Sand Marble Rally 2019 Race 6 - Jelle’s Marble Runs

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    The 6th marble race of the Marble Rally 2019 where 20 colored marbles will chase down each other on a 302 feet long sand marble run course.
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    Cameras used: 1X Iphone 11 Pro Max (main cam) + 1X Sony RX0 II (finish cam) + DJI OSMO mobile gimbal
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - Race 7 upload is expected on 21 december (depending on weather).
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    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. Twintastic fun

      i love rn3 he is always winning:D:r

    2. Liam Nixon

      Wait a minute. Why does Red Number 3 have a hole on his side!?

    3. Achintya Jain

      Meanwhile Pollo Loco: Now am i the most Loco in the group?

    4. Lukeon Twin

      Why are the SMR marbles so much bigger than the Marble League and JMRC marbles? 3:46

    5. 666flags

      Bad Sportsmanship

    6. Achintya Jain

      3:28 RN3 is basically an a**hole XD

    7. Cherrypop Soda

      #CCE fan here 🙋🏻‍♀️

    8. DethstruXioN ™

      Ghost Plasma going steady, well done! Slimer, Reflector, Silver Bolt and Quicksilver are hit & miss, but H2 Blue holds no water to any of them...

    9. tom Ofek Shlomai

      MMF doing poorly this season

    10. Arrash

      Everyone's on about pollo loco's race and yes it was good, but not enough credit is being given to Dragon's egg for fending off the top spot. His run was as good as any.

    11. Sebastian Jacques

      GHOST PLASMA! most consistent marble in the game!

    12. Chaitanya Patel

      2:22 Pollo Loco, what a speed man!

    13. Chaitanya Patel

      2:22 Pollo Loco, what a speed man!

    14. Eric Caraballoso

      You can see it in the end! RN3 is cheating! He's been "hollowing" to gain speed during rallies! The Doping Committee needs to investigate!

    15. Atlante Fou

      My god Ghost plasam just can't take pressure anymore. Everytime they make first they can't hold to it... Well at least it is a medal this time.

    16. Skyy Strider

      Why the F do I find this so good

    17. chivasgold8

      RN3 got screw :-(

    18. Josue Hernandez

      Hell yeah! I knew you had it in you Dragon's Egg! But seriously even apart from my fav winning what an awesome race. Pollo loco kinda stole the show but it just made for a more exciting race

    19. Jancel Abobo

      Finally, Dragon's Egg!!!!

    20. Man Of Oil

      Dragons egg with the big plays! I knew from the qualifier where he made that tremendous recovery into third that he would be a fighter. He had been pretty consistent up to now and seeing him get 1st here is no surprise! Let’s go all the way babyyyyu

    21. JVF TheOriginalCopy

      3:27 there's the proof that RN3 is not a marble and shouldn't be allowed to compete

    22. andreano damima

      best race,,. well played ghost plasma

    23. Souf A2M

      If you look at 2:27, RN3 was close to do the same thing as Pollo Loco.

    24. Kola Lawal

      I am simply amazed at the amount of production that goes into these races. Inspiring.

    25. Denzel Urieta

      Being a fan of Dragon’s Egg after race 3, I’m so happy to see a gold. Let’s go!! #DRA

    26. Andrea Brokate


    27. TheAverageGuyTAG

      Pollo Loco is my hero.

    28. Turk30

      man superball keeps disappointing at the beginning

    29. arvin STARVIN’

      Marble Rally 2019’s camera shots have improved if compared to 2016.

    30. Katleho Aubrey Mohlokoane

      Comet in the Top so happy

    31. R F

      Disappointing rac for Blizzard, we'll get em next time.

    32. Matías Sampaolesi

      What a brilliant defense from Ghost Plasma 💪💪💪

    33. j w


    34. DartAleks

      What is that hole in Red #3 in the end? Holegate is coming!

    35. senpaii

      It hurts being a huge comet fan

    36. Lauren Pearson

      My boy Ghost Plasma really out here giving me a heart attack. I'm still happy he made the top 3 but man it hurt to see him fall out of the lead like that

    37. ToastOnBeanz

      gf: Babe, come over, im home alone tonight me: Sorry i have homework to do gf: But im watching marble races me: ill be right there

    38. adgeless1989

      Come on Ghost Plasma come from behind

    39. James Watters

      'But a lot of marbles not very happy with decorum at the bottom of the course' Ya no kidding! I was livid!

    40. Cmarie

      this is the funniest shit that I have ever seen lol

    41. Dan Lavine

      I’ve been with red number 3 since the beginning

    42. UME made

      Ghost Plasma is back... His a gem to watch

    43. Belle Delphine

      2:10 what a run of Ghost Plasma, sadly stucked in mud before finish. But we believe!

    44. Juan Morandini

      Bad race for the team. General results Blizzard blaster 5. Quicksilver 13 Reflecktor 11.

    45. paul josan

      PoloLoco burst in to speed. Wtf!

    46. Blk Flash

      #GhostPlazmaIsAGoodBlocker #GhostPlazma!!

    47. Zhuoran Li

      3:24 I am so damn sure that if then didn’t do RN3 dirty he will take the W.

    48. James Johnson

      Well deserved win Deggy

    49. Albert Pringle

      Go H2 Blue

    50. JFC Marblez

      The single greatest marble race of all time

    51. mawande kolele

      What a performance by Pollo Loco!

    52. JoZz YT

      Twitter brought me here

    53. A Single French Fry

      Pollo loco came out of nowhere

    54. Remco Geerts

      Gaaf dit man!!!

    55. Evert Sánchez

      Wow GG vro

    56. MeM4TEO

      I'm a dragon's Egg fan and this was my favorite race soo intense

    57. Meme Chronicles

      This is what we won the American revolution for

    58. Francis Opoku

      This was the best sand race ever keep it up jelle

    59. Dracati Ducati

      What a Race !!! Luvd the Corse @ :50sec 👌👌👌

    60. Daniela Jeon Army

      ¿Cómo llegué a quí? 😳

    61. Alfotheduffer 47

      Do you have a website that displays all the records of every year of the marblelympics? If so where can I find it?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Please check our Fandom page, link in video description.

    62. imnotmelvin3

      Dude this would be all a waist of time if it had bad commentary. Realy well thought out on the narration and script and camera consideration.

    63. Colin David

      This should be called "GREG WOODS awesome marble race"!!!! excellent commentary!!

    64. Jonathan Lunger2

      This production value is awesome

    65. ManUP JC

      Pollo Loco with awesome decision making eating the 🍄 at the right time

    66. Nathan Clouse

      2:23 Pollo Loco was in 10th to 1st

    67. Sam Merikallio

      That pollo loco overtake is a top 5 play in the history of this channel

    68. the dkk


    69. Musculus IV

      Epic win for Dragon's Egg! There is no season without him taking the top spot! He is getting better and better as the season progresses

    70. Jadeishifter

      #GHO you're so inspiring!

    71. Thando Chokoe

      Best race ever!! !!

    72. NesDroid

      Vamos pollo loco!

    73. lyzbeth rivera

      Vengo de parte de un poco de todo, me gusto tu canal, la pelotita amarilla es mi favorita

    74. Lio Ferreira

      si si UPDT

    75. Indeed


    76. Iván Octavio

      At 3:29 is that a hole on Red Number 3? hmmmm....

    77. Norman Pati

      GO RED NUMBER #3

    78. Andrea Accarigi

      pollo loco today amazing!! great overtakes!!

    79. stickworldmayor

      team red no 3 and superball

    80. Huzaifa Bukhari

      Noooo black Knight you were sooo close!

    81. DanyCBR83

      I am pretty sure pollo loco took drugs when camara was not spoting at him. I am about to complaint

    82. TacoBot5000

      3:28 There's a hole drilled in the bottom of #RN3! He's JUICED, BAN HIM

    83. Basileus

      3:28 is this hole in RN3 even allowed?

    84. HEWfunkingKNEWit

      The lighting in this race and race 5 is really good

    85. parkeasd

      2:22 is "the pass" of sand marble rally in my opinion. holy shit pollo loco passed like 10 marbles in 10 seconds

      1. DARKSTRAND Demos

        More like 5 seconds

    86. Angela Somers

      When is the Christmas marble race is it gonna be on December 25 Christmas day

    87. Cosmikat


    88. Alexitor 000

      dragon egg was my favorite since ep.1

    89. El Topero Chido Fake

      Felicidades ghost plasma por tu tercer lugar eres mi idolo!!

    90. Fernando oviedo


    91. zozitos ARG

      Girfriend: I love you why you are mature Me:

    92. José Guzmán

      Like for pollo loco

    93. Shenzu

      Desde la carrera 5 soy fan de cobra, quedó en 12 y ahora 4, aunque estuvo primera no importa yo sé que hizo una increíble carrera.

    94. videos ?

      Un poco de todo

    95. Polar

      Everyone: you can't win Pollo Loco: check this out 2:22

    96. Jesus Vera

      where is the bet table? i have my beer right here.

    97. Emilio Bautista

      He aqui el magnifico comentario en español qu vino por parte de updt Pollo loco es el mejor xd

    98. Amiibo Guru


    99. Edrick Ulises Mora Alvarez