Marbula One: O'raceway GP Qualifying (S1Q2) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the second Qualifying session of the brand new Marbula One! (Marble Race, Formula 1 for marbles) This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of the O'rangers, the O'raceway! Held in a time trial format, the qualifying will determine the starting grid for tomorrow's Race. AFTER THE PREMIERE this will become just a normal video!
    - We will adjust the qualifying format slightly for the next race, releasing lesser marbles at the same time. Thank you for your feedback!
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during qualifiers results)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Ryan Ruffi

      Your videos are genius and I’m actually surprised you don’t have more subs. The edits are clean and the commentary is spot on I wish this was an actual sport. Edit:Midnight Wisps all the way

      1. AmmaLeslie

        Isn't a million subs a lot?

      2. Erekle Roinishvili

        A good way to say it. And a fellow Midnight Wisps fan!

      3. N & Q


      4. NotGerman

        Nah SNOWFLAKES

      5. Dildo Teabaggens

        Ryan Ruffi #teamGalactic

    2. Fer Ferchu

      no me gusta la fórmula 1 pero esto si es entretenido gracias

    3. Ray Howard Broyles Bravo

      Only if the races were 70 laps long.

    4. The Mack Macs


    5. Jolanta Żaba

      Lets go Hornets, i believe on you!

    6. Megan Field

      I really like this track. Adding the sand part was genius.

    7. Nicolas Mobley

      the intro music is so good!

    8. G B

      Well done dude you deserve the best ;-D

    9. Kristopher Dorton

      Me too

    10. Shane Spencer

      (Comment made before the start of the race) Hornets in 4th, I think they are getting a lot of the buzz in this series. I understand the racers are in a bubble, however I would love to hear some post, and pre-race interviews. Perhaps learn what their overall team strategy is. We need the points.

    11. Juuso Tiirakari

      Balls of Chaos!!!

    12. Gatchaman_Bird_Style

      I so addicted to Marble Racing!!! Go Team Galactic!!🌌

    13. Stijns filmpjes


    14. DjSquirrel33


    15. Malicia the Octoling

      I hope you also protected all derivatives from the name Marbula One? (Such as Marbula 1, on...)

    16. Kurse

      Both my teams came 1st and 2nd!!

    17. Amira Lalmi


    18. MonkeyJedi99

      What happened, Mary?

    19. ranyj00lek

      thats so addictive

    20. zgamer200

      Snowy would've done better. Not sure why Snowball decided to run Snowflake out there, but he did not do well. Hopefully he does better in the actual race than he did in the qualifier.

    21. Unkel Mo

      4 years, and i still feel genuine hatred when the o'rangers stuff up

    22. Max Johnson

      How much did this cost

    23. Duli Kon

      Limeline just good - great Qualification for the Limers.

    24. TooTrue

      Get it together Mary! Smh

    25. taylor wildman

      this isnt really a formula one race its more like rally cross because of the dirt section

    26. Parker Gunther

      This man just said "They [the marbles] might get distracted" 🙋‍♂️

    27. Parker Gunther

      I miss BMW 😢

    28. Parker Gunther

      Really though, this isn't serious ... right

    29. John Landon

      Sent here by Jon Oliver. Only two races in and I'm already thinking about getting a Savage Speeders shirt....

    30. ArmchairGravy

      Now I want this as a racing video game.

    31. PhoenixKnight

      not gonna lie. John Oliver turned me on to this :)

    32. codydonkey231

      John Oliver was right, this is amazing

    33. Synashi LP

      Me, watching Last Week Tonight: "John Oliver is sponsoring Marble Racing to fill in the sports gap? Why tho?" Me, while watching this: "Yeah, go, Anarchy!"

    34. Joseph Hawgbaur

      I have a fist full of $2 bills for betting. Where's the window?

    35. Moe Heil


    36. João Paulo Belli

      Go MIMO!!

    37. The Card Czar

      Limers with a moment at the top here, maybe a comeback season brewing? #limetime

    38. QibliTheSecond

      Galactic ftw!

    39. Pizza Cat

    40. Conor Sheridan

      I think next time to try implementing practice and having q2 and q3 like f1 i think it could help juggle the top 10 marbles and a small practice to see how marbles are doing going into the circuit for qualifying, would be fun to see but i known it would add alot of work on yourself

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We are thinking about it, but it will be a lot of extra work with recording / editing.

    41. ellahound

      so cool

    42. srinitaaigaura

      You are just a genius friend! The kind of ideas you come up with. And you have an amazing commentator too. In fact Murray Walker should have commented for these sort of races. By the way, do consider adding wet weather and maybe a DRS zone (one half of the track is rough and slow, the other half is slick and fast), or maybe a travelator for the pit lane (so whoever goes in with a problem loses some time and it's like a pit lane speed limiter). Wet weather I've seen it elsewhere getting used and it is amazing - the water slows down the marbles properly just like in a real F1 race! And it makes for some good camera shots of the marbles going through the water drops. And if possible, two marbles per team, with longer tracks (say 30 m and 2 escalators) and more laps. That way there'll also be a constructors' championship!

      1. srinitaaigaura

        @Jelle's Marble Runs What about wet weather? Part wet and part dry? Or a horizontal travelator for the pit straight? Tried snooker or billiards with marbles? Anyway thanks a lot for replying to this comment! Haven't been this entertained by either F1 or Moto GP! Do launch the Olympics for 2020 since it's getting cancelled this year!! And for your amusement, Murray Walker's Murrayisms!!! :

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks for ideas: DRS: A competitor youtuber already did that so we are careful in adding it. Longer tracks: We have not enough room 2 marbles from each team in the same race: Bad idea because of confusion.

    43. cast rincon

      Nobody loves the rojo rollers :(. I LOVE them #ROJOLIFE

    44. Lewis Collins

      Anyone else have there own favourite marble and take it seriously hahaha

    45. Man

      are you ok if I record theses to watch on the go

    46. Griffin Kilgore

      Great Season

    47. Victor Yau

      I've watched every M1 video and been on the Reddit page. And all I have to say is. Rojo Rollers were in this? Huh, I didn't even notice

    48. Ice_Bergeman

      A well deserved win for the Wisps/My bet for the 2020 MarbleLympics

    49. itsjustjoel

      One team for S2 should be team reality who’s with me

    50. Scott Yerecic

      Lets go Team Snow. Kings of the Marble North.

    51. rattlesnake02

      Is that ordinary sand?

    52. Jeimmy Rodriguez

      Había vistos los vídeos por una narración editada que hace un comentarista español, I am from Colombia, fans de la Morbula One, y fiel incha de los Snowballs 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    53. Kenneth Cacho Bermudez

      Love your editing

    54. Kdos

      go Hazers

    55. the sport kid


    56. Robert Wilson

      This is great we need to see tech inspection would it be Weight and diameter

    57. Chinchilla General

      I'm with Galactic, all the way

    58. Justin Vescera

      Where are my orangers at ?

    59. Katsuki Bakugou

      They should have picked Snowy!!

    60. frank p

      Where can you buy these tracks ?

    61. Mxrcoos

      Get this man a Netflix series

    62. umrete

      Go LIME!

    63. J

      vengo de parte de Ibai a derte apoyo

    64. Cristhian Velasco

      Increíbles carreras hombre!!

    65. Chaise Donner

      Where do you get your tra ks

      1. Chaise Donner


    66. armygamelover

      I am way too invested in this. How have you managed to make marble racing so interesting?

    67. Asafe Gonçalves


    68. Sam Hodkin

      With the sand sections, this isn't so much Marbula One as Marblecross!

    69. Escario Arven

      Where's Crazy Cat eyes? Damn my fav team

    70. Mark B

      The absolute incompetence of Mary is shocking! We need Prim back in there

    71. Matheus Farias


    72. CHOPP3R19

      wospy put in a decent time, cant believe im catching up with the episodes, im gonna run out

    73. Act Thor

      Go ! Go ! Limers !

    74. Rhyian Smith

      When all sports get canceled due to Corona

    75. -MiraJ-


    76. Manuel Canales Jr.

      When is this coming to ESPN Ocho?

    77. Alain Presentación Muñoz

      Eres el putísimo amo

    78. Aldley Huxdous

      Aguante Hornets!

    79. Will Moore

      Mary got absolutely destroyed in that qualifying run. Put that in the Sportscenter Not Top Ten.

    80. renanbm27

      GO O'RANGERS !!!!!

    81. Ruftinator

      This is definitely a great alternative to Formula 1 now that the season opening race is going to be the end of May at the earliest :p

    82. BOOM TOWN

      Come on snowball

    83. lions pride

      Only sport not cancelled

    84. Mujahid Syed

      Best off-season gift for racing fans. Thank you Jelle's Marble Runs!

    85. Bryan F

      Hello! Awesome series. Love the time and effort in creating the production. This is my new favorite sport. May I offer a suggestion? Maybe split up the qualifying runs one by one rather than multiple at a time. Idk I’m slow and it’s hard for me to sort all the data visibly and organize it in my head. Graphics are awesome I just have to pause and really look at the results before the next run. Other than that I wouldn’t change a thing! Love this a lot new sub

    86. Jojo Divas

      Me: alright time to slee-- “Marble Race Qualifiers”?? What in the goddamn fu-- _A few minutes later_ Me: *jesus christ almost one second faster than the Raspberry team that is insanely quick*

    87. THEHI and Stuff

      We need a TV show for sports like these

    88. Cadence Grimes

      Let's go o'rangers you one the 2017 you can do it again

    89. James Hatha

      "Pulsar from Team Galactic" Damn these names are genius :)

    90. axey D

      cant have sand in Marbula One surely. that's Marbula Cross

    91. teere

      What were they thinking picking female racers?!

    92. Venger

      *Better than Nascar that's for sure.*

    93. francis weir


    94. Manoj Bala

      Love your innovative and enthralling content. Keep up the great work!

    95. Tyler Durden

      I hate that I love these!

    96. Kyle Smith

      How the hell did I end up here?

    97. Raccoon Smile

      Go balls of chaos

    98. Dzejmsz

      Nice :)

    99. Suvi

      Just found this channel and absolutely love it.