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    All events of the Marble League (former MarbleLympics) showdown! This video contains 4 events of the Showdown (B-league) where 12 teams will qualify for the ML2020 qualifiers.
    - The 16 teams of the ML2019 main event are not in this tournament, these teams don't need to participate here. This "B-league" is for the non-qualified teams of ML2019.
    - The name MarbleLympics has been changed to MarbleLeague! This is to avoid trademark issues. Please check the sticky post on for more information!
    - Marble Rally 2019 Race 3 is expected at 15 October, I still need to record it due to weather conditions.
    The Marble League Showdown is proudly sponsored by Seatgeek, please use the code "JMR" to get 20% off!
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    1. andrey rosita

      Oh gosh. The Minty Maniacs barely qualified here (tied to the Shining Swarm). I totally forgot! And to think that they were able to place 6th in the 2020 qualifiers and place third with four gold medals and three bronze in the 2020 Marble League. Boy, what an achievement!

    2. Mistertbones

      Amazing how Minty Maniacs barely qualified for the qualifiers, and look how well they did in the actual Marble League.

    3. some rando

      What a year 2020 was for the Minty Maniacs... they watched their team just BARELY get into the QUALIFIERS, and then not only did they qualify for the main event, they snatched third place overall from the jaws of defeat. As a Wisps fan, I’m not super happy about that, since WE were the jaws of defeat that you snatched that bronze medal away from 😤 but still I gotta say, nice comeback.

    4. Maddie Tannie

      *Any other team loses* Their fans: sad but fair *limers lose* Limers fans: lets R I O T

      1. JeremiahC99

        To be fair, the oceanics fans also rioted after their embarrassing loss at last years Marble League as the hosts of the event. This picture really sums it up:

    5. Lorenzo Murrocu

      The Hornets had a very good day, close to their first medal.... If they didn't choose the wrong strategy by entering the water first (when the water resistance is higher) they would have had more chances!

    6. Glenn Shark

      What if each run had one marble from each team?? Ehh, cumulative scoring with four runs in each heat. Guess it's a different event but it would be intense.

    7. Glenn Shark

      Man! Security is horrible! Limers are so fragile that any disruption to their preparations is monumental! Really though, Limers really suck. Time for a complete revamping of the team.

      1. Victor Yau

        Surprisely 2020 hasn't had a riot, nor a streaker

    8. Glenn Shark

      Limers get stuck...go figure.0🙄

    9. Kitty K.

      I hate those Limers 'supporters'. Always trouble!

    10. Menno Berga

      I mean the limers dropping the ball is one thing, but i'm mostly fascinated by the minty maniacs. Not only did they have to participate here to qualify for the qualifier, they only _barely_ made it, only to absolutely tear up the competition in ML2020. What a story.

    11. Iven Krautzibär

      Miss the Orangers. Anyway....very nice Video

    12. Nicholas Garcia

      Roldo occurrences: E1 - 3:44 E2 - 8:39 E3 - first at 26:05 (under funnel 10) E4 - 34:06


      Division two

    14. Spadernator

      I must have missed the stories about Momomomo's recovery - frankly, good for them! I couldn't be happier, especially since they've made safety modifications to Collision as a result.

    15. CuriosityRocks

      Disgraceful behaviour from the Limers ‘fans’

    16. chaosmech2011

      And this qualifier was the last time the Hornets did anything competently...

    17. PhoebeRaven

      Greg: "You wonder if some of these teams watched the real event to pick up pointers." Me: nods, remembers they are marbles, dismisses thought, nods again, "Yeah, they definitely did."

    18. Alfred Tortelloni

      Funnels is always a nailbiter

    19. Marco Cabezas

      Snowballs dominated the showdown just to fall 1 point short of qualifying to the MarbleLeague

    20. Jean-Luc

      Disappointed to see the Limers fail to make it to the qualifiers. Seriously, their fans may be rowdy but they always bring great energy to the venue wherever they go, and would have clearly energized the Andromedome. I hope that something gets done about coaching and training, this is very disappointing, especially for a team with such a dynamic fanbase.

    21. Darragh Glynn

      I made a highlight video for my favourite Marble League team, The Green Ducks!

    22. Squillz

      i want oceanics

    23. ChrisAndCats

      Team Primary make me hungry, they remind me of Cadbury Creme Eggs...

    24. Hafizh Gozali

      It's very interesting to watch the interaction between the veteran (Rojo Rollers) and the rookie (Hornets) in the Collison Match. A good tip from the senior to the junior.

    25. Joanne Fisher

      Poor Limers 😥

    26. hitherfetcher

      7:01 It's good to see Team Momo back at full strength - the combative events haven't been very kind to them...

    27. Hotdoginator

      This series was pretty underrated and I enjoy it a lot

    28. Dwight Reim


    29. Matthew Chou

      I found Roldo in event 3

    30. Lazy Mode


    31. Julia Parker

      Mary was in first in funnel spinning and still didnt advance

    32. Casper Stadermann


    33. elphbwckd

      The only thing missing is the zoom in on the teams that are getting ready to compete. I know it would slow things down a bit, but it would be more realistic to the Olympics and would give him more time to narrate the last battle before moving on. Sometimes it feels like he is still narrating the Last match while the new marbles are rolling. A quick pan of the teams about to compete, like the audience pans, would allow time for him to finish narrating and a moment to breathe before the next match. Just my opinion.

    34. Paranoiac

      i legit screamed when i noticed that the shining swarm (my favorite team) didnt qualify because they tied with the minty maniacs, but the maniacs had a silver and the swarm only had a bronze

    35. Maj Magister

      Maybe next year, Shining Swarm.

    36. bananasaurus rex

      Jelle, what size marbles do you use? It looks like Red Number 3 from the rally track is bigger. Is he 25mm or bigger?

    37. Matthew Smith

      Can we have a new limers coach please?

    38. tedrusted

      Limers fans are the worst!!

    39. Leonardo Pereira

      Man... the JMRC should improve their security system to stop event invasions.

    40. Anelia Smit

      Good God John Oliver, look what you made me watch for hours now. Didn't even know this existed. Now I'm a hardcore fan.

      1. Airton Lima

        @ToxicFused 09 yes, but Last Week Tonight featured some of Jelle's content on an episode, and John announced that the show would be sponsoring the Marble League 2020. If you want to see it, it's the episode titled "Coronavirus VII: Sports".

      2. ToxicFused 09

        This is Greg Woods

    41. Shahzad Ali

      From last week tonight

    42. Ante

      I love how the light makes it look like they have eyes!

    43. Aj Hugs

      Hornets Hornets

    44. Aj Hugs

      Seet Geek

    45. skullstis

      Greg: the rojo rollers are another team that has failed to qualify the last two marble leagues Me: theres three actually

    46. Boris Sirob

      Are there any team momo fans till day 1?

    47. Maria Carla Paz Nicolas

      At 34:54,That is a new MLRecord

      1. EnderXZ21 YT

        ML record on Balancing is 438 by Hazers

    48. Josh Cohen

      Ok can we talk about how long stinger spent in the 10th funnel

    49. Van Hallen Capaque

      When will the event start???

    50. Dog Go!

      Why Ooooooooorangers, if you can do Snoooooooooooowballs?

    51. M.C. Lemens

      I'm a O'rangers fan first and foremost but I'm keeping my eye on the Hornets. They've got the look of a good rookie team

    52. Aqua of the SilkWings

      Wait........ Limers won’t qualify for the qualifiers. So they won’t go into Marblelympics 2020? Limers, why do you ALWAYS disappoint me? You didn’t even qualify for Marblelympics 2019! I should switch my team......

      1. Aqua of the SilkWings

        Mia The Unicorn l Maybe, if you mean that like they aren’t that good. I think they only did bad n 2019. The past years they were actually okay!

      2. Mia The Unicorn

        Peanut Jelly you may not want to do the Oceanics😬😬😬

      3. Aqua of the SilkWings

        Mia The Unicorn l Well, I also do root for the Pinkies and the Minty Maniacs, but they aren’t the greatest teams. Maybe the Pinkies, only sometimes. I’m thinking maybe the O’rangers, because I am actually very fond of the colour orange. But no matter how many teams I root for, Limers will always be one. I think I’m saying this because lime is my favourite colour. Oh wait! I could do the Oceanics, I like blue too.....

      4. Mia The Unicorn

        Peanut Jelly who are you thinking of switching your team to

      5. Aqua of the SilkWings

        @Mia The Unicorn Yeah, your right, night they aren’t consistent in a good way.....

    53. Inpact_Matt

      Any og jawbreaker fans from 2016 marbleolympics

    54. bigman77

      #snowmuchfun baby let's get itttt

    55. N

      Oooh i’d love to do a meet and greet with red #3

    56. Dr.Acidic Bandit42

      Been in Quarantine since March 6th. This channel is all I need now. #goingcrazyformarbles

    57. Myles Koizumi

      Watching this in self isolation since sports are done due to covid

    58. L V

      Who are the 23 people who disliked

      1. EnderXZ21 YT

        probably disappointed fans

    59. Cat With A Belt

      Day 10 in quarantine for COVID-19 Going well, no sports to watch or take out to eat. Wish me luck recovering. I don’t know if I’ll make it to day 11

      1. The Bourne Network

        wdym? you just watched a sport, and a good one at that.

    60. Shaun Don Don

      Who is here from Twitter?

    61. OS_Wraith

      No sports brought me here😂

    62. Julia Massey

      I’m new to the sport, but even from a newcomers perspective, the show of athleticism and teamwork shown from the Snowballs is incredible, very well deserved.

    63. Dentondabest


    64. NeonKnightOA


    65. willlis13

      Liked it for the “orangers style spear” comment

    66. NormiePie

      I know this is a late comment so nobody will see it but, it’s really disappointing that the Limers are the most popular team but didn’t even make it into qualifiers. Hope something happens that somehow makes them in.

    67. Skies Orion

      I wonder if IRvision will find a way to demonitize this guy to. “ It’s marble racism! Not enough ethnic marbles “! Assholes

    68. Bella

      Yay Team Galactic! I hope they put on a good show.

      1. Shicheng Rao

        Bella #reachforthestars

    69. Elayathamby Vickineswaran

      Hornets are the best!!! #BUZZZZZZZZZ

    70. Brendan 2020

      So in balancing. The maximum score is 520 points. Right? For all four finishers 130 points each?

    71. Bayu Prabowo

      Keep posting

    72. Absorb19

      Honestly considering pulling out any support for limers if they don't pull it together

    73. Marcus Watson

      i thought team primary fans were banned from the stadium after that brawl the other year

    74. Dogwap of the Barn Owl Bakery

      First off, I've got to say I love your channel! Who knew Marble racing could be such a great sport. But... I cringe every time you mention, "ball bearings" . Any player that's been around the playground, knows the metallic orb is called a "Steely". And that's for Keeps, bother.

    75. Snakes 2009

      I wish there was a team callled the wasps

    76. Eli Greene

      Is this true love of marbles, or commentary on how silly sports fanatacism is? Either way I love it

    77. K Woods

      So little question, when did the other marbles like Galactic and oceanics qualify?

    78. Katie Hunter

      thats some tender sweet rolling action~

    79. Melba Vargas

      like para copa mundial de colision

    80. Ronak Novey

      lol who else is so excited for 2020. Can't wait to see how crazy they went this year! Go Oceanics #Tidepride

      1. K Woods

        Im super excited because it's gonna be my first Marble League #ReachForTheStars

    81. Sabrina Brown

      # speed is key I don't know I just can't wait for the 2020 marblelympics

    82. Lucía Aréchiga

      Dude, Kobalts failed to qualify for the qualifiers lol

    83. RextheRebel

      You should make it to where the next event the Limers are in that they have less fans in the stands.

    84. Mordirit

      So... Team Galactic just lost 2020, right?

    85. NintendoLover2005

      Why do I cheer for the Kobalts again?

    86. King Munro

      Why isn't there a Gravitrax or Collision tournament as they are just classic JMR.

    87. Fabian Delano

      I’ve been following the minty maniacs for quite some time now. They’ve never been the team that’s challanging for top spots in the overall league. In fact, most of the time they ended up middle of the pack at best. But watching them struggling their way to qualification is always a sight to behold (even if it’s just a backstory I made up in my mind)

    88. jordan wilkerson

      just here to say i appreciate the fact that one of the turtle sliders is named frank also would like to add: #BZZZZZZZZ

    89. MasterGames


    90. Manuel Gonzalez Rojas

      Hola soy de México, no entiendo el inglés carajo

    91. Aidan McGlothlin

      wheres the green ducks?

    92. Dylas Maras

      TEAM GALACTIC hosting! Woot! It's their year!

    93. Joey Marshall

      No shame from that performance from The Shining Swarm! Got a new team to root for going forward along with Team Galactic, better luck in 2020! #ForTheSwarm

    94. Dani Devito

      idk how i like this better than the Olympics

    95. Evan Guthrie

      Olympics got you too, huh?

    96. [임박사][limb]

      35:54 team momo did not make to finish.....

    97. oxyninjassassin

      Frightening how much i like this...

    98. oxyninjassassin

      Ball berrings are deflategate??? Hmmm

    99. Arne Vi

      36:50 made my day hahaha

    100. Glen Brixey

      Minties barely made it through! 😂