Marbula One Season 2: GP1 Minty Mania RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    The Minty Mania Grand Prix is a fast paced track, with each sector challenging our racers for technique, speed and balance. Who will win the first race of Season 2? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:00 - Race
    10:40 - Results & Podium
    11:04 - Highlights
    11:35 - Standings
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thanks so much for tuning in for an incredibly start to the season! See you next week, same time, on a familiar venue from Season 1: The O'raceway!

      1. Mulfaizin B

        where say you can buy a track like this, please help me, and how much is the approximate price, I am from Indonesia

      2. Ivana Costa

        33⁵usuárioso i3i383i3i3i3i3i3i3i3i3i3i3i3i3u3ío3o3o3o3p3o3p3pp3pp3pp3pp3p3i3

      3. max yu

        Amazing videos

      4. Daniel Burke

        I still think you should replace the escalator with an air tunnel

      5. g stjohn

        @BLM FRESH MEX TANK What about DNA?

    2. kiko1721

      Bonsoir ou trouver les circuits svp ?

    3. Daniel Alves

      I was so excited that minty maniacs are in this Season, and then they don't make it to the first race, still rooting for them

    4. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Good job yellow eye

    5. DeltaData

      SNOWY! Dont sleep on em'

    6. Mitu Raj

      Am I the only one missing Orangers 🙄


      When the f1 season is over so you watch this

    8. Mulfaizin B

      where say you can buy a track like this, please help me, and how much is the approximate price, I am from Indonesia

    9. Crazy MarbleRaces

      Poor speedy😪

    10. Max2200

      Oceanics rise again. I beg you.

    11. Skibbedy

      As an O'Rangers fan I do not understand why Clementin is given such frequent chances he is so poor, Orangin has been our guiding light during Season 1

    12. Riley Ghent

      You can’t help but get excited for your team when they win, or when they lose you get sad. For me it’s the thunderbolts.

    13. Low6 MAZ3

      I am officially a free agent as I forgot who I used to support pls help

    14. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      Team galactic were robbed

    15. Johnsxn

      Starrey me down 🙈

    16. smartpepper


    17. Art Thingies

      Cats rise up!

    18. Jorge Pedroche

      AND WE'RE ROOLLING! Please never get out of this SUPERB beggining

    19. DannyTruckster

      Waldo was behind some white fluffy stuff

    20. Rivaldo Rehatta

      Red Number 3 and Raspberry Racers still my Favorite 😂

    21. Adam Rivers

      Our thoughts and prayers go out to Speedy and his family.

    22. Austin Sherman

      I love these, orangars and crazy cats eye are my fav!!

    23. Samool 101


    24. Bagus Ardiwinata

      Just randomy found out this channel.. wtf, who can think that seeing some marbles rolling could be this fun 😂😂😂

    25. Eduardo Barbosa

      Please delete yellow eye???? speedy died and just red flag????????? respect where?????????

    26. Eduardo Barbosa

      yellow eye has turbo and nitro??? vin diesel would notice that...

    27. Eduardo Barbosa

      yellow eye is cheating, its so obvious, please fix

    28. Eduardo Barbosa

      yellow is cheating, please fix for next thanks

    29. G. de Jong

      I've supported you for years, but letting psycopath John de Mol "borrow" your concept, that's a bit of a letdown..

    30. Frank Carlone

      Great race for Snowball

    31. James Howard

      Yellow eye seems to have the sharp turns on the overhang part down so he can get a REALLY good speedboost

    32. Tim van Ek

      momo be like fast speedy chicken feet

    33. Sophia Martinez

      This deserves to be on TV

    34. zoarashid

      As a Midnight Wisp fan, I'm mourning as I watch Wosp almost reach 11th place but terribly fall back to last place😭

    35. Robert Aitken

      This is hard on me because I was pulling for Snowballs in Season 1 but I’ve always been a fan of the Oceanics, even during their terrible times.

    36. Jack Swearingen

      I think the most entertaining part is the comments that are like “they should really change the team driver” like this isn’t completely random

    37. Konrad Wróblewski

      Will Speedy get well?

    38. YukonGoatSlayer

      I love how serious you all are about this. What a great channel! What a great sport!

    39. Rey Sarath

      Now everyone rewatch focusing only on snowy. What an epic climb

    40. DMT51

      Interviewer: Great race today Yellow Eye. You really controlled that race today. You seemed to handle the red flag and restart well. Yellow Eye: I want to start with saying I hope Speedy is okay. I haven't heard yet how he is but you never want to see an accident like that especially at the start of the season. The restart was tough but I kept my cool and winning today was how the team and I needed to start the season. Can't wait for the next GP. Interviewer: Thanks for your time. Yellow Eye: Thank you.

    41. Alfie Stevens


    42. Charlie Cederblad

      Im a savage speeders fan but you just have to applaud yellow eye on this race! Took the lead out of turn 1 and never looked back again! Absolutly domination from the crazy cat eyes!

    43. Charlie Cederblad

      Damn, really hope speedy is okay! That was sickening! Had to look away untilk you said he was okay! Hope he will be back soon!

    44. Adam Snooks Underhill

      I absolutely love this

    45. The Collective

      As a day 1 Galaxy fan, I gotta say, can we fire the coach? I'm tired of either mediocrity and/or below .500

    46. Glen Comstock

      I’m a month late, but Im Cheering for galactic!

    47. Christopher Lowe

      Magnificent performance by Yellow eye. Being able to keep cool while navigating an unfamiliar track and keeping the lead is exactly what CCE crew needed. I'm sure the coach is very pleased and a pint would be well deserved.

    48. Joe The Juggalo

      Yellow eye dominated this race but you gotta give it to mom for giving me a run for their money for a short time.

    49. Cameron

      Yellow Eye is Lewis Hamilton fr

    50. dice

      You get so emotionally invested in these races its unbelieveable

    51. Zachary Mabb


    52. EntasyOfficial

      Man the fact that Razzy was able to keep his position throughout the whole race is amazing

    53. Wilson Aranha

      Hi you should host Olympics it will be amazing ❤️

    54. Rayaan

      I lost hope when Snowballs only qualifyed 15th at the season and i thought we were gonna finish at the bottom at the first race but BOI was i wrong, what a comeback from #Snowballs ! Im so proud of Snowy and im also proud of the team too!

    55. Dale DeVinney

      as a raspberry racer fan i’m happy with the season start

    56. Ollie Baker

      Hope to see my team #savagespeedes back soon!

    57. Rainbow Runner

      Not to be insensitive, but at least someone from a team besides Team Momo suffers an accident or injury.

    58. RandoGamer 123

      Razberry racers for life

    59. PhillyPlayzz

      Anyone come from the sidemen?

    60. Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus

      I'm really disappointed with Wospy's performance today. if this is anything more than a small blip in his career, then I think we should reconsider if he is good enough for the team

    61. Emir Wat Tabor

      They should have let Speedy's teammate take his place.

    62. Zesti

      ngl, this is more entertaining to watch than F1

    63. weirdskyfan64

      Speedy really is the Roman Grosjean of Marbula 1

    64. Remedios Regina

      3:55 on the camera 2, savage speeder go inside the hazard. That is dangerous.

    65. AwesomeToes

      Found this channel through Cultaholic, I can see the appeal in this; rooting for Mellow Yellow all the way!

    66. An0nym0us gg

      Great performance. Go team Momo!!

    67. Tysto

      OOOOOOooooo oh no.

    68. Hyrix

      7:32 *Siri has joined the game*

    69. Amber Mauer

      It's a sad day to be a midnight wisps fan tonight folks. Poor Wospy just kept getting further behind.

    70. Algosonic Racing

      why...... speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111

    71. Esat'ın Maceraları

      comes close to the real thing

    72. karuso hoste

      Nederlandse tv heeft je idee gejat en nu verkocht aan Duitsland lmao john de mol jaloers much hij zegt dat hij dit allemaal ooit verzonnen heeft

    73. Thesis The Fox

      the comments make marble racing sooo much better

    74. El Gringo y un Niño

      Limelime couldn’t ever really get in rhythm. :/

    75. Zachary Dannatt

      Not too bad from the limers!

    76. Jason King

      Legend Snowy

    77. Elivio

      Disappointed in Orangers, biggest mistake last lap

    78. DoitDoug

      Good track

    79. Nikita Kusuma

      Yesss CCE WON! #eyesontheprize

    80. Ethan Ertl

      I’m worried about Wospy. He’s really having trouble and it’s showing. Making bad mistakes and losing out of position

    81. Some Dude

      Speedy is injured and so is my soul

    82. Theo TamTM

      I got to say Mallard is getting smoother and smoother and that's a #quackattack Let's go Greenducks

    83. IAmFamousAmos

      Just heard about this channel today and dear god! I am now addicted to watching this! Excellent work you do. Thank you for the quality entertainment.

    84. Elias Fender

      take a shot everytime greg says 'great response' Haha! Great race and Greg is at the top of his game just as the top racers this season!

    85. Manuel Moya

      Prayers for Speedy.

    86. Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

      Why am I so invested in some marbles? Lol

    87. potatopotatoe

      4:00 "And that is, dangerous!" 💀😐 The composer Greg has... i cannot... i cannot 😂

    88. Alex Sanchez

      What are the cotton balls?

    89. Enceladus

      Come on SPEEDY! Stop being so slow

    90. liliana yepes

      When I was a child,I dreamed whit something like this

    91. realex

      Man, I love racing 🏁

    92. mordsythe

      Way to much focus on the lead group. Would I’ve loved to have seen more of the pack battles.

    93. Danillo Dias

      Purrfect race by Yellow Eye! Hoping to see more wins by the CCE's, since they're off by this great start. #GoCrazy

    94. Jolfgard

      As a Crazy Cat's Eyes fan I'm pleasantly surprised. I really expected them to do terrible in the last third after it went so well in the beginning.

    95. Chase Teel

      I wish Speedy a quick recovery

    96. Bennett A

      Momooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! We did not get a good stride until nearly the end of last season, glad to see that momomentum carrying over into the new season!

    97. Ketimporta sapoperro

      Definitely the stamina races don't are made to Smoggy

    98. Habibi Zaki


    99. Mikuláš Vodenka

      I was very disapointed with conveyor belt safety, marbles was there in high speed and it was very dangerous. Speedy's incident looks very badly.

    100. Cuan Stretch

      Team Momo for life