The AMAZING Sand Marble Rally - Race 6!

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 6 of the Marble Rally 2020 only on Jelle's Marble Runs!
    In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sand and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
    - The Marble Rally season will continue in early 2021! This is to make room for Marbula One and not interfere with the schedule.
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    1. 241hnd

      Any idea when the sand marble rally will continue? Will it still be considered part of the 2020 rally?

    2. Peyhwa Pee

      Rally 2020 did not conclude?

    3. Rivaldo Rehatta

      Bring back the original RN3

    4. Thom Ruhl

      Ductape forever!!

    5. Paxton pomykal

      Whatever happened to this series? Maybe they couldn't film out there due to covid or something?

    6. 컨트리볼크루

      2016 1st Ghost Plasma is BACK LET'S goooo Ghost Plasma!!!!!!

    7. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Well done ghost plasma

    8. Chicane

      I don't get why shortcuts at like 3:22 slow you down. The top path is harder to get on so I think it should be quicker than the bottom path but no it's slower... there needs to be more track balancing

    9. Lester Gaga-a

      He is not the real RN3, we all know that the RN3 is a god... Maybe he is An Impostor cause he is Red.. If ya know what I mean...

    10. Sxxdy

      Ducktape gang

    11. Ryan Merriner

      What an incredible run by super ball, dead last at the first checkpoint and climbed 13 spots by the finish. Really saved his season

    12. Livrii

      Are there some Phoenix fans left here? Sad to see that he is not racing at the sand rally!

    13. Deko and Bakugo

      i was with nemo

    14. Lynn Eaton

      Look at superball, started in last and moved into 7th

    15. derweber23

      Is this season over or on break?

    16. Alexandre Perthuisot

      you should do a snow marble race if you can

    17. Madeleine Higgins

      Quicksilver is so underrated.

    18. bobmar derek

      Red ball #3 can still win right

      1. T C

        He changed the marble so rn3 is toast

    19. Jafari Blackwood

      Ghost Plasmas second win felt like Pierre Gaslys first win lol

    20. HAZER_Batz

      I don’t feel that the difference between the two lines was fair. I cheer for Dragons Egg so it sucked but anyone who chose the bottom line lost. Anyone who didn’t won. That was the whole track

    21. Sharon Hill

      Cool moody got stuck and got 9 he is great

    22. Esteban Normandin Vincent

      You are good

    23. Tyril Wong

      The 1000 th comment

    24. Salvador Acosta

      I was rooting for Black Knight or Dragon’s Egg. Oops 🙃

    25. Cho You

      lmao RN3 got the surgery now he got exposed.

    26. Jake From State Farm

      Another good one for Lollipop fans! This may be the year!

    27. Ishigami Yu

      I'm not giving up on RN3

    28. Atchuth Uddavolu

      Any summer sky fans!

    29. EliTe Mcdude


    30. EliTe Mcdude


    31. EliTe Mcdude


    32. Disla Renzini

      Yessss ghost plasma !!!!!

    33. Eddie Shahril Ismail

      Wait red numbers 3 looks differents

    34. Il corsaro

      When next race?

    35. Uther Hendickse


    36. Sawyer Hough

      #DRA come on really why you playing follow the leader? Huh now you in the back come on you were doing so well

    37. The Seedy Waffle

      Cool moody worked back 11 places man

    38. acm98

      LETS GOOOOOOO! Will ghost plasma equal the 2 time sand champion RN3? I say YES. whatever position he finish will be legend

    39. Italo Felipe

      RN3 esse ano está muito mal ano que vem espero que volte melhor

    40. Supersolar

      People keep complaining about the 'unfairness' of the track, don't make much sense to me. Its marbles rolling, chaos and entropy. You realize there will be losers and winners, and people will be sore because of some percieved 'unfairness' forever, yeah? The point is to make the races and the inter-seasonal narrative engaging, which sort of requires tragic falls and epics ascents to glory. I would much rather watch marbles go down interesting and sadistically unfair tracks than just go down a straight line lmao

    41. Door _____

      SAND MARBLE RALLY 2016-2019 2016 🥇 Ghost Plasma 🥈 Big Pearl 🥉 Dragon's Egg 2017 🥇 Dragon's Egg 🥈 Red Number 3 🥉 Slimer 2018 🥇 Red Number 3 🥈 Phoenix 🥉 Superball 2019 🥇 Red Number 3 🥈 Ghost Plasma 🥉 Superball TOTAL : #1 Red Number 3 🥇🥇🥈 #2 Ghost Plasma 🥇🥈 #3 Dragon's Egg 🥇🥉 #4 Big Pearl 🥈 #4 Phoenix 🥈 #6 Superball 🥉🥉 #7 Slimer 🥉

    42. Cleomnes

      I would eliminate those lane splits when the time differences are so drastice. Dragon's Egg went from 2nd to 19th, like c'mon.

    43. mc ikmal

      Red number 3 has been curse

    44. ふっり

      If you're getting beat by the ghost marble you need to rethink your career choice.

    45. Luis Baltazar

      This RN3 is an impostor, please bring back the original! #justiceforRN3

    46. Conrado Rivera

      Comet is my fav

    47. I am Bee

      It's okay rn3 ☹️ they need you to be nerfed to match your greatness

    48. Elveheart

      I know I am not the only one to comment this and I am rather late as well, still this might be the first race by Jelle's Marble Runs I really did not enjoy. The lane split cost several marbles far too much places. Dragon's Egg for example went from 2nd to 19th just because of the design of the course. That kind of handicap really destroys all the efforts by the marbles and in the end it doesn't come down to which marble is actually the fastest and most composed in these races, but to which marbles choose the right lane. And that - in my humble opinion - is just not enjoyable to watch. And even though I am saying this as a fan of a marble that lost due to these circumstances I also wouldn't have liked it, if he had won because of the bad track design.

    49. Action games


    50. Gabriel

      CANALHAS !!!!!! Organização JIM CARREY

    51. Diego Oliva


    52. Guilherme Sousa


    53. Mollzera


    54. Marcelo Arthur


    55. Diego Oliva


    56. Cr7 Micto


    57. VERT


    58. Antonio Carlos


    59. renan paes


    60. Victor Hugo


    61. Luizin


    62. Ícaro Falcão


    63. Casimiro


      1. lucas andre


      2. Matheus Ferreira


      3. Maionese É Bom

        fez fisk?

      4. King_Erthal


      5. Árthur 1

        C A N A L H A S

    64. Casimiro


      1. Pedro Paganoto


      2. ꧁༒Đʋđʋ༒꧂


      3. Mateus


      4. josé neto


      5. Guilherme Xafeoli

        Pista medíocre de mais, garfaram

    65. Dni Angel


    66. Honeybee


    67. Aapeli

      These Sand Marble Races are my favorite since Sand Marble Race 2016 and my favorite marble is Ghost Plasma

    68. ZeketheZealot

      Im a fan of Black Knight and Dragon’s egg. Damnit.

    69. Thanatos Driver

      Ghost plasma wins podium position 3 times Cool moody: you deserve to lick my first place boots look at this silver medal Ghost plasma gets a gold: Cool Moody: rug if only we got 3 more points

    70. GrimRecycler

      FINALLY a good showing from Nemo! Love it when your favorites finish 1-2

    71. M W

      Blazing Fireball has really been having a shaky run of it this time around. Leads me to wonder if their recent divorce has had any impact on their performance. It’s a shame honestly.

    72. Keko Fuentes

      grande baloong

    73. Mariiin

      Man it's too punishing to lose 100 places by taking the wrong line by 1mm so don't do that. F*ck. Don't do that if you can lose 1000 places by taking a different line. Everytime you can take a marble but it will always lose even if he started well. F*CK !

    74. Bekham15

      Black knight had impeccable defense, just took a wrong turn 😭

    75. Alex K

      YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS GHOST PLASMA!! Watched the last two races back to back, so great seeing this win after such a good show last race only to drop off the course near the end. Well deserved victory!

    76. Ty Fought

      lets go nemo

    77. Dare Bros

      Great content , keep it up. Can’t get enough

    78. SadBoys 1996

      after a heart-crushing DNF in the last race Ghost plasma really brought it back with this performance, showing how much she really wants it. this is her year!

    79. Marvin Tillman

      WOAH! Take about your behind-the-back wins! The Sixth and final race of this years Sand Marble Rally is the most explosive of the races this year! It starts with Black Knight, Crazy Cat's Eye, and Dragon's Egg getting an early lead, only to lose it and many places after taking a slower path than the pack in sector 2. The top three spot then went to Ghost Plasma, Nemo, and Lollipop respectively and Ghost Plasma held the lead for the last sector of the race and finish in first place! Nemo and Lollipop took second and third while Black Knight, Crazy Cat's Eye, and Dragon's Egg finished in 18th, 17th and 19th. That first place finish granted Ghost Plasma enough points to win the Sand Marble Rally, besting Cool Moody and Superball. Ghost Plasma: 1st - 69 points Cool Moody: 2nd - 67 points Superball: 3rd - 65 points (Separated by two points each!) With that, I take my leave. Thank you for reading, watching and TILL NEXT TIME!!!

    80. PJ Slots & Entertainment

      This was one of the better tracks. Love these races. Would love to see a video on how you make these tracks. Cheers!!

    81. Chan Polatis

      Red number 3 is killing me

    82. Faith Holman


    83. Faith Holman

      Being a CCE fan never hurt more

    84. Sherwin Santillan

      R.I.P red number 3😥😥😥 you will alwast Be a legend and rememberd for the og fans😭😭

    85. joseph kunjilona

      what happen to red number 3 in this season

    86. Mīkz

      Men cool moody is always 9th in the past races....

    87. A Foshay

      Me being a Ghost Plasma fan Im more than glad to see a complete turnaround from the DNF last race.

    88. beverly ryng

      Dang it CCE so close

    89. Lauren Longmire

      Go Comet!

    90. insectbah

      Oof that was hard to watch as a Dragon Egg fan

    91. El Condic

      I am fan of RN3 he isnt having a good tourment

    92. benignuman

      Great run by my man Comet. Shaking off the horrible race 5 disappointment.

    93. BlackTyeChi

      They did my boy Black Knight bad. 😧 I don't know how, but that was racist. 😝

      1. Spongyface2000


    94. efthimis efthimios

      The damn music🤣🤣

    95. Hellshake Yano Jr

      When will Black Knight stop choking? I find it difficult to be a Black Knight fan with all the lead choking

    96. Braylon Rosengarten

      Hey Jelle! Love your videos, but I forget how many races are in the rally. Could you tell me?

    97. The Red Marble

      how many races are in this season?

    98. Mani del Rosario

      GO RED NUMBER 3!

    99. Claudia

      Love Lollipop ❤ As a new marble run fan, I knew I had to back an underdog. And what a ride, 1st place last race, and a crazy comeback in this race, ending up 3rd place. What a talented marble, you were born to race. Can't wait to see what the future brings for your career.

    100. Deciplow

      How is that even fair to race a track where an alternate line can make the early front 3 finish dead last ?