Marbula One Season 2: GP6 Arctic Circuit Qualifying

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the Tumult Turnpike, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
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    1. Chickenwang24

      Welcome back Yellup. You are the best.

    2. Lucas Wilcox

      hey where did you get those types of track?

    3. random nocontent

      It's sad to see that Rapidly has rapidly transformed into the new Mary this season

    4. Abel Uhegbu

      Orangers actually doing something

    5. TheLand

      LETS GOOOO O’RANGERS!!!! 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

    6. Closets Closets Closets Closets!

      I feel like there should be a discord for the enthusiasts of this channel with like each team having a chat area to discuss how well or poorly their team is doing

    7. Penguinexpress

      Climate change has made the track less snowy omg Greg

    8. Kristine

      I don’t understand the difference between the green and purple times

    9. Nick Carberry

      1:17 throwing out some facts

    10. TheHiddenLotus

      LIMERS!!!! time get into this baby!!

    11. Dominik Weber

      Rapidly really needs to get his sh*t together because right now he's totally ruining it for speedy

    12. 607

      The audience sound is amazing. :)

    13. Charlie

      Billy proving time and time again that he’s the 🐐

    14. Kuwi

      looks like bumbles ain't winning...

    15. NickNames

      I'm so proud of Clementin

    16. Droopy95mkDS

      5:45 started to chant "OOOOOOOOOOOO..."

    17. Cay Wac


    18. Bridget Lee

      Speeders fans at the start: we're the defending champs, nothing can go wrong! Speeders fans at fourth race: ok this is perfectly fine, they'll catch up. Speeders fans at arctic circuit quali: ok im done with this bs.

    19. Sutter

      That is for sure, the worse season for rapidly. Where is Swifty?

    20. FunLearn with Shiva


    21. Bijoy Roychowdhury

      5000th like ( I think) :)

    22. Bad Bean Taco

      #EyeOnThePrize #GoRedEye #TheEYEinWIN

    23. Austin Ray

      This was a tough one #BumbleRumble

    24. Chris Lubanzadio

      Reply '' me ''if ur from UK Johnson Had bad news

    25. Ðraconas

      Red Eye's straight line speed is insane! What's he got under that hood?

    26. Dom Wielenga

      Ayo where’s the green ducks at. Missing my boys 😔

    27. AXpyroh

      Rapidly is the Albon of the Speeders

    28. john catalogne

      I've said it once and I'll say it again, redeye is TERRIFYING (o'ranger fan here)

    29. Christopher Thum

      green ducks ftw

    30. Armaan Suden

      Who else is here after the new sidemen video

    31. Harvey Sokhal

      This is amazing!

    32. THX_ BananaPlayy

      idc what anyone says but this chanel makes my 2020 fr fr

    33. dCon0ne

      Sorry but, I have to put this out there. Why are none, of the Fans, practicing "Social Distancing"????

    34. Kristen Block

      bruh this is great

    35. The POTATOMAN

      Tough time to be a speeders fan I’ve been one since 2016 marblelympics during race 1 I was like I am speed so I like speeders

    36. General Hobbies


    37. S P

      Any chance for a crossover with the Marbles from Marbula E?

    38. MightyManotaur22

      Can't wait for the Green Ducks to finish in 8th after dominating the qualifying yet again 😒

    39. memyselfiamweird

      OOC comment, but - props to the set designers! I love the little exits, as shown in close up at 10:01 - beautiful attention to detail all round

    40. peccantis

      I hope the camera team picks their act up a bit, it was disappointing to see so many cuts and the somewhat awkward angles disrupt the view of the Double Diamond Corner. They say you can die in that corner... or be reborn.

    41. Jessica Sweet

      Whats happenning with the savage speeders??

    42. Javan Auger

      I hope Rapidly ain’t reading these comments from his haters and unfortunately our own team fans. He doesn’t deserve to be berated like this, that marble helped us win championships and played key roles in winning those championships.

    43. MJTH

      Speedy has been carrying the savage speeders for too long. This was fine back in the days where his sheer dominance as a competitor allowed him to make the difference when compared to Rapidly solid by average performances. However, Speedy hasn't been the same since his injury on the conveyer belt at the beginning of the season. He's manage to win one race since then, but that was out of sheer will. His last performance shows he pushed to much. And rapidly this season has just had terrible pace. I fear that the Savage Speeders in this season of M1 are following the footsteps of Ferrari of this season of F1.

    44. Joshua Fetter

      Been a truly disappointing season so far for the savage speeders

    45. Amitabh Mohanty

      all non combo beyblades versus lucifer the end

    46. Leon Kleyn

      im cherring for billy

    47. Jeff Kryger

      Much better showing by the O'rangers. Feeling good about the race!

    48. Nick van Walderveen

      Even though I am excited for Smoggy starting 4th, it does not bode well to see how harshly that turn goes for him whenever he's alone. Might be difficult to catch up, or to maintain a lead if he takes that turn alone.

    49. Adrian Jayawardhana

      Rapidly is done today

    50. bazzigoplay297

      Image being a Ferrari and a Savage Speeder Fan in 2020

    51. Sarita Shrestha

      I am unsubscribing what is wrong with the speeders I wanna cry

    52. Joe Johnson


    53. Liam Schulz

      Strange to see so many ducks so far north for the winter

    54. [ExXegleTt_09]

      Rapidly 🤦🏻‍♂️

    55. Billie Davis

      I love that second turn, very smooth. That 90 degree corner is a doozy. I can see a lot of slamming into it and leaving racers disoriented. The snow bridge is a nice thematic touch!

    56. Matthias H.

      Green Ducks' Qualifying perfomance is simply terrific.

    57. S. V. Berezin

      Whey Billy! Let's finally get a good podium spot in the real thing!

    58. Today’s the Day


    59. Mikuláš Vodenka

      What is with Rapidly? Wasn't he injured?

    60. Andrew

      Rapidly is the new Mary


      as a savage speeders fan, i am just so dissapointed in rapidly. i mean come on, u NEVER, EVER, qualify in a good position. i think that in s3 rapidly shouldn't be a racer, and i think all of u can agree with me on that. #speediskey

    62. Kurumi Tokisaki

      Vamossss Carajoo!!!

    63. AHumanIThink

      Why do I have to be a Jungle Jumpers fan? IM ALREADY A NY JETS FAN! ONE IS ENOUGH!

    64. Slade by Reality

      Rough season for Rapidly. Just not showing Marbula 1 form.

    65. Elsa Of The North

      Honey trying to jump the chevron and slipping out killed me 😩

    66. Rory Bessell

      Rapidly is embarrassing this season

    67. Pierre

      Almost #CCE4Life

    68. Andy SJ

      Well, we made it into the race Limers fans. Let’s just leave it there 😂 #limetime

    69. Rush Fan 2112

      Clementin has improved a lot in the offseason. Good to see. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    70. Peppermint Productions

      Oh. My god. Minty Fresh, what the heck happened? This is utterly painful

    71. Christopher Long

      Love Greg Wood's commentary, cannot wait for today's race. Come on Red Eye!

    72. Sebastián Griesshammer Meneses


    73. Rafael Velasco

      Cmooooooooooooooooooooooooon billy

    74. Ross Farqhar

      Let's go Green Ducks!

    75. sankimalu

      What happened to the O’rangers? We’re they caught doping? They have been lousy recently...

    76. 148 Race

      Please get rid of Rapidly. He sucks, Speedy won at round 3 could have won at round 1 and got points at round 5. Rapidly got last, second last and DNQ

      1. 148 Race

        Just throw him in the bin!

    77. Ether Melt

      #HazeAmaze! the Pole sitter never wins first, so getting 4th position is a huge boon!

    78. vlogerhood

      We still have a chance to get something out of this Marbula One. Clemintin seems in good form. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    79. Adeboye Adefarati

      Billy is broken

    80. DJ & Tay

      It’s a great day to be a Green Duck fan. #quackattack

    81. scervydogg12345

      The savage speeders need to get their act together

    82. flipsideroot

      Finally got that pole position for Green Ducks! That right hander will be a challenge for sure. Hope they do well on the actual race! #QuackAttack

    83. martin doherty

      As an orangers fan I feel hopeful but ready for our failure to continue and my heart to break again

    84. scarpfish

      Minty Fresh is the new Mary.

    85. Liam Fallon

      Minty Fresh smacked the side of the course so bad. 4:56 - Right as he says "Concussion-Like Symptoms" lol

    86. Ivan Pellper Freely

      That right angle after the slalom is going to be BRUTAL. Definitely run killers and many, many lead changes I predict around there. Sharp turns after fast sections always spells disaster (I'm looking at you, Tumult Turnpike!)

    87. ianwyj1

      Lemonlime - 3rd time lucky in qualifying (am I right)? Yay, get in the points tomorrow!

    88. yonitm24

      ok, lemonlime is known to break from the back, limers for the win!!GO LIME!

    89. James Song

      I dare not hope that Clementin will do well in the actual race. 🍊

    90. Augusto Gambarte

      Rapidly is on vacations this year, dont really know what he is doing

    91. kai Feuerstein

      Hi Jelle, what does the violet colour in the split times stand for? Faster in this segment or something else?

    92. Aidan Reasons

      I think the bumblebees burned themselves out on the first few races....

    93. Gabriel Tyler

      Love the christmasy theme! :)

    94. Abhinav Srivastava

      Still waiting for Speeders to return to their former glory #SpeedIsKey

      1. Andrew

        Speedy is doing fine as is. Last race qualifying wasn’t in his favor, but he still clawed his way in the top half of the grid. Rapidly has been consistently shit this whole season.

    95. Sean sullivan

      Please limers track

    96. Short Man Walking

      Good qualifying form from Smoggy but that Q3 round did not look very smooth - let's hope the race is better. #HazeAmaze

    97. ORAForce gaming

      Smoggy couldn't hold it together at the end but overall good

    98. Bejad Salah

      We need new galactic team please

    99. Mathijs Provoost

      T3 seems to have a bit of kerb loose, the racers might be catapulted of the track when hitting it hard. I hope Jelle spots and fixes it before the race :)

    100. Alexo Jacobs

      I love that so much it's so great.🥳😍😍😍😍😍😍