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    All the marble races of the Marble Rally Showdown 2019! This video contains 4 sand marble races where 12 marbles will race down a long course on sand, the fastest marble will win!
    - The best 4 marbles of this Showdown will promote to the Marble Rally 2020 main tournament, the 5th to 8th marbles will do a race-off.
    - The 5th to 8th marbles will do a race off along with the 13th to 16th marbles of the MR2019. The race-off will be in the same video as the MR2020 race 1
    - The 9th to 12th marbles will remain in the Showdown.
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    Cameras used: Sony RX0 and RX0 mark 2 + 1X Iphone 11 Pro Max (main cam) + DJI OSMO mobile gimbal.
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - The first race of the Marbula One is expected in late January 2020.
    - The first race of the Marble Rally 2020 is expected in late February 2020.
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    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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      I feel bad for Blue Moon, he had a good lead in the 4th race and finished 6th two time I think, but in the end, he finished last and did not make it. 😔

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