Marbula One S2: GP9 Palette Park Qualifiers

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements. This time we will go to Palette Park, a short and quick course!
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the Raceforest, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
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    1. Karla Viloria

      MOMO GO

    2. Nick Wheeler

      LImers: P8 in Q1 Limers Fans: "Well at least we can't lose any spots in the Q2 race" Limers: Lose 2.4 seconds in a 24 second race Limers Fans: "Still feels like we lost 5 spots in 2 laps"

    3. The Random Panda Man

      I got so excited at the prospect of CCE's not qualifying.

    4. tehqueenbee


    5. MightyManotaur22

      Green Ducks not even qualifying? Gross.

    6. Tom Moya

      Team hazers

    7. GregRyan

      mellow yellow training behind the scenes has been insane this season. good for them.

    8. tsuma kana

      mellow yelloooow

    9. Saman Udaya

      Oh noooooooo how dare you

    10. Afonso Guimarães

      Thanks for all the off season entertainment

    11. Xenith

      It is soooo tough being a bumblebees fan

    12. Rush Fan 2112


    13. Max2200

      Ocean fan. Heartbroken.

    14. Wahid Abassi

      yessssssssssss crazy cats eyes were bad

    15. Crazy Khespar

      Pulsar rolled like they were actually round this time! Woo!

    16. Benjamin Ruß

      Something happend to Ocean in the first sector...

    17. Wiz Skinz

      64 thousand people just watched marbles qualify haha. I mean I’m one of them but we didn’t watch a race we just watched inanimate circles roll around plastic

    18. Jack Rowe

      Today is not a good day to support both the Oceanics and the Bumblebees

    19. pizzamaster100

      We will get em next time Oceanics

    20. Brandon

      Remember pole position doesnt matter!!!

    21. Mk

      So this is how it feels to not qualify.🙂😪

    22. DiabeticMan

      I'm shocked the Mellow Yellows are doing this well. We made it to the top 4 positions back to back? If we win the actual GP I might scream...

    23. Marinna Emery

      I watched this in 1.5x speed. It looks like everyone has super speed.

    24. Matt Olds

      As a green ducks fan, I am now willingly giving the Marbula One trophy to the Crazy Cat's Eyes. But seriously. HAVE THE VICTORY CEREMONY ALREADY-

    25. azerty Qwerty

      Ah, damn it, Honey won't take part in the race...

    26. cvcjr13

      The Mellow Yellows are swell-o. . . . 😜

    27. Kalingopacio Gamer

      whitch is the diference of green and purple color in the timer?

    28. Cosmic bandido

      Not watching the race. Go and clean the ocean. #lowtide

    29. Jeff Allen

      I hope Mary is a better engineer than racer, or we're in for a world of trouble.

    30. Charlie Robins

      RIP Murray Walker - The Voice Of Motorsport

    31. shadowscribe

      Wospy barely edged into Q1. Billy not even making it. What on earth is going on!

    32. Potato_King693

      Oh no...... [green ducks fan]

    33. Ka'ron Anderson

      Mellow Yellow 🟡

    34. Chocolate Moose

      You want to assume Red Eye raced as such out of exhaustion from how hard they working, but part of me thinks there was some heavy strategy going on there with that move. That placement ensured that both Billy did not race and Red Eye is close to Bolt in attempt to keep him close in his sights.

    35. Sneakyrabbit

      I audibly went HOLY SH*T so loud when Ruzzy took provisional pole that my gf came to check on me thinking something had happened...

    36. Alex Milensky

      Has any team won their home race?

    37. Tyler Adams

      Jelle's Marble Runs, could I make a guess on what track is going to be next?

    38. Ross Farqhar

      Can't even qualify now. Let's go Green Ducks!

    39. 21stCenturySchizoid-D

      Tumult is gonna get it done. I hear he’s been training extremely hard for this race. LETS GO BALLS!

    40. Natural Harmonia Gropius

      Orangers are at 5th position means less chance to end up at the last position

    41. Luci Diebler

      So excoted for the race! #LetChaosReign

    42. MarcKeilCasting

      Ocean dead last? Oh man. But holy cow this is a fast and scary track! I can feel that some marbles will have a crash here. Let's pray for a safe race!

    43. Bálint Orehóczki

      Pulsar will take Yellup T1 where can l bet?

    44. Toma Klinc

      as a bumblebees fan: pain. 1 appearance in the last 4 gp's

    45. Tom Williams

      Thanks for the "New Curse" Greg Woods. Have a nice day Greg Woods.

    46. Tom Williams

      I'm stunned. Billy and the Ducks are out.

    47. Big fan of Alex Albon

      Thats back to back pole for Mellow Yellow Yeeeeeessss! #MellowYellow

    48. DarkNSinth

      Welp, my two teams are BOTH out of this race... wonderful start to this one...

    49. Booster37

      Oceanics are a little tired after winning the Marble League.

    50. memyselfiamweird

      Aaah, Smoggy~~~~ Still, hopeful for the main race! Let's go #HazeAmaze!

    51. Sandsh8rk

      WOOO! Go Mellow Yellow!

    52. AnaIvanovic4ever

      Go Raspberry Racers!

    53. Marc Christian Baquilod

      Even though I'm a hazers fan even I have to admit their belt game is trash :(

    54. 607

      Neither of my favourite teams are in the race. :P

    55. TBThunder02

      #tidepride 😭😭😭

    56. artplaya0711

      Can't wait to see the T-Bolts' home track

    57. artplaya0711

      Bolt surely has some work to do if the Thunderbolts hope to steal that championship...

    58. Plasma 2000

      It looks like the crazy choke’s eyes are getting into their element

    59. Nate Place

      How in God's name did nobody go off in T5?

    60. Ivan Henley

      YES! GO MELLOW YELLOW! Awesome qualifying race! Can't wait for the full race!

    61. TM Youkai

      Well, the cats eyes need a break...

    62. maxi mian

      it's time to reach for those stars

    63. DontRobMe13

      can we stop a moment to appreciate the marblelous track design. the track's second sector is a hell of a race track.

    64. Daniel Howard

      Smoggy is back!! Love that marble.

    65. Fluttershy Luva

      Greg Woods: Billy, statistically the best qualifier of anyone! Billy: Aight imma head out!

    66. Nick Woods

      Greg's announcing is always fantastic but in the Q2 and Q3 rounds in this one he was on another level completely

    67. TheAssassin

      I'll admit....we might need a coaching change to get rapidly back to the top... Speedy must have a massive backache carrying rn....#SpeedIsKey

    68. Eggman1010


    69. Utsarga 7

      Snowballs breaking heart as usual💔😭

    70. JBM425

      The track stewards need to adjust the track at the top of the belt. I could see several racers hanging up on a slight gap between the belt and track.

    71. Andrebre

      Oh yeah! Balls of Chaos is late but awake, finally! Let's go, baby! Bring another place on podium for us!

    72. Larry O

      Short circuit. Should've added a lap in Q2 and Q3.

    73. jinxpieface udu

      Goooooo...Wisps!!! Lets get atleast a podium finish this time this season

    74. Rindo Rob

      Mellowwww 🟡

    75. Brandon Havixbeck

      I think that the race isnt going to be close tomorrow

    76. Muhammad Nur Akbar

      U should say "David Kraft" instead of Greg Woods

    77. Kouvre

      Very solid effort by Orangin to start 5th. GOOOOOOOOOOOO

    78. Jean K.

      Can't believe Billy didn't qualifie. Green Ducks use to be the qualifier kings, what happen?

    79. Nilo Jr. Deniega

      FOR CCE FANS: Since Billy is not qualifying, the only marbles you should focus on are Momo and Bolt since they can still lose the chances of CCE winning even before the finale.

    80. Frixy G

      Come on Hazers, we can do this! This is a good track for us and with more laps I'll bet we'd've reclaimed the lead. Just stay ahead of the Speeders I'll be happy. #HazeAmaze

    81. gdavo

      Saw snowstorm was racing for snowballs so didn’t bother watching just skipped to the end. Snowballs need a new marble next season, snowstorm just isn’t good enough, don’t know if it’s confidence or he’s just not round enough.

    82. Flaming Pulsar

      A good show from Pulsar in these qualifiers, definitely seeing some improvement from weeks past. Hopefuly we'll see that position maintained or improved

    83. Derrick Hernandez

      Not qualifying really hurts the soul but no matter the race will be exciting #TIDEPRIDE

    84. Robert Pe Hatcher

      I reckon there will be an injury/ incident in the main race on the bend after the banked section. Some of the racers were taking that corner far too fast. So I reckon with a well timed bump someone may go off during the main race

    85. CuriosityRocks

      Very quick track, should be an exciting race. I’ll have a banoffi pie crepe please 😋

    86. Login Holiday

      There’s gonna be a few blue flags in the race, I’m sure of it.

    87. MCLegoboy

      Keep it up Minties! Keep qualifying!

    88. Captain Hobbes

      I would expect something like that from mallard not billy 😢. That’s I for the season I guess

    89. Asnidar As

      This is the first time oceanic got eliminated

    90. Andrew

      Not Speedy’s best qualify round. But even then his second worst qualifier today is still better than Rapidly’s best qualification. I’m certain Speedy can crawl his way up to the top.

    91. Benjamin Frankel

      Gonna be pretty upset if the Thunderbolts choke again and fall off the podium by the end of this...

    92. Jan Rupert Alfeche

      I'm just glad Hazers are back in competition. Let's go! #HazeAmaze 😭

    93. Fred Davis

      Less than 10% of the people who viewed this clicked the thumbs up. Fans can support the channel by liking and subscribing and while JMR doesn't remind you to do so every intro and outro, I am quite certain they wouldn't mind the help.

    94. Latitude

      I knew it would be a fast track, but it might be the fastest one to date.

    95. Mark M.

      Smoggy letting me down but strong showing in this Qualies! LFG Team Hazers!

    96. ConnbineHarvester

      Red Eye is still going to win

    97. nbamberger

      Can someone explain the difference between green and purple in the split times?

    98. Duffy O'Connor

      Let's go Red Eye! Not a great qualifier but at least you're in it - you'll do better tomorrow with other marbles on the track to push around! CCE for the Championship!!

    99. Mozartkugel

      Wospy, you‘re killing me... Please get your sh** together for the race tomorrow, will you?

    100. tradewins

      Oceanics took one look at the palm trees, beach and ocean scenery and decided they would rather go for a swim than race.

      1. tradewins

        @Jeremiah Clemente They finally succumbed to the lure of the beach after resisting it for several races. And by swim I mean swim, not train

      2. Jeremiah Clemente

        That’s a nice one, though the last two races before this one also had pal trees, beach, and ocean scenery. Of that were true, they would’ve gotten in DNQ in the last two races as well. Also, by swim, did you mean train for the potential water events for the next ML? Except for Quartet Diving and Team Aquathlon, they’re pretty bad at water events.