There's SOMETHING in the stars!

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    WE'RE GOING TO SPACE! The #ML2020 will start on 21 June, with the Qualifying on 18 June and the Friendly Round on 19 June!
    After nearly a year of anticipation, the 2020 Marble League, sponsored by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, is almost here!
    Sixteen teams will compete for the gold in sixteen athletic events that challenge their prowess in speed, endurance, accuracy, perseverance, and more! The team with the most points at the end of the tournament will be the champions of the season!
    The Marble League is the new name for the MarbleLympics. Apart from the name, everything stays the same!
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    1. Joshua Garner

      When is the next Marbula 1 Grand Prix?

    2. John Rosie

      I wonder what Jelle and his team think about the growing popularity of their marble racing league

    3. John Rosie

      I first found out about this from Ozzyman reviewing a sand marble rally I was instantly hooked and subed to Jelle's marble run channel and began to binge watch all the races and events I could and I became a Hazers fan I like a few other teams too but the#HazeAmaze

    4. John Rosie

      Marbly Mcmarbleface would be proud ;)

    5. Darragh Glynn

      I made a highlight video for my favourite Marble League team, The Green Ducks!

    6. maxmel17

      This is more fun than actual sport these days. Oh wait, sorry, this is real sport

    7. K M

      Can we have John Oliver as a mascot/commentator? I can see him being good at this.

    8. Love Photography

      Go raspberry racers take the cup again this year

    9. A1BASE

      One day to go HYPE! C'mon the Green Ducks!!!

    10. King Jonghyun

      This has to be Team Galactic's year #reachforthestars

    11. QuinGames

      Okay i just saw kobalts not qualifying so uh, new team! I'm gonna support the Hornets now as I want to support a team that are IN the qualifying!

    12. Yehuda Bergstein

      what hour of the day will this be broadcast?

    13. Matilda.and_me

      Does anyone know when it starts timewise?

    14. Ninja Chicken

      I was the fan that ran into the stadium in 2019

    15. DaaAnthony1

      Comeon oceanics, pls just win once this year?

    16. DaaAnthony1

      Honestly. It feels weird knowing that a large chunk of the internet knows about our not so little anymore community, hello everyone! Oceanics is not trash i promise!

    17. Ase James Hastly

      I'm getting excited.... just a few more day.... ヾ(≧▽≦*)o o((>ω< ))o ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

    18. Brode Wall

      PLEASE tell me that you are going to have John on to do post match interviews. I think I would cry if I got to see my favorite concerned Englishman talk to the Orangers about their recent team victory, make this happen pls

    19. Nick Friedl

      What are the teams that will be competing?

    20. Jun Kim

      you should promote this more!! this is a giant deal, i had watched almost all the races only to find out the 2020 marblelympics was being sponsored by freaking john oliver!! this is giant news!!!

    21. Mario Ccauan

      Just Ibai Llanos

    22. Squillz


    23. Arrash

      Ooooh team Galactic is hosting! #OutOfThisWorld #ReachForTheStars

    24. Steve Benton

      JMR + LWT = 😍🤩🤘👍


      I couldn't believe it when John Oliver starting talking about Marble Runs! This is crazy. You guys have been an inspiration to us, so I'm so excited you are getting mainstream coverage! Way to go!!!

    26. Chris Baker

      Take these races back out to the dirt tracks, Please.

    27. Ankur Mahanta

      Came here after Ozzyman a coupla years back.. Now that Oliver is here, the circle is complete!

    28. Rahmat Farid

      man i cant wait for this GO HAZERS #HazeAmaze

    29. bn gamer nikiforos

      Make a team greek granddad's

    30. daneyboy98

      I'd be surprised if John Oliver was a guest commentator during this event

    31. Some Person

      Are you gonna use him as a guest commentator?

    32. DJ NOURDIN ❶

      make a rain fall on the track , where marbles slip out of the track

    33. GmExplains


    34. elliot FF

      it’s crazy how many different race leagues Jelle is setting up lately

    35. Connor Oud

      This one's for all the marbles.

    36. Achmad Rayhan

      Galactic will be a host team?

      1. Ardhaseno

        Iye galactic

    37. Marilyn Hibbs

      I hope Rojo Rollers make it. They haven't competed since 2016.

    38. McMatthew99

      If I don't see some high jumps, loops, and zero G simulated competition I will be disappointed

    39. tom Ofek Shlomai

      This starts in my birthday

    40. Ashley C.

      can't wait for some events on the moon this year! .....there will be events on the moon, right? we had water events last year with the oceanics, it only seems fair.

    41. DethstruXioN ™

      Speaking of which, any chance there will be movie inspired team names? Something in the stars... Space Balls! And will you be introducing those marbles with speckles on them? I remember having those as a kid and i wonder if it gives them any (dis)advantages.

    42. Nathaniel Espinoza

      Lost in space new theme song

    43. Yamidoragon

      So you have merch... hmmmmh Excellent designs btw !

    44. Freedom OfSpeech

      I can't waiitttt!... I am rooting for the host's team for this year

    45. Michael Taylor

      Love all that you do! I do have one request the Sand Marble Rally still going to be a part of your offering? It’s my favorite!

    46. Ty Stover

      Will the events be broadcasted live? Is there a time/date schedule?

    47. Atkinson Chikaka

      Came because of John Oliver. He rarely disappoints :-)

    48. Jordi van den Heuvel

      The new Jelle´s official Marble League track is available for consumers in The Netherlands and Belgium:

    49. Tricia E

      NOW this is SOME GOOD NEWS

    50. Fara Marin

      LETS GO TEAM GALACTIC!!! Home field advantage in space babeeeeyyyyy

    51. 黃柏晴

      New decade, new title lmao

    52. Ronaldo Julian Wold


    53. Joel O.

      Haven't watched for a while. Is Momary still a thing?

    54. Jesse Bernard

      I hope Oceanics could just bounce back after that horrible, HORRIBLE 2019 campaign :(

    55. FO Biggles

      I'm here looking for my marbles ... I've lost them. 🤓

    56. eternal kaori


    57. will grant

      Can we get a list of the teams that are going to qualify? so we can start planning who to root for?

    58. Blue Wonder

      Starts the day after my bday? 😂. First day of summer though in the US plus Father's Day so that's cool too

    59. alida flus

      #6 on IRvision Trending!!?!? How, When, and Why is this a thing, you may ask... Simple Answer: Best Worldwide Sport starting up in about a month.

    60. Godzilla 8000

      Welcome everyone who came from Last Week Tonight, if you cheer for the Savage Speeders you’re dead to me

      1. bilinas mini

        how can I register I team? I definitely want to be part of this! I have a team of winning marbles ready to kick some arses

    61. bilinas mini

      John Oliver was not wrong. This IS AMAZING!!

      1. alida flus

        John sent me here !! This is fcking awesome !!! Let’s fcking go! Notifications r on!

    62. lunacatfish

      Wow! Summer Solstice! looks exciting :) have been enjoying your past Marble Olympic & race vid's here, friends just introduced me to this "sport", so fun and perfect for non-traditional (unsportsy) folks like me.

      1. bilinas mini

        I have been subscribed off and on for several years. I’m so happy that you will be able to continue! Keep up the great work!

    63. Ray Lopez

      I'm so excited to see what my bois, the snowballs can do this year. #letitsnow

    64. Hilary Flores-Hebert

      Im excited

      1. bilinas mini

        I don’t know how much work is put into these videos, but it definitely pays off. The music to the commentating to the marbles are perfect. It’s true, because I am sitting here

    65. Jen V

      Thx John! so fun(ny). Looking fwd to watching.

    66. Tommy Stonebraker


    67. Umesh Chaudhari

      Red Number 3, three years in a row? I chose it in 2018 from race 1, and it has done a good job.

    68. General Griefer

      Ok so I want to start making some marble racing videos but I have some questions first Q:can I do the videos?( I know they're kind of your thing so I feel like I need consent first) Q:how do you edit that good? Q:do I need to spend massive amounts of money? Q:can you make a good and tricks video?(you don't have to if you don't want to) In advance, thanks a million for making these videos and inspiring others to make these kinds of videos as well

    69. Ronelia Delgrange

      I really hope that the Kobalts make it this year

    70. suprehmo14

      Put out a schedule of events for June please. I don't want to miss anything!!! And I know I'm not the only one

      1. Mathew Urias

        The qualifiers for the marble league will be on June 18th. The marble league will start on the 21 of June.

    71. Clare Scriven

      Could we have a marble that used they/them pronouns? (if there are already that i dont know about feel free to let me know :) )

    72. xtraplayer

      The marbles need faces so we can tell them apart.

    73. Aqua King

      TEAM GALACTIC "clap clap clap clap clap"

    74. Jaybyrd Cybertruck

      Please Please Please add TESLA!!!

    75. Idontwanttousemyrealname Maddog

      I have been subscribed off and on for several years. I’m so happy that you will be able to continue! Keep up the great work!

    76. Milko Migneco

      how can I register I team? I definitely want to be part of this! I have a team of winning marbles ready to kick some arses

    77. eduardo garcia

      John sent me here !! This is fcking awesome !!! Let’s fcking go! Notifications r on!

    78. Sean Spellman

      this is the most accepting community omg.

    79. Bridget Fei LEE

      I don’t know how much work is put into these videos, but it definitely pays off. The music to the commentating to the marbles are perfect. It’s true, because I am sitting here watching pieces of glass rolling down a hill! Well, at least it keeps me excited. #willofthewisps

    80. TizzleColdBoy

      Anyone have any idea how to draft a Fantasy League for this ML 2020?

    81. Varun Gupta

      This channel has some pretty cool non-racing videos too

    82. SeanPlayz24

      John Rollingver. Call one of those marbles with that!

    83. Doodlestep Sarah

      i cant waitot cherformy faovirte tieam!! PINKIE POWER!!

    84. James Pearce

      Are they sending the first marble to space

    85. Blasphy B

      great you sold out to SJW twats. ONly a matter of time before they start complaining about a team name, or not enough black or transgender marbles..

    86. Graham Gaston

      Can we know the events beforehand? This is the best thing right now I love it. Yes, from John Oliver, sorry to be late! Wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a fantasy league for this?

    87. X-Calibur

      At least the Marble League isn't cancelled!

    88. Lemasyanji Siame

      June 21 is my birthday!😁

    89. bilishu aliss

      Never watched John Oliver, been here before his sponsorship, but this is a great push for the channel.

    90. 0=Axel=0

      Oh, no! Does that graphic mean my Team Galactic is going to be hosting?? RIP :'((( #HostCurse. It's okay, we're gonna try to #ReachfortheStars like always.

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        They did really well

    91. Hungry Fox

      I'm here because of John Oliver

    92. Killunova

      Lets go we are hosting. I hope we finally win

      1. bilishu aliss

        Thank you John Oliver!

    93. bilinas mini

      After being a fan for years, imagine my absolute surprise when this popped up on Last Week Tonight! So so pleased you got a sponsor Jelle, and what a perfect one!

    94. Thomas Alexander Stewart


    95. Max Keenlyside

      I've found my marbles.

    96. Elisabeth Banber

      I am looking forward to this event!! ^^ I don't follow sports normally, but I'll be here for this one! Perhaps I can have my family join me for good content.

      1. bilinas mini

        Ah, all that charity money that will be donated in the name of the savage speeders, it’s truly amazing #SpeedIsKey

    97. Ekrem

      We want post race interviews with the marbles 😜 make it happen!

    98. Devas 29

      June 21 - my birthday

    99. aluwani moyo

      Is the Marbula E season not continuing?

    100. Akshay P

      All hail the sponsor Last week tonight