red number 3?

      1. fat duck 69

        Jelle's Marble Runs thanks for responding, red number 3 is my favourite

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        He joined in 2017

    35. Young Riley


    36. Duarte Lacerda

      This race is definitely one of those to remember for eternity. Close racing, exciting finish and a superb performance from Dragon's Egg, couldn't have asked for more!

    37. - Minuano -

      It looks like “Tour de Marble” lol...I’m sorry.

    38. Professor Roundbottom

      One thing I love about a marble race: marbles can't cheat.

      1. Y F

        Oi! Oi! Oi! You saying the Limer’s incident and savage speeders *_CLEAR_* doping isn’t cheating?

    39. Oh Ok

      Sand Rally sucks. Marble Games are way better

    40. Rainbow Runner

      I remember this video on your original channel. After this, you introduced the original MarbleLympics teams and asked for names. Oh how simple 2016 was. Though it was only 3 years ago, it already feels nostalgic.

    41. KaysmileYY NS4L

      2020 gone be epic I just know it HIGH JUMP needs that miss that mellow yellow

    42. Craig B

      Good lean at the tape!

    43. Minecraft MinerYT

      Where do you even make these videos? Like where do you find a long enough, sandy, just-the-right-slope hill?

    44. caketropolis

      Noooo Crazy Cat's Eye what are you doing?!

    45. Keldor314

      After the race, Ghost Plasma said that he got sand in his eyes early on and was struggling with that throughout the rest of the race.

    46. Sascha B

      Should learn for exams instead watching a marble race 😲😆🤣🤣🤣

    47. Mac Dege

      McMarbleface was a great hero in this!

    48. cowscrazy

      McMarbleFace !! Thats a real Marble !!

    49. dark armed mex

      Where's red#3

      1. Ishaan Banerjee

        Red#3 started in 2017

      2. dark armed mex


      3. NateStorm12

        This video is from 2016

    50. Candy Meow

      No matter, Limers or Slimer, they both do bad(((

    51. Rob Speed

      That was an amazing finish. Just when you think Marbley McMarbleface was out, he hauls ass and drafts Tarantula to take first. Incredible!

    52. nazychs

      Dammit Black Knight i don't care for the win but at least finish the race.

    53. sammy's tank

      Poor Tarantula

    54. almightyhydra

      Bet Summer Sky was happy to get on the board.

    55. Lightning Fast Racing

      *What an Amazing Finish By Marbly McMarbleface!!!* Polo Loco was having a great outing till he took the slow route in the course and fell behind :( GO MARBLY AND POLO LOCO!!! ❤

    56. Frank Holguín

      One of the closest finishes I’ve seen in these events 😳

    57. Peter Zombori

      What an amazing overtake by Pollo Loco at 0:40. It’s so sad he couldn’t keep that position though

    58. Alex Ortiz

      What an insanely dangerous course! I cant believe they were allowed to race

    59. Aman B

      It's actually mad how trash, cobra and deep ocean are

      1. Emanating Faucet

        @Aman B Deep Ocean gets unlucky & doesn't believe in himself enough on Sand. Whereas Cobra keeps getting stuck.

    60. Lobossumi

      How many flesh wounds does Black Knight have? Even though he always triumphs he really doesnt win a lot.

    61. Luuk Torn

      WOW that ending was so close

    62. Ben Niediek

      Could you just use the old marble teams and not start to introduce 10 new teams every year?

      1. NateStorm12


    63. YOU GOT MAIL!

      29: wisp of darkness

    64. Blue Cat

      what's the music????

    65. kurapika • •

      Heartbreaking for Big Pearl 😿

    66. Leyland Wilson

      Great race

    67. Leyland Wilson

      Love your vids

    68. Khell

      Great finish, that was a surprise :D

    69. Elinga Chlevickaitė

      I have never seen a more professional looking marble race in my entire life! Props to you sir, a subscriber to you! Even olympic games sometimes arent so well made as your videos are!

    70. Ivo Nuijten

      No matter the Marblelympics or the Sand Marble Rally: Ocean will always disappoint

      1. Valentin Münch

        And Cobra...

      2. John Edward Paul

        Except in winter. Oceanics finished 3rd in Winter ML18.

      3. MrCordycep


      4. Mr BOI


      5. Mr BOI

        There so bad even in there own sport

    71. Haley Faragalli

      It's fun when you play it at twice the speed

    72. producerbenford

      I freakin love these videos!!!!

    73. Aj Styles

      Great race by Dragon's egg and superb finish by marbly mcmarbleface!

    74. Fun Things to Do with a Camera

      I still love the old sand marble races!!

    75. Not Sure

      Amazing run for Dragon's Egg. He's got a chance to win it all. C'mon Black Knight, finish the stinking race.

      1. Sam Parker

        @Not Sure agreed

      2. Not Sure

        @Sam Parker please forgive my overly abrasive response. Hopefully we get some new content soon.

      3. Sam Parker

        @Not Sure I think we had a misunderstanding I just thought you didnt know this was over, but I also root for marbles in old vids. Sorry!

      4. Not Sure

        @Sam Parker I like that you don't even consider the absurdity of rooting for a marble in a marble race video like it can hear me and isn't a GD glass ball rolling down a hill. I also really appreciate that you are terribly concerned about letting me know that it's an old race like that's not written in the title. So I'm cool cheering for glass balls like they're humans on the comments section of a pre recorded video but only if it is the most recent pre recorded video? Nobody explained the rules to me.

      5. Sam Parker

        Then why are you rooting for dragons egg as if he has a chance lol

    76. Brayden Rankin

      I don’t watch every video,but when I do I’m always impressed. Great job.

    77. Nestor Custodio

      Holy cripes was 2016 not Reflektor's year!

    78. joshua lieberman

      Anyone remember a race that close

    79. haroldtd

      This popped up

    80. Packer79

      Woot. Nice drafting at the end. Shake and Bake.

    81. Timmy Friedland

      Marbly!!!! MAKE ME A BABY!!!!!!!!!!🥰

    82. Dave Drader

      The battle between Dragon's Egg and Ghost Plasma was great to watch.

      1. Jay Man

        Dragon's Egg and Tarantula

    83. Old Guys Rock!!

      I was glad to see the First Aid Station. A lot of racers DNFd and some needed attention.

      1. Ayo Reyes

        Yes, very good improvement by the organization 👏👏

    84. Tyler Tinari

      I've been rooting for Marbly since race 1. From 18th to 1st position in this race. 69 points. So proud :')

      1. Ayo Reyes

        What a finish man, great race by marbly, he is a very nice guy but last season he seemed a bit slow, I even thougth he wasnt good enough for this league... im glad he proved me wrong

    85. Michael Corleone

      3 disslike Michael madness fallowers

    86. Korp Kyuu-Sama

      what a fast track

    87. Andrew Mattar

      When will you continue the 2019 sand marble races?

      1. Thibaud Ollivier

        "MR 2019 Race 5 is expected in early december 2019. "

      2. Alex Ortiz

        Read the video description

    88. Anthony Manuel

      That one was intense. Great race.

    89. spencer legresley

      wild stuff

    90. Joxxen

      Wait. Blazing fireball was in the last row, and in last place at one point in the race. Wow

    91. Nickel Mickel

      Thanks jelle!

    92. A Grosclaude-Evans

      Thank you IRvision for giving me the notification five minutes late Just give me your car keys

    93. renew AWAE


    94. RevRuckus


    95. Andre Heuer

      Video is online since 10 sec :D

      1. Rob Speed

        Yeah, Jelle accidentally deleted the IRvision account, so the team has slowly been re-posting old events.