Marbula One: Momotorway GP Qualifying (S1Q3) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to Round 3 and the second Qualifying session of the brand new Marbula One! (Marble Race, F1 for marbles) This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of Team Momo, the Momotorway! Held in a time trial format, the qualifying will determine the starting grid for tomorrow's Race. We did an improvement to add sector times for each marble. AFTER THE PREMIERE this will become just a normal video!
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - S1Q3 in the title means: Season 1, Qualifiers 3
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    Music: Epidemic Sound and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during qualifiers results)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Welcome to Round 3 of Marbula One! In this qualifying session on the Momotorway we will introduce yet another improvement: Sectors and split times! Thank you all so much for all of your feedback, we are listening. See you at the premiere!

      1. the sport kid

        Can you let us be able to read the words

      2. Michael Estrada

        I would love to see Red Number 3 appear as a guest racer.

      3. Manu Matila

        How does The speedboost work?

      4. Gunnin Sikka

        When s race 4 coming

      5. yellowbendy man

        Can you show live standings in a graphic? Makes keeping track easier as a viewer and feels more like a competition

    2. Callas Huang

      Anyone else notice that the 3 sectors of the track is colored Red, Yellow and Blue? Team Primary's colors! A nice tribute to their help in the 2018 season!

    3. sonikmuff


    4. Shane Spencer

      (Comment made before start of the race) Hive Hornets really need to dig deep here. Hanging below the top ten just won't get it done.

      1. Shane Spencer

        Oooo, Vespa you're breaking my heart. What were you thinking?

    5. Juuso Tiirakari

      Go Balls of Chaos Go

    6. Kyle Flounder

      Honestly these speedway names are breaking me, I can't with Momotorway 🤣 These videos are so captivating. I probably won't sleep until the sun rises for having to watch the whole freaking Marbula One Prix! I gotta know who wins!

    7. Daniel Leyland

      Lets go Momo

    8. portul 56

      does anyone know how the speed boost actually works or am i just dumb?

    9. HRL_01

      So Momotorway is the Monza for mables?

    10. zgamer200

      After a strong showing back in race 1 I expected Snowy to do better today. Here's hoping for a better race than qualifier.

    11. Avital Alef

      I'm emotionally involved

    12. metaljeffenc


    13. Cheese4G

      Oof, disappointing run from the Hornets. I'm a Green Ducks fan, but I really liked seeing the Hornets compete in the 2019 Showdown and I'm hoping to see them qualify for 2020, but their performance here doesn't bode well.

    14. Louis Vivian

      Snowballs could be real contenders if they performed a bit better in the qualifiers. They really give their all in their races, but they're always starting in the back.

    15. Ramon Gomide

      Team Momo, how I've missed you...

    16. Untro

      Primary fans are a bunch of hooligans. Hazers 4ever

    17. Renske Dunnewold

      I am so glad Prim is on the team, he was robbed in the first race but he will be back with a vengeance! Tbh the entire team is held back by Mary. She's having a disappointing season.

    18. francccis

      Are there any physical stats per marble/team?

    19. Herb Bluntman

      I"m here because of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

    20. A27M Cromwell1

      Ok then where is initial M

    21. Insert Name

      How does the speed boost work?

      1. Tom

        RIGHT??? WTF is this Mario kart wizardry?

    22. srinitaaigaura

      Let's try an all wet qualifying or sudden wet weather in the race!!

    23. JohnHardcore

      I missed the old intro that shows all teams logos please bring it back :(

    24. David Masters

      I love this so much, though I find it really confusing that the marbles have different names race-to-race. I'd much prefer it if the same marble with the same name competed in each race.

    25. _ StormTheEnemy _

      WHY IS THIS SO INTERESTING IT’S JUST MARBLES!!!! This is actually really cool!!!!! Keep it up!

    26. James Haggart

      Love all your content! Have become pretty obsessed if I’m being Honest. Even more really enjoying this new format of racing. Thanks for all your great work. Go Limers! Just one suggestion. Would love to see qualifying go one at a time and turn it into a true time trial race. Also would love to see races be a little longer. But again love you guys and thanks !!

    27. Todd M

      Long time Momo fan here. Always tough days

    28. Natalie Bernier


    29. Lucho-Core


    30. Italo Marcos Tamazzo de Oliveira

      Mais alguém torcendo para o time momo só pq parece com a bandeira do Brasil? Anyone else is team momo Just because it looks like the Brazilian flag?

    31. streetness3000

      Marble Racing t-shirt ​@t

    32. the sport kid

      I love your channle

    33. Leo Neu

      Go green ducks

    34. Chinchilla General

      My new alliance is with Balls of Chaos

    35. Nick Heebsh

      If you want more mysteriously enthralling pseudosports action, check out World Chase Tag

    36. Dragon Fyre

      What does the speed boost actually do?

    37. AleronLol

      Bro Check Ibai Channel he’s commentarist and he comment the marbula one saludos crack

    38. J

      vengo de parte de Ibai a derte apoyo

    39. Lesley Whitmell

      Could you do a video introducing all the teams, with stats? Then I can pick a team!

    40. Jordan Cruz

      You need to do a track over water with underwater tunnels that have cameras in them. Neon lights and stuff at night, LED arrows on the tracks.

    41. Filippo Soraperra

      Come on! You should have called it MoMonza and make it a very fast track,,,

    42. Rishabh Khanna

      Call the speed boost DRS

    43. timothy hendricks

      I discovered this 2 hours ago. Im already hooked and the competitor i will back forever is snowflake. Dont no one ruin this. But snowflake looks to be a fierce competitor. Also without formula one this is the best thing any of us have right now. Thank you so much

    44. Matthew Ferguson

      Still faster than a williams

    45. AC geek

      There’re ducks’ quarks while green duck is on the track 😂

    46. james frazier

      Mellow Yellow needs to step up from being un the middle of the pack!

    47. DQQUAST

      Prim has been making up for all of Mary’s slack. we need to give Prim an extension RIGHT NOW! He’ll be solid for years to come. I’m thinking 4 years 57 million?

    48. Mark B

      Hell yeah, Prim out there immediately making up for the poor performance of Team Primary on the O'Raceway!

    49. Ridwan Noer

      Mallard has a lot of pressure after Billy went first from last race for the Green Ducks. Great effort and determination nonetheless.

    50. Cameron Wielenga


    51. KentoCommenT

      Were the main 3 colours that you see, We're the first. We're the best. We're Team Pri-ma-ry.

    52. Zachary Mabb


    53. Will Skeldon

      Does the speed boost strip actually give them extra speed? If so how?

    54. Daniel O'Connell

      What does the speed boost consist of?

    55. Charlie George

      where are the chocolatiers

    56. Grey Weatherley

      How does the speed boost work?

    57. Noah Gollnick


    58. Surena Gat

      go thunderboltz😴🦍

    59. joe smoe


    60. D.C Hilliard

      I am a Galactic fan!

    61. Steven Prado

      Gran trabajo

    62. Dalsyn 34

      Vengo del cast de @ibai en https:/

    63. Unknown Ceilings

      How does the speedboost work?

    64. Stealthlock

      Who came up with the dang team cheers??? Somebody decided Team Galactic would get an ethereal choir!

    65. Leo Ford

      Am I the only fan of raspberry racers?

    66. Paul Zagieboylo

      Ok, the team-based chants in the background are what really makes these videos for me. "Red, yellow, blue! Red, yellow, blue!" Seriously, best content on IRvision.

    67. David Saint

      The worst time to be a hornets fan

    68. Delatorre

      Is the speed thing on the track just cosmetic? Or it really boosts the marbles?

    69. The Joker

      Damn it savage speeders ended up in seventh spot, still rooting for them though

    70. Charlie Koszulinski

      Man, what a thrilling race!

    71. NFL Fan

      You should do Q1 Q2 and Q3 it may be longer but it’s more exciting 🧐🤪

    72. SATX Coasters

      Where do you get all your marbles from?

    73. J S1974

      all sports are canceled... you need to go live stream...

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We will livestream the Marbula One races in each weekend.


      JMR is THE marble race league for me. I'm glad this has taken off for you guys. It's a quality show. 600k subscribers is incredible. GO DUCKS QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK

    75. FuzzyDancingBear

      how do the speed boosts work

    76. Vizzini

      Been on team green ducks all my life and will continue to be forever

    77. Ricky o picky

      Limers 💚

    78. KillBill Grill

      Snowballs, what was that?

    79. czarpaul01

      How does the speed boost work? Is the track there made of different material?

    80. Lembo101

      Genuinely curious how the timekeeping works for this. Is there a kind of clock and sensor system...or is it a meticulous frame by frame analysis?

    81. Alex Ozark

      Feels like the fixed cameras are easier for my eyes to follow and stick with many marbles than the moving cameras are

    82. Puck R

      As a Balls of Chaos supporter it's good to see some great times by Clutter, after the last two races were so disappointing for the team.

    83. JAK Pena

      Let's Go Mellow Yellow!

    84. NYG1119

      I was watching in amazement already and then I heard quacks when Mallard was making his lap...I mean this is brilliant!!!

    85. Sapanraj Devimane

      HIVEDRIVE please

    86. 3xoticG4m3r

      Just found this channel, this is amazing. I am hooked af

    87. Harvey Crewe

      Come on Hazers!!!!!

    88. Kurzov

      Prim :D

    89. Jesseon

      What is the "speed boost" section?

    90. Chef Boyardee

      Can we get MarbuLe Mans?

    91. StrictlyService905

      We need a 24hr marblés race.. always love the material thanks for the work and sacrifice!

    92. leotard

      1 marble at a time is really well-paced

    93. Steven Currie

      Go Wisps!

    94. neizera


    95. Kim Lindsey

      So proud of my Balls of Chaos! Let's GO!! Also, it's fantastic that each raceway has a bigger section of the "hometown" fans! It's not just the track but the fans in the stands that are customized for each event - BRAVO Jelle & team!!

    96. Jeorge Corotan

      Hi Jelle, where can we buy this one? It’s so cool!

    97. Julien Dechanet

      If F1 2020 season is cancelled, I know what I'll be watching this year!

    98. Jonathan Crummett

      P3 Not bad. I know Prim got pole, but Clutter looked awfully quick.

    99. AKI -

      these videos are the reason im alive today

    100. Kaihaken

      team hazers have been in talks with super ball and red number 3 on how to control their speed more on these twists and turns of the track. no word on whether any other team has reached out to any of the competitors in the sand rally.