EPIC SAND MARBLE RALLY - Patrons VS Ghost marble!

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    1. Eruraviel MacGyver

      I have to say, for some of the events in the past, I think some of the players are taking steroids. You know, added an extra gram to their players to win the race. Are you all testing the marbles to be sure they aren't? I know on the outside they look just like all the other marbles on their team, but that one gram of weight can even make even the bottom team win a whole season.

    2. LoreCraftLP

      So today I learned about another cool thing on the internet... We'll see how long this new interest lasts in me.

    3. The Original Dylmyster

      When’s the Marble Rally coming back? I miss it 😢

    4. H. Helm

      We're privileged in Holland: we may encounter Jelle and his athletes in the wild, at the famous Dutch Sand Mountains. Instead of watching television we, the people, go there. #sandmarblerally

    5. Artjom Fuchs

      I would have rioted if Ghost Marble won. The real Master of Sand Marbel Rally!

    6. Suzanne Volpe


    7. mary smith

      I’ve invented a whole backstory for the Ghost Marble, including troubled past and training in the moonlight. 😃

    8. hihewwo

      that purple crash out was crazy!

    9. Player

      The name

    10. Tejas Shirore

      What do you do for leaving? I show competiting marbles to the world

    11. farid hallow

      why purple whyyyy..

    12. Muhammad Irfan

      Purple fans : got us in first half, not gonna lie

    13. Kirsty Harrison

      That was a shocker!

    14. Leslie Sterling

      OK how much do I have to donate to get a marble in the Patreon race [insert shut up and take my money gif here]

    15. XxFootball Skills XX

      I am team yellow for this

    16. The Devil

      My request to the race manager pleaser consider Ghost marble on the race track ... we are ghost marble fans ❤️

    17. Sporek

      ROTFL❕❗❕ WTF is that channel? 🤣🤣🤣

    18. agent otaw

      Yes another competition

    19. Cumunist

      You know it’s brutal when the ghost gets 3rd

    20. Luiz Nunes

      C'mon! Purple 7 had it in the pocket. It has to be added to the big league.

    21. Vhkaytion

      why are we here.....

    22. Sarah Candiello

      I always pick orange 🎃 go orangers. "oooooooooooooo"

    23. RonLarhz

      What's a patreon race? Some time since I was here. Where's my oceanics and

    24. y ch 1

      Mad utuber

    25. Marcus Lam

      White Second!Yes!

    26. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷

      I actually has another billiard marble since Red Number 3 that was named "Green 14".

    27. louielouie95

      Looking Forward To The New Season Of Marbula One

    28. Patrick A Bartmess

      That was an exciting one!

    29. Tim Segar

      Go Ghost Marble! Yay I got 3rd! (I rooted blue)

    30. Vasi27


    31. KC Sutherland

      Wow, sometimes I swear I'm prescient. I started this race thinking, "I really hope Orange wins, but Purple 7 has such a huge lead. There's no way."

    32. alienbob21

      Clover gets to race!? I remember searching for Clover in other videos.

    33. Sara Oliver

      The ghost mable was predy fast

    34. Tyler Henry

      Ayo red number 3 bro racin now?

    35. mohammad saad

      can you make marbula1 season 2 qualifires 7

      1. mohammad saad


    36. jamie yang

      this is where quarantine has take me

    37. Ralph Reagan


    38. XxTRIGGAxX47 xtx

      Team orange all the way

    39. Akerz


    40. Jayarbal

      Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, he's noranger.

    41. Christian Santiago

      Team ghost

    42. Cordelia Cullen

      Purple 7!!! Oh, what a twist!!!

    43. Muhammad Suhaib

      what differnce does it make afterall they are just different colord

    44. Paco Nemo

      « Ooooooooooooooooo » ^^

    45. vazak11


    46. Max Marquer

      Can someone explain me the Ghost Marble ? What's the point of it ?

    47. HijackTheJackal

      LOL what a dangerous course! 🤣

    48. Jeffrey Denenberg

      New marble league team "the ghost marbles" when?

    49. Chrisell

      That is a future O'Ranger right there, glad to have you aboard buddy..!!

    50. Merky 600

      Call me old fashioned but I still prefer the dirt track races.

    51. Jonah Britton

      I want to see more purple 7

    52. Master Thnag

      I like these types of races more tha. The plastic tracks. It's just so much more exciting

    53. Pandawithtaste

      Orange mvp Color!

    54. Paul Kemezis

      Where does Jelle get his marbles? I can't find info on that anywhere

      1. Homelessness Advocate

        I think it's here. I recall seeing this on one of Jelle's posts here (or possibly on patreon?) tradeuk.houseofmarbles.com/product-category/marbles/loose-marbles/

    55. Whit Waltman

      Orange from dead last to first.

    56. Get To The Point Already

      Blue: LET'S GOOOOOOO Ghost Marble: I'm going to end blue's ENTIRE career.

    57. Ubaydullah Patel

      I like the blues

    58. Ali Habsi

      I F@#$ng knew it😣😣 Orange is on steroids

    59. blinglog

      Ghost marble has been steadily improving over time and i am proud of him finally getting a medal

    60. Meme Lord David

      Ooouuu I like this rally racing!!!

    61. Adam Olinger

      RN3 is coming back to reclaim the throne!

    62. StarRocks

      I feel bad for the marbles that DNFed, but congrats to the gold for reaching 3rd! 😄

    63. Notthedroids Yourelookingfor

      Props to their efforts, but you could see that these weren't professionals. If they take steep turns with such speeds, it's no wonder they'll fly off the track. Got a bit overenthusiastic, I guess.

    64. Daniel

      more Marble rallies please

    65. Enrico Bagnasco

      Orangers for ever

    66. Bulk Bogan

      We need live marble races for money!

    67. RandomAxis

      That wasn't a race. It was a massacre.

    68. Ithyle Griffiths

      Sorry, Melissa, I was really rooting for Quartz!!!

      1. mellieellieissa

        😂😂 me too

    69. Timon Kybelka

      Was rooting for Alayjo, glad to see it finish the race.

    70. So'kiel

      More outdoor rallies, the most exciting raw emotion possible!

    71. Green Meat

      what a shitfight

    72. Yuuki Kafuu


    73. Donvieto

      Jelle is Eindbaas 💪

    74. AJ NotMyRealName

      So much for lucky number 7 goddammit

    75. Irving Lie Okay

      2:38 A shell beside purple and green

    76. Nilo Jr. Deniega

      The reason Ghost Marble is in 3rd is because they had way more experience than the other marbles.

    77. Andrebre

      Maybe a Ghost Team can be a thing on Marble League in the future? ^^

    78. Latitude

      Patreon Donors: I'm going to win this race! Ghost Marble: Not if I have anything to do with it!

    79. Philliefan04

      Hey can we have RN#3's cousin aka Pur#7

    80. Remy

      Shout out to that fly chilling in the beginning

    81. Leviathan88

      man how does this channel still only have 1.3 million subs after over a year? you guys should have at least 10 million by now :)

    82. Eli's Epic Marbles

      1:03 yellow goes off the track and goes back in the track!

      1. Hirsch Vagish

        everbody done that at 0:50

    83. Lord Gong

      When you come in behind the Ghost marble

    84. Eli's Epic Marbles


    85. 4inchesofpleasure

      Purple Marble: I almost had you Sand Track: You never had your marble

    86. Eli's Epic Marbles

      2:52 ghost marble is on podium in 3rd place!

    87. Eli's Epic Marbles


    88. Eli's Epic Marbles

      0:52 OH AND PURPLE GETS STUCK 🤣🤣🤣 so funny!

    89. Kabo Lesego Puso


    90. CM Wolf Magic

      Idk, I feel like Ghost was cheated out of a win....

    91. Tyrell Bratten

      #TEAMGHOST use a metal to clear ghost deserve to race

    92. Tyler Larsen

      Holy crap, was Purple Number 7 fast until he got beached! He should make a run at the real Sand Marble Rally when he gets the chance, maybe give his cousin Red Number 3 a run for his money.

    93. Mohit Mishra

      I choose orange let's see if he wins😁😁 Yesss orange wonnn🎉🎉😄

    94. Bao Mao

      Red was sabotaged by Orange. (And, for the record, everyone knows Orange uses Speed Tape.) I’m just saying out loud what everyone is thinking.

    95. pulsar hcr2

      Who first see the orng to omg

    96. Avery Milieu

      Have always favored the Sand Rally format. Thank you. More of these would be a real treat.

    97. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷

      Was White White Widow?

    98. straytraffic

      Justice for the O'rangers

    99. Nuttynicole11

      hell yeah ghost marble!!

    100. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷

      Ghost lol xD