Marble Marathon (FINAL) | Marble League 2020 E16 + CC + HOST REVEAL

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and the 16th and FINAL Event: Marble Marathon!
    The final event of the 2020 Marble League is the longest race in JMR history and takes place over 33 laps on the Andromedome's very own Stardust Accelerator. With Marbula One-esque track design and fast-paced overtakes, this race will surely hold its own among the greatest in marble sports history. Which team will win the gold, and which team will win the championship overall? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    After this race's podium ceremony, we will end the ML2020 with an epic Closing Ceremony. However, after the end credits, we will reveal the host of the Marble League 2021!
    0:00 - Intro
    1:10 - Placement Race
    3:44 - Race
    14:57 - Podium Celebration
    15:54 - Closing Ceremony
    18:28 - End Credits
    19:44 - Final Standings
    20:01 - Host Reveal
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
    Team Logos:
    Animated host reveal: @imaquietkid
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    === Useful Links: ===
    Join our Subreddit:
    More marble news:
    Instagram: jellesmarbles
    Facebook: jelleknikkers/
    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
    === Patrons ===
    Premium Spectators:
    Terry Hankamer, FrostFlareon, Jim Pendergast, Alejandro Tejada (Alayjo), Michael Laurence, Bryan Bartlett, Lord_Gatte, Alex Mathew, Cerie Tisch, Dave Santare, Tobias Walters, Meyvol, Glen Brixey, Cora Schallock, John Edward "JET" Torres, Oscar Wilson, Tommy Nguyen, Derek Van Booven, Jonathan Hadden, Denis Johnston
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thanks so much for tuning in for the Final and watching this amazing season of ML2020 with us! To celebrate, there's a little 10% sale on our Teespring , simply use code TEAMPLAYER at check-out: See you all soon for some more exciting marble sports like the Marble Rally, Marbula E and Marbula One Season 2!

      1. Fer Ferchu

        Race in teams please

      2. Organon

        oh. I though Host Reveal would mean we get to see Greg at the end.

      3. Biruk Zelalem


      4. unknown channel


      5. Noah Browning

        Jelle, big mistake. This year was supposed to be winter instead of summer. Big mistake but make sure next is winter.

    2. Ayoo Dreamz

      Green Ducks did not even win a medal. A disappointing run this time. Refocus and come back strong. #quackattack

    3. Akash Shah

      Amazing Marble League, so happy to see an amazing comeback from the Speeders and see my team Momo up in 8th. I just want to make a shoutout to the JMR composer, Minos Fylatkos, over in Greece. You truly went all out this year. Amazing. Can't want for 2021!

    4. Charlie Petersen

      Been a fan since I watched my first race with my dad as a kid. While it holds a special place in my heart and likely always will I must say I am saddened at how doping and money has ruined the sport.

    5. TheEaglePL

      Yeeee :D My favorites will be hosts next year!!! What a great news!!! 2021 !!! GO GO CREZY CAT'S EYES !!!

    6. Bennyton

      where are my bumblebee fans?!!!

    7. Jamon

      As a Limers fan, it was lovely to see Momo and CCE get more consistency and have good campaigns, and though we won't even make the qualifiers for the second year in a row, I eagerly await next year's Marble League, thank you to the whole team who makes these events come to life.

    8. Ryan J

      Shout out to Christina Applegate!

    9. DJ Double 0 6

      No hate at all but how come the O’rangers had to start qualifying at the very back it made winning even the race on a whole impossible

    10. Seoh Kwon


    11. brenda padilla

      and orange

    12. brenda padilla

      give me yellow one

    13. brenda padilla

      give me dark red marble

    14. James On a Cross

      The last few events made me lose hope in the minty maniacs so I’m glad they were able to come back around and score a huge lead and 2nd place

    15. Matías Sampaolesi

      Speedy made an amazing comeback at the Placement Race moving from 16 to 2 in only 5 laps. After that, I thought it was going to be a quiet race...BUT NOT!!!! He loses all in lap 1 and made me suffer all the race. Luckily at the end we can celebrate a new championship! Go Savage Speeders!!!!!

    16. Nepo Gamer

      I can’t believe they chose Rezzy to represent Raspberries in the final event. They need a new team combo to help Razzy for next year, and maybe consider a coach change.

    17. HAZER_Batz

      I’m kind of sick of the Savage Speeders. I thought 2020 was going to be interesting. Next RN3 will win the sand rally

    18. Eli Mayfield

      thank god the orangers lost... cant stand those guys

    19. Jayden Oldham

      Orangers lost because they started at the back and couldn’t get to the front

    20. Seymour Brown

      Redemption on Orangers by Savage Speeders Now that's Savage

    21. Jocelyn Patton



      My fav team!

    23. interstellar Rock

      I will say, even though O’rangers didn’t win this year, they had a really good showing on some of the events, and I’m glad they could come together with the Savage Speeders at the end to hold the trophy with them, it’s really good sportsmanship and I believe that they definitely deserve that win for just the comeback alone, so congratulations Savage Speeders, hope to see you next year

    24. TheInvertedMind

      Congrats to the Savage Speeders. The O’rangers will get them next time!


      Jelle, have a doubt.... how do you pick the hosts?

    26. The_Bookchemist

      Man, at one point it looked like the O'rangers had the ML locked! What happend? Did they rest on their laurels? Or did they give 100% early on, and were simply spent by the last few events? In any case, what a comeback for the Speeders - and, as a Oceanics fan.. Good job team, so many painful moments over this league but it's all part of the ride!!

    27. akiles va esta

      Vengo de ibai llanos

    28. Reed Demon

      Where's my Team Crazy Cats Eyes crew at?! We'll get em next year! Held podium position much of the games just to lose it all at the end.

    29. Jo L.D.

      I love Greg Woods! He just makes the games come to life. This was a great year. Can't wait to see more Marblelympics!

    30. JustAwesome

      Came out of retirement and took most gold medals and one of the most impressive leads in marble racing. A legendary finish. #MINTCONDITION

    31. Hyein Clifton

      My brother was the crazy cats eyes

    32. Hyein Clifton

      AW 4th But at least im in top 5. The song is sad its making me cry

    33. Lauren Ulbrich

      The O'Rangers had a good run this year. I would have loved to see them out on top, but 2nd place is definitely nothing to frown about, they had quite the solid performance this year. Can't wait to see how they do next year!

    34. EbonyDarknessDementiaRavenWay

      Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"rangers wereabitof a disappointment

    35. Edward

      I am so pumped to see that Crazy Cat's Eyes are hosting this year! Let's go!

    36. Franz Friedrich

      Crazy cats eyes did good. Still room for improvement though

    37. Grace Johnston

      Honestly, watching Galactic go from 15 to 4 in this race is inspiring. We may not be your gold winners every time but we know how it's done.

    38. Hanzo and luna may

      Can you make a motocross style run. I want to see jumps and rhythm

    39. Jupiter Royalty

      Go Savage Speeders! The competition made Us earn the 2020 Title no doubt.

    40. Mateus Cordeiro

      Balls of chaos couldn't perform at the level they are capable of. It's high time that coach Harmony leaves the team. He doesn't fit the foundations on which the team was built. GO CHAOS!!!

    41. LL C

      Go green Ducks

    42. Veritas Fit

      Not sure how anyone is disliking these videos, they're just perfect entertainment.

    43. Inaxi Patel

      I had a idea, maybe you can make Season 2 Marbula one with 32 teams so 4 will need to join the other 28 teams: Team Plasma, Golden Orbs, Gliding Glaciers and the Black Jacks, the 32 teams will be split into two groups of 16, this time how the points will go 1st 25pts 2nd 22pts 3rd 19pts 4th 17pts 5th 16pts 6th 15pts 7th 14pts 8th 13pts 9th 12pts 10th 11pts 11th 12pts 12th 10pts 13th 9pts 14th 8pts 15th 7pts 16th 5pts

    44. Hodaifa CHERIET

      oh no 2021

    45. Sasquatch2829

      Everyone notice how the 3 marbles contending to win have already won a marble league before, great job to all. As a hazers fan though, this was an ok year

    46. SpeLLBounD BYtheDEVIL

      Not as cool as sand marble rally.

    47. ReaperConYT


    48. Cris Espinoza

      Ok I'll admit it now that time has passed. I have watched this video 4 times and have reached a conclusion: I COULDN'T FIND ROLDO EVEN IF I HAD AN ATOMIC BOMB AND A DONUT!

    49. Ralph Reagan

      I call bias against Red number 3

    50. Alexandru Ionescu


    51. TJ Cassidy

      Let it be remembered that Marble League 2020 was the sole highlight of 2020.

    52. blanktester

      Never thought I'd get so angry about my team of marbles absolutely blowing their lead.

    53. onion bomb

      We may have finished 12th but I'm still #GreenDucksGang til I die. Maybe need a coaching change to bring back the glory days. #OnionForGDCoach2021

      1. CharTrev

        @onion bomb No

      2. onion bomb

        @CharTrev Cause he can get this team to win again

      3. CharTrev

        Why would a coach be an onion

    54. Joe F

      As a speeders fan this year was crazy we made the biggest comeback ever! Was rooting for the speeders since 2017

    55. Tornait


    56. Sushma Kumar

      Check mnt for drugs

    57. Vincent Malambo

      O Rangers fans will have to shorten their chant to avoid choking at the end. If you didn't believe you believe now, Speedy is the GOAT #speediskey

    58. Kiky Wira

      Minty Maniacs!!!!. Congratulations for the 3th position

    59. ezm8 pro


    60. ezm8 pro

      As an oceanics fan I'm proud, well hopefully quality next year and have another fantastic championship

    61. Karel Vondrák

      And next year it´s Hazers for the overall victory. Go and Hazeamaze me!!!

    62. apm78229

      Nice to see good sportsmanship after the trophy presentation!

    63. Abhijit Zimare


    64. Zach

      How do you not start Orangin in a marathon competition? What an embarrassing collapse by the O'rangers in the final events, just a sad showing. I'm putting it on the coaching and training staffs, a change is needed moving forward.

    65. JFL Returns

      16:44 Cool closing ceremony, and hold on! Mellow Yellow reach 2 spots when he never came dead last! #KeepItMellow

      1. JFL Returns

        #MintCondition #Gorangers #SpeedIsKey

      2. JFL Returns

        GG to Savage Speeders, Orangers and Minty Maniacs!

    66. JFL Returns

      20:05 Yay! #EyeOfThePrize gets the 2021 ML Host!

    67. ackitsjackk

      This is pog

    68. The Gunman

      This is so much better than any of the crap on Netflix

    69. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders!!!

    70. Richard Nonsense

      Based on the first run I believe doing was involved.

    71. Rene Cano

      Soy un fan de Minty, 16 competiciones apoyándolo y anheló la próxima temporada.

    72. Rene Cano

      I need more !!! When is the next competition ?

    73. Noah Browning

      minties: *its over anakin I have the high ground*

    74. Colin Tabor


    75. Biruk Zelalem

      You are the best!

    76. F Figueira

      I was rooting for the Minty Maniacs and while I'm sad they didn't win this last performance was A M A Z I N G, I'm rly happy

    77. Max Boerner

      Raspberry robust for 2021

    78. TheLoneSculler

      Idea for next year. Why not do qualifying in a format akin to the Indy 500? (They do 4 laps and try to achieve the highest average speed possible, grid spaces 10-33 are decided in the first round, with a final "fast 9" to determine starting order. You could even draw the order in reverse Championship. Would give all the teams a perfectly equal shot at pole)

    79. Xel Unknown

      I'm a fan of Balls of Chaos...

    80. Kenny Emannuel

      okay who else found out about this during quarantine 🤣👋🏽 looking forward to next year’s

    81. Laurin DotCom

      love with how much love this is made!!!

    82. Cameron Lings

      Safety marble

    83. Dario Bosnjak

      savage speeders and o'rangers is the greatest rivalry in sports history

    84. Twotinytoes 222

      15:02 there he is! the man himself! in the yellow marble!

    85. Sajmon_996

      We will back stronger!! #Quackattack

    86. pew

      O'rangers is the only team who know how to throw a 20 points gap by being in the bottom 3 in the last 3 events. I realised not to root for them anymore after this event.

    87. YousSef AouZah

      The Pit stope is needed To change tures and other stuff

    88. Herbiesainty

      Ocean really carried Oceanics this season. Shore and Sea were okay but Bay has to go! #TidePride #BayOut

    89. Jose Antonio Vallejo Sanchez

      Vaya timo de maraton

    90. NINJA KID


    91. Jason Gerber

      You guys should have a most valuable marble!

    92. Jason Gerber

      We aren't last 😭

    93. Itz Anomynous


    94. IncendiarySolution

      Orangers were Robbed!

    95. Bryan Reyes

      Better luck next time, my Hazers!

    96. Vecto Lore

      So this is the Marble Cinematic Universe... Let's roll.

    97. Negus Nutrino

      This best racing this year!!! I said what I said. 6:10 " You gotta SHAKE HIM BEFORE YOU BAKE HIM" Wooo

    98. unknown channel

      Hello how are you ,buying the track where it is and the conveyor belt?

    99. Samuel Fister

      Almost got it this year, O'Rangers. Congrats to the Savage Speeders!

    100. Marilyn L

      I’m so proud of mellow yellow 🥰🥰