Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 8 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 8th marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 20 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is randomized.
    NOTE: The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Epidemic Sound
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

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    2. Jedi Revan

      Pollo Loco Pollo Loco Lets get crazy chicken.

    3. Gunman610

      "All marbles HAS finished the race"? Fail. Unsubscribed.

    4. Eternic

      It's the BOTTOM line, Marbleface! Won't you ever learn? Argh...

    5. Untro


    6. zxc zxc

      진짜로 재밌다..F1만큼 재밌음.

    7. Teague Jelinek

      Lol... Im legit getting mad over my marbles losing

    8. David Nichols

      Man, Blue Smoke did so well in the qualifiers, but just can't bring it the real thing

    9. Trisha Schuman

      spoiler space Mah GURL!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Carks mom

      Anyone watching in January 1st of 2020 at 1:33am?

    11. Vero Cano

      Si había elegido a Big Pearl !!!!!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏

    12. GregRyan

      I can see myself in the crowd! Can't wait for the final.

    13. GregRyan


    14. IceCubeNETWORK873

      El Capitan Forever! I Don’t Care if he loses I Won’t Give up Hope!

    15. ariq45

      rooting for marbly mcmarbleface here. lad might not be top 3 but he points for some good scores

    16. CG Marble Runs

      Really a deserved win for big pearl

    17. ElKevin

      At the starting Lineup Nº18. is Blue Smoke, not Blue Moon.

    18. Fun Things to Do with a Camera

      Where can I watch the 2019 rally content?

      1. Margaret Watson

        He went on vacation for a little bit and is working on more now

    19. Eduardo Cornejo

      Damn wish pollo loco won:(

    20. CusPeanuts

      you need to watch this: Wiki Weekends | The Marble Olympics Are Completely Real

      1. Ben Smith

        That's how I got here lol

    21. Pau Simpson Crusafon

      Pollo loco is gonna win the championship. And watch my man H2 blie vome back from last place

    22. Scott Walters

      No fire shown by Dragon’s Egg in this one. Truly disappointing.

    23. David Seim

      Were are the 2019 races? The season started then...nothing.

      1. Margaret Watson

        He was on vacation but says he is recording more now

    24. Lou Boogaloo

      Thanks to fact fiend I have found this amazing channel

    25. Joel Bruschini

      I'm team green. I hope slimer wins, I've been a fan of the limers for ages so it made sense.

    26. Marble Racing Studios

      Save the Super Turtles

    27. Niquo EarMo

      Big PEARLLL

    28. GThe man_

      I'm surprised that comet made it In 2019 idk how long he can keep it up

    29. Kale Mitchell_-Triumvirate-_

      I just wanted to know how you acquired all of your pieces for your marble maze in the marbleympics. I thought it looked super cool :3

    30. Christopher Bownes

      Marble lympics

    31. Marion Duldulao

      That Big Pearl pass was clean !

    32. Haley Faragalli

      I love watching these

    33. Albert Pringle

      H 2 Blue

    34. Robert Rubin

      Ghost Plasma is killing it this season.

    35. firstname surname

      Born too late to explore earth, born too early to explore space, but born just in time to witness Ghost Plasma's prime.

    36. Sean Blackwell

      I starman is retired, but wish he had a sibling called stardust to continue in his place

    37. xtra-ill

      I like Pollo Loco

    38. Failure Blanket

      Dear lord, that was so beautiful to watch!

    39. Jimmy Donohoe

      Keep rolling ghost plasma!!!

    40. Thesty Cleese

      Great move there by Big Pearl, risky, but he made it work. Pollo Loco did not know what hit him.

    41. kurapika • •

      AAAAAHHHHH finally!!! Let's go Big Pearl!!!! Literally holding my breath since it took over the first place until it finished the race!

    42. Powerstroke Ryan

      Chose comet at the beginning and he ends up coming in dead last 😑

    43. Keovar

      It's funny, Starman doesn't look anything like Scott anymore.

    44. istvan Droeshaut

      What a run for Big pearl . Looking forward to the next run

    45. Sunshine Marmot

      So proud of Summer Sky rallying from 0 points over the first several races to become a real contender when it counts

    46. Flare

      Just wanna let people know that there is an OFFICIAL Jelle's Marble Runs Subreddit! Come join fellow marble sports fans and discuss all things marbles!

    47. Jackson Esposito

      When formula one happening

    48. Diamant_pony1337

      Rip Comet

    49. David Brown

      A marble named Jenna Marbles 🤔

    50. Reinis Znotiņš

      Come on Starman! Go for that medal!

    51. Adam Moore

      Great job Summer Sky

    52. DZLzz

      come on comets, don't let your head hanging

    53. Solarwolf13

      Let’s go!! Blue got 3rd!!!

      1. Albert Pringle


    54. aDeerInHeadlights

      I was so proud of Big Pearl for this race the first time I saw it. Really making a name for herself and doing wonderful things in the fight for marble gender equality. The first really popular female SMR racer.

    55. Dylan’s Kingdum

      Dang it EL Cap, your one of the only ones that took the other route. Your supposed to zig not zag!! Your demoted from Capitan to seamon lol

      1. Zeuseus6609

        yeah he was doing so well, thought he was going to make a comeback this race but then he took the wrong route and it was all over.

    56. Jessica Sweet

      You almost got it Pollo Loco, still a good race

      1. potatoginger736

        @Teague Jelinek been following him since 2015

      2. Teague Jelinek

        he's a fan favorite

    57. Rezka Kalitouw

      No RN3 No party

    58. Paul Persaud

      Blue moon is in the start but not the end?

      1. Alex Parent

        Paul Persaud It’s actually Blue Smoke. Blue Moon was already eliminated...

      2. Paul Persaud

        oh, looks like you might have named him Blue Smoke at the end

    59. TIM O'Dell

      Go Ghost Plasma

    60. maddyg 123

      Finally H2 Blue got in the top ten I’m so proud

      1. Albert Pringle


    61. gokulkavin1

      I want rn3

      1. brittlebrit187

        Sorry, this is a race for marbles.

      2. aDeerInHeadlights

        His career started in 2017. This race is from 2016.

    62. turdl38

      big pearl is female? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that, but I really don't know how to tell with marbles!

      1. Dylan’s Kingdum

        turdl38 agree, hard to tell if the balls have balls lol

    63. Nintendo Guru

      wisp of darkness needs to get his head in the game

    64. Hazman Noor

      I'm glad in 2018 Jelle's Marble Runs created B League instead of eliminating15 Marbles all together. Throughout 2018, these 13 or 15 Marbles given a chance to go to A League with Qualification Race.

    65. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      Yas go pollo loco nice job he is probably my new favorite!!

    66. surf247365

      I like the obstacles on the sand marble rally with 20 marbles

    67. rphnick

      My man, Ghost Plasma!!!! So good to see him in his prime.

    68. The Faux Fox

      Right on time jelle

    69. MythsolverMercy

      Yes Big Pearl making the plays and keeping it steady! She loves bumping others but it finally paid off. Top 3!

    70. Old man huppiedos

      Weer een spannende race.

    71. Micheal3107

      󠇰󠇰 󠇰󠇰

    72. Green Meat

      If there's not an unofficial race between Slimer and the winner of the rally to see who really is best I'll start my own marble race with blackjack and hookers

      1. Nytraze

        Green Meat What? Why would this happen? If anything, there should be a “champions” race after 2019 between Ghost Plasma, Dragon’s Egg, Red Number 3, and whoever this year’s champion is to determine the best

    73. Green Meat


    74. Children's Dreams Toys


    75. Packer79

      Marbly shouldn't have taken the high road. But we're still within range of the podium.

    76. Arq. Alejandro Martelo

      Pollo loco 😢

    77. Khell

      Nice race, the slow Super Turtle gains a few places. Me likes 🔥🐢

    78. Aj Styles

      Damn. Ghost plasma was so consistent in his races.

      1. Addyups 123


      2. John Knox

        Aj Styles yes, he relies on consistency more than all out speed. Hoping this strategy will pay off in 2019 too.

    79. Bob's Tabletop Sports

      Wow, Pollo Loco and Big Pearl were close in the standings for Pollo Loco to lose a spot in the standings while finishing second! Go Pollo Loco!

    80. Nathan Cate

      "The Flash" not really living up to his name lol

    81. Colmán Pedro

      Por que 2016?

    82. Nero

      Where’s the 2019 rally content?

      1. Nero

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Good to hear, thanks Jelle!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        With some luck, we could record it next friday which means an expected upload in the first week of december.

      3. Jackson Mccreery

        Third line of the description- NOTE: The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.

    83. KEVRO

      Can't wait till we get out of these old videos -_-

      1. a j

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Why are old videos being reuploaded? Have they been revoiced or something?

      2. KEVRO

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Its fine jelle :) i just get excited, then decited (lol)

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        After this one 4 to go, then we will quit uploading old videos and focus on making new content.

    84. Hex_ Infection

      I love ghost plasma