Black Hole Funnel | Marble League 2020 E11

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 11: Black Hole Funnel!
    The Black Hole Funnel is an event new to the 2020 Marble League, and the second ever duo event! Two marbles from each team descend the funnel in a test of endurance, participating in two heats to set the longest combined time. Which team will last the longest? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. jazzyjossy

      Go orangers!

    2. Bronisław Mapper


    3. G Morgan

      Wait a second. This is a galactic event in the Andromeda galaxy?

    4. Haekal Rabbani

      savage speeders!!!

    5. YNWA JFT96

      I don't even care if he wins or loses Im just happy to see Momomomo still out there competing after the injury in 2017, If anything he's even better than before...

    6. radhika aggarwal

      hey ! why don,t you make a video with country balls an if you make it please don,t forget to add indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    7. metaljeffenc

      Being a Hornets fan... -tumbleweeds wiz by-

    8. Nick Carberry

      It was nice while it lasted for the Oceanics

    9. Sellem on Rerock

      I've never a video shot from so many angles before The Boston marathon set up team can learn from this

    10. Morphed Disruption

      The Marble Dudes

    11. Max Willis

      love ur vids

    12. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks #ouackattack

    13. Swirl

      Savage Speeders showing that they ate capable of directing their speed into inertia, a more horizontal speed that keeps them pushing against gravity. Nicely done.

    14. Sean Longo

      The O’Rangers after this event: “Why do I hear the faint sound off boss music in the distance?”

    15. A Cringey Channel

      I think you mean "white hole"

    16. Anna Wassel

      I really need special interest pieces about individual athletes. LOL

    17. multirainbowhawk

      I wonder if some of the marbles felt more confident and did better with their captains playing with them and pushing them to do their best.

    18. multirainbowhawk

      1:57 Look in the third row next to the bathroom. It’s Nemo!

    19. truckproductions

      Ooooo I love the new crowd close up camera angle facing the field.

    20. patedwar

      Still want to know weight stats on these marbles to know if any of these events are fair. #weighthemarbles #marbledoping

    21. Jacob De Leon


    22. George Daniel

      3;15 roldo

    23. Jacob Fleck

      ima need some merch im not gonna lie. Gotta show my support for the O'Rangers

    24. Jeffrey Boles

      Really excellent editing and sound design. I love the side by side shots when the teams are nearing the bottom. As for sound, the slight nuances in the crowd throughout the event are just incredible! You guys have created something truly special.

    25. 148 Race

      Yes speeders we can do this.cant wait for aquathlon and marathon

    26. Mr. Cool

      I appreciate the Thunderbolts doing as lightning and finding the fastest way straight to rock bottom

    27. Juan Diego


    28. 10 Kayed

      Cmon orangers

    29. Iron Man 0507

      wow. so easy to spot Roldo

    30. adwagmusic

      One of my favorite details of this program is that there's a SECOND announcer marble who is broadcasting to the actual stadium itself in the background.

    31. Vesuvius P.

      Seriously, Hornets! Why do you wish to suck at almost everything?!

    32. Anthony Coleman

      Congratulations to the savage speeders on their FIRST GOLD OF MARBLE LEAGUE 2020! The comeback is officially underway 🤩🤩😘 AND AS ALWAYS, GREAT COMMENTARY AND PRODUCTION!

    33. channel whatchamacallit

      Even though we got a medal we still fell down a space... #EyesOnThePrize all hope is not lost yet!

    34. Lisa Clark

      At 3:17 looking to the left,there is Roldo

    35. Youou Tuber

      Go Speeders!

    36. Henry Louie Robinson Perry


    37. RenaldoSeguin

      O’Rangers fans are gonna be even more insufferable than usual now


      Greg and all the jelle team you are the best marble youtubers

    39. Seal Of Apoorval

      3:29 is that Roldo hiding behind the left of the funnel?

    40. Nathan Smith

      #WilloftheWisps #WilloftheWisps #WilloftheWisps

    41. Brotha Mar

      Man this is intense. O'rangers are holding on by a point. Lets hope the next one gets the win.

    42. phephe2 game

      When is the last event so you can put all the events together

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Last event is on 16 August and we will surely make an "all events" video.

    43. Christopher Walsh

      like for a fruit marble race with all the marbles that have a fruit in there name

    44. FisheySauce

      This is the first event I really didn't like, not an issue running it, just not my cup of tea, keep up the great vids

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks for feedback, this is a one-time event only so it won't return in future ML unless a lot of fans is asking it. And if we will do it again we will use another event structure.

    45. Inside Interpreting

      What happened to the Minty Maniacs? They're usually great at funnels.

    46. Fontes

      Roldo 3:14


      what a win for savage speeder he is my boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    48. JFomo

      Orangers FTW

    49. garlic pepper

      Oh my god I should be getting a job..

    50. Spyralmynd Studios

      Dude I'm so dizzy after this, haha

    51. Tabari

      I'm actually impressed with Minty Maniacs, 0 points this event and still only in 2nd.

    52. Chase Slagter

      My favorite team (o’rangers) and my least favorite team (minty maniacs) are in a battle for first

    53. Yosi Berman

      shouldn't we address the rumors that the Orangers are juicing? I mean that's not a normal marble orange, especially tangerine, their sudden aggression seems suspicious. Just saying...

    54. E Q

      I'm a Midnight Wisps fan, but it's nice to see that Momomomo recovered from his horrific injury.

    55. Franz Joseph Esguerra

      I'm proud of these guys, they also make an effort to donate to charity.

    56. Torkedkev

      i miss the snowballs

    57. Dawzkreat

      ..... the only video I can find Roldo is on easy.. :/ I’ve been watch your videos for so long... and THIS is when I find Roldo. I definitely feel like a Roldo noob.

    58. Zulu Zeit

      Bolts Fan: Take the longest to finish something? Sweet. Advantage, us. Irony: Nope

    59. eroshiyda

      I really love the movements of the marbles in the crowd; it's a very nice touch!

    60. Travis Keena

      This ain't a sprint it's a marathon! GoOOOooooooooooo O'rangers!! It may only be one point but it feels good to be back on top!

    61. Rodrigo Guerrero

      Beautiful thing seeing my team the Savage Speeders win and on top of that knowing that the 5K donation will be made to San Antonio FoodBank, also the city were I live :')

    62. Princess Quiet

      Damn crazy cats eyes got third but still went down a spot, this is so sad

    63. Brynn Kennedy

      Why the hell do you insist on spelling "drizzle" wrong? Do you not want people to watch?!

    64. skarz1no1more

      Galactic! Come on! We need to do so much better! 8th place is not enough. Keep pushing for it!

    65. Lexi

      Hurts to be a bee

    66. Jeremy Wilczak

      I was a mellow yellow fan for 4 years... savage speeders have always been my second team and with mellow yellow being awful it's time that I commit to the SAVAGE SPEEDERS!!!!

    67. Travis Lawson

      Glad to see my boys the thunderbolts doing better, feels like its been a long time without a W

    68. R HW

      *ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh* *ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh* *oooooooooooooooo - rangers* 🇳🇱

    69. 2roi

      The hole puns were good do not stop them : )

    70. Yux2314 Olsen

      This battle for the top spot is intense! #GOOOOOOORANGERS

    71. Asmit Srivastava

      Savage speeder win those events in in which speed is needed

    72. Mathew Charron

      Way to go Wisps!

    73. Afif Nurhary

      I'm very happy that SS finally get their first gold!!

    74. WannabeBackbencher

      Savage Speeders charging forward to ruin things yet again for everyone else. 😒

    75. Hero of Rhyme

      Finaly! The savage speeders got their gold! I'm proud of them!

    76. Idiot Nation Innovations

      I’ve been an O’rangers fan for years

    77. Robert Kent

      Crazy Cat's Eyes, get bronze. Still fall back one position. Such is life.

    78. Maximilian Pollux

      Maybe the GDs can come back. At least to beeing relevant again...

    79. Mal te


    80. Georgios Boukakis

      Anyone else has the feeling that O's hold back few last events to retain energy for the, hopefully, big finish? I'm not sure this is a solid strategy, it may as well backfire spectacularly.

    81. GoddessofEggrolls

      Raspberry Racers started off strong, but we've really been lacking the last few events!

    82. OneTwoFreeForAll

      Dang. When they finally do a "times matter, heats don't" event, the O'Rangers crush their heats but fall overall.

    83. Calvin Taft

      We got bronze at least! Lets go!

    84. Tomas Balsys

      Savage speeders: wins the qualafiers 10 events later: get their 1st win

    85. Ross Buissink

      GO HAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ross Buissink

        I think this is now my favorite event.

      2. Ross Buissink

        This is getting really in tents!

    86. chewierolo

      Showing off the improved slow motion with the replays on this event. Really nice!

    87. Neredan

      This is the very first time I spotted Roldo 😅 Finally. I always thought Roldo is contstant, but its just a short time.

    88. Otto Bigler

      That was the best first line in the history of commentary Greg

    89. Heather Evoy

      On the bright side, we haven’t dropped to 10th. We can still come back! #Momentum #MomoStrong

    90. Francesco Sponza!

    91. Dennis Burby

      Not a fan of this event

    92. Brad Smith

      Wheres all my midnight wisp fans at? All my late night party people

    93. Brad Smith

      Let's go Midnight Wisps! Almost had the gold. I'll take a silver though!

    94. Austin Knight

      Being from San Antonio I'm happy that they got the donation...but I still hate the savage speedsters

    95. Christopher Long

      well done Crazy cats eyes on your bronze medal

    96. Tranquil Observer

      I am entertained. Success.

    97. A Grosclaude-Evans

      Savage Speeders slowly overtaking every team be like: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

    98. Craig Timmons

      Ooooooooooooooooooooooh my!

    99. BLOODWORK17

      That's how I expected my Ducks to perform this year #Quackattack

    100. Laura Merraine

      I spent the whole video studying the lanes, and when I saw OoooOOOooooorangers in lane 3 I was concerned, especially with the poor start, but they still did better than the Minty's so I'm still happy.