Sand Marble Rally 2019 Race 3 - Jelle’s Marble Runs

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    The third marble race of the Marble Rally 2019 where 20 colored marbles will chase down each other on a 408 feet long sand marble run course.
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    Cameras used: 2X Sony RX0 + 1X Sony RX0 II + Feiyu tech G6 gimbal
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - Race 4 upload is expected at 19 October.
    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. henny setiawati

      Greg just said Marbula One..

    2. TheBloxburgGamez


    3. Ivankly Lustosa

      cammon cool moody cammon

    4. Piterdeveirs333

      I nearly turned this off when Comet got stuck

    5. ping

      seeing him lose the lead made me sad as an el capitan fan

    6. Jack Brandt

      So trying to make a sand marble rally

    7. Monsieur Hannes

      G(H)O G(H)O GHOST PLASMA!!!!

    8. spirithp

      *sigh* It's tough being a Comet fan.

    9. llongone2

      Such a dangerous course! I hope all of the crashed-out racers are okay.

    10. RAFH

      one day this will fill stadiums

    11. Monette Moradi

      My new favorite is Reflekor!

    12. Josue Hernandez

      Dragons egg!

    13. leo joshua

      Where were you when RN3 got thrown outta the course?

    14. Jancel Abobo

      Yay dragon's egg placed!

    15. BelGrifex

      Man, it's rough for a Pollo Loco and Slimer fan. Been rough these past few years.

    16. Aes0m

      yes Blizzard Blaster!!

    17. Nathan

      Glad to see Cool Moody 😎 pick up a few points.

    18. Lagusa

      Summer sky has really gone downhill since her showing on the practice race. But I'm here for her, I know you can do it!!!

    19. XpLiZiTcOnTeNt7

      Any other Quicksilver fans out there? One day. One day he’ll take it.

    20. Daniel Duffty

      C) tt+třęalien.

    21. Jeffrey Crommentuyn

      He pushed me off the track #notfair

    22. elliot FF

      sadly I feel as though more and more lately red number 3 is having a harder time keeping up, like he is the greatest of all time, but he’s just not as dominant as he used to be, be it due to age, or a an increase in good competitors like superball and dragons egg

    23. runswithsoda

      Blizz! Beautiful run amid chaos.

    24. DanceManiaco

      Quarantine effect !!!

    25. Anavee Chanvechsat

      Did anybody find Roldo?

    26. daniel Bogran

      Nooo RN3, this is the worst day in the marble rally...

    27. Katleho Aubrey Mohlokoane

      it's so hard being a Comet fan 💔😭

    28. R F

      Amazing race Blizzard, consistency is key.

    29. Eclectics If

      Cried when comet crashed.

    30. Mark W

      I swear MMM gets my hopes up every race and blows it early.. I won’t lose hope!

    31. Parker Johnson

      Silver bolt is having a consistent season. Clean races and improving position every race. Expecting great things out of him.

    32. César Alfonso Garcia Mazo

      Coronavirus quarantine brought me to this channel, it´s more addictive than suggar. "Mortuori te salutant".

    33. Ravi Ahuja

      Liked and subscribed, my man. #NextFuckingLevel

    34. maniacal1

      WHY is this so interesting???

    35. Ariel Hernandez

      🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:36 👇👇👇👇👇

    36. Jesse James

      I never knew how much I need marble racing in my life. Never knew this existed. Super cool. Reminds me of making racks with clay when I was a kid.

    37. Juan Morandini

      Blizzard blaster 1 :D Quicksilver 4 Reflecktor 9 nice recovery

    38. bichngau đăng

      vvhere's Roldo?

    39. scarpfish

      Red Number 3, on the way to repeating as Marble Rally champion, shows even he has moments of humility.

    40. FLAY Productions


    41. el monstruo del diurex

      Solo vine a qui a ver a red 3 y quedó fuera :(

    42. Butacup Pucatub

      Even on a sand track, I am sure it took you two a while to plan it, carve it out, and film it. I would love to see a behind the scenes video one day. I love all that your work involves. Stellar job and stellar results. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. Ivor Scrotumic

      I had to stop watching when red3 crashed out. Way too upset to continue.

    44. Merlin

      I am for cool Moody

    45. mawande kolele

      Bad luck for my boy Comet 😭😭😭

    46. Unofficial Spaghet

      I have notifications turned on, but IRvision doesn’t give me this so I have to watch them late now. By the way, I hope H2 Blue wins it all and makes a great comeback.

    47. Abraham Grant

      Black Knight either does great or trash

    48. Kerm

      I’m cheering for mmm, but he’s got some catching up to do

    49. thach nguyen

      I screamed when rn3 got stuck, ahhh

    50. Jonathan Roscoe

      Marbula 1 Sebastian will be singing blue flag

    51. JFK64 Kennedy

      LOLOLOLOLOL...i got far to into watching marbles go down a sand path......lmao....

    52. Baby gacha

      R.I.P red number 3😢😢

    53. Sloth queen Sloth

      Hi I like your channel

    54. K Asih

      My favorite is RN3

    55. Albert Pringle

      Good going H 2 Blue

    56. Musculus IV

      Great move by Dragon's Egg through to take that super fast top lane! Intelligent racing as always!

    57. Christopher Gaul

      What. The. Hell?! The IRvision algorithm threw me the first one of these. I'm now like 10 videos in and God help me I just actually yelled "Noooo!" out loud when Red #3 went off the track.

    58. Thando Chokoe

      Am I the only one who doesn't like red no. 3

    59. Jose Alberto Gonzalez Dieguez

      Like si eres fan de RN3

    60. Jose Alberto Gonzalez Dieguez


    61. Nico Sotomayor

      I screamed when RN3 dnf'd

    62. Shiloh Store

      2:26Rn3 obviously sacrificed itself because he didn't want to hit the his fellow racer marbley MC Marble face in front of him so he drove directly into the berm what a hero!

    63. stickworldmayor

      lets go my red no 3 and superball. and did you just say MARBULA 2!!!!!!!!!I need to be in a teams r&d for that

    64. Youtube Minecraft

      1:13 wow blizzard blaster😮😮

    65. hahasimp

      Have I made a mistake by supporting Phoenix

    66. robo tails

      Think about the stop this way every year he stops 1 time

    67. Kidseverywhere kids

      RN3 is the best

    68. Marik Elcock

      Guys I want this channel get a lot of subscribers because the person who makes these awesome marble race works hard to entertain us he and his friends dig the sand and stuff so please sub to him and my channel thank you

    69. Brickfilm INC

      Go Superball! He's da boss!

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      Do DNF marbles in alphabetical order dnf:Black Knight Comet Crazy Cat's eye ----Ghost----- Pollo Loco Red Number 3

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      I am proudly part of that 25%

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      Is there any truth to the rumors that Cool Moody and Summer Sky were scene at a club together?

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      Roldo is right above the chevron at 1:35. Also RIP #CCE, let's get em next time!

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      I’m very glad to see slimer again in this race

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      Phoenix is really good at the beginning for about two minutes the he just dies

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      Comet DNF is sad.

    83. Stephen Sipes

      RN3 easily has one of the largest fan bases in all of sports. It truly baffles me, but I’m guilty of the fandom as well.

    84. Retro

      rn3 got a little too scared of not making it in a good spot and tried one of his offroad maneuvers. this is why you must remember to practice these kinds of things and if you think it's risky it might be safer to just stay on the track and be satisfied with a lower spot.

    85. ITZ GOLDEN

      17 come on mmm NOOOO HE FELL OFF

    86. Seba Contreras

      Why do I feel like i'm the only fan of Superball lol

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      Crazy Cat's Eyes and Red Number 3 must have used up their reserves in Race 1 and 2. Both ending, too bad

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      C'mon Crazy Cat's Eye

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    91. mr keeper

      RN3 is not a marble?? What scandal is this??

    92. Arq. Alejandro Martelo

      Pollo loco 😢

    93. Marco Mix

      How long does it take for you to set up a course like this and were there ever any live spectators?

      1. Marco Mix

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Thanks for answering. Love the videos. The work you guys put into filming/editing really shows. The picture in picture to show the more of the field is a great addition.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It takes usually a couple of hours, depending on weather conditions and the number of volunteers. There can be sometimes live spectators, but we instruct them to stay behind us. Normally, we try to avoid the crowds by going on weekdays.

    94. Seesaw41

      Noo... That looked like a safe win for cobra

    95. Varethius

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      I cried when Red #3 got stuck😔

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