Marble Rally with SNOW and ICE! - Season 5, Race 7

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 7 of the Sand... uhm SNOW Marble Rally 2020 on Jelle's Marble Runs!
    In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sanow and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
    This video was made possible by Snowworld Amsterdam indoor skiing centre which is closed due to the pandemic so we had an opportunity to record some snow marble races there. We are still talking with them for a proposed winter Marble League.
    About the camerawork, one of the cams was not available because the footage was corrupted, but we used the other 2 cams as much as possible.
    There are some errors in the medal numbers of the standings tables, we noticed them and will correct these at the next race.
    With special thanks to:
    - Stefano Keizers (Dutch Cabaretier)
    - Tom van Kalmthout and Yannick van der Velde (from Rundfunk)
    - Ellis Kat (Dutch artist)
    - And of course Snowworld Amsterdam
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    1. Nitirat

      I don't know why IRvision's algorithm suggests this to me. I don't know why I watch it. I don't know why I love it. Don't stop making these vids Jelle!

    2. Marquis Harrell

      Rip cool moody

    3. Eye of the Tiger [][][]

      El Capitan, the RZA. #ExtendRizzo

    4. Js the gamer

      Yo legend could I quite possibly be granted a shout 0utT

    5. Luiz Nunes

      RED is back! Let's go RED!


      Go red number 3

    7. Patrick Covington Jr.

      RN3 looked really good in this race and the lead together. That break looks like it really helped him too

    8. smegskull

      YES!!! Go Biggs go!

    9. Alberto Durán Rafael

      Vamos!!! Red number 3!

    10. Mr. Reset

      As an O'ranger fan and choosing to root for cool moody, I think I'm cursed to be in support of close, but no cigar teams😅

    11. carter vandenheuvel

      Honestly wasnt a #RN3 fan until this year when he had the re materializing thing and came back lets go #RN3

    12. Tobi Ds.

      Can you maybe make a World Cup with nationalities? That would be soooo cool.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We did that several years ago, but it's replace by the Marble League

    13. Russe

      So where are those that called him a cheat,a drug taker and not a real marble now!?rain,snow,heat or whatever, rn3 is still the undeniable champion,in your faces losers

    14. M Cube

      3-Ball is my bet.

    15. Noel Ramirez

      Wait why are we on race 7

    16. 404chan

      Ive been a fan of red number 3 since i saw him in the sand marble rally back in 2017. He's a beast of a marble! I'm a big fan of this ice track, the speed is really high and the racing is dangerous and exciting! Hoping for some more technical tracks with a lot of twists and turns!

    17. Dan Reynolds

      Classic #RN3 gotta have a second camera just because of how far in front he is. That's his signature move. 1. The Marble 2. The Myth. 3. The LEGEND! Red #3

    18. Azmeer's Gaming Hub

      Dude, the last time I watched was ML 2020, it brings back memories.

    19. Sweaty Stonerock

      Red Number 3 got his swagger back

    20. Skipper Penguin

      who disliked :(

    21. AleisterMeowley

      I can count on two things: Never count out RN3 and never count on Dragons Egg

    22. Gamma

      I like these races (snow and sand) more than marbula races. There are more chances of changes in rankings in these races, which makes them more interesting.

    23. Def Stamina

      Tough for Cool Moody as the only DNF. Fortunate that those below him in the standings didn't quite capitalize, though, but big gap back from the lead now.

    24. MattyB93

      0:53 when rn3 is 3rd

    25. Vera Steinbeck

      Why is the snow so brown? Go RN3!

    26. Hubbins Shufelt

      I am still made about the originals I mean come on you can’t just get rid of them I want them back specifically mellow yellow and jungle jumpers

    27. Tim Lewis

      how have i got herw

    28. Dry Bones

      Cool Moody found the track too cool for him.

    29. KlassicLoL


    30. NHLfreak87

      The legend! Red Number 3 is coming for gold!

    31. AC Alvarez

      Can you do the Team Highligths Before Marble League 2021 First Oceanics SECOND MINTY MANIACS THIRD CRAZY CATS EYES

    32. Trevor Gibb

      Wow, what a treacherous track. I hope these guys get danger money, they deserve it!

    33. Chad Dega

      Oh come on is totally cheating....have him pee in a cup

    34. Racing Statistics


    35. Vihaan Dumir

      When is Marble League 2021 starting?

    36. Derek Polischeck

      Hey Jelle company of the track pieces you use and make stuff in Margins One my birthday is coming soon again and I want that

      1. Derek Polischeck

        Marble One mistake typo

    37. STTNGfan15

      Ugh, this reminded me of my least favorite part of skiing. No one for a solid half a mile THEN LIKE FIFTY PEOPLE, ALL IMPOSSIBLE TO PAST, AT ONCE!

    38. Robert Bucker


    39. KennyG881

      The background music was epic. Felt like I was watching a Christopher Nolan movie.

    40. Derek Polischeck

      2017 Event 3 Mo I got flowers Momo I got Tears Momomo is he dead Momomomomo hey medical Medical yes Momomomomo how he doing Medical he fine Wispy sorry it accident s happen here is medical bills Momo Momo ow are you the Hop Wispy no I'm wispy Momomomo oh hello Sterling Mo I'm no Momo I think he can't see Wispy AHHHHHHH Mo what Wispy I STEPPED ON A GREEN THING Mo I think that is Momomomo piece Jelle fidget spinners Fidget Spinners yes Jelle what did you do Fidget Spinners have a nice day it secret Jelle you are banned from marble events for life Fidget spinners no look look look look The end

    41. Rahadian Adjarsusilo

      I never expect Black Knight to win a podium, or at least be in the big 5 anymore. But boy in this race Black Knight unleashed his true potential from 18th to 3rd. Great job! With all of those comments about the famous Red Number 3, is there any Black Knight fans? 😅

    42. StevieRock

      The one and ONLY RN3 is clearly back

    43. Anthony Maseki


    44. Hector Techera

      I like your work guys!

    45. Martin Teece

      Nice the snow center oet you have the area for a race. Kinda hope we get the next winter marble Olympics here hiny hint

    46. Tomiwa Aderinto

      RN3 pro plasma noob

      1. Tomiwa Aderinto


    47. Suzanne Berry

      Rooting for the Red.

    48. Cory Carroll

      Was betting on r#3. So happy to see the GOAT come back.

    49. CycloneGames

      Petition to make all future Marble Rally races held on ice. Signed, RN3 fans

    50. CyberDragon

      RN3 - that's what I am talking 🏁🏁🏁

    51. C.S.R

      I can only find race #7 Where are the other ones???

    52. Daniel Simmonds

      This was like watching Tiger Woods win the masters. The return to Glory.

    53. gmartinz01

      I think some of the marbles went a little slow at different points in the race because they were unfamiliar with racing on ice and didn't want to fall over.

    54. J W


    55. Shrike Timetomb

      For the algorithm!

    56. Ryan Thomas

      Tough season to be a Cobra fan. Got one win, but no points otherwise.

    57. Peterson de Oliveira

      0:56 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO even out, cool moody doesn't lose his cool.

    58. Nathan McNally

      Cool moody is like: "later losers" I rev up my motorcycle and when the cloud of smoke dissipates I'm lying completely dead on the pavement.

    59. rsb

      why this loud music???

    60. Maki Virtual

      RN3 the legend, firts Marble to win at snow rally

    61. Mr.Hunter


    62. flaetsbnort

      I hope there are more snow rallies in the future, these are so wickedly fast

    63. Adventure Team Gerrish


    64. bryansouza16

      My boi Cool Moody is gonna make a comeback and win the next race. Just you wait. He gon' be the champ!

    65. Vossi Beats

      They should just cancel formula one!!! This is awesome!!!

    66. ArmlockGC

      I think that something is wrong in clasification with the medals.

    67. Derek Polischeck

      Jelle is GP 11 Savage Speedway or Midnight Bay

    68. mr.Shgaming

      Wow that is a lot of snow

    69. Shaun Lucas

      Haven't watched a marble race in probably over a year, first race back, the ball, the myth, the legend RN3 still doing bits!!! 😂

    70. Darren Leake

      I think cobra needs polishing. Won 1 race and only finished 2 other races but with 0 points. For the large amount of randomness, its a massive outlier that cobra has only got points in 1 race.

    71. Adam Robert Rassi

      RN3 for the win!!

    72. ServalRYXIA

      Love the music, it's inspired of Mombasa from the Inception OST, am I right ?

    73. Lawrence Watson

      Man, another RN3 win. Lame.

    74. Ivan Henley

      YES!! Red Number 3 is back, baby!!

    75. Odb718

      MORE LIKE NOT COOL MOODY!!! Am I right!!??

    76. Den Jon

      Wait, what? I just watched a marble race? Wow. Yup, I'm subbing and looking for more. Keep up the good work. 👍

    77. Jason Gerber

      Pollo Loco 5th or 6th every race...we need the podium push!!

    78. June Rett Aquino

      Classic winning moves by the legend #RedNumber3 🤙🤙

    79. William The Christian

      Red 3 is a legend and this is why

    80. si3gnal

      RN3 is BACK BABY!!

    81. Luis Sanchez

      What happen to marbula one is that over?

    82. Royal Joker

      Keep inching closer lollipop 🍭!

    83. camilo correa

      RN3 it's baaaack baby!!!!

    84. Alloy Oop Productions

      The pool mar-ball make a 3turn!

    85. Roblox world

      Yay number7

    86. Kim Lindsey

      This track was awesome! The stands for marble spectators are so creative! I spotted that half-globe of ice from the "making of" video @2:02 - how cool (literally) to know who this rally was designed and created. And RN3 back in top form! All is right with the world! :-)

    87. rick philly

      Glad to see red number 3 shake off the bad press and get back to winning

    88. Derek Polischeck


    89. Arcel Sorm

      RN3 is a legend for a reason, all the other competitors had so much trouble with the ice and snow, RN3 though, he made it almost look easy in a lot of places, even if he had trouble too at times.

    90. Marion

      I've been with Ghost Plasma for a couple of seasons. RN3 though, is it the start of an old era?

    91. Cedric M

      Comet just needs to retire, cool race tho

    92. William Moore

      Red#3 back on the juice

    93. Pipster

      What a dull race that was.

    94. nuttypfu

      Red number 3 with a commanding return to form let's go!!!!!

    95. Laudrien

      Da red uns go fasta

    96. Fluffymiyster

      Loved the music while they were racing, perfectly dramatic. Also, we'll get 'em next time, Dragon's Egg!

    97. Kenneth See


    98. Hayzy Horses

      Apperently my teams can only preform on snow. Between Oceanics and RN3 we dominate in snow but, at least this season, suck at everything else.

    99. Haalthonen

      GO Pollo Loco GO!

    100. Nathan Gamble

      RN3 is back... and now an ice specialist? Or has this long break just given him time to get used to the new body, and he's still the GOAT?