Marbula One: Momotorway GP (S1R3) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The third marble RACE of the brand new Marbula One! This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of Team Momo, the Momotorway! AFTER THE PREMIERE this will become just a normal video!
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    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We will improve the entryway and exit of the conveyor belt to prevent more accidents and marbles hanging at the belt entrance. These improvements are done after race 4.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound (intro) and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during track preview, podium and end)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. MrLuigge


    2. Cavina Lamont

      I love savage speeders tayy🎊🎉🎊

    3. Christmas666


    4. ShemaB

      A lot of teams seem to struggle on the conveyor belt. Go O'rangers! You'll master it soon

    5. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      I am voting for speedy for speeders all day

    6. Greg

      so where is Starry in the points standings ?

    7. Aaron Dorsey

      Clementin had a good race, so close at the end there. A few mistakes with the conveyor belt cost the O'Rangers a podium, getting better though.

    8. Earl Bone Does

      This race has a beautiful set of turns that, when the marbles sway in and out of them just right, makes the world feel like a better place. Also the straight-on shot of the conveyor belt as the marbles click into place is super satisfying too. Great work on this track!

    9. WenisGaming

      Orangers should’ve won but they choked so many times on the conveyor

    10. Josh Mr. Fire

      this aint team momo's year, coming last on their own track? i cant say im not dissappointed

    11. Judah Sh

      My team I LOVE the Havers

    12. Daniel Rodriguez

      These races are awesome. I'm not into race sports at all but I am enjoying these marble races immensely. Thanks for putting them together!

    13. City of Gold and Lead

      Notice how earlier hazy went from 7th to 2nd?

    14. Levi World

      Look In The Group Of Midnight Wisp Fans And If You See Yellow Marble That's Roldo

    15. Billy Jenkins

      I love this

    16. Nicolas Mobley

      love the intro!

    17. Kevin Wu

      1:36 Team Primary colors in the three section of Momotorway, as proof of bondage between the 2 teams!

    18. Alex Ortiz

      Any time I feel down as a BoC fan, ill watch this again

    19. Ayaan M Khazi

      Yes! savage speeders are 3rd overall #speediskey

    20. Jason Brown

      O’rangers let me down.

    21. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before the race) I'm just having a hard time believing the Hive Hornets are having such a poor showing. If any team had all their Marbles all lined up it was them. Vespa wasn't up to her usual form in the qualifier.

    22. Rondell Winston Jr.

      go team momo

    23. Christopher Kujawski

      Heck of a drive by Snowy, back of the grid to P9, well done. Might have been able to get a couple more places if it wasn't for some great defensive driving by Rojo Uno coming down the stretch. Incredible race

    24. Brian Jones

      Way to go Clutter!!! Led the whole way!!

    25. Sean Plympton

      O’Ranger for life

    26. Ale Mei

      Forza Savage speders

    27. p4kno tv

      Thunder bolts

    28. Jaro J


    29. Juuso Tiirakari

      Go Balls of Chaos Go

    30. LazyBasketballDude 1

      Usain bolt (clutter) passing Ryan Bailey (prim) in the 2012 4x100m Olympic finals

    31. No one Likes jaystation

      Rojo rollers are like the Williams of m1

    32. Ola Bergvall

      Legendary race

    33. Russell Dominy

      Snowballs really need to focus on improving their qualifying times, can't afford to languish so long in the rear.

    34. nathan Gathercole

      Ever since i found this channel something like 5 years ago ive always been a fan of the O'rangers and like other sports its a horrible feeling slowly see your team get overtaken, each turn has me shouting at my screen telling the other teams to stay away, just a cliche Brit i guess.

    35. Claire Sharpe

      Watching Razzy slip further and further back in place really broke my heart.

    36. 247Metal

      Rooting for hazy on this one. But it is not consistent. :(

    37. Josh R

      I hate Team Snowflake. They always initiate illegal contact and never get flagged for it. Im submitting a complaint

    38. Vark Ster

      Somehow a video from this channel popped up in my recommended feed today. I'm not even remotely into sports, especially not motorsport, and just clicked on it for a quick laugh. 2 hours+ later I looked at the time and seriously, _seriously_ pondered what the heck I'd just done with the afternoon. I had to go to the shops. And I found myself telling the cashier about the fact that I'd just spent the afternoon watching marble Olympics, marble Raceway, Marbula One, marble Rally-cross etc. on IRvision. And when I got back home I found myself thinking, "What the heck was I saying that for? I must have seemed like a right weirdo." Yet now I'm back here again. And probably will be for most of the evening. Needless to say, I think you've done an amazing job of not only finding a great concept, but executing it almost flawlessly. Quite aside from the excellent commentary and telemetry, the little touches like marshals, medics, cheering crowds, Mexican waves, etc. just bring so much fun and life to the sport. Hmmmm. Did I just call watching the random interplay of the laws of physics 'sport'? Hell yeah! Just don't tell the FIA about this, or they'll try to muscle in on the action and start demanding that the marbles all require halos, and need to be restricted by weight, HP, circumference, opacity, etc. And if the IOC get wind of it, they will probably start testing marbles for silicone purity. And playing national anthems every time anything at all happens. I have no idea who governs rally-cross, but they'd probably demand a different thickness/shade of sand for the track or something? Keep it strictly Marble. And I'll keep subscribed and watching.

    39. Larry _ TL

      Can someone give me a link to the music at 1:05?

    40. Shawn Louden

      Well at least we got 4th. #GoGreenDucks

    41. Burak ÖZKAN

      Divine justice! Clutter certainly deserved the 1st position at the qualifying round but lost by 0.04 seconds. Now Clutter wins by 0.05 seconds! Yey!

    42. Vengeance Vengeance

      Anyone found Roldo?

    43. Kevin McCabe

      This track was definitely my favorite so far, the qualifier video flowed so smoothly

    44. Thelk641

      No Speedy ! So close to the podium for so long, but kept on missing the conveyor... we'll do better, we'll get a podium at some point in this season, I believe in my fellow speedsters !

    45. Josh Melanson

      Great finish for this one. Hazers are growing on me, gutsy races.

    46. Bubblegum uwu


    47. Brian Smith

      Fast Track, Lots of action- Clutter with the solid win, but man did Prim scare me at the end

    48. Mihai Petre

      So close, Prim...

    49. elaineisthatyou

      I actually like the hidden danger in the conveyor belt. Definitely means you can't take a lead for granted.

    50. Leonnard Lee

      Come on you Green Duck!!

    51. IsebelleVrille

      This might be the only sport I actually enjoy and the only players are marbles xD I hope this gets a spot on tv or some streaming service some day

    52. IsebelleVrille

      Darn, Snowballs had a rough race today :( I was rooting for a comeback the whole way

    53. Blue Sky

      Everyone: damn coronavirus, you ruined sports and now there’s no sports 😡 Me: knows that marble races are still going on 😁

    54. BTReflex

      Hazers are op. Pls nerf

    55. OneTw0

      I'd really like to see the pole position qualifications.

    56. Jeff Diamond

      No, Momo! I believe in you! Good luck in the next one!! Green for life!

    57. Milko Migneco

      cant wait to see a city circuit race "Monaco style"

    58. Milko Migneco

      Snowy never had the pace of the front runners on this race, what a shame, will see next time! GO SNOWBALLS!

    59. sleepyhealer

      Team galactic for life

    60. Ray Lopez

      Third race I watch and you mad lad have earned a sub, the production and hard work put in this videos is beyond me. Amazing.

    61. zgamer200

      As a Snowballs fan I would like to apologize for my comments towards Snowflake following the second race. Snowflake managed to claw his way all the way up to 6th after falling to dead last. Sadly Snowy did not manage a similar comeback. A disappointing result considering Snowy managed to snag 3rd in this season's first race.

    62. Drummer Dude

      When you're team is in the bottom 6 so you can't see them at all.

    63. Sony Ant

      BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Thank you so much for this. I really really love it. Why? It's just amazing.

    64. NotTheRealJubeNube

      my cat who is named momo is like momo in the races... He is loveable but not so good at it but not the worst

    65. NotTheRealJubeNube

      I am ashamed of momo's current performance

    66. Kuda S

      I love the theme, So F1 and the tracks are awesome, when you bringing back the outside races, need my REd3 back

    67. Julius Zentgraf

      I don't know why. But for some reason I am a fan of the Hazers

    68. A Simpleton

      I'm a bit embarrassed at how nervous I got at the end.

    69. Mmorphius

      The hazers have speed but until they work on their overtaking I don't think they will get the gold.... At least they have been consistent thus far.

    70. edwin van der vyver

      Nice where do you get this tracks

    71. Ankit Mishra

      Udhar thoda der ke liye, Goti muh mein tha

    72. Damon McDonald

      What’s raldo look like?

    73. Kings Dominion Network

      The offical hashtag of Team Chaos Should Be #Timeforchaos

    74. Lorenzo De Dios

      Momo: "The curse continues. (Mary broke it on the 2nd race track)" Momo fans:" Put Mary back!" 🤣🤣 #SS 🙏

    75. Mike Rowland

      Celementin's struggles on the conveyer belt were his downfall.

    76. Sc Heerenveen Is goed

      GREEN DUCKS forever

    77. Daniel Klix

      Thank you SO MUCH Last Week Tonight!!!!!!!

    78. Cups !

      Great push from the orangers. Jumped from 11th up to 2nd during that race. Happy with the 5th spot in the end.

    79. Micheal

      Rez, constant disappointment :(

    80. VideoGameWerehog

      Damn! I really wanted Prim to get the win... I’m invested into Team Primary now

    81. llongone2

      Looked like those BOC fans were going to riot! Win or lose, they love chaos!

    82. Sauqi Sidni

      I am fine

    83. Wiksolop72

      Yooo Hazey put up a fantastic fight and should be proud of that performance!

    84. bones007able

      how does the speed boost work?

    85. Jaro J

      I found ranaldo he’s 6:43 in the black stands

    86. North Carolina Rebel

      can you do a tutorial on how to build one of these tracks?

    87. North Carolina Rebel

      you need to make one big oval track with the highest speed racing in mabula one.

      1. North Carolina Rebel

        @Jelle's Marble Runs thanks, im just a huge nascar fan

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Again, we have plans, but it can take a while before we will do it.

      3. North Carolina Rebel

        @Jelle's Marble Runs you should make a nascar themed racing series with high-speed oval tracks

      4. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We have plans to do that

    88. Surly_Duff75

      Win, Lose or Tie. Limers 'til I die.

    89. Bart Hagel

      Dit is echt verrassend vermakelijk om te kijken! The production level of this is insane! The commentary is on point! Keep it up guys, you're awesome!

    90. Flik13

      IM A JINX, who ever i cheer for ends up in last....

    91. Flik13

      I love this!! I forgot all about you! had to resubscribe, for some reason i lost you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    92. dacoolness channel

      Anyone find it funny that Momo got last place on their own track?

    93. Mark Stiles

      SPOILER: Growing up watching the Detroit Lions set records for futility has prepared me for being a fan of Team Momo.

    94. Surfer Rosa

      Where's Roldo?

    95. Joe Iipuleni

      Damn I am a sucker for a good story. And must say the production on this is something else all together

    96. Leonardo Ruiz

      Man... conveyer belt mvp for this race smh.

    97. James Bailey

      Clutter over here giving me heart attacks, yeah boy!

    98. Bjorn Vrancken

      As a lifelong Balls of Chaos fan since last night I can't believe we finally took home the gold!

    99. mrrandomness

      I don’t care who wins as long as mallard loses

    100. mrrandomness

      Who else hates the new comment section