Sand Marble Rally 2019 Race 8 (FINAL) - Jelle’s Marble Runs

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    The 8th and final marble race of the Marble Rally 2019 where 20 colored marbles will chase down each other on a 119 meter long sand marble run course.
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    Cameras used: 1X Iphone 11 Pro Max (main cam) + DJI OSMO mobile gimbal. The RX0 cameras were in use for another project.
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - The Showdown (B-league) is expected on 9 January 2020.
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    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Hope you enjoyed this 2019 Season of the Marble Rally! Don't forget that there's specially designed merch for RED NR3 in our new merch store: More designs will follow soon! What team/marble would you like to have as special design?

      1. Kathy Roberts

        I like the Red Number 3 I really hope there are pool balls cheering for him YAY!!!!!

      2. Andrew Welborn

        I have been watching your videos since I was 3 years old and I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. srinitaaigaura

        Jelle, next time you should run the Marble Tour de France!! Multistage event on all kinds of surfaces - sand, circuit, point to point, sprint, underwater + above water run or any combination of them. The cumulative time decides the winner!

      4. Nicola Togni

        Marbly McMarbleface!

      5. Vinny O

        Jelle's Marble Runs 9 February

    2. Moore Records

      Rewatching this to revisit the times when RN3 was in his prime

    3. Anthony D.

      Hope the next season will be great to Crazy Cat’s Eye !

    4. Spongyface2000

      It must’ve been so nice for silver bolt reflector and cobra to have another season back in after not qualifying for the last two seasons finally taking a chance at redemption.

    5. ORAForce gaming

      Rn3 is my favorite marble

    6. Thor Cloninger

      This is scandalous. He obviously has an unfair advantage

    7. Stephen Wood

      I love RN3 SO MUCH

    8. Have Trust Issue

      2017 - Runner-up (losing only by 1 point to champion) 2018 - Champion 2019 - Champion 'Red Number 3' is a true legend.

    9. idris achille

      I don't know why ghost plasma and superball finished in the podium they just got a bronze

    10. Kathy Roberts

      Um Red Number 3 Costumes

    11. Kathy Roberts

      Yay Red Number 3 has WON!!! YES!!!!!

    12. Bill Bill

      Me as a ghost plasma fan really enjoyed this tournament, he kinda started to lack in the standings since his victory. But this season brought him back, too bad that in the last race he doesn’t get a vey good starting position. Still ending second overall behind red number 3, who we all know is a very fast and technical marble. So glad ghost plasma got his stuff together and I hope he’ll do beter next season.

    13. Spongyface2000

      Two wins in a row isn’t that a bit too much?

    14. Carlos Rodriguez

      Someone has to say it ... RN3 is made of a different material than the rest of the field ... I am not saying that he is a cheater but this gives him an unfair advantage... it is clearly show at the closeup at the end of the races. RN3 is always "cleaner". sticky sand slow down the other guys. Again, nothing against RN3 but i think he should be running in another category. (Race 6 at 3:28) GO SUPERBALL!!!

    15. zgamer200

      There's something quite karmic about Quicksilver and Phoenix calling Red Number 3 a cheater in the offseason between the 2018 and 2019 Sand Marble Rallies, only for both to then do worse in 2019 than they did in 2018, while Red Number 3 wins his second championship in a row. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

    16. Cherrypop Soda

      yeah!! my boy #CCE in the top5 im so happy for him!! :D

    17. Boter Bug

      I was rooting for Dragon's Egg this season. (Gaps for spoilers.) They started out rough, a couple of 0 point finishes. Then, three 5th places finishes in a row! If they'd kept up that pace, they would have been very close to podium. They broke out with a win in the eventful 6th race, but must have expended all their energy, because two more 0 point finishes killed their chances at podium for the championship.

    18. Indra Rahmadani

      why put rn3 so far behind?

    19. Lechuguita Kawaii

      Nooooo RN3 :(

    20. Theo Black

      The tragedy of SuperBall. Second year in a row at third place both times in the shadow of Red Number 3. A racer with true talent, finishes in the top ten in almost all of his races but consistently loses battles to RN3 in the midfield. At every moment of possible greatness RN3 appears to knock him back as if RN3 knows who his steepest competition is. Here in the 2018 Race 6 marble rally ( with SuperBall leading in points he is placed next to RN3 on the grid. As the gate opens they jockey for posiiton in the middle of a sea of Marbles. RN3 maneuvers and pushes himself forward at Super's expense. .RN3 goes on to lead the race in dominante fashion outstripping the competion while Superball is mired unable to recover. In the following race of that year there is hope for Superball, out qualifying RN3 he moves into a dominante posiion off the start and with RN3 in heavy traffic all might be forgiven he can erase the points deficit from Race 6 and have a fighting chance. He stumbles mid race suffering a savage overtake by the inconsistent but undeniably talented Black Knight. Of course second is still a quality finish as long as RN3 is still in the back. But no to the horror of superball it's RN3 now IN THIRD! Its impossible. The moves which put RN3 in the posiiton to essentially nullify Superballs blistering start are unspeakable. Like marble dark magic. At one haitpin RN3 launched himself over 4-5 marbles. Superball never revovered that year and even with a chance to win he had dismal finsih in the final rally. Not that it would have mattered as RN3 again charged through the scrum for second. And yet that was perhaps less tragic than this years events. RN3 was a force of nature in 2018 nobody could compete. This year RN3 almost looked a mortal marble or so it would seem. Superball had their chances stringing solid finishes together and snagging a podium. It is almost more impressive that Super was able to score as many points as they did with so few podiums this year. In race 6 and 7 you can see RN3 manhandle superball in the mid field sending him back from what might have been top 5 to the bottom of the bracket. Even in the final race when Super bests his rival for position from the back of the grid it's not enough. In another era we might all be yelling superballs name but no its Red Number 3 who's greatness is undeniable. But when the history is written and we ask RN3 what was it that drove you to such great heights it may be the humble name of Superball that he speaks.

    21. Juan Flores Virgüez

      Muy pocas carreras

    22. DethstruXioN ™

      Ghost Plasma is the real winner for me, he came in on the Wildcard and is basically the underdog. Disappointed in H2 Blue, Reflector, Silver Bolt, Slimer and Quicksilver, my usual luck with picking favorites, Ghost Plasma is the only one of them that did perform.

    23. 66Tickler

      Red number 3 came 7th not 8th.

    24. XxAcier ENCxX

      Go comet

    25. dystopian sunflower

      MMM=that other blue marble that's rough buddy

    26. dystopian sunflower

      lets hop to it hehe frog puns

    27. 0=Axel=0

      CCE so close to the podium!!! Still, he's gotta be happy with those three medals. A really good marble, who just needs to work a bit on consistency.

    28. Woah NoWay

      Red#3 earned a first ballot Marbel hall of fame vote from me.

    29. Sajjo Odsey

      Red Number 3 is such an overpowered marble.. how much for it? lol

    30. mema0005

      Superball lost it mid-season


      my frog charlie went to see this race and they arrested him for damaging their race track

    32. Kangmin Tan

      Big congrats to Summer Sky, she deserves it!!!!!!

    33. Luke MoonWalker

      As a Dragon's Egg fan something definitely wrong occurred this season: after a rocky start DRA started stacking up 5th places which is pretty good, then got that anticipated Gold and then...I have no clue what could have happened, some member of the press should make a case out of this falling from grace, there must be a reason !

    34. Ben Bruflat

      Man, Reflektor needs to learn how to pace himself. He exerted everything to medal twice earlier in the season, leaving him with nothing in the tank down the stretch. Hopefully he's doing a lot of training during the offseason!

    35. Thiago CG

      The Rojo Rollers should hire Red Number Three for the next MarbleLympics. #rojocaliente #myheartisrojo

    36. Andrew Welborn

      I love your videos Jelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Patrick Olson

      I mean, how can you not be a Cool Moody fan with those signature shades?

    38. Ethan Dickler

      Someday Marbly McMarbleface will rise up

    39. chivasgold8

      RN3 !!

    40. Raj

      Red #3 is the GOAT

    41. gumpmaster42

      Marbly McMarbleface had some really strong races this season despite his abysmal final ranking. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do next time around.

    42. Koby Haigerty

      Red Number 3 has been my fav from the first roll! It's been an incredible ride to watch his rise to glory! #RN3 #VictoryisR3D

    43. Dwight Reim

      Can I have RN3 sign my gear?

    44. Charles Beverly

      Ok, no joke I choose red num 3 and ghosts plasma and el cap at the very beginning bc they were red and they fricking won I’m soooooo happy yes yes yes yes

    45. Nicholas Heebsh

      I'm an RN3 fan til the day I die, but I have to give props to Ghost Plasma. It is the godfather of sand marble rallying. Second in the overall championship is a great achievement in his emeritus years.

    46. Hannah Thom Noble

      So proud of Comet ☄️☄️ - jumped from 15th overall to 10th overall in one race! He didn't let his previous results hold him back in the final, gave it his all.

    47. Nathan

      Cool moody coming in 8th in his debut season is quite an achievement.

    48. Hector Salvador

      #tema red 3

    49. Scofielder

      Is it possible to include live virtual championship standings throughout the race?

      1. Scofielder

        What about only the last one or two races, when it truly matters and adds to the excitement?

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        That will be too time consuming in editing.

    50. srinitaaigaura

      Jelle, next time you should run the Marble Tour de France!! On all kinds of surfaces - sand, circuit, point to point, sprint and underwater + above water run or any combination of them. The cumulative time decides the winner!

    51. srinitaaigaura

      For the next Marble league or Marblelympics, a swimming championship event with an underwater elevator and a jump from one track to another just before hitting the water (maybe even a swimming relay event) and a triathlon (circuit racing + swimming and a sand marble race)! Maybe even one more event (A 10 m dash or a race on parallel tracks to end and make it a quadrathlon) Maybe even a round of circling around in those big trays could make it a pentathlon. For Marbula One, I want to see wet weather track racing, team radio, and the impact of sudden changes in track width at corners that may force marbles to take different lines. And to add to that list, interviews with the marbles!

    52. Brian Stuart

      You all decided not to go with the 2020 Sand Marble Rally?

    53. Mitchell Davis

      Damn, two championships in a row? Red Number 3 might be the best rally marble of all time.

    54. FlamingSapphire

      Am I the only one who HATES RN3? All of y'all who like it are bandwagon or you have a weird taste in marbles. Sorry, the truth needs to be told.

    55. sophear sam

      Thank goodness for the most important part

    56. Door _____

      SAND MARBLE RALLY 2016-2019 2016 🥇 Ghost Plasma 🥈 Big Pearl 🥉 Dragon's Egg 2017 🥇 Dragon's Egg 🥈 Red Number 3 🥉 Slimer 2018 🥇 Red Number 3 🥈 Phoenix 🥉 Superball 2019 🥇 Red Number 3 🥈 Ghost Plasma 🥉 Superball TOTAL : #1 Red Number 3 🥇🥇🥈 #2 Ghost Plasma 🥇🥈 #3 Dragon's Egg 🥇🥉 #4 Big Pearl 🥈 #4 Phoenix 🥈 #6 Superball 🥉🥉 #7 Slimer 🥉

    57. 241hnd

      When will the 2020 Sand Marble Rally season start? Sand marbles are the best. There is much more uncertainty and suspense than any of the 'track' races. Also, unlike track races, there is actual risk of not finishing, and dramatic position changes throughout. Definitely my favorite. Also, do you still intend to have the 'B' league competition from 2019?

    58. Starfire Storm

      Everybody talking about Red Number 3, but no one talks about the old legend Ghost Plasma, even though he is on the older side, he still shows that he is the best marble in there not made from a different material that gives an advantage like Red Number 3.

    59. Man Of Oil

      Dragons egg won that race and then immediately dropped off and got last each race after. Such a shame, I wonder why that happened

    60. Mário Rosário

      Superball was the most consistent. Just needed a victory. Still managed to finish third overall with only one podium. I was impressed.

    61. Proud Chicano

      3:26 history is made


      Jishulal Hembram

    63. juss juss

      RN3 and Crazy Cat’s Eye easily the most respect Sand Rally racers. One is universally recognized as the g.o.a.t and the singular force that took over the Marble world. The other with a World Class Marbleympic team respectfully named after him. Love to see it #greatness

    64. Brendan Watts

      Jelle have you ever considered having ceramic models of the competitors made??? I'd love to have a giant RN3 on a display!!! Been a fan since his rookie season!!! Love that you and your bro are spreading positivity with such a simple thing, taking us all back to our childhood!!! I'll support it any way I can!!!

      1. Brendan Watts

        @Jelle's Marble Runs sweet!!! Congrats on the marbula 1 success!!!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We have no ceramic models, but we already produced RN3 marbles which will be available in the near future after the crisis.

    65. Lauren Pearson

      When can we expect the 2020 ralley to start?

    66. Itz_Ryan

      I was watching Quicksilver the whole time

    67. Dustin Waters

      That was amazing!!! Red No.3 all the way baby!!!

    68. Grant Matz

      Before I die I want to see my boy Pollo Loco win it all 😢

    69. Matthew Ferguson

      Despite not winning the championship, this was a perfect example of the consistency that Ghost Plasma exhibits at his best. This was his only bad race this year

    70. Rei M

      Noooo. Comet!!! So cloooose!!!!!!

    71. Viking6

      What ever happen to pearl this season?

    72. Thomas Marcum

      very entertaining and fun. Thanks

    73. 2000 Goodyear

      I'm wondering... if the red #3 won for 2 years in a row, is there some way it has more weight than the others??? But really cool i really liked watching the videos!!!!!

    74. Nice Doggo

      Been waiting for comet to prove he could still race

    75. billyjoejimbob75

      I was rooting for Marbly McMarbleface.

    76. Turk30

      #superball keeps disappointing me

    77. Mark W

      Marbley really ran a fine race, did himself a favor and paced himself this race rather than try to just fly down the course

    78. arvin STARVIN’

      This race is intense.

    79. Katleho Aubrey Mohlokoane

      i can see the improvement of Comet in this season... finishing 2nd wasn't that bad. hope 2020 will be a better season for us

    80. Tempestus von Auental

      You need to invite some experts, retired marbles or active marbles to do some interviews and you need some helicopter sounds for your birdview

    81. R F

      This was an amazing season for Blizzard Blaster

    82. The Guilded Ring

      I was hoping blizzard blaster would win but alas it was not meant to be

    83. Old man peanut

      Me: 'its late I have work in the morning' IRvision 'marble racing ?'

    84. I;m Psycho

      this is neet a friend told me about this : smile:: sunglasses 4-D

    85. El Duderino

      RN3 getting the trophy despite a DNF shows how consistent he was in the top 10 for the rest of the season. He quite simply raises hell and praises Dale. What a racer that 3 is.

    86. j w

      congrats RN3

    87. DartAleks

      Red #3 - awesome. Two-times champion!

    88. puckrocker1818

      Glad to see Ghost Plasma back on the podium where he belongs

    89. Jamie Bridle

      Was pretty disappointed in Ghost Plasma this race, but the season was strong enough that 2nd place cinched

    90. Jelly Jam Rolls

      Absolutely love these videos dude keep up the good work

    91. Todd Johnson

      The frog was handcuffed and will be spending the night in jail. Let that be a lesson to anyone trying to get their five seconds of fame.

    92. senpaii

      I love comet so much... he has heart. He just doesn’t know when to show it

    93. christian templet

      Im glad that after all of the controversy surrounding him RN3 was allowed to come back to the rally and continue to show what his hard work was for.

    94. Diggin Riggin

      Why do I keep watching these?

    95. Rhys Robertson

      Where did you get comet

    96. Rhys Robertson

      Comet is a beast

    97. TheyHaveIt CannedBread

      RN3 really deserves this. He is so talented and I’m one of his biggest fans for almost 3 years now

    98. Lauren Pearson

      Can I please get some Ghost Plasma merch? I want to represent! and support the CHAMPION. Sure, RN3 wins back-to-back rallies and is suddenly the #1 to win, but only GP can say he won the first Sand Marble Rally! #GHO

    99. &dee B

      This race was fixed! No love for polloloco. As Polloloco fan I feel that a few of these races could of gone to pollo, but the lack of officiating was his demise.

    100. Jacob de Cerqueira

      comet fans rise up