Sand Mogul Race | Marble League 2020 E9

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 9: Sand Mogul Race!
    In this event our marbles race down a 5M sand mogul track in heats of four! Even the speediest marbles can get knocked off course in this test of power and balance. The two quickest marbles of each heat will advance to the next round, until we reach the finals. Will the sand race favorites place themselves on the podium, or will an underdog steal the show? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Lee Shackelford

      Love the stop animation, ala Harryhausen, for the cheering crowds

    2. Nepo Gamer

      I’m gonna say it, Oceanics played dirty, the Hazers deserved that.

    3. Cash baker Ozuna

      Vamossss Coñoooo, Oranger´s mis españolessss, oleee, ole, ole, ole, ole, oooooleeeeeeeeee, oooooooooooooleeeee..... Oranger´s unidos jamas seran vencidooosssss

    4. Bhagirath Priyavrat


    5. JustAwesome

      Oceanics should be penalized or fouled for the multiple bumps in both the semifinal and the finals. Not happy with the refs.

    6. Jared Erickson

      Freaking O'rangers. Their fans are the worst!!

    7. Carlee Maurier


    8. Cauã Barra

      Finalmente ganhamo algo porra oceancs foda

    9. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      Oceania real name is sandianics

    10. ezm8 pro


    11. Savage Novelist


    12. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders !!!

    13. Mighty Murph

      change their name to the sandyanics

    14. Cooper McCormick

      Goceanics #tidepride

    15. pew

      Oceanics finally got a medal

    16. Herbiesainty


    17. Vertronteode

      For a sec I thought minty flav was gonna break a record

    18. Vertronteode

      3:47 spears like Poseidon!

    19. Aaron Dorsey

      Not sure what happened to Tangerin in that race, very disappointing in the effort.

    20. Gaspar Mosso


    21. Parker Erich

      Happy with a second 😌

    22. Severin DUPUCHE

      The Oceanics finally got a gold medal!!! I think they have a habit of underperforming at the start, and then coming back at the end

    23. Ashlin Holmes

      Good on the Oceanics for winning gold! They really needed that medal to make up for their sub par performance, for the events so far.

    24. fluk3artist

      that face when king stardust puts up a very respectable time in his run and in fact would have won the gold medal had he raced in the final

    25. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    26. Nightsgrow

      I’m pretty sure the announcer said “and in a surprising first place; the oceanics” during the award ceremony

    27. Swirl

      Oceanics may want to rethink their identity.

    28. Hibou Owll

      Oceanics in the water: dead last. Oceanics on dirt... First??? Okay, how about we rename that team?

    29. Erkmergerk

      Spoilers... REDEMPTION!!!!!! REDEMPTION!!!!!!! #TIDEPRIDE

    30. multirainbowhawk

      I guess the Oceanics thrive on sandy beaches

    31. ZXZ Demon

      King galactic gets a better time than the majority of the pro athletes 🤔

    32. Ethan W


    33. otnat2094

      At this point, the Oceanics could claim that their name was always intended to be ironic... "Ok guys, we know we're terrible at water events, so why don't we make a joke out of it? Oh, I know! Why don't we give ourselves a water themed name like ...I don't know ....the BlueSeas...or...the Oceanics. Yeah, and we can each give ourselves our own water themed name too! It'll be really funny!"

    34. Persiah 777

      Congrats to the oceanics and hazers!

    35. Try_Hard_Gaming

      wooooooo LETS GO OCEANICS

    36. Mihika's Kingdom


    37. ZoroElric

      this is the first video of the marble league i clicked into, the excitement and happiness of finding out O'rangers are number 1 is immeasurable!

    38. VdaKing


    39. Awwkaw

      And here I've been hoping the ducks would do a good job ;-(

    40. Callas Huang

      A nice little detail I see is that at the end of the event, like at 5:39, you look at the VIP box and you see that 5 marbles are missing....until you realize that they (the JMC) are at the bottom congratulating the winners! Also notice that Jelle's marble (the orange with the flower pattern) is ALWAYS front and center!

    41. Joshua Chapman

      This is the year #O’rangers

    42. ISupposeThis IsMyNmw

      The same reason Oceanics can’t do good in water is the same reason water isn’t wet, WE ARE THE WATER it’s just logic guys we’re still a good team TIDE PRIDE

    43. Demongunner7

      Oceanics may want to consider rebranding, maybe the Beachballs or Surfskimmers to match their prowess for the sand courses.

    44. 10 Kayed


    45. TrashMcMann

      "Balls of Chaos..." mfw they're already off the left side of the screen.

    46. Wolf NZ Outdoors

      Finally! Gold for Oceanics!

    47. cynicalprick2

      wow good to see the oceanics get some redemption but my boys the minty maniacs tagging up some more points!

    48. 1 1

      What does Pittsburgh have to do with the Oceanics?

    49. tim maacqi

      OCEAN realllllllyyy faught for it this match.

    50. Chase Slagter

      My favorite team (o’rangers) and my least favorite team (minty maniacs) are fighting for the top spot

    51. Antaine Ó hÓgáin

      Here and in the previous even, what is the sand made of? It doesn't slow them down nearly as much as I'd expect, and there never seems to be a grain out of place.

    52. Alex Zheng

      I love how King Stardust had the 5th best time out of all the races

    53. Freedom Diamond

      **WE FINALLY WON SOMETHING** -might be ironic we cant win in the water but at least we can win on land!- #TidePride !!! also, thanks to all those people who aren't being salty about our win it's been rough lately

    54. Mark


    55. srinitaaigaura

      Next you should do Monster Marble Racing... With marbles named BigRoll, Candy Crusher, Black Marble, and Glass Thunder...

    56. Jeremiah Blowers

      When your so terrible you get in the way and accidentally win

    57. Isaac Rohde

      whos a razz fan

    58. Lila Fajariyana

      Me before the final : OK Savage speeders can get the medal if they wont be the 4th place Me seeing the result : WHY I SAID THAT UGH!

    59. Jan Christoffersen

      The tide finally turned

    60. kablah777

      Swifty!!!! Swifty!!!!! How?

    61. Golden Cannon

      Oceanics : #Thetideshaveturned

    62. Ford Frost28


    63. Max Steigauf

      The oceanics win!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy I yelled more than a twins homerun lol finally a gold

    64. Ridwan Noer

      Voting for Ducky to be the next captain of the Green Ducks.

    65. Ogre D

      Oooooooooooooo crap

    66. John Colacchio

      I Must have had 1000 marbles when I was a kid. I had steel ball bearings also from the plant my dad worked at.

    67. Pope Brandon Brownson

      I KNEW my boys weren't gonna totally s*it the bed this whole time! #TIDEPRIDE #OCEANICSBAYBEEEEEE

    68. Alex Ortiz

      Balls of chaos have potential but they just haven't been showing it :*(

    69. Teresa T

      what??? No way!

    70. Slappy Boi

      just when you think they're gone, Hazers pull through

    71. x-strike-fire-dragon

      *Spoiler* Where the ocean meets the land, tide pride has gold in hand

    72. Rémi Nassogne

      GO GOO' Ranger

    73. Daniel Landers

      You would think that with all this high-dollar John Oliver sponsorship, the grounds crew could get the finish line straight.

    74. Crap Poop

      Raspberry Racers got 11th again. Sad day to be a Racers fan. Maybe next time? # RaspberryRobust


      King stardust got a better time the his team’s athlete! Lol

    76. eswain28


    77. Robert Albrecht

      I can't get enough

    78. Sinbad K.

      Jelle. You need to make a map of some sort that shows where the marbles are from or else I’ll never be able to decide who to support

    79. Sean Lambert

      Did anyone catch the url to Ryan's video? The red font made it completely illegible on my screen. =[

    80. Hunter Gagnon


    81. Adventures of VossMan

      My Greenducks are falling further and further behind. My heart is sad.

    82. Caleb Jordan


    83. Jayvon Webb

      Good job again my hazers !!

    84. ANW Nerd


    85. Andrea Levinstein-R.

      haha, good for the oceanics and the hazers recovery continues, wooooo #HazeAmaze

    86. Eef2020

      Hurrayyyy Oceanics! Gosh I'm a happy camper right now, yayy they got the gold after such a long time of hard work and disappointments! If they only learn not to perform any water ballet artistics during races and actually start to swim hard too, than they will really really get a chance! But hey, Oceanics love their water. And not to sprint through to get to the other side quickly (what's the fun in that), noooo they take it nice and slow, with beautiful artistic figures, dives, inventive ballet routines and a lot of showing off. Not helping, of course. But what a glory to watch!

    87. Irving Zuniga

      Balls of Chaos are just proving that a Silver Medal Hangover really does exist

    88. Basic Mate

      Yess Finally the Oceanics did something! Gotta be honest I felt like nobody stayed to be fans for this year after the Dissapointment that was last year

    89. Muneer Cloete

      even though I don't mainly support them I full on cheered and clapped when oceanics got that gold, they deserved it

    90. Muneer Cloete

      every race I say "the ducks are definitely gonna make a comeback this time" and every race the universe shows me that I'm but a mortal that can't change fate

    91. Dulcet Tone

      I wouldn't be surprised if Oceanics disband after this year.

    92. Disha Kedia

      You couldn't say that that the Oceanics were going as quick as a tornado, tornados are air but both Oceanics and tsunamis are water.

    93. Orange ball


    94. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Jelle could you make the next premiere time earlier? At 11:00 AM EST, 3:00 PM BST, 7:00 PM UAE? Because your Premiere time is at 11:00 PM alwawys here at UAE. ;)

      1. Jed Albert Barbosa

        @Jelle's Marble Runs ok Understand. This is only a one-time question for only once

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I'm sorry, but we cannot mind all time zones, we set the premieres depending on our largest fan bases.

    95. Julian O'Sullivan

      Yeees #tidepride

    96. GregoriusMagnus

      Finally being a light-weight fighter pays off. It was awsome to see how Oceanics balls were pished like mad by heavier balls. Then a second later they pulled the handbreak with perfect timing to get hit from behind once again. Awsome sense for rythm.

    97. Henri Miller

      Is there any Minty Maniacs merch?

    98. Henri Miller


    99. Ace Giron

      I just saw an episode of this in Fox Sports asia

    100. travelingDP

      Seems there may have been a fault in the starting mechanism for this event, as in every heat, the team in the bottom lane exited the starting area behind everyone else. Oceanic got lucky in the semifinals with a few bumps that helped them overcome that obstacle, but in general, any team in the bottom lane had a serious disadvantage.