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    All the highlights, team profile and lore about Team Galactic Marble Team performing in various seasons of the Marble League (MarbleLympics).
    NOTES: (please read this before posting comments)
    - In the Underwater Race, the top finish cam was working, but the footage was corrupted after rendering this video and we haven't a backup of it. However, we still managed to get the results.
    - MARBULA ONE: I'm currently testing the course, but I need to wait until delivery of the Starting Gate, when i have the Starting Gate, then i can record the M1 races. The first race is expected at 15 February (subject to change). I will upload more Team Highlights videos until the release of the first M1 race.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. Inaxi Patel

      You should make the highlights for Mellow Yellow and Thunderbolts on 21 Oct 2020

    2. Joshua Snyder

      Wonderful team!

    3. Joe Papi

      Team galactic and raspberries are definitely my top two most hated

    4. Emory Daniel

      Team Galactic: We're really good at block pushing and hurdles and excellent at racing off-road

    5. Stanley V

      Team Galactic may not be the best but not the worst either. They've always qualified (correct me if I'm wrong) but their real success was in the Marbula one, and they deserved it.

    6. Robert Stocking

      Galactic are the Madison Scouts of marble racing

    7. Guru N

      Team Galactic FTW. Can't wait for ML 20. Gonna be a banger !!

    8. Obscene Vegetable Matter

      "Astron was absent when the initial teaser image was released as he had been on a special mission for the Galactic National Space Center, visiting the International Space Marble [😆] orbiting around Earth. He is the only marble athlete to have ever been to space."

    9. DethstruXioN ™

      My favorite team, nice to see this extra video about them. Hoping they can finish on the podium this time..

    10. MADHAT

      Starry the ace, pulsar the black horse!!!!

    11. Talia Loventhal

      Starry really is our star

    12. nekomarulupin

      Reasons to be a Team Galactic Fan: 3. Their sportsmanship 2. Their consistant performance 1. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

    13. The Professional Amateur

      Whoop whooooop! Gung Hoooooo Galactic!

    14. 888Grim

      #ReachForTheStars =)

    15. inSherlock

      Here to learn about my new team. Edit: Wording

    16. Matt Miklus


    17. Peter Gressler


    18. Mohammed Izaan Jazib

      Wow only nine dislikes nobody hates marble races great!

    19. Round the World Kid

      Team Galactic is the unholy god of mediocrity. And I say this as a Galactic fan. They're great at making you hope for a victory overall and then let you down. Their event victories are few and far between.

      1. Talia Loventhal

        new hashtag for our team #unholygodofmediocrity

    20. Matthew Chou

      Please do one for the Thunderbolts.

    21. Chad Friedman

      Starry is the best in the team. I don't know why she's not the team captain.

      1. Obscene Vegetable Matter


    22. SPOOn

      Thats my team right there

    23. Solon Barcelos

      I would love to watch a highlights video of Oceanics.

    24. you’ll have to wait

      i see TEAM GALACTIC.. I CLICK!!!!

    25. cronista26

      I never picked sides , but for some reason I always find myself rooting for Team Galactic , I guess the heart knows what it wants

    26. F Weld

      We are the best at actual races and that’s a fact

    27. Matheus LT

      Since the first Olympics I support this team

    28. Draco Nex

      Haha, just watched this on Swedish news. Funny! :D The Marbles got Humanized.

      1. Obscene Vegetable Matter

        Vilken kanal?

    29. Cookie150g

      Go go Team! go go Team Galatic! Team Galatic FTW !

    30. Stealthlock

      Announcer: “For the safety of the competitors...” Me: “THEY’RE MARBLES!!”

      1. Obscene Vegetable Matter

        There have been injuries tho.

    31. Stealthlock

      Let’s be honest, all us Pokémon fans are backing Galactic

    32. Zega Star


    33. kobe ryan

      Team Galactic 🌌 Lets go !!! Starry #1 🌠

    34. Elijah Kisner

      These guys are from India

    35. Tanner McAuliffe

      I swear if the pinkies don’t have a good performance this year I’m gonna be mad

    36. r lynn

      I cant believe pulsar has the 1 spot for 2020 league. Starry is the legend. Imma email black hole about this

    37. Czech Pyro

      Perfect! Can you do video about Thunderbolts and Mellow Yellow?

    38. Youspoonybard1

      THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!

    39. AmizareS

      Jelle, when can we expect more highlights 👀 I'm sure many would love to know more about their favorite teams

    40. Dana Whittles


    41. Kotoko Utsugi

      Been a pinkies fan since 2016 😔

    42. Bailey Birt

      Consider the new merch bought. #ReachForTheStars

    43. Jacob G

      Is this highlight only because Team Galactic is hosting, or will there be others? Because my team Momo have had a hell of ride.

    44. Panda Paw

      Team mo mo highlights next please

    45. stanley huang

      This channel is something else. Remember this from the marblelympics. Keep up the good work. The events and the commentary. You have a lot of creative ability!

    46. Hack

      Finally Team Galactic are in the center of attention #TeamGALACTIC

    47. Alex Oda


    48. Blanchet luc

      Best team! Go galactic go!

    49. pots839100

      I'm waiting for the Limers video because they might be statistically the most disappointing team... #limerlifeishard

    50. op op

      docekamy sie w koncu zimowyuch igrzysk

    51. Patrik Madani

      Green Ducks next please!

    52. Silas Wellenius

      Is andromedome winter games or summer games

    53. Tim Segar

      Team Galactic! I just love seeing Team Galactic winning everything

    54. ZeroOneThree

      Please please PLEASE tell me that the Team Galactic Andromedome host/owner is named Anne Dromedome, owner of the Andromeda Andromedome

    55. Roope Rontu

      Would've been funny if the coach's name would been "Black Hole-san", if you catch my Soundgarden reference.

    56. Snelle Planga

      As a thunderbolts fan I've always been afraid of facing Galactic! Prob the team with the highest top speed alongside the hazers and speedsters!

      1. Drew Bakka

        Thunderbolts dope thier players Look at the veins

      2. nate borck

        The speed and endurance of Galactic in a race is seriously underestimated.

    57. ShadowDragon

      Now I want team Hazers

    58. Michelle Brown

      This is my team!!

    59. Maxel Diego Rivera Arroyo

      if you wan´t more fluid video for that race, i recomend you record at 60 fps is the standard speed for sport videos

    60. Maxel Diego Rivera Arroyo

      para deportes se debe grabar a 60 fps para que se sienta mas fluido el movimiento, me encantan estos videos

    61. pineapple fred

      Can you do mellow yellow.

      1. Mellow Yellow

        Thanks for the support, keep it mellow

    62. megan pehl

      When is ML2020

    63. runningrock124

      I've always rooted for Team Galactic! Excited for May 2020!

    64. Life Of Why

      When athletes use performance enhancing drugs, they not only effect themselves, but have a negative effect on the sport. I hope Jelle's Marble Runs has an effective doping program. #preservesports #keepitclean

      1. Sam I Am

        Loco I think it’s clear by speedy’s performance that he was doping

      2. Loco

        I believe there were some concerns in last year's MarbleLympics about the Savage Speeders, but I don't think there was any proof they were actually doping. I may also be remembering wrong

      3. Bethany Porter

        Life Of Why I am skeptical as RN3 is scarily good making the SMR not as fun

    65. William Pearce

      When will the sand marble rally will be on

    66. Max Wolf

      Let's go Galactic!!!

    67. 준혁YT

      I Hope You Make Team Raspberry Racers Marble League Highlights Too!


      When does sand rally races starts???

    69. B.J.V. Dimafelix

      If Team Galactic is automatically qualified, then Mellow Yellow still falls to the qualifications.

    70. Voltron

      There’s only one thing better than marble races and that’s marble race highlights.

    71. Kevin W

      Looking forward to ML2020. Let's hope we don't have a repeat from three years ago, when a truck carrying over 4 million fans overturned on the way to Marblelympics 2017:

      1. StarRocks1000

        R.I.P. 😢

    72. GLS Gaming


    73. statement leaver

      TEAM GALACTIC. Oh you mean *chantless wonders*

    74. Joao Pimpinatti

      red number 3 in the 2020 sand races

    75. MegaDimension

      Yeah, go Team Galactic!!

    76. Synchos

      Here's hoping that they're better hosts than oceanics

    77. Mint Cola

      So happy to have my favorite team as the host! Although I have to say, I'm quite afraid of them getting hit by the host's curse and underperform. Team Galactic, let's reach for the stars!

    78. Ed Dowling

      I can not tell you how many night shifts you and your videos have helped me get through! Please keep up the great work! #MintyManiacsforlife

    79. almightyhydra

      I've always felt Galactic are just an average team - solid, but without say the extra speed of the Savage Speeders or the extra nous of the Hazers. Hopefully they put on a good show both in hosting, and in competing, at the ML2020.

      1. Mew

        The team galactic I know is from Pokémon

      2. Eric's Burner Account's Burner Account

        but they've always had the speed, just not the ability in the other events

      3. Eric's Burner Account's Burner Account

        they did pretty good in the first marbula

      4. Lincoln Rowland

        i swear the orangers are like a heartbeat they go really good or really bad

      5. Logan

        as a longtime fan I want to disagree... but I have to be honest and admit that they're pretty damn mediocre.

    80. Inge Sagita

      Raspberry Rooooobbbbuuuuurrrrrrssssssttttt!!!!

    81. Maldus Alver

      No unique fan cheer?

      1. StarRocks1000

        I hope they come up with one.

    82. Ernesto Cruz

      Galactic, I consider myself as a fan of this team.

    83. Nicolás Táppero

      You just know this is Neil degrasse Tyson's favorite team.

    84. My Earth

      At 0:52 OMG, this is the best!

    85. Arnold Schwarzenegger

      I really want to know what it looks like when a person in their 30s is recording a bunch of marbles rolling on a snow path.

    86. 川元優希Nsytr0


    87. Mr. Cub Fan 415

      “Andromedome” GENIUS!

    88. Laurence Brown

      As a Team Galactic fan, I am SO HYPED for the upcoming Marble League (and Marbula One!). I don't know how much say, if any, the hosts have in what events are run, but if they do, I hope they can get some more outdoor events included. As this highlight reel shows, Team Galactic seems to do their best when the stars have an unimpeded view of their efforts. #ReachfortheStars

    89. Christopher Cook

      #reachforthestars Mah Bois!

    90. BezoLS

      wonder where you go. i remember i was sub to your old channel and i though you stopped uploading. until someone link to this video, glad to see this channel again.

    91. reallygoodname

      I live by Team Galactic. Always gonna support them. TEAM GALACTIC FOREVER.

    92. Devonia Hill

      Do Midnight wisps next Wispy: Midnight Terrorist Wuspy: Nighter Whisperer

      1. StarRocks1000

        I thought Wispy's title was "Threat Level Wisp"? But I still want to see it! #FearTheNight 💙🖤💙🖤

    93. Xavier VanDusen

      Next Week: Rojo Rollers Highlights, my selection for the hosts of Marble League 2021.

    94. Alex San Lyra

      Sweet, they deserve it! I'm still a loyal Balls of Chaos fan though! ^_~

    95. RainbowDonutCat

      this should be their chant: "Reach! for! those! stars! Team! Galactic!"

      1. Bailey Birt

        "The stars are closer than you think! TEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAM GALACTIC!"

      2. Maldus Alver

        It needs to be a non-lingual cheer. Oooooh fits perfectly and as for the Savage Speeders, the clanking is perfect. Maybe some more whistling for this team.

    96. King Munro

      I see that JMR has uploaded a video it's just been January and I was looking forward to M1 and see an incredibly average team's highlights. Please have RN3, Minty Maniacs, Green Ducks, Hazers, Oceanics, Thunderbolts, Team Momo, Team Momary, or Ghost Plasma highlights.

    97. Mike Cross

      Always looking to be #HazeAmazed on other teams highlights ;)

    98. TFfangeek

      This is great, I can not wait for the Midnight Wisps team highlights.

      1. StarRocks1000

        PLZ DO IT! #FearTheNight 💙🖤💙🖤

    99. Davide Vinante

      my team... let's organise a G.PRIDE (G stands for Galactic, obv) #ReachForTheStars

    100. Walter Johnson

      Rip Kobe 💔 his impact was really felt across all sports. Ik these athletes are hurting.