Easter Eggs Marble Race - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    This video contains 3 marble races with easter eggs. Choose your marble / egg and hope for the win!
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. Dan Certa

      Balls and eggs ? INCREDIBLE keep finding other things to race😉

    2. HenryManson

      this must be horror for all the "dont play with your food" parents xD

    3. Suzanne Berry

      How does the ground crew groom this course?

    4. Daniel Baňas

      :( where is my favorite red number 3

    5. Ralph Reagan

      Red three!

    6. Fernando Largo Martinez

      all the marbles that i chose were the last

    7. kangourouuu1

      ALL HAIL THe Giant HAND!!!

    8. s1

      The sand rallies are the best no doubt

    9. Vark Ster

      That whole first race I was waiting for Greg to say something like; "And Milk Chocolate wins the first round." I was totally poised and ready to shout out loud; "BUT THEY ARE _NOT_ ROUND!!!" Missed opportunity.

    10. LotusFlowerBmb

      I love how utterly random this was lol

    11. Big Hoodie

      I'm rooting for caramel! Edit: what a comeback!

    12. kterin

      Marble olimpics game please

    13. superant19


    14. Trevor Horton

      The defense in that first race was legendary

    15. greed fox

      I didn't know I needed this in my life...

    16. Greyson Fauchard

      I don't know if I should be scared that I found myself "OOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooOOOOO"ing during the entirety of the second race...

    17. Jonathan Constant

      As a Michigan fan, that superball race was wonderful.

    18. Ann Victor

      What would happen if you tried to race jelly beans?

    19. Howie Thao

      My favorite color is green so I chose the green one all three times. 😭 Green didn’t even finish the first two race. 🙂 Green did finish the last race though (at 2nd at that).

    20. Jacob Peters

      Nice way celebrate Easter with marbls.

    21. Keith Bell

      Dammit! I had a lot of money riding on the green ball, more coin than I actually have. Now some goon is gonna break my knees.

    22. Jake Serb

      You're my boy Blue!

    23. Sean Lorenzen

      What i was really hoping for was a special Olympics feel.

    24. David L.

      pure entertainment

    25. Kyle Gager

      You need to do more beach/sand races. The alternate routes and minor variations in the sand make it more interesting. Also I like the idea of doing marbles and super balls

    26. Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov


    27. Ham

      Can we all appreciate Yellow? After a rocky start, finished in second position

    28. A random Toad

      Who else was rooting for milk chocolate bc of m and ms

    29. Mihir Raddi

      The real winners were the Chocolateers. I think they should recruit these guys.

    30. Mavicity

      I love sand courses. ❤ Poor lime.

    31. Marc Strickland

      What cameras do you use to film and what frames per second do you film in?


      You must have a great life

    33. seattlegrrlie

      A little bit of sand and a few balls = pure entertainment

    34. TooTrue

      Always bet on purple! 😈

    35. The-Rage-AK

      This is why global warming is winning.

      1. Cas Dielissen


    36. Mr. Enigmatic


    37. Robert R

      Now that this was on Last Week Tonight expect it on ESPN.

      1. OuPoot999

        We can only hope... Or we could kidnap the CEO and force their hand...

    38. Cien Fuegos

      I kept close to Green cause I had faith and finally he had redeemed himself, second round was foul play!

    39. tina towns

      O hell ya 🤣💀

    40. john smith

      also a good way of explaining to kids how river meanders are created.:)

    41. Adam

      Who was brought her by John Oliver?

    42. Son Gohan

      That was way more entertaining than I thought.

    43. mano Oxi

      in first 2, all my choices were derailed!

    44. Jos Klu

      .... *why is my heart pounding?!*

    45. BallymurphyBabe

      Strangely I find myself watching these videos 😊

    46. Kevin Patague

      John Oliver brought me here

    47. Aon Arts

      Can’t thank John Oliver enough for my new obsession.

    48. Asif Zulfiqar

      Who's here after watching it on "Last Week Tonight?" Thank you John Oliver!

    49. E Stone


    50. King Munro

      If I were the camera man, I would not be able to resist the temptation of randomly eating an egg mid-race!

    51. Chronic-187


    52. allan solano

      Gracias crack

    53. PJ Slots & Entertainment

      HaHa! You guys are great. I'd love to see a video on how you design these sand and dirt tracks. I posted your site to my page. Hope that brings in more subs. Cheers

    54. LELAND LEE


    55. Druck

      sos r tryhard amigo

    56. 张基龙

      I miss Red Nr. 8

    57. A guy with random convictions

      Imagine Jesus rising up on the third day...because JMR released an April Run. ...I mean, I know I would.

    58. TrueRblxYT

      Wait is that cube thing at the end what you used for that Halloween marble race you did? After they go through the tunnel?

    59. Ino

      Yo third race, what happened to Coconut, who is this Extra Pure Chocolate imposter?

    60. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here

    61. James Alexander

      How do you make a course

    62. Melissa H

      There's something comical about eggs wobbly racing down the track.

    63. JCstock

      So what no Dark Chocolate? My least favourite chocolate?

    64. iliquify

      Great puns, green is the new Carole baskins

    65. JessicaBaber89

      Ping pong runs

    66. BRI

      Me during the 2nd race: Come on, Green! Get your head out of your ass! This isn't amateur hour!

    67. alison arnold

      You inspired me to make my own sand marble rally. It didn’t work out too well.

    68. Garrick & Ian ChristmasGI

      3:04 I saw hreen got stuck

    69. Yesreel Barasa

      wow i always get number 3 HAHA

    70. JT Kunder

      Greg I love you so much. "the giant hand releases them" "oh! And there's the end already haha". You're so, so good.

    71. Ryan Ball

      Hazelnut, noooo!

    72. Raqi18

      "Which of these eggs will crack first" hahaha, omg...

    73. Karel Channel VideosTube

      Caramel, white chocolate and duo chocolate. In the first and third races. Plus: I like to come for a tasty chocolate egg race every easter!

    74. HxM Fioled

      How long does it take to make a sand track?

    75. DamianN Audio

      I'd love having ozzy man commenting this tournament 😐

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Ozzy Man actually narrated some of our video long time ago

    76. Enr.05

      It world be fantastic

    77. Enr.05

      Could you do it with nations

    78. Pow Saturno

      MARBLE RALLY 2020 ? PLS

      1. Pow Saturno

        I love all events, but the marble rally is my favorite

      2. Pow Saturno

        @Jelle's Marble Runs yeee good ... i will wait

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It will take a while because we need to do indoor events only during crisis. Hopefully we can do it in autumn 2020

    79. David Adams

      This makes Easter eggs a lot more enjoyable after zipper gave us all egg ptsd

    80. Pedro Manzanares Romero

      Choose a color: I feel blue

    81. Reece hittin the Piece

      1:22 my wife won’t even get that close to me.

    82. ᗩᗪ2

      I don’t like how everyone makes fun of these on Instagram. These videos are the most unique and entertaining things on IRvision.

    83. Freaky Fingers

      What terrible sportsmanship from red, just shoving green out of the course in what was supposed to be a casual and fun race. Smh my head

    84. thespeedyyoshi


    85. Sergio cárdenas

      we need MORBULA ONE !

    86. Matthew T

      Now I want to see more egg races!

    87. chemicalmix

      I could be learning another language or a new musical instrument. But instead, i spend my time watching marbles and chocolate bloody eggs race each other in a totally meaningless contest with absolutely no consequence. As much as i enjoy it, i cannot help but feel myself regressing back into the oceans...

    88. oldSchooLson

      Given that we live in a deterministic universe, these marble runs are just as valid as any olympic sporting event. Amazing

    89. Brian Tucker


    90. TheRJY -\_ Pogo

      4:32 that is cool

    91. Iris Fan

      When will the marblymplic start? And I would like to see the preview.

    92. Plucky Ducky

      Fishy raid

    93. Jack Stanley

      I want a marbla one season 2


      Hazelnut got robbed

    95. Spiritaelia

      Yooo! Did you see that in the coloured ball race? Red eliminated competition by pushing green out of bounds!

    96. midoriya_son

      That overtake of Milk Chocolate by Caramel was WILD

    97. Mike Jay


    98. Damien Oliver

      When are you bringing back the sand marble rally?

    99. Tom Wilko

      Red had the pace but absolutely no luck ‘in running’ during race 2, one for the notebook