Marbula One: Greenstone GP (S1R5) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the 5th MARBLE RACE of the Marbula One! (formula 1 for marbles). IMPORTANT: Marbula One season 2020 WILL CONTINUE despite the COVID-19 situation! Everyone at JMR is safe and we were able to record races 6 and 7 already. We are also close to finishing production of race 8, so there are no cancellations expected! Please enjoy, leave a LIKE and SHARE this race with our fellow sports fans who sadly have almost nothing to watch at the moment!
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    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We have improved it for better safety and fairness of the race.
    - CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19): Please check community tab on our channel! Please do NOT post comments according coronavirus. There will be no disruptions expected. We recorded race 6 and 7 already and we will record race 8 soon.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound (intro) and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during track preview, podium and end)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OVER 11,000 LIVE VIEWERS! That's incredible! You can vote for the marble of the day here:

      1. vikas mittal


      2. Alex Field

        As someone who has been watching the channel since marble league 2018 can I just say how amazing it is to see the growth this channel has got.

      3. notsosilentmajority1

        Don't know how I got here but I am digging it. Liked and subbed !! How about showing the location of Roldo at the end ?? Well done !!!!

      4. Matthew Weeks

        Get sponsors!!!!!!

      5. Matthew Weeks

        I'm waiting for the post race interview ( with camera -marble and interview- marble) and voices to individual racers ( marbles). Would love to hear bolts mindframe and thoughts after this intense race. Also a post race marble confrontation. Lol

    2. Rakibul hasan

      Where's oceanics🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    3. A Random Account

      Why aren't the marbles social distancing smh

    4. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      Savage speeders won marblympics 2016 and 2020 and marbula 1

    5. Aaron Dorsey

      Wow Orangin you really had me worried there for a minute, way to pull it out in the end. GO O'RANGERS!!

    6. Barrels

      Finally a win for team Thunderbolts!!

    7. Andrés Fernández

      Did they test Wospy for alcohol? He hit every single red connector on each turn. Man, he looked wasted af.

    8. Bumblebee

      Good performance by Yellup, glad they paced themselves after that horrible drop last race.

    9. Giles S

      Yes thunderbolts!!!!!

    10. Levi World

      Look In VIP Box 2 The Marble To The Right Is Roldo Edit: I Meant 5 At The Beginning

    11. Jason Brown

      Man, that was tense!!! So happy the O’Rangers took the gold.

    12. Losloles_ 23

      Vengo por cortesía de Don Ibai Llanos

    13. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before the race) Well, well, well, Hive is the team starter for a good reason. Still this season's first midpack time qualifier. Hope it translates into some points or the win! Geaux Hornets Geaux!

      1. Shane Spencer

        Hive! You fool, how could you keep going inside when outside was clearly the faster choice. That's how you dropped from 7th to 14th. I bet he's back on the Carrara again... O_o

    14. Hamstering Around

      I got bored of the England Premier league. These days I’m a fan of the Raspberry Racers!!💪🏼

    15. Lawrence A

      Why is the audience segregated marb-racially segregated? Don't Marble Rights matter too?

    16. CuriosityRocks

      Anyone thinking Orangin might be juicing?

    17. Sean Plympton

      O’Rangers for life

    18. Riverseye

      I enjoyed that billy the kid reference. I approve!

    19. min bannister


    20. Sophia Harvey

      Who couldve thought I'd be sitting here, practically shouting at an orange marble to go faster.... BUT HECK YEAH O'RANGERS!!!!! #GOOOOOOOORANGERS

    21. Cooper Sullivan

      who watched this again just because you were bored #Rona

    22. Cooper Sullivan

      when orangin fell to third i got sad at least he got a podium finish #goOranger

    23. Punic Wars



      I do wish that, after the events are over, they would show where the special "hidden" marble(s) is/are. There are times I think I have found it/them, but am never sure.

    25. David Rae

      The Hornets have been such a middling team in the Marbula One and when they were 4th earlier on, they raised my hopes to new heights, only to be crushed by the end where they weren't even on screen most of the race. Instead I had to watch that damned Orange!


      It sucks so hard to be a rojo fan.

    27. Russell Dominy

      GODDAMNIT SNOWFLAKE! This is a race, stop taking corners like you're a mum on the lazy river at an aqua park!

    28. sk33t

      Mary is TRASH. RACE PRIM

    29. Leo RJSP

      Lets GO ORANGIN, lets go O'RANGERS !!!

    30. Guilherme Ferreira

      O'rangers fan here, this was emotional.

    31. Rock Stories

      I am a really big fan of your videos and watch you a lot, but where do you get your tracks, and if you make them you should sell them

    32. Nightwolf

      A 30 yrs old guy at the end of the race: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO His wife: *slowly stepped back*

    33. Benedict Smithson

      Having been a loyal O'Rangers fan I genuinely fist pumped the air when they crossed the finish line! This feels, often, more engaging than 'normal' televised sport!

    34. Hello 5467

      Hi jelle i was in your 5th grade class

    35. Rob Schulenburg


    36. BR Speedy's Automotive

      This stuff is well produced, good job!

    37. Lentrax


    38. Elizabeth Walker Braithwaite

      go orangers!

    39. Samson

      What is the audience shouting from about 2:26 to 2:40?

    40. Mateus Camelo

      Snowflake is a decepcion

    41. Shawn Louden

      Green Ducks, if you don't do better at Short Circuit, then I'm not a fan anymore. #GoGreenDucks

    42. Wolflordy

      Savage Speeders get 0 points, still hold 3rd place. Wow.

    43. Ethan Mount

      Listen, I love the Green Ducks, but you have to recognise the ability and consistency of Yellup. A serious talent, wish we had him.

    44. Hyper

      Rapidly sucks

    45. xander tatar-brown

      Dissapointing to see the hazers throw such a demanding lead will hope and pray they can keep it up for the next race

    46. Andrea Aiazzi

      does anyone know were to buy the track pieces?

    47. DjSquirrel33

      Limers...... WHY??????? You get sooooooo close :(

    48. Dr.Pepper

      Savage speeders fan here.Tough race.

    49. Gem Harper


    50. El Kobenoz

      I literary held my breath watching the final lap; dahell?! I don't even watch F1 GP or any form of racing sport!

    51. PtolemyJones

      I like the way some races duration is a length of time plus one lap. Is that some car races do to?

    52. yarou26Thewise _YT

      lets just clap for my man josh994 who did the sub title like GG

    53. Fe1tqq


    54. Ipannndai

      underdog team got hype

    55. Vinit Deshpande

      Sectors 1 and 2 are very curvy. Sector 3 not as curvy.

    56. PokemonTom09

      After such a terrible start by Galactic, I'm quite happy with an 8th place finish.


      This match reminded me of Honda's Mark Marquez vs Yamaha's Rossi in MotoGP. And I was worried don't crash Mark and then I remember it is O'rangers.

    58. CrocaHead

      Someone please help me find Roldo, I'm losing sleep over this!!!

      1. fdavpach

        Hahaha well after 2 weeks i'm gonna let you sleep, it's on the VIP2 before and during the race

    59. rusty_frame

      there are no post race steward reviews and time penalties. needs to be more realistic.

    60. Bubblegum uwu


    61. Wc Borstel

      It’s just so hard to be a snow fan these days

    62. Sqeon

      take mary off team primary, bringing the entire team down. shameful performance past few races

    63. Mihai Petre

      Seen this so early, Oceanics was still around... 😭

    64. BoojumFed

      Lifelong Snowballer here, so I have no love for the 'Ragners, but Orangin rolled some of the cleanest laps I've seen in years. Even coming back from what was clearly a dirty hit from Bolt...

    65. esotericVideos

      I heard Rapidly's early round success really went to his head during a celebration and that's why he was off his game in this race. He's an amazing racer but his showboat tendencies can cause him trouble sometimes.

    66. matt king


    67. Chris Wegner

      You cannot copyright a name like “Formula 1.” Instead, it’s a trademark. I would think Formula 1 would have corrected you by now.

    68. A1BASE

      Mallard is getting fucked on the release from the elevator every time. There's some DIRTY racing going on!

    69. dragon1736

      A respectable 7th for Midnight Wisps. #FearTheNight

    70. LJ7

      That was a really impressive comeback from starry

    71. Blob Loblaw

      As a Ducks fan, I'm bummed we hot bumped a spot down in the standings by the O'rangers, but I must admit, that was a helluva race. Hope we can take it back on the next one!

    72. AStroNI HD

      As a Thunderbolt fan....That was disappointing

    73. Arrash

      Great recovery by Limeline! His inconsistency was well-timed for the finishing lap.

    74. IsebelleVrille

      I think Marble Racing might be one of my favorite things to come out of youtube since the Numa Numa craze lol

    75. Brandunno


    76. James Frost

      Wow! What a race, wonderful pass then a comeback and wins the race. That was a good race.

    77. Aether

      WOW - you gained 400,000 subscribers in under 2 months. Congrats! You deserve it, for all of the work you do :)

    78. Jon Poklop

      I thought ORN was going to blow it. What a comeback.

    79. Jamjo

      Let's go Limers!

    80. Ural Urgunlu

      Yellup cannot handle the pressure!

    81. Pravus Prime

      I'm mostly a Savage Speeder fan, but I also always root for Snowy. This was a rough race. Real rough.

    82. DBSmiley

      Oof, second time a bad exit from the conveyor hurts Thunderbolts. Need to work on their exits, they clearly have great cornering, though. #ShakeTheGround

    83. Robert Bowles

      I'm 62 and my wife is about to put me away. Watching marbles race, I wonder what she'll say when my t shirt shows up. Go hazers.

    84. Andybiotic

      Orangin - is that an easter egg to how Trump says "Origin"? lol

    85. Marco Orduna

      We need savage speeders back

    86. RuthlessCorndog

      go hazers!!!

    87. Douglas Brown

      Where did you get these cool Tracks?

    88. James Santiago

      Im an oranger ever since, but unfair to the marble that was placed in the last, did not stand any chance

    89. Ray Lopez

      What a race by Orangin, what a race. Dominated from start to finish, lost the first place for a couple of laps and making an amazing come back just to wrap it all up!

    90. zgamer200

      Snowflake has left a lot to be desired this season. Snowy hasn't exactly been that much better, but still better. Snowflake needs to pick it up if we have any shot at the title.

    91. Kazzong

      Green ducks... :(

    92. 0=Axel=0

      that was quite the thrilling fight amongst the top three. so close to gold. #Thunderbolts

    93. Marc de Montigny

      Let's go '''O'''.

    94. LiamThomasOliver

      yasssssss i love this! :)

    95. Zach Bell

      🍊🍊OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOrangers BABY!! 🍊🍊

    96. mema0005

      Should have known Rapidly would struggle with so many turns

    97. Jesse Brouwer

      Jo Jelle hoe krijg jij het voor elkaar🇳🇱

    98. oliver heard

      hazers had a very disappointing race day=ruined

    99. metaljeffenc


    100. Jan Červenka

      Balls of chaos gave me so much happiness in the race n3 but from the 4 other races just 1 point, what an embarrassment!