5M Sprint | Marble League 2020 E10

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 10: 5 Meter Sprint!
    The 5 Meter Sprint is a classic marble racing event to the Marble League! Marbles in heats of 4 sprint down the track to reach the finish line first, and the top two teams advance to semifinals and a final race! But always expect late pushes and photo finishes in an event that's unpredictable to the end. All the frontrunners will send out their best to take the gold for a shot to lead the standings! This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
    Design: www.hookstone.be
    Team Logos: timritz.com/
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      1. Mind Blown

        I'll be honest, i've never once found roldo. Can you start showing where he was at the end of the episode?

      2. Mind Blown

        I'm never really a fan of the long drawn out races, so this was perfect viewing for me. I love the jumping, collision or fast paced rounds :D Keep up the creativity, you're awesome.

      3. Nathan

        In events like these where the marbles are on different tracks, who goes to the second round should be determined by time, not position, some unqualified teams did better than qualified ones

      4. Game of Life

        why red eye play in this event?? it should be yellow eye because he's the fastest in their team.. he's the yellow flash.. he already proved it in hurdles event..

      5. Seville2K

        What kind of marble is Greg?

    2. Nepo Gamer

      Razzy straight out of his injury during Hurdles finishes 4th. Not too shabby.

    3. Nepo Gamer

      Razzy straight out of his injury during Hurdles finishes 4th. Not too shabby.

    4. Seymour Brown

      2:03 you can see that a team named Yarble Yellers back in 2015 St a marble league record The question is who are they?

    5. Mir Rocks

      Roldo is right behind the referee next to lane four

    6. Demonte Harrell

      We should get Greg woods to commentate a real event that would blow all of our minds

    7. Nursultan Tulyakbay

      Jesus, I can't imagine someone putting in so much effort for our entertainment, but it's totally worth it! Bravo!

    8. Tianshu Chu

      King Stardust did not do the example run because he would be too fast

    9. Vaasudev Narayanan

      3:20 Woah, what a fight for second place in Semi Final A!

    10. Connor Van Heerden

      god DAMMIT yellow

    11. DARÍO 88

      Go team Galactic (greetings from Madrid, Spain) (I wonder if there is any l spanish viwer outer)

    12. streetsafari0

      We, Mellow Yellow, were robbed. Lane 4 was at a huge disadvantage on the gate.

    13. Rakibul hasan

      But my favourite team 2nd place 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    14. JFL Returns

      1:53 Hazers beat Yarble Yellers a new record win!

    15. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders!!!

    16. Romeo Lima Oscar

      Is this the Olympics 2020?

    17. Herbiesainty

      #TidePride We’re comin back lads and lasses

    18. Aaron Dorsey

      Alright coach talk to your team, that's two disappointing events in a row. Go O'rangers

    19. Madalyn Mink

      the oceanianics fills me with rage

    20. Greek Animated


    21. Peppa Pig Meme lord

      Do marbula one f1 teams

    22. Jed Albert Barbosa

      How about you and Greg commentate?

    23. Nick Carberry

      #Ridethetide pride

    24. Nathan Gamble

      Typical hazers. Fastest, but never at the right time.

    25. FalucardOwO :v

      C'mon Green Ducks!!!! >:V

    26. Tstormer

      Wild finish!

    27. Jakob Schiellerup

      #TidePride 🌬️🌊🌀

    28. Byron Berrio Betancourt

      3:23 find Roldo, its the first time i see it

    29. Timbo Slice

      The o'rangers blew the lead!! I hope they make a comeback Go O'rangers!! #OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    30. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    31. Jed Albert Barbosa

      2:01 New Mabrle League (Marblic record!)

    32. Skele Joop

      I've had many ideas on the Marble Runs by Jelle and his Crew ! And my last Idea , is to turn the Marbles Into Anime Characters ,or Lego with some Visual edit Program ! Balls running/rolling like Sonic ! More Ideas... Have Cars rolling on 4 Marbles, able to steer/brake remote controlled. Steered with POV Cam View. Next step is upgrade with weapons , al La Mario Kart. So many Ideas........ Greetings ! .

    33. Mel Kheios

      this really is the year of broken records... has anyone counted how many times records have been broken this season?

    34. Jorden Farmer

      at this point i dont want the thunderbolts to win, i just want them to get a single metal.

    35. Ethan Corney

      Poor smoggy having is record beat so soon :(

    36. Jem

      Comeback is real fo minty maniacs!!!

    37. garlic pepper

      Dont care who won as long as orangers lose

    38. Uh Oh

      Bruh Oceanics gunna comeback?

    39. George Daniel

      3;21 roldo

    40. Xercio

      The foam at the end was removed! From the friendly races... galactic not caring about protection for athletes??

    41. 10 Kayed

      Im always with orangers who else agrees

    42. dagamerguyofawesome

      I do love the implication that the commentator is also a marble

    43. Wolf NZ Outdoors

      Another medal *and* a new record. My word, Oceanics are finally waking up!

    44. Punto y Coma

      I know we can't win everything, but c'mon O'Rangers, don't get overconfident on that high place! At this pace you're gonna get moved down by Oceanics!

    45. Bling B

      I found Roldo!!!

    46. ISupposeThis IsMyNmw

      #TIDEPRIDE Let’s go team!

    47. Ben Jackson

      Silver and a record, yeah ill take that. Go on Oceanics

    48. Raphael Dean

      Alright, Raspberry Racers, getting out of that slump!

    49. Jabez Malema

      Raspberry for life

    50. Ivan Parra

      Why are my thunderbolts slacking this year???

    51. sirelkir

      3:01 That Thunderbolts fans shot was wonderful! Amazing work everybody.

    52. Kevin Rowe

      Best sports around!

    53. Marcia Brubacher


    54. Xd_Kingz007


    55. Robin Abbott

      Just came across this randomly on YT! This is the absolute best! Not sure if I love the commentary or viewers comments more🤔. This whole thing needs to become mainstream popular. Haven’t laughed this hard in months. Thanks.

    56. Awen C


    57. Freedom Diamond

      We actually did really well... again! WE BROKE A RECORD! AND CAME IN RECOND!! #TidePride We seem to do better OUT of water as opposed to in. We almost won another race but we lost in the water part. We won a race that was on sand, and we did reaaally well this race, which was on land. I'm sensing a pattern here...

    58. Emil Rousseau

      @Jelle's Marbel Runs Hi , so i watches you since around 10 thousand subs Im really Happy to see you here with 1 million. Haven't watched for you for a while tho. I hope you all Well and that you Will so just as good in the future ! - An old fan :)

    59. Captain Chihuahua

      First I was like, "this is all random who cares". But why is mellow yellow consistently underperforming? There is something going on here...

    60. Alex Wixom

      Minty back on top! Woop woop!

    61. Mark


    62. chewierolo

      Does anyone else think it's unfair that the top two teams advance in each heat, rather than the best times overall? Look at the Raspberry Racers, they got a worse time in the first round than the teams that placed 9th -12th. And in the Second round got a worse time than the Hazers and the Green Ducks, who both didn't make the final. They would have got 12th, but instead got 4th. Admittedly I'm only complaining because my Hazers got screwed out of appearing in the final. :P But still...

    63. JustCrazy Sports and Board games Fan

      Chaos,where are the good results? We started really well, but the last 4-5 events we completely sucked.

    64. michael keers

      You know your team isn't doing great when you're happy with a 6th place finish come on ducks!

    65. Silver Bullet


    66. Snoopy Jaguar 563

      We are back boyz #TidePride

    67. Bill Murray

      Why can I not stop watching

    68. Angie BaumV

      This is by far my favorite event yet

    69. Lila Fajariyana

      Me before the race : #SpeedIsKey i know Speeders will win this race cz THEY ARE SPEEDERS Me after first race : hA I KNEW THAT! look guys look dont sleep on savage speeders *flip hair

    70. Eric Umbarger

      Good job Minty Maniacs!

    71. Anna

      Team Momo: going mindlessly ahead in a straight line? That is not me...

    72. Aldo Zulfikar

      F for Hornets

    73. Achille duverger nedellec

      Being a balls of chaos fan is just painful tbh

    74. SutilPlayz99

      3:20 Hi Roldo. You aren't too good at hide and seek?

    75. Kayden Thompson

      At least we got 2nd place we need to keep this up

    76. MrAnomic

      I like Jelle's Marble Runs but I can't watch anything with John Oliver's name plastered everywhere. Choose better sponsors.

    77. Idiotic Lifter


    78. wifishark

      What's better than one medal for the Oceanics. Another one.

    79. George Hewison

      As a mellow yellow fan, I hate myself

    80. Usual KhaOS

      A 27 podium drought for oceanics and then they come back to get 2 podiums in a row. I’ll take it. #tidepride since 2016.

    81. Howie Duwit

      honestly, I want to know if team oceanic is being tested for enhancement drugs? They seem to be going above and beyond the normal capabilities.

    82. Charcat


    83. Ice blaze

      I wouldn't have found this IRvision channel if it hadn't been for a channel named marble man 42. I have to give him all the credit.

    84. zad1107a

      Midnight Wisps are throwing it away at this point after clawing their way up to 2nd place overall 2 events ago.

    85. Dhruv Kangavkar

      @3:18 you can see roldo near the start in gate in the blue portion.

    86. kablah777

      Not sure why coach didn't have Speedy in for the sprint. I'm just sayin'.

    87. evan green

      Yay my minty maniacs

    88. yaboi gifford

      Dont worry O'ranger fans. When we're not making huge comebacks to steal 1st place in final events, we're starting out strong, get bored and decide to make things interesting, then steal it away in the final event. mark my words

    89. Golden Cannon

      Good Water Oceanics. #thetideshaveturned

    90. Ford Frost28

      I'm happy about my oceanics!


      S A V A G E S P E E D E R S W I L L W I N I T A L L!!!!!!!!!!!!

    92. Marcus Middleton

      Is anyone else bothered by how the arm release is setup? Lane 4 is at a disadvantage.

      1. HePaidIt

        I was wondering the same thing

    93. Ricardo Abreu

      Mellow yellow got cheated in that starting gate 😢

    94. S D

      Every time a record is broken, I just wait for it to be broken again moments later.

    95. RMD Cade

      Congrats Maniacs! And also, great showing for the Oceanics! As for #TeamGalactic... well, Astron, you did your sworn duty and came in seventh. #ReachForTheStars and fall down the stairs, as usual.

    96. Jbad11_42

      Pretty sure the speeders have made to the finals for every 5 meter sprint ever. Wish we won but we'll take the bronze! #SpeedIsKey

    97. Yves LaFrance

      Roldo at 3:19 waving wildly was not at his most subtle 😋 Probably craving for some attention the poor dear...

    98. Jitterzz

      Very well fought event! So proud of the Minty Maniacs for taking yet another gold, it’s good to see that they’re not resting on their laurels. There’s plenty of events to go!

    99. Ms Hydrus

      Can’t believe they broke the previous world record. The last team held it for 5 years. Dang. History in the making Edit: WTFFFFF NEW NEW RECORD

    100. Trisha Schuman

      I wonder if BoC doing so poorly would hurt less if it weren't so obvious they were trying Roldo's a pretty easy spot this time around, but if anyone needs a timestamp, I'll put it under the show more Roldo at 3:19 onward through Semifinal A. Good work Minty Maniacs and Oceanics!