Team Aquathlon | Marble League 2020 E14

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 14: Team Aquathlon!
    This brand new event is similar to the Team Pursuit tournaments in the past, but on a redesigned track that tests racing, diving and swimming skills! It also comes as the O'rangers have a commanding 35-point lead in the standings and seems almost unbeatable for first. Will this be the event that clinches the championship, or will our orange athletes find winning tougher than they expect? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    0:00 - Intro
    1:10 - Round of 16
    6:20 - Quarterfinals
    8:45 - Semifinals, Finals and Podium
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. FamousHotdogs

      Up next is the Collision event. Momo is gonna have some bad memories here...

      1. Daisho

        Lets hope they have a better replacement than Mimo

      2. Theo M


      3. Fozzie Bear

        Actually it was Momomomo but yeah

      4. Almar Blær Sigurjónsson

        Truly a dark day in the history of Team momo, but we have risen, like we always do. We will take the Collison evevnt heads on now as always, as we say Mo for momo and momo for mo!

      5. Dylan Cuellar

        Dont....don't remind me...


      Is there anything wrong with my eyesight or did the Oceanics just win a water event heat?

    3. Nepo Gamer

      1. Hazers perform so well in unconventional tracks such as sand or water. 2. Wisps played magnificently with their defensive technique.

    4. Agost

      Hazers definitely deserved to get the gold medal, they had the best times of all teams

    5. ShemaB

      Me: Ha! The oceanics against the O'rangers! Easy win 《O'rangers leading down the track》 Me: what an insult to put these two together 《The Oceanics winning the heats》 Me: impossible! This was sure win for us 😩😩😩😩

    6. JFL Returns

      The Oceanics gets the first win in the water event! #TidePride

    7. krushna ratnaparkhi

      I haven't closed video this fast.. Just lost interest as o'rangers got disqualified..

    8. Jared Erickson

      Raspberry racers were robbed in a tight round. Team Momo never should have been in there.

    9. Zoë Cheney

      I've got to say O'rangers, I'm disappointed

    10. Julian CastroUrsini

      as a hornets fan i just hope we don't retire

    11. Hodaifa CHERIET

      I love hazers 3 rd cool

    12. Kenneth Kyle De Luna

      *B A L L S O F C H A O S*

    13. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders!!!

    14. Josh Brown

      Being a thunderbolts fan is the definition of depressing

    15. gary buttville

      the comentator is obvously against the glorious great O'rangers. dont like that

    16. Parker Erich

      I want to eat the bumblebees

    17. SiMe

      Damn. Speeders closing the gap even more! Oh boy! #SpeedIsKey #SavagePassage

    18. Nick Carberry

      Glad to see Mellow Yellow still giving their heart out and Honey out there after her hard hit

    19. Nathan Gamble

      Hazers with a 17:44... wow, if only they'd done that in the round before.

    20. godnoble

      That final was incredible! I had to watch it 3 times before I agreed with the ref.

    21. Jay

      Night time is the right time! Go Wisps!

    22. Hawk Man UF


    23. Greg Bromage

      The Hazers were robbed! We all saw what a strong aquatic team they were fielding. That starting fault threw them, and it was only the borderline illegal bunching move by the Wisps that took them out of the Final. Look at the timings - the 17.44 run was streets ahead of anything Wisps or Speeders managed in any of the rounds.

    24. PewDieCry

      I think speeder's won imo

    25. Rendy Andrian Y


    26. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    27. Nightsgrow

      I’m so proud of my wisps!!

    28. Jason mcgee

      Any chance of a behind the scenes sort of video? Showing how you set up everything and the tech behind how it runs

    29. Gianluca Giovanelli Eder

      I didn’t understand how the rankings were calculated, but I don’t care, because I had the privilege to see the wisps win, yeeeeeeeah! #willofthewisps

    30. Swirl

      I'm gonna predict the Oceanics doing very poorly. First edit, they have won the first heat despite water being involved. Slightly surprising. Even more surprising is they beat the O'rangers of all teams. And they don't win again. That would have really shocked me.

    31. Johann Yang

      Was it just me, or was there an error in the visual? Quarterfinal A, Green Ducks win?

      1. Johann Yang

        Just me...

    32. Kevin Richey

      Oh no 'rangers!

    33. Andrew J.K.

      The seeding was way off. Savage Speeders had such an easy road to silver.

    34. Hopelesslittlekilljoy

      BOC are blowing it this year this is embarrassing lmao

    35. SumTingFishy

      Come on crazy cats eyes, what has happened you used to be in second, now all you are doing is loosing, 😔

    36. Eniekeye Gosling

      Blueber is my poo

    37. Eniekeye Gosling

      The olfactory is

      1. Eniekeye Gosling

        The loser blueberry

    38. Eniekeye Gosling


    39. Eniekeye Gosling

      Team momo Is what my son chooses so i go with that

    40. Eniekeye Gosling

      Go on team momo

    41. Nathan Z.

      Anyone else get a notification for this video 4 days after it was released?


      I really watch this and get hyped! Way to use that block strat whisps!

    43. Rye Quinn

      When there's a gum-up like the bad start between the Wisps and Hazers, milk it! Add some time for suspension, shots of the referees, more crowd reactions. It's hard to feel the drama when the cut happens so suddenly to the next start.

    44. Billy Ellis

      I feel bad for supporting mellow yellow, I feel like I caused this season to be this bad

    45. JC

      farce of an event

    46. Mikazha

      Of course the Hazers didn't make it after three of their marbles had to roll back, while only two of the Wisps had to. Fortunately they had enough time to gather energy for the bronze final. Also, is there a record for this event? Because the Hazers got a sub-18 time on their last run.

    47. Gideon0297

      I wish the John Oliver sponsorship would end!

    48. 607

      How was the tournament setup determined? It seems a bit unfair if you're pitched against the leading team in your first heat. :/ Edit: Haaahaaah, it was actually the Oceanics, the team I'm rooting for, to do so, and they actually won. xD In the water, even!

    49. Wolf NZ Outdoors

      Was definitely conflicted as Oceanics and Midnight Wisps - 2 of my favourite teams - were pitted against each other... I mean, either one winning would be good, but was hoping Oceanics would at least get another shot at gold. Rapt to see Midnight Wisps take gold, also rapt to see Momo lose out on a medal.

    50. Judah Sh

      hazers vs minty... why'd my fav. teams have to fight the first round ;-[

    51. ChancePants

      They may not have won the whole event, but the Hazers’ form is impeccable

    52. Brad Dye

      Orangers lose heat one and I’m like, “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh”

    53. C D

      If the green ducks cheated, would it be a water foul?

    54. Glen Stevens

      I've been following O'Rangers all season, and I'm really sad about this turnout.

    55. HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo

      Oh this is so frustrating! My favourite team is the Wisps, and my second-favourite is the Hazers! I hate it when they go head to head in the brackets, because it means they can't get first and second. But both performed fabulously, as did the Speeders and Momo! Great show they all put on!

    56. Ian Williams

      I hate the savage speeders so much

    57. Quentin Archpomple-Bigginsworth

      Yes Wisps!!! I was confident going into this because we're always decent at water events, but still over the moon with a gold!!!

    58. seifer black

      Am glad the o rangers didnt advance past the first stage, ive been so tired of them winning everything or at least its how it feels. also wanna say how hard it is to be a momo fan at times wish they got a bit more luck

    59. Steph H

      So proud of the Oceanics knocking out the O'Rangers this event!

    60. Chan YY

      Oceanics beat the Orangers ML Fans: _hyperactive noises_ People whose first marblelympics video they click on is this video: _no reaction_

    61. Thanatos Driver

      The ocean is beat the orangery? I thought they were only good when sand was involved!

    62. Johnny Nguyen

      One hundredth if a second midnight wisp win too easy

    63. Kelly Mitchell

      Great bday. Thankies

    64. Felicia Barker

      The best event of the league! Hazers crushing the Maniacs was a great start, and what a great performance we managed, even if 'only' third, but the Oceanics sneak attack takedown of the O'rangers just made the event.

    65. Jamie Kaltzis

      Hazers should have been first or at least second after the Whisps... They had the best time in every round except for the semis where they were second.

    66. Alex Perrine

      9:38 whoops 😬

    67. Huntshyper 20

      Late comment but i really want manics minty to top 3 overall finish. Cause they started season stong with 2 victory and had some struggles and a another win along the way deserved a top 3 overall Proud of my team minty maincs

    68. Joshua Fetter


    69. Here Cometherats

      Did you guys know that you can watch these videos drunk, pass out, and then watch them for the first time again???

    70. cody templet

      hell yeah another dead last for mellow yellow

    71. patedwar

      Still want to know weight stats on these marbles to know if any of these events are fair. #weighthemarbles #marbledoping

    72. Miloh Johnson

      I am such a fan of this, but I don't really get this event..

    73. BRADY KIM

      4:55 *ah yes, the true rivalry*

    74. Tryo707

      Please help me find Roldo!!! I've only ever found him once!

    75. Boot It Up

      Midnight wisps crowd went ._.

    76. Oahkery

      Can I suggest a top-down view for the finish line for water events? The side view with it split with both looking through the top and the side of the water wasn't very easy to follow. (And yeah, I know there's a small top-down view, but I'm suggesting that be the main view, not a picture in picture one).

    77. Rita Gilmore

      YES!!!!! The Wisps got another gold AND moved up a spot!

    78. Asher Lytton

      The orangers coach: make it look close.

    79. Racekai 21

      Ironic that Oceania’s can’t do good in a water event

    80. Ted Thompson

      Wisps playing dirty in the semis not surprising in the least

    81. Dallas Orr

      Wow that hurts. Good try o'rangers

    82. Oshotare Kadiri

      Man the odds were stacked against the Oceanics by facing the O'rangers. I'm sure the Oceanics fanbase must be buzzing. Coaching changes starting to produce some good. Chuffed with the Speeders 2nd place. So close to 1st!!! #SpeedIsKey

    83. Fran Murillo

      Those 0 points in the jump and this close final loss are gonna cost us the league. Hopefully I'm mistaken. #SpeedIsKey

    84. Sonic Kestingon

      raspberry racers from the win!!

    85. Kate Gagi

      Bad event for the O'rangers but we are still in the lead!

    86. Ryan Bali

      The draft is insane.

    87. Ryne Ouillette


    88. EquestrianFever

      Come on Midnight Wisps lets go

    89. Celtic Fire


    90. Capitallyist

      Damn. I was rooting for the racers here. Kinda surprised with Oceanics

    91. Adarsh Akella

      Here are my events suggested in this order of the real competition. I would like 20 events. Event 1: Relay Race Event 2: Long Jump Event 3: Funnel Spinning Event 4:Balancing Event 5: Archery Event 6: Underwater Race Event 7: Block Pushing Event 8: High Jump Event 9: 5-Meter Sprint Event 10: Water Race( Like event 6 in 2016 marblympics) Event 11: Collision Event 12:Rafting Event 13: Hublieno Maze Event 14: Halfpipe Crash(From the Hublieno Tournament 2016 event 3) Event 15: Table Tennis( Try making it!- Tournament) Event 16: Gravitax Race Event 17: Hurdles Event 18: Karate( This is the toughest to make-Tournament) Event 19: Triathlon( Underwater Race, Hublieno Maze, and 5-Meter dash combined like a relay race with 3 marbles of the same team from each team doing the event- tournament) Event 20: Sand Marble Rally 2021

    92. goodyougetastar

      It really is anyone's game from the Top 3, especially if O'rangers end up middle of the road in the next two events and if Savage Speeders and Wisps knock it out of the park. And Minties too if they can win the next two!!

    93. Sosee Arhuides

      Im a wispy fan all the way

    94. Rax Savvage

      have the teams been weighed? are there any microdeformaties? offcentered gravity? these questions legit gimme the strugles

    95. Giovanny Gatto

      Too bad, the Minty Maniacs lost their momentum

    96. Fozzie Bear

      Another bad performance by my Crazy Cat's Eyes :( but I'm happy to see the Midnight Wisps are close to the top, I like them. I just hope the Savage Speeders don't win ML again...

    97. Teemu Syrj

      Did Hazers make a record with that 17:44 time? Also DissapoOOOOOooointing O'Rangers

    98. Tyiff Pejic

      @9:15 good thing there are two referees to check the close calls, because the left one is too busy getting attacked by that giant fly

      1. Anelia Smit

        Didn't even notice. Thanks for bringing that up 😂😂😂😂 Looks like they are dry humping 😅😅

    99. Cerise

      9:15 --> 9:27 , isn't the flee disturbing the referee ? I'm amazed how they are concentrated and not even a flee on them could make them lose track of the race !

    100. COLINMACX

      This event i’ll admit was really difficult to keep up with the circles at the end was very helpful