Incredible Sand Race with Marbles!

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 2 of the Marble Rally 2020 only on Jelle's Marble Runs! In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sand and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
    INFO: For Season 5, there won't be qualifiers or a B-League. 20 racers have been invited to participate this year's championship by the committee. Please check our website for more details.
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    1. Tjeu Peijs


    2. Topa Topa

      SUP is basically HAM

    3. Lune Macabre

      My eyes are on cool moody, got the makings of a star.

    4. Justin Olin

      Wait what's the ghost marble

    5. Antonio DBZ


    6. John Smit

      I believe the teams need to train a little more for these conditions. Close finish though!

    7. Kelyn Hallman

      Race 2 isn't included in the playlist... Jsyk

    8. souledgeismyantidrug

      I like Cool Moody. I'm new to the channel, but I reckon he's the Orange Cassidy of marble racing

    9. simple guy


    10. Fluffymiyster

      Yaaay, my Dragon's Egg made 5th place this time! Also, I'm just now noticing that it has some of that blue-green tint to it like my Marbelympics team, Minty Maniacs! Minties came in 3rd place in 2020, hope this is a good sign for Dragon's Egg.

    11. Corwin and Kerys

      has anyone EVER found raldo?!?!

    12. Archie E

      if Ducktape sticks to racing like this we are in for a good season

    13. Mihawk16

      I like the cutoffs and the relays at the end

    14. cikif

      Slimer :(

    15. Theresa Atkinson

      I like marble

    16. sujit bejwadkar


    17. Brian Otida

      I've learned never to count out RN3, EVER. But wouldn't mind that much if Superball or GP won (honestly rooting more for Supes). But yeah, 3 deserves a rest season, although sometimes he just switches on and just decides to win the whole thing.

    18. Tyler Hensley

      Why are these the most intense races I've ever seen? Dudes a genius

    19. Bomi Kang

      Yes ducktape!!

    20. ani wallien

      Hey jelle it’s me ani!!! Remember me from the lake????!!!!

    21. MAROŠ CZ

      Kde to natačíte

    22. Ano Ni Muse?

      Stay cool Moody! 😎


      Seemed short,but still a good race

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        The SMR races are usually between 2 to 3 minutes for the race itself. The length of the race is depending on the location and weather conditions.

    24. rivwell _

      I started the season rooting for superbsll.

    25. TRDPaul

      What has happened to red number 3? Accepting bribes from the race organisers to stop winning every time?

    26. Dirk Tween

      Strong preference for race derbies ! -- Speed is not the only factors

    27. Hellshake Yano Jr

      Black Knight, you choking again what the hell fam

    28. Elissa P

      I love how people are cheering on marbles... I mean I’m doing it too but it’s just so funny 😂

    29. Elissa P

      The tracks are too narrow for RN3 to shine

    30. sonofblessed

      I'm amazed at how edgy I feel when I watch this.

    31. Isaac Newton

      RN3 struggling like Ferrari

    32. Yakituh

      Just discovered this channel, this is incredible I love this so much

    33. Jaden Caldwell

      They bullied red number 3 so unfair

      1. Spongyface2000


    34. Stuart Mease

      Rn3 and ghost plasma 3rd and 9th

    35. Jaden Caldwell

      Red number 3 before surgery =🐐 Red number 3 after the surgery =🏀 Derrick rose

    36. 11_Flo_11

      There are some ruds on track 👍

    37. Emmanuel Perry

      Ghost marble did not finished

    38. DartAleks

      Come on Red Number 3, pull yourself up. Main camera is too bright.

    39. Vasily Weijers

      Let’s give Jelle and Greg some respect! (Laten we Jelle en Greg wat respect geven!)

    40. DethstruXioN ™

      Well those Ducktapes know their highs and lows, first they finished last of the ones that finished, now they finished 2nd, it can go either way, hoping for the best. Ghost Plasma is going steady, they are my 2nd favorite.

    41. Dan Certa

      10th AGAIN and he is still top ten overall! These point totals are 👍 THANKS

    42. Puiu Alexandru

      I found Roldo

    43. CreepyProduceFan 100k

      Cool Moody is Cool!

    44. ItzOOFie

      i just found this channel from FOX sports in my tv

    45. no name

      Ayeeee my boy super ball

    46. Luåhr

      Like si vienes de parte de ibai.

    47. nathanieljim22

      Ghost plasma was close, i thought he would make it

    48. Klaus Consine

      Weird, this video is too bright on places

    49. Marleen Van de Graaf

      Greg still doin’ it! ♥️ ya Greg Woods

    50. Docter_Ez

      Triforce podcast sent me over, good stuff

    51. Sibi Seenivasan

      When's the next Marbula-E ?

    52. Pierre Marais

      track creator getting lazy.. thats why all the DNFs

    53. Jed Albert Barbosa

      I can't join the Premiere because It's sleeping time here at 11pm

    54. andrew bergeron

      Let’s go pollo loco

    55. raafmaat

      Hey Jelle , je hebt echt een heeele dikke shoutout gekregen in de podcast van The Yogscast! ze hebben het echt minuten lang over hoe leuk je kanaal is! xD hier is de links met timestamp :

    56. Harold Smith

      Main camera all blown out, hard to watch.

    57. UCANON

      Damn ghost plasma could've got first place or second place

    58. flowbiscuit

      How can you see my boy Cool Moody and root against him! Great start, just gotta stick with it bud! #CMO

    59. Manuel Rose

      Lets go Superballll! Always been my favorite, super consistent

    60. WoldWolf Music

      Name your favorite marble.

      1. Spongyface2000

        Blazing fireball

    61. Bo Beardington

      Rumor has it that Comet had a couple of shots of Jägerbombs the night before the big race and woke up with a terrible hangover. Shameful really. So much potential.

    62. Eisen Adler

      Whoah even the safety car goes out crashing!

    63. Sonmi 872


    64. Michael Ogunsakin

      Red 3 still the goat

    65. Lilibee • Kirimash

      Cheered Nemo on, a bit disappointed at the result, but I’m looking forward to the future.

    66. Marie Comador

      Blazzing Fireball DNF again 0p you lose

      1. Spongyface2000

        Yeah hopefully he can make a comeback.

    67. Aríes Pradana A.

      Yess, Summer Sky 6th

    68. Steven Beyer

      Does anybody like Cool Moody? I mean, I'm sure he's got some fans, but I really can't stand him and his smug face.

    69. Nevertheless I Live

      Nobody in the comments is giving due props to Superball! I think this might finally be his year. We believe in you, Superball!

    70. Atom5k

      CMO😎 #1

    71. Ivan Henley

      Still not where Red Number 3 needs to be, but I believe in him. This seemed like a faster race than usual for a Sand Rally... interested to see where this will go!

    72. Arindam S. Roy

      00:29 Where's Raldo!

    73. rphnick

      Yes, good to see Ghost Plasma being competitive again!

    74. dudds6699

      Unfair we all observed the result.

    75. Slimelia

      RN3 seems to still be finding his footing after the surgery.. Hope he can get back into his stride!

    76. Alberto P.

      How the starting positions are decided? I see RN3 is in 10 like the previous position in the last race, but look at CCE...

    77. Taylor Scovelli

      Its fine CCE. Everyone has there bad days. Youll get that dub next time

    78. Happily Insane


    79. Brotha Protean

      Petition to introduce a new team called the Terra Spheres. They're the opposite essentially of the Oceanics (maybe they'll be good at water events instead of land lol). And they're cheer will be "Welcome to the Terradome!"

    80. BlueGriffin20

      Ouch. After seeing last run i’m disappointed that lollipop didn’t prepare for track conditions and went out. It will be a hard treck back, but keep moving forward!

    81. MightyManotaur22

      I'll all aboard the Cool Moody train this year!

    82. Rodney Johnstone Prime

      Have you guys NERF'ed RN3? Put something in his hole? Or is someone holding him back just off camera?

    83. inSherlock

      Black Knight will do better. At least they didn't get a DF! And Superball's my second racer. I'm satisfied with today's showing.

    84. elliot FF

      damn the lockdown has not been kind to red number 3

    85. Gwee Jia Han

      You know what i would like to see? I would to see fans along the track so that when they DNF they hit the fans haha. you watch rally cars and they are like inches away from the spectators

    86. darion fox

      THIS IS SO SATISFYINGLY ADDICTIVE!!!.. C'mon team Dragon's Egg.

    87. phil regis


    88. jonatan perez

      slimer :(

    89. Abby Bane

      The main camera on this video was VERY hard to follow with. It was very bright, super zoomed in and most of the race/marbles weren't even on the screen. At one point, between the leader board, the better/usual camera style in the bottom right corner and where the camera was pointed, there was literally no marbles on the main screen. I usually enjoy and love the races, but this one had me lost. Thank you for continuing to make the races/events, you do an amazing job, just an off day with this one I guess. Go Dragon's Egg!! (awaiting the new event season so Minty Maniacs can make a come back)

    90. The Oculist

      Come on RN3 you gotta step it up my friend.. better luck next time i guess.



    92. Brian Venua

      Did JMR just confirm an SMR vs Marbula 1 biathalon??

    93. Patrick Martin

      Let’s go ghost

    94. iamchillydogg

      I wish I could bet on this. 😄

    95. fresquez

      Ghost Plasma is going to do it this year!

    96. Dominoes Go!

      I like cool moody

    97. Jengeth

      Today is not a good day to be a cobra fan. Just like all the others.

    98. Isaiah Cutshall

      Go Ducktape

    99. The Brown Lantern

      Cool moody bringing this season home

    100. Ramen_Is_Amazing

      Cmon Red Number 3! Win!