Sand Marble Rally 2019 Race 7 - Jelle’s Marble Runs

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    The 7th marble race of the Marble Rally 2019 where 20 colored marbles will chase down each other on a 98 meter long sand marble run course.
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    Cameras used: 1X Iphone 11 Pro Max (main cam) + DJI OSMO mobile gimbal. The RX0 cameras were in use for another project.
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - Race 8 upload is expected on 24 december.
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    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. ARZOLA Games

      Viva el pollo loco

    2. bixo dixo 0 samuel chacon alias el chaky


    3. Paco Garrido

      Soy fan total de RN3

    4. Kathy Roberts

      The Red Number 3 is just like a tsunami

    5. 0=Axel=0

      My boy CCE now with the most medals of any marble in the Rally. I knew that first race wouldn't be our only gold.

    6. Atlante Fou

      Nice to see Ghost Plasma back in the game. And a fairly consitent racer, like Superball. They rank 2nd and 3rd with only one bronze to their name each !

    7. Amanda Nerud

      Srsly! how is CCE the most medaled contestant yet not able to win MR2019?!? SACRILEGE, I SAY!!!! #CCE4Lyfe #CCE

    8. Seamus the Shameful


    9. Josue Hernandez

      I still love you Dragon's Egg!

    10. WillowThe Wisp

      I’m just sitting here being the only El Capitan fan

    11. Greenheadian

      Crazy Cat's Eye is the Ricky Bobby of SMR #firstorlast

    12. Rat P

      I need to pick a new team Limers stink!

    13. Siddharth P

      FINALLY CCE!! Let's go!

    14. Cobra.1. Kai

      I lost $500 thanks to Moody... not happy at all.

    15. Charles Belin

      You're a genius Jelle man.

    16. hamoIQ

      So sad cause blizard blaster went so well at the start and then he dropped off

    17. Cian Farrell

      Superball has absolutely choked this rally

    18. Juan Morandini

      All team lose the oportunity to win a championship. General results. Blizzard blaster 6. Quicksilver 12. Reflector 14

    19. ExEvYT

      What do the colors mean on 18th, 19th, and 20th?

    20. Sanraye


    21. Unofficial Spaghet

      I am continuing to be disappointed

    22. Abraham Grant


    23. Absorb19

      Yay, Black Knight did great this time! Go for gold!

    24. Colin David

      Greg Woods could make MARMITE sound delicious!

    25. Colton Kazarian

      Yessss #TeamCCE! Very up and down for CCE this whole rally but very impressive showing with their third podium and second first place finish! #EyeOnThePrize

    26. Mafiu Santiado de la hoz

      Aquí el rincón de los que hablan español deja tu like para entrar

    27. XriZinger

      Reflector had a good race. but fall back too often.. unlucky.. gg

    28. Jessica Sweet

      Pollo Loco, good start, so sad it could keep till the end

    29. santiago bulacio

      rn3 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. On fire

      Black knight showed fantastic speed in that last stretch fending cool moody at thr end

    31. Bloxing Noob ZERO

      Redemption of former winner vs repeat of past winner vs redemption of falling behind in the past season.

    32. Phil Wright

      How could anyone give this a thumbs down? They must live a boring life...this is just cool and fun

    33. Jose

      Great vídeo as usual!

    34. John H

      Superball gang where you at? Stay loyal my dudes.

    35. Anonymous Unrelated

      1st question: How many will be moved to Set B after the season? 2nd question: Where to look for updates regarding Marbula 1?

    36. Manek Iridius

      Okay, I have a legitimate question... *_WHY DO I CARE ABOUT THIS?!_*

    37. Nawapat Kaweeyanun

      Crazy Cat's Eye went wire-to-wire! Not as eye-catching as RN3 but worth pointing out nonetheless.

    38. La habitación des habacida

      Subtitules in spanish

    39. Mr. Cub Fan 415

      Roldo (thanks for finding this, StarRocks1000!): 0:50 under the stick



    41. Bruno Barcelos

      RN3 #NotAMarble! Go Superball we can do it!

    42. Filipe Goncalves

      Lets go, RN3!!!

    43. Bone Clink

      But where is Roldo??? I still cant find him till this day..

    44. sida mereka

      Where I can find these marbles? I want

    45. Devin Doss


    46. Caliy DGC ‘diamond gamer channel’

      H2Blue nooooo...

    47. J0NX13

      Mexico supports #POL #POLLOLOCO

    48. Private Artyom

      superball dissapointing :(

    49. johan martinez vargas

      Lets go el capitán my favorite

    50. Dkoce


    51. TrainSpot Eisenbahn

      Nice :D

    52. Dark Flores

      Wtf minute 2:27 the marble disappears

    53. Andrea Accarigi

      11 punti importanti forza red number 3!!!❤️3️⃣

    54. Crazy Jimmy


    55. JETSTEEL TheRealDeal

      I've never been into drugs but after watching black knight I'm gonna give em a shot,I'm gonna start with Heroin and work my way down to weed

    56. EpicSandwich


    57. ClQrkos

      Dragons egg is underrated just saying he’s a champ aswell he beat rn3 and came second or 4th in 2016

    58. TTV5

      You just have to hand it to RN3 how goddamn bouncy he is. Look at that beautiful smooth and bouncy red boy.

    59. B.J.V. Dimafelix

      Here we go... The First Victor VS The Legend VS (edit...) The Revenger #GHO VS #RN3 VS #SUP

    60. stickworldmayor

      Marbula1 my team will be red no3 and superball

    61. Ratheon Hudson

      Cool Moody has kept its cool, cruising to a decent placing. Well done

    62. Amt Clan.

      Go Cobra

    63. HeyKelvin

      I think Red Number 3 needs to be tested, the way he rolls and how no sand sticks to him. Let's not get started with what that hole that's drilled into him for.

      1. Jeff Chaves

        You probably like Pollo Loco loser !!!!!!!

    64. King Capybara

      It’s so good to see Ghost Plasma doing well again.

    65. Karla Rubio

      jajaja no mentienden broo

    66. therealghost57

      Ghost Plasma strong

    67. Phasor Shift

      I would love to see a video on how these sand tracks are made. Do you make a new track for each race?

    68. iamchillydogg

      Why am I sitting here yelling "Red Number 3!" at my phone? 😳

    69. TheBehemothGod

      Damn, literally the worst 3 Marbles are the only ones left that can win it. See you next season.

    70. Mark Duxberry

      come on Red number 3 ...

    71. Hector G. Ayala M

      A Podium with #RN3 and #Sup is my dream.

    72. ApollosRoman

      CCE for the win

    73. Bryan Bartlett

      SPoiler break This race really punctuates what I said two races ago. RN3 race performance is a LOT more dependant on track conditions. On hard sand, he dominates. On softer wet sand, he struggles

    74. K Kl


    75. Alex Braun

      That yellow marble had some cool moves

    76. jango5151

      It comes down to this last race of the series. It's a 3 way race for the title between the legendary Ghost Plasma, the defending champion RN3, and the jack of all trades Superball. And don't count out anyone for the other positions cause in total there is around 8 fighting for the podium.

    77. rodolfo hernandez

      RN3 it's my champ!

    78. Evan Russell

      Where did the pinkies go?

    79. Dwight Reim

      Is it bad when you scream at your screen watching the sand marble rallies or the marble league ?

    80. Jade DB•

      poio loco

    81. Rini Tahir

      Finally Black Knight make a comeback like last year gooooooi

    82. chip chip


    83. Rey Bagongon

      yall guys keep chirping about RN3 but ma boi elcapitan will win

    84. Hazman Noor

      2018 Marble Race Point Win awarded from 25 point (1st Win) to 1 point (15th to 20th Position) was considered the most Fair. Unless Marble Racer end-up DNF with 0 point. Curious, why in 2019 Marble Race Point Win the Bottom 15 to 20 position award 0 point same as DNF? It's time to have 2018 Marble Race Point as "Standard" in 2020 Marble Race and beyond with 10 Races (A League); while 5 Races (B League).

    85. Dennis Luts


    86. Uber Dragon

      I gotta say I'm slightly disappointed, I feel like a lot of the marbles could have tried harder... were they tired? Some made a good effort overtaking others, but I feel like most were playing it really save and slow. Let's hope it was only a fluke or that they're saving their energy for the next race.

    87. ____

      why i am here?

    88. Cactus Kid

      All these RN3 fans and Ghost Plasma fans while I'm just sitting in the corner cheering for Marbly McMarble Face. Who never wins. 😭

      1. Atlante Fou

        Well, normally I root fot Grasshopper, but that only works if they are actually in the race...

      2. Seamus the Shameful

        Im in your corner.

      3. King Munro

        Go Cobra!

      4. 241hnd

        I like Marbly. He's bound to win sooner or later.

    89. Տաҽղ

      Esto es un poco de todo

    90. Easternborder

      The real question is.... Will Marbly McMarbleface make it in the top 8?

    91. Wahyu Dwiagasta Wibowo

      I know RN3 yoga's instructor mom, upon approaching race day, he lost his cat... That's why he is not in the top condition, but regardless top 5 finish Imagine if the cat was found Maybe he will eradicate poverty Long live #RN3

    92. Izqalan Nor'Izad

      ah yes Pollo loco choking like usual #POL

    93. Huzaifa Bukhari


    94. Tyler Gainsbrye

      God is it a tough season to be MMM fan, at least my number 2 crazy cats eyes isn't doing to bad


      Yay finally CCE is doing something

    96. CrimFerret

      RN3 could stay home and still be virtually assured of a second place finish.

    97. Mohammed Izaan Jazib

      Even tho superball is 9th I’m still happy that he’s in the Top 10 😊 #teamsuperball

    98. khpredator00

      RED NUMBER 3!!!

    99. Aaron Nowak

      It is great to see Black Knight take second, but we all knew it was too late in the season for it to really matter. BK let’s finish strong and have a good off-season so we can see that RN3 get pushed back this season and crumble next year. BLACK KNIGHT 4 LIFE!

    100. cowscrazy

      Come on Ghost Plasma.... someone has to beat that cheater...