Cravendale Last Marble Standing E1 Funnel Spin - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the Last Marble Standing 2020 Opening Ceremony and Event 1 Funnel Spin. The marble who survives the longest will win.
    All 6 teams are gearing up for the momentous sporting event of the summer, but which marbles do you think will be walking away with the Cravendale Cup?
    IMPORTANT: Please read this first before posting comments!
    - This is NOT the Marble League 2020! The first video will be on June 18, and check the Community Tab for news!
    - There's an error on the scoreboard after the second race the result of the winner is shown incorrectly but has no effect on the rankings.
    - The editing is mostly done by the Cravendale team, so any feedback is welcome and will be used to improve the upcoming videos.
    - The Marbula E Race 3 will be uploaded on 6 June.
    - The Marble League 2020 will start at 18 June with the Qualifiers.
    - The teams in the LMS has NOTHING to do in relationship with the original Marble League teams!
    We also used different marbles compared to the original ML teams.
    "Last Marble Standing" is sponsored by Arla Cravendale
    This video contains strong fast flashing lights and transitions, which can cause harm to those with photosensitive epilepsy.
    Competing teams:
    - Team Purity (host)(transparent teal with silver white)
    - Milky Madness (solid white, like Snowballs)
    - Semi-Skimmers (green with white)
    - Dairy Dash (sky blue with white swirls)
    - Freshers (lime green with teal and white swirls, like Limers)
    - Graze of Glory (blue with light blue, like Kobalts)
    All events of this tournament are already recorded in advance and we are close to finish this project so we will start construction of the ML2020 stadium next week. The ML2020 release dates won't be affected by this tournament.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics / design: Merle Driver, Becky Sumner, Thom Mill and Jamie Bryan
    Filming / Video Editing: Jelle Bakker / Jodie Horne
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    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2020 and Arla / Cravendale: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. NiGHTS Moore

      In case you were wondering, Clover is underneath the 9th funnel

    2. Ghostly


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    4. EbonyDarknessDementiaRavenWay

      4:20 that was amazing

    5. Rahul Khanna

      Clover under funnel 9

    6. Violeta Cerezo

      Marble save us in covid cuz covid was making best year worst marble vs covid Who will win? Not begging for likes or comments

    7. Shrimpy Dimpy

      :O I heard there was a Morbid-19 outbreak in the stands! Are the rumors true!?

    8. BlueFlag Alpha

      Did someone forgot to tell Freshers that finishing first doesnt mean they win?

    9. brettlexine world

      Purity whooooo

    10. Jordan K

      Lets go Dairy Dash! Creamo lead us to victory

    11. TheRUUK

      Wow I've been watching you for like 3 years and never realized I didn't subscribe 😭😂

    12. Mad Moose Willy

      This is like the sequel to Last Man Standing

    13. Megan Field

      I love your effortless pun work.

    14. pepppery

      You know the cream will rise to the top!

    15. Anthony Naranjo

      Graze! Graze! Graze!

    16. The Green Monstah

      Graze of glory all day baby! Been a fan since.... the beginning of the video when I saw their logo.

    17. On fire

      Fools: Milky Madness An intellectual: *C U M B A L L S*

    18. S t o n k

      I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have a favorite team, I vote for everyone lol 😆 but I do like Team Purity alot

    19. Here Cometherats

      Greg was so proud when he got to say "milking this moment for all it is worth."

    20. Lazy Fox Plays

      A coworker recommended this yesterday. These are wonderful! I love it. It is done so well!!!

    21. AllRattedUp

      Man, I duno what your sponsers are paying but this is some of the most original and interesting advertising I have ever seen on IRvision. I love it.

    22. Rafi Rahman

      New Milk Madness fanboys here as well as being Balls of Chaos fans

    23. Marc Pous

      Ceno un for spain and my quest is you can make a world cup muebles with nations

      1. Marc Pous


    24. Marc Pous


    25. Ric Caliolio

      "They're *milking* this moment for all its worth." 8:10

    26. imaagamer

      This would've been a great substitute for soccer

    27. LMS Studios

      Is there a chance we could see any of these teams in future marblelympics?

    28. HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo

      I'm not a big fan of this tbh, being so similar to the marble league, and being released mere weeks before the games get going, it's a bit too much imho. Better to wait for the off-season, the audience might be more intense that way

    29. April Gabriella

      I just caught this on Last Week Tonight and am already hooked.

    30. Daniel Kohl

      Thar Graze of Glory hold in the last funnel though

    31. Giovanni Conconi

      1:45 The Freshers Coach: DR. FRESH If you take the first letter of their names: DR. FRESH AGAIN That's my team.

    32. Dwight Reim

      I hope when the return of the cravendale cup comes on I hope they put more teams in it

    33. Teaching You Excel

      4:55 is where the race was lost

    34. Zetsugos K

      Not even a minute in and I'm already tearing up

    35. Krondor

      Grazers and Hazers unite. #GrazeAmaze #HazeAmaze

    36. TIM BOT

      Go go go dairy dash 💨

    37. Small Dog Barking

      This is how you know you're deep into it. When you're watching independent marble league competition. Just found the channel yesterday! Huge fan! Thanks Jelle for the content that keeps me smiling!

    38. RipjawGaming 4521

      Yay my color won 😄

    39. Farzina Inayat Ali

      You are my second favorite marble race IRvisionr

    40. Seung

      milky madness really pulling it off in the 2nd heat

    41. Jon A. Oliveira Santos

      How is it differente from the ML?

    42. 10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge

      My man took the time to choose the white and black striped marbles for the referees

    43. sheheryar danish

      who else is with the marble of their favourite color edit: no red marble team :( no problem 2nd favourite green color

    44. sheheryar danish

      i like savage speeders because red is my favourite colour thats why i will be with the red coloured marble in this event

    45. Ever Green

      2:14 - 2:45 GLORIOUS

    46. Simon Smyth

      dirty momentum steal from Glaze of Glory 5:15

    47. christopher kozyra

      how about a jump into a sand box for long jump?

    48. David Debrah

      I agree

      1. David Debrah


    49. Penguinexpress

      Gaggle of marbles

    50. 888Grim

      Go Milky Madness!

    51. Jack Smith

      when you just want the blue marbles to win but thunderbolts are always solid but never winners ahh yes three blues teams thank you

    52. Oli Clay

      My friend works at the arla factory making cravendale in Settle, England!

    53. Jacob Junkrans

      is this a swedish youtube channel or how come your sponsored by arla?

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      This is amazing.

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      Clover found at the 4:30 minute mark !

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      I know how to make video a little but I know how much time spend to make that opening ceremony. For me that is soooo much work so greattt jobb!!!

    60. Kubajzus

      7:20 Clover on right and under under the orange thing Sorry english is not my natural language

    61. Michael Duntz

      I love that this is more than just watching marbles. They have legit backstories.

    62. Tom Kini

      Can't believe I missed the premiere of this

    63. DJ _NightCoreGod_

      Now I wanna buy some marbles

    64. Avital Alef

      8:11 Haha Nice pun ^^

    65. Joshua Fetter

      Me trying to pick which team to support: Hmmmm, maybe the white team? Pure white marbles are cool. Me after seeing The Freshers are coached by Dr. Fresh: That's it. I'm a Fresher for life.

    66. The AViator

      "They are the epitome of freshness" XD

    67. The AViator

      It's official, Greg Woods is my favorite commentator in all of pseudo-sports.

    68. Richard Nonsense

      Ever considered using different materials for the marble teams or different marble sizes?

    69. J Mulvey

      The Duke and Duchess? All marbles are created equal!

    70. AirKangLocker

      KAIJI having major PTSDs right now

    71. Reydilla Paculanang

      Pick milky madness I think.

    72. Rikken

      The teams i root for Minty maniacs Green ducks Now team purity

    73. Stephen Hoffmann

      I love these marbles and the way they roll. I have to ask, despite the "milk" connotation, is this the right time period to be having an all white team called "Team Purity"? I realize this is a nitpick but it does seem awkward at best. It begs the question if they are implying that chocolate milk is somehow less pure.

      1. DJ _NightCoreGod_

        Stephen Hoffmann Racism LOL jk it's a joke

    74. paopao02420

      Welp Tokyo Olympics canceled but this will do.

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      This is why this channel should exist entertaining and kid friendly.

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    78. The Playlists - Home of random YT videos!

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    86. Michele

      Before I even watch, I'm voting for Milky Madness because they remind me of snow, and I miss the snow from my home! Go Milky!

    87. talidu8b

      wasnt this supposed to be sposnsored by Last Week Tonight? (John Oliver?)

    88. Ethan W


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      8:10 haha solid pun

    90. Original Name

      Petition to rename funnel spinning “glory holes”

    91. steveleamont

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    92. fuzzygenius

      This is the best kind of sponsorship. And the whole thing is so wholesome!

    93. Calvin Kruger

      Oh my gosh I found the hidden marble for the first time ever XD

    94. Ricat Yowos

      Everyime i root on one team, they lost first.. fffffff

    95. Mr. Christie

      Good start for Dairy Dash. We’re within striking distance!

    96. Jeff Byrd

      Its weird how advetising looks certain ways for certain things. I thought the first one looked like yogurt and then I noticed they are all diary themed. Clouds and ovals man, clouds and ovals.

    97. jgames111

      Graze of Glory all the way.

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