Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 2 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The second marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 33 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is based on the results of the previous race.
    NOTE: There are some typos on the second page of the race results, I know about this but because of my holiday, i had no possibility to correct it in time.
    The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos / Epidemic Sound
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    1. Tmb1112

      Bad camerawork on this one. There was an intense battle for first the whole time and they were focused back on 20th. Frustrating.

    2. DemiseAvalon

      Let's go McMarbleFace! -Has a feeling he's putting his hopes behind the Detroit Lions of the Marble League-

    3. Chris Harkins

      SUPER! TURTLE! SUPER! TURTLE! don’t sleep on my boy

    4. Emanating Faucet

      Lol that wasn't Super Turtle that got caught on the wall. Just realized

    5. jayive34

      Is it me, or are these marbles bigger than those in Marbula 1 and Marblelympics?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Yes, they are bigger

    6. Xavier The Cyclist

      I used to watch this a few years ago and my fav team was the orangers

    7. AvM MusiC


    8. Siddharth P

      CCE where u at :/

    9. ClQrkos

      Back when we thought super turtle was a solid racer

    10. bob smith

      Bad camera work, I couldn’t see who had the lead at all

    11. Just someone Else

      This is ASMR for your eyes

    12. Tiny Atom

      I lost faith in blue ocean

    13. Juan File

      El Capitan!

    14. KC Wu

      R.I.P Blazing Fireball


      people are losing it!

    16. Dwight Reim

      Who would have guessed that racing marbles would be so exciting

    17. Nina O

      YESSS!!!! Ghost is diong so much better. And the camera work is KILLING ME!!!!!

    18. Randy Morris

      Why the re-runs?

    19. Vinny The bird

      I like to imagine little engine sounds for the marbles like I’m watching the greatest drivers fight for position

    20. Haley Faragalli

      A good group didn't finish

    21. NC Heavy Assault

      Imagine this but if these were like muscular warrior men in battlesuits that would battle while racing through massive gauntlets

    22. Double RD

      Mmmmm shouldve just followed the leaders with the camera

    23. papillon x

      where is phoenix

    24. Natural Harmonia Gropius

      When will the SMR 2019 resumes? EDIT: Oh, I can wait...

    25. Shorty Longstrokin


    26. John Smit

      Those braid sections of the course are really cool!

    27. Eph-Jay Music

      Why is this channel so good?

    28. Daxton Anderson

      I know it's probably a pain in the ass to edit, but I really like the real-time standings on the side of the video you usually have. I always appreciate it when they're included :)

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks, the real time standings were not present in SMR2016. However, i will still add it in the remainder of MR2019 and Marbula 1.

    29. Pedro Calheiros

      where is black knight?

      1. NateStorm12

        This is a reupload of a video from the 2016 Sand Marble Rally

    30. Alex Jones

      Painful supporting Cobra and watching this

    31. Undrave

      Crazy to see how your production has improved in only three years! This is still good content but you can really tell the most recent races are way more polished and you learned from the experience. Keep up the good work!

    32. Fuzzy Fishnutz

      My favorite sand rally marble not named Red #3: Marbly McMarbleface.

    33. Devin Maxwell

      What happened to Red 5??

      1. NateStorm12

        This is a reupload of a video from the 2016 Sand Marble Rally. Also it's Red Number 3, not 5

    34. Khell

      Super turtle only 9th... :( maybe next time

    35. DZLzz

      yes comet!!!! scraping up the points

    36. Milo Jones

      Missed a lot of good action at the front on this one.

    37. Calvin D-A-F

      I just hope any green wins because they rock

    38. gino belv_98


    39. perfect stranger

      @Jelle ❤love the blood-pumping accompanying music. the cherry on top, imo & the braided lanes 💯 [go hazers !!!] ✌

    40. William The Christian


      1. NateStorm12

        This is a reupload of a video from the 2016 Sand Marble Rally

    41. Arq. Alejandro Martelo


    42. Dylan’s Kingdum

      The Cap pulls it off 👍👍

    43. Jon

      Another great video 😻

    44. Brandon Cho

      I love these series

    45. rphnick

      Why are these races so exciting... love the Sand Rally!!!

    46. Old man huppiedos

      A sand record.

    47. Ogreman222

      Everyone, look at the title! This is not a new race! The production issues and differences are because this is from 2016!

      1. brittlebrit187

        Yeah, but back then only marbles were allowed to compete, way better.

    48. Not Sure

      Yeah, Black Knight. Way to finish the race.

    49. Johnny Bravo

      I promise I'll watch this video, but first I gotta watch this Signum Regis music video that popped as an ad...

    50. nekokna

      bien ahí Ghost Plasma!

    51. Liz Hellsing

      There is nothing more wholesome than a Jelle's Marble Run

      1. Lex Jones

        Wait until Ghost Plasma's dark secrets come out.

    52. Christopher Wood

      You missed a lot of the action by the camera staying on some of the sections

    53. Helzapoppin

      Go Oceanics! (just kidding)

    54. Zeuseus6609

      Woo! Go El Capitan! Knew you could do it. (I picked him cos I liked his colours and his name was cool)

    55. Parsue Choi

      horrible camera in recent videos, the first place fight is always missing!!! Why do you take 2 camera?

      1. NateStorm12

        This is a reupload of a video from the 2016 Sand Marble Rally

    56. Robert Ditcham

      What ever change you made to the audio for the commentary, sounds low quality. Old way was better. Still fun videos as usual though

      1. Robert Ditcham

        @Ogreman222 so it is. I'm an idiot lol

      2. Ogreman222

        Robert Ditcham this is a reupload from 2016

    57. Game of Life

      ghost plasma, el capitan, polo loco, and top 7 in pervious race should be start in the fifth line in the next race 27th - 33th or dnf should be start in first line in next race.. for fair play, this race need rolling start position..

      1. Cooper Clarke

        This was made in 2016.

    58. Phoenix

      why are you reposting videos from 3 years ago?

      1. Phoenix

        @Edwin Fung well that makes sense thank you for that

      2. Edwin Fung

        Jelle has accidentally deleted his channel and lost all his uploaded videos, so now he reupload the videos for those who have not seen this video

    59. Packer79

      Marbly McMarbleface is my favorite name of all time.

      1. Dan Certa

        Pretzel door means race 5

      2. Megan Field

        Mine too

      3. BabyCakesPeach

        Black Knight is mine

      4. pretzel door

        You will like race 6 in this season

    60. DAGATHire

      cheering my ass off there for el capitan.... get in you little round beauty!!! i am way too invested in this lmao

    61. Marcocraft 26


    62. Douglas Brown

      El Capitan rules, Ghost Plasma drools

    63. mick1445

      My man Capitan

    64. Emory Harris

      Why is it 2016

      1. Murali Mukunda

        he had accidentally deleted his yt account so he's reposting some of his old stuff

    65. eno88

      Is this live?

    66. N3KLAZ

      I love ghost plasma and I am an original fan not just because his recent success!

    67. Irsy

      *Ghost Plasma finished second twice in a row* Me : "THE CHAMPION IS BACK"

      1. ClQrkos

        Irsy Bruh he won by like 20 points

      2. Irsy

        @Jorge I didn't even notice, thank you good sir. Bummer, thought he's making a comeback

      3. Jorge

        But you know this is an old tournament right? From 2016.

      4. Ghost Plasma

        I am indeed

      5. Frenk Frenk


    68. DJ Žanis

      Hopefully el capitan can show this form again in this years race.

    69. Gabriel Rabah

      Man, this circuit is awsome! You have 8's with bridges, chained s's parts with 3 roads... Fantastic!

    70. Fingering Things ✔️

      Man Ghost Plasma in his prime was amazing

      1. perfect stranger

        @Anonymous Anonymous 2016 ty

      2. perfect stranger

        @Ghost Plasma yw 💯

      3. perfect stranger

        *_marble security enters the chat_* lol [ ⬆ edited ]

      4. Ghost Plasma

        @Anonymous Anonymous i don't think so. He was reffering to 2019 race where I'm rocking it again.

      5. Anonymous Anonymous

        @Ghost Plasma I wasn't talking to him, maybe take your own advice?

    71. NuKi


    72. Trying to get 500 subscribes with No Videos

      The floor is lava in 5 4 3 2 1 Like if you’re in bed

    73. Chris Arnold

      Where are the pinky’s??

      1. Hasibwah

        @Chris Arnold i know, but those 2 are bigger than the marblelympics team marbles

      2. Chris Arnold

        Hasibwah quick silver n cats eye are apart of the Olympics

      3. Hasibwah

        This is sand marble rally, not the marblelympics

    74. Mitchell Crouch


    75. Pedro Felipe Castaneda

      I hope you get trillions of subscribers

    76. 神崎オレンジ