Hurdles | Marble League 2020 E6

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 6: Hurdles!
    Another Marble League classic returns, that is all about losing as less momentum as possible passing the hurdles. The best two teams from each heat move on to the next round until we reach the finals. Will this classic allow our veteran teams to finally score some medals? Or will the newcomers dominate once again? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Nepo Gamer

      As a raspberry fan, this was amazing to watch. Also, kudos for CCE, they always shine in an event.

    2. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas

      one of my favs

    3. Jann Michael Camaddo

      I really wanted to see the behind the scenes on how you built these tracks

    4. Chris Wigen

      Lane 4 on the 5 M puts most racers at a disadvantage....

    5. Justin Robben

      I'm just randomly choosing this event to comment on, but every. single. event. is wildly entertaining. The creativity behind the challenges, the presentation, both physical and digital, the commentary (11 outta 10), and the sheer vision it took you to piece something like this together. Bread and circuses... This one might be near the internet's very apex.

    6. Emilio Vargas

      Yellow cat eye really putting it in gear, going from almost last to 1st. Wow what a come back! Truly a great athlete and inspiration 👏.

    7. Goshan Raj

      My favourite is hazers .even if they lose I like them

    8. Davis Millard

      This is the best thing ever done by mankind. Ever. Curing polio? Nope... these games. John Oliver, toy are a God, sir.

    9. Herbiesainty

      Seeing so many Racers fans disappointed they didn’t break the WR every round. Bruh I’m an Oceanics fan shut the hell up

    10. H3nye

      If crazy cats eyes didn’t break the marbleympics record the raspberry races would have broken it 3 TIMES IN A ROW

    11. Banana Boy

      Like if you’ve been watching since the days where the oceanics were good

    12. Shaniarenee7

      Sigh crazy cats eyes just can't get a medal

    13. Nick Carberry

      My boys aren’t doing too good #ridethewave

    14. Evan Hancock

      Does anyone else just wants to see the O'rangers lose? I mean, I'm partial to the Midnight Wisps, but I just don't think those O'rangers really deserve anything they got.

    15. Sidward

      I didn't think sub-8 was possible in this event but we might see that happen next year!

    16. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks

    17. Kevin S

      C'mon, Mellow Yellow! You are the yellow spot on the carpet of the Fruit Circuit right now. My Limers would have at least thrown some debris on the track. Pathetic.

    18. Nightsgrow

      I felt really sad after dropping from fifth place last event but coming in second in this event and gaining it back was so sweet

    19. phoexer

      This was unfair, the Raspberry Racers had a fresh marble in the final. That's an unfair advantage!! #EyesOnThePrize!!

    20. Ashley Grenstone

      I love this

    21. Coolskeleton95

      I am amazed how the raspberry racers recovers itself after the last event. #RaspberryRobust

    22. Thomas Blackburn

      Roldo was actually easy to find this time. Just had to look for him before they hint was given.

    23. SumTingFishy

      Dang it, yellow eye, you got the world record yet couldn’t even get a medal

    24. multirainbowhawk

      After the event: Razzy: Thanks, Ruzzy. I’m glad to have you as a reserve. Ruzzy: And I’M proud to have you as a captain.

    25. lost things

      Im not a raspberry racer or cat's eye fan especially but y'all did so amazing

    26. Burning Phoenix

      Oh my gosh when Greg Woods laughs, it’s precious.

    27. Bryson Tube yt

      Razzy:breaks ml record Razzy: want me to do it again

    28. Bryson Tube yt

      So many records beating

    29. Naimad Aidnas

      3:25 The fear of being the new team against 2 old champions and a runner up

    30. Eder Gamer

      Came on orangers!!!!

    31. sam newcome

      Good to see so many fans of all round atheletes.

    32. Sam K


    33. Bad man Dan Sanchez

      Thank you John Oliver

    34. Chris Auten

      Raspberry racers with that " next man up" mentality for the win!

    35. Caston Young

      Is that Roldo in the middle of the top left row of the blue arches? (Right row from their perspective)

    36. Casey Cranford

      It’s not fair Ruzzy was fresher than the other racers!

    37. Bálint Szabó

      Razzy was taken out of the contest, so medical professionals may see how exactly can one beat the ML record twice during a single event.

    38. tim maacqi

      i take back everything i said about the management of the rasberry racers. Absolutely brilliant sub out to take the gold this game.

    39. Ice blaze

      Lost my girlfriend because she wasn't a Green Ducks Fan.

    40. kablah777

      #speediskey is sneaking into the top half of the standings! #momentum

    41. ladambell

      I feel like whenever the announcer praises the Oceanics during an event, it means they’re about to lose.

    42. GnomiFAX PAW

      your standings at the start of the video are wrong! in the last video balls of chaos were on the 4. place not 5. they had 51 points! i dont want to be toxic but i'm a big fan of the BoC so please be fair. sorry for the bad english

    43. A Cabsalt

      did you find roldo? I don´t ge t it... can anybody help me?

    44. Crap Poop

      Yay Razzy! He did it twice! WOW!😱 #RaspberryRobust

    45. little whiston

      Such a shame that Raspberry racers couldn't go for a hat trick of ML records.

    46. Hero The Plott mix

      Be cool if they made little jumps like actual hurdles. They go into same thing but jump...assuming the track would have to be steeper

    47. Daniel Bode

      0:43 Gotta love wearing my Vans shoes

    48. RenaldoSeguin

      Extremely poor decision by the CCE’s manager to not make a substitution. Yellow Eye was bound to be tired after breaking the record. Given the CCE’s strong performances but lack of consistent victories, I wonder if they need new management.

    49. doni ari setianto

      2:05 miss those limers

    50. Abbi Kinghorn

      Am I going mad? Thought the next event was tonight..? 30th July?!

    51. fabZ


    52. M H

      The marble in lane three won all but 3 of the races.

    53. Steve Hinkle

      Why did Razzy need medical checks?

    54. Misayfication Oz

      Razzy: Usain Bolt of marbles! 💯❤️

    55. Ralph That Dude

      I’m a Team Galactic fan but I don’t think anyone is gonna touch the Crazy Cat’s Eyes record 8.126!!! Sheesh!!

    56. Steven Groom

      That second heat, though!

    57. BlueFlag Alpha

      I was rooting for Galactic when they won the first race, but sadly they can't get gold

    58. Didgai Dawson

      All of the green duck fans like and let’s hope green duck do better so we can win the tournament again

    59. jayive34

      These teams need a national anthem that plays when they win.

    60. prog

      It's really getting to me now that I didn't pay attention to the Raspberry Racers in the previous games. Also, I was kind of disappointed when we had 3 records almost right after another that the next rounds didn't have new records. It's weird how records become the norm in your mind that fast. Somewhat disappointing game for my favorites, the Minty Maniacs, though. But still, they are my favorites...

    61. Patrick Hamos


    62. Idiotic Lifter


    63. David Lerch

      Saw the record after heat 1 and thougth ... yeah thats a record thats going to be beaten.... amazed how i was right like 3 times🤣

    64. ninja steel

      how he do that????🤔

    65. Efflorescentey

      Yewwwwwwww Razzy making up for Rizzy's embarrassing performance last round!

    66. Rizzo RIZZO

      Have you all heard about the possibility of match fixing? NYT reported earlier today that Mellow Yellow has been throwing races on purpose. This could break Marble League wide open.

      1. AndrewBanishers

        I don't believe anything in that propaganda rag anymore. That said, I do recall rumors from a few years ago (I think it was in the 2017 Marblelympics), that Mellow Yellow were taking bribe money from the O'rangers to sabotage the Savage Speeders in the final two events. I'm not making that up. I read it in the comments for an older video today. I cannot substantiate those claims. As an O'rangers fan, I want to say its garbage, but the big corporate money breeds corruption. Always. I hope Mellow Yellow is innocent. They are our neighbors on the visible light spectrum.

    67. AC_HalfDragon

      Both Razzy AND Ruzzy dominate? That's a bit suspicious to me. I think a steroid test is necessary.

    68. Xtreme Dude Adam


    69. Insert Creative Name Here

      5:49 Go Pinkies they have to be dissapointed

    70. Ryon Hovey

      Though I may be a proud team Momo fan, I can’t help but admit that Razzy is incredibly gifted at this. I give Razzy my best wishes, and I hope he is ok.

    71. Tyler Harris

      You have to wonder if yellow eye used up all their energy to set that new record in the previous heat!!! Come on, PRIORITIZE THE WIN

    72. Marley Griffin

      Jelle can you do a mvm for the best marble/player of a season

    73. patedwar

      When is someone going to demand weight stats on these marbles?! Same ones always lose in gravity events. We need to make sure there isn't a doping scandal amongst the perennial winners!

    74. CarCat

      Mellow Yellow fans: "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie"

    75. Number Six

      This was my favorite so far!

    76. Number Six

      At this time, 110 haters have a marble up their nose.

    77. Marquez Moore

      3 broken records wow

    78. Marklemagne

      LOL. I was watching the Irish Grand National horse race (which famously features hurdles) and the IRvision Algorithm suggested I might like this. A hurdle's a hurdle, eh? For fans I hope your team has the best year ever, but this is not for me.

    79. Performa20

      Anyone else here from the joe Rogan podcast?

    80. stevekonbass

      LOL! This is great! Very creative.

    81. Mike Boehm

      Do all the marbles weigh the same amount?

    82. Gohantico

      The score was wrong at the beginning compared to where they ended in Ep5

    83. James Wolske

      As a long time fan of the Raspberry Racers...if they lost that heat because of a sub...I'd want the coach fired.

    84. Damilola David

      I'm angry about crazy cats eyes at the end they had a good start then started bumping we deserved the win let's just hope we do well in the other sprint races.

    85. Evan Kelley

      Huge props to Ruzzy for bringing it home #raspberryrobust

    86. Matthew Brach

      If not for the sub, 3/4 of the championship heat would have held the record time at some point during the match

    87. Geno Bands

      Can somebody tell me why I just got hyped af on the first race?!? Lol WuT!!?😂😂

    88. Professor Otto

      Looks like my ducks catch up their last year's performance. Still be aware of the #quackattack any time

    89. Tstormer


    90. Rahaman Michael

      This needs to be an actual sport

    91. Keegamai

      damn i love my crazy cats eyes go team!!!

    92. JenLovesTool

      ruzzy has weights in him!

    93. JenLovesTool

      lane 3 always wins. did u guys grease lane 3?

    94. j.c man

      I choose the Crazy Cats Eye because I feel bad for it. Nobody liked the cats eye marbles when I played marble as a kid, it was the least popular and chances are that you wouldn't even been able to play with cats eye because all the kids played for keeps and hated cats eye.

    95. Maxwell Fong

      Team Galactic doing the wave in the stands was so wholesome 😭😭

    96. J C

      I get so excited when a record is broken. Definitely great work and production value! Love this channel so much!

    97. Steven Kimball

      Raspberry racers need to be checked for steroids after the races .

    98. My Cubing Algs

      #Galactic4Life Let's go Galactic Acing in the first hurdle, gets into top 5 Block pushing, Galactic will get a medal and move to the podium After all, they are THE hosts!!!!!!!

    99. KleShreen

      Total domination by the Raspberry Racers. WOW. Marble League's own Jamaica.

    100. Mike Olish

      When will we see the league and stop the ownerships usage of the term "crazy" to identify catseye marbles? Too long have we seen the use of such slurs, sanctioned by the governing body, to discredit and stigmatize those with mental illness. No longer I say!