Marbula E Race 2 "Seoul" - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs & Formula E

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    Welcome to the second qualifiers and marble race of the Marbula E project! 12 marbles representing the real Formula E teams will compete with each other on a course with a conveyor belt, to allow multiple laps and even more exciting racing.
    === ATTENTION: ===
    Please read this first before posting comments!
    - This series is a commission from Envision Racing for a crossover between JMR and Formula E
    - This video has double commentary starring Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls.
    - Some marbles have the same colors as the our M1 or ML teams, however there is no actual connection.
    - The Marbula E project is in no relation to our other series!
    - This video is edited by the Formula E team, the graphics and different as in the Marbula One.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls
    Editing: Formula E
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    Formula E: EnvisionVirginRacingFormulaE/
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    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2020 and Formula E: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Adam L

      We asked for background noise in the qualy/race, and you delivered. We asked for Greg Woods back in the commentary booth, and you delivered. We hoped it would be a close, hard-fought race, and sure as heck did it deliver! Thank you so much to all involved in creating these, magnificent stuff!

      1. Erin Tapins


      2. Kef L

        A guy with random convictio\ \

      3. Jo Jo

        @aluwani moyo I wonder if there is a tiny ball camera, which could go along the track. Like those swallowed pills in stomach imaging.

      4. aluwani moyo

        ...and they gave us DRIVER'S EYE as the cherry on top - that was awesome!

      5. N

        Im so thankful greg is back!

    2. Jack Sparrow

      Cokkk balapan neker

    3. ErulZz Gaming

      in my head they both are talking marble . .


      this a joke right?

    5. Merpati Kampung

      Kaleci hahaha

    6. NakoNakoNaaa

      Finaly IRvision recomended something good to me

    7. ShabbaDabb


    8. Choi PD

      이게 뭐라고 끝까지 다 봤네...

    9. Halog Hobbies

      All those thumbs down are hilarious to think they even bothered...😂🤣 meat bags

    10. Neco Gaming

      Grate video

    11. Joonglip K

      I'm literally shouting out JAGUAR!! all way through

    12. Billy Hutabarat

      Wtf im shouting to the marbles??

    13. Jafar Sulaiman

      0:08 JAKARTA!🔥

    14. DuArTe

      jelles marble runs: *make a professional and competitive marble race 2 milion people: interesting

    15. Meting Nazarene silva

      wtf am i watching?

      1. bsa


    16. Ryclio 7

      lol my hometown is seoul

    17. Official 김무경P

      Greetings from Seoul, round 2 in Seoul, and this is definitely best game so far. Good job, Jelle's Marble Runs, message from South Korea.

    18. Alex K

      Man cheering for Audi is rough.

    19. Jubel

      Man NGL the Commentator remind me of those PS2 winning eleven Commentator.

    20. Martiddy - Sama

      The driver's eye was freaking genius,. I burst out laughing with that XD

    21. Florian Bischoff

      at first i thought this is just some fun but it is damn serious

    22. AZEERQ

      13:52 Look at that sexy black&white girl!!!! She is gorgeous!!!!

    23. AZEERQ

      My niiiiiii saaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!! T_T

    24. lone pix101

      Anybody: What's your favorite Sport? Me:'s complicated.

    25. MK GAMES YT

      Wow nice

    26. Schmidty’s Kettle Corn

      I love your channel. One of my favorites.


      Indo adakah disini..?

    28. Trax usop


    29. Y Y

    30. Farel Haryadi

      Formula1 please

    31. Dr. Duzzy

      Me: Hey, I like sports too! The sports I like:

    32. Daess

      Fck Football, me and my homies watch Marbula E Race

    33. Eric Keane

      It's so sad that this is more entertaining than F1 now.

    34. P8 Orbit

      this absolutely hilarious and so enjoyable to watch. keep up with this.

    35. Extrector

      What am I doing with my life ?

    36. Daniel Coanrad S

      random video is on my homepage: is this video not really weird like this after 4 minutes: NIO 333 come on faster

    37. Iis Ismiati

      That podium celebration

    38. Jack McClain

      Hmmmm More Formula for the mercs

    39. Mark Jefferson

      Most honest racing around.

    40. Maana

      Need more close up camera angles for replays.

    41. Seán O'Nilbud

      No one in the crowd wearing a mask.

    42. denzyl casuela

      imagine Nvidia realeasing Marbula E with RTX

    43. Hentai Connoisseur

      As a korean I am truely glad that this took place in my country

    44. Patriot Payano

      this is better than f1 rn

    45. Wolf Gaming

      I think Mahindra is little bit unluckiest

    46. Sinister 392

      Just when I thought I’ve seen it all ? Marble racing ?

    47. lroy74

      Joe Rogan and Hannibal Burress brought me here... smdh... Im so nosey

    48. Funz666

      Strong Race!

    49. SoulJynx

      Soneone’s got a bigger budget

    50. green leaf

      keren banget sih gundu sekarang pakai remote control , jaman gue masih di sentil pakai tangan,udah gitu ga ada sirukuitnya juga

      1. green leaf

        iya keren ya sekarang udah pakai remote dan bisa di sirkuit juga, batrenya pakai apa ya?

      2. green leaf

        iya sama sya juga main gundu nya cuma di snetil dan di tabrak

    51. Ken Torres

      Came here for the comments. NOT DISSAPOINTED>

    52. Febi Febrian

      9:57 wtf!! 🤣, More chalenger please.

    53. Simone Giberti

      But why?!?!

    54. Saurabh Chandra

      is this a parody???

    55. DesertCow1000

      The personification of the marbles has me dying lol for real tho I live in Vegas & I wanna bet on this. Can I bet on this? 💯

    56. Sean

      Drivers eye is blind

    57. Sean

      Wooden spoon for the winner. Interesting!

    58. Bladimir Rojas

      Que mierda es estooooo 😂😂😂

    59. TRIP

      when fernando alonso said he wanted equal engines for everyone, this is not what he ment :D

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    62. SlickNoodles Content

      Wooooo lets go jags

    63. mangwendocks

      I wish they had a formula 1 version of this😂

    64. KingBreadfruit

      I've never gotten so mad at a marble losing a race like BMW HAD IT HOW DID THEY LOSE IT???!!😂 Good job +1 Sub

    65. Alex Marbleton

      im so lucky to get the ticket yall can see me inside there on the stands

    66. W1nter Сьянес Гуальвез

      is this for real??? marble racing??

    67. Thijs De Brabandere

      Who else watching this at 2 am

    68. Zerrian Reyndra

      I found this random, youtube recommend me. At first : wtf is this ? After watching 10 minutes straight : OMG i will subscribe this !

    69. Адиль Адиль

      Its super fun ahahaj

    70. mark wells

      Put your faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Time is almost up

    71. James Barwick

      why are 2 million people watching marbles

    72. canojuank

      Me: "Why YT recommend me this video?" Also Me in the last lap: "F_ck!!!! Porsche!!! Noooooooooo!!! Why you take that curve like that!!! *crying* "

    73. Game On

      is this real ??? or

    74. LunarDarknessAdventures

      i dont see my chevy race time. nothing but trash teams

    75. pfGamePlace

      I'm not proud to admit it but I watched it all

    76. Luiz Lima

      Que negócio idiota, como parei aqui kkk

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      Infinitely more entertaining than F1.

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      surprisingly entertaining

    92. Dan

      I chose Jaguar right at the start and I really am surprised at how elated I am that my marble won...

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      Даже это интереснее формулы 1

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      vad i helvete spenderade jag nyss mina 14 minuter att kolla på?

    95. BladeMaster - Gamer

      Jaguar has nos and have more tire grip that's why it's faster at turns and straights

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